5Best Fertilizer For Coleus In 2022

Fertilizer for coleus should be a complete soil amendment that is added to the soil you are growing your coleus so as to provide them with the entire nutrient they require. The best fertilizer for coleus should have the ability to promote healthy coleus growth. To keep your coleus thriving consider supplying them with a feed which is rich in all nutrient.Best Fertilizer For Coleus

If you are new to coleus growing either in pots, outdoor or indoors   consider going for a fertilizer with an overall NKP ratio of 13-2-13, 15-5-15 or 16-2-15. For soils that have low nitrogen and potassium content, this 16-2-15 will work effectively. Below find a review of 7 top rated coleus Fertilizers.

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Coleus 2022

1.Osmocote Smart-Release Coleus Flower Food, 4.5 Lb.-Best Liquid Fertilizer For Coleus

Getting a fertilizer that has the ability to promote increased growth rate in coleus and controlling bugs that eat coleus leaves such as aphids, whiteflies, slugs, and spider mites are not easy but  you will be shocked  after giving this Osmocote Smart-Release Coleus Flower Food a try .Best Fertilizer For Coleus

Bugs that eat coleus leaves a hole and spots  your amazing coleus plants but the  phosphorus present in this Osmocote fertilizer is  able to control both pest and  possible coleus disease  such are browning or greening or yellowing of coleus leaves.

Application of this fertilizer is very easy as you are only required to maintain a rate of one full pound of this coleus feed on a 40 square feet   flowerbed, patio or lawn area. In case you have other plants in your home that are perennial, annuals or even garden vegetables this coleus fertilizer is still compatible

By this Osmocote Smart-Release being liquid fertilizer for application is very easy as you can spray it directly to your coleus using a spray container. This liquid fertilizer for coleus can easily blend either with fungicides or pesticides without lowering their efficiency.

The liquid nature of Osmocote Smart-Release fertilizer ensuring nitrogen and potassium present are well balance to present your coleus from being killed if your accidently over apply this fertilizer.


  • Easy to blend
  • High nitrogen content
  • Easy to apply
  • Ease of handling


  • Cause burning effect when in excess

2.AM Leonard Fertilizer Osmocote-Best Slow Release Fertilizer For Coleus

On top of our list, we have this AM Leonard Fertilizer which has nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as the main ingredients. The role of nitrogen present in this AM Leonard Fertilizer ensures that coleus attractive foliage will develop thus making this fertilizer to be very which coleus attractive.Best Fertilizer For Coleus

During summer as it is the months as it the active coleus season consider applying the fertilizer monthly as more nutrients are required during the growth phase. Coleus plant care indoors is very complex but the phosphorus present ensures that stronger roots will be established.

Consider feeding your indoors coleus plants on a weekly basis with a phosphorus rich fertilizer to ensure that disease and pest resistant have been enhanced. In case you will be growing your coleus plants from cutting this AM Leonard Fertilizer has a high percentage of phosphorus which has the ability to promote root formation and development.


  • Aids strong root development
  • water soluble nutrients
  • Improves disease resistant
  • Slow release fertilizer


  • Weight 53 pounds

3.Replacement Fertilizer Planting Tablets-Best  Fertilizer Tablets For Coleus

Care of coleus in winter can be tricky as apart from cutting them back you are also required to pick a slow release fertilizer that will see them through even the most intense winter. When picking slow releases fertilizer you can either give the table or granulated coleus fertilizer brands first priority as they are more effective.Best Fertilizer For Coleus

Growing coleus from seed is also not a walk in the park as you will have to break the dormancy of the seeds so as ensure quick sprouting or seed germinating. Including slow lease fertilizer when growing coleus from seed ensures that the speed of seed germination will be increased.

The tablet nature ensures that your coleus is supplied with enough nutrients as the processes of germination continue to unfold. Remember that during germination a lot of processes are taking place as eventually after the seed has germinated you will have an adult coleus plant from the coleus seed you planted.


  • Slow release
  • Promotes vegetative growth
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Promotes strong roots establishment


  • Causes scotching effect on roots

4.Lesco Professional Siteone- Fertilizer For Coleus

Up next find this Lesco Professional Siteone fertilizer which I capable of promoting the formation of a stronger roots system. The bag that comes with this fertilizer is resealable making you carry the remaining fertilizer to the next seasons without the efficiency or the effectiveness of the fertilizer being lowered.Best Fertilizer For Coleus

Application of Lesco professional fertilizer is very easy as you are only required to sprinkle the fertilizer around   the base of the plant. The slow release nature of Lesco Professional Siteone fertilizer is enough to see you coleus plant even through the cruellest winter like that of Chicago.

High nitrogen present ensures that your coleus plants will enjoy early strong and foliage establishment. On the other hand, the manufacture includes a high amount of potassium to cater to coleus plant color enhancement. AS an addition   the potassium   which was integrated into this fertilizer during manufacturing ensures that your coleus will be professionally protected from stress or diseases.


  • Improves disease resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Promotes flush vegetation
  • Slow release fertilizer


  • Low phosphorus content

5.Seachem Flourish Tabs Growth Supplement- good fertilizer for coleus

We had to feature this Seachem Growth Supplement Flourish Tabs as it promotes the rate of coleus growth rate as out last product on this list of best fertilizer for coleus. For strong root development, a high amount of phosphorus percentage is present. Calcium was also featured to ensure that coleus will not be exposed to distorted growth hence our good fertilizer for coleus.Best Fertilizer For Coleus

Another main ingredient present in this Flourish Tabs includes magnesium, which ensures that the cell membrane of your coleus plants is 100% stabilized. The magnesium present also ensures that the color of your coleus will be intensified thus making them be twice attractive.

Choline B12 ensures that coleus leaves will be 100% protected from turning yellow at any given period of time. Calcium present ensures that there is p[romper establishment of the new shoot and young coleus leaves.


  • Complete fertilizer
  • Easily application
  • Promote dieses resistant
  • Enhanced coleus color


  • Low nitrogen supply

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Coleus

What Fertilizer To Use For Growing Outdoor Coleus

So as to fertilizer coleus successfully you are required to supply them with 100% commercial fertilizer which has all the micronutrients. To makes that you will enjoy healthy coleus all year around it is recommended that you consider adding organic matter to the soil. Since Coleus is heat loving plant consider going for high nitrogen fertilizer so as to facilitate vegetative growth.

Depending on where you are located during winter there is reduced light and temperature hence it is highly recommended that you consider slowing down the rate of coleus fertilizer application. When growing coleus on your patio or lawn, coleus fertilizers with high potassium are required so as to help in water uptake and also to make other nutrients to be readily available.

What Fertilizer To Use For  Indoor Coleus Plants

But is you are that coleus indoor enthusiast and you have even armed yourself with grow lights then consider supplying your coleus will nutrient feed on a weekly basis so as to give them a manicured touch

In case accessing organic matter or compost is a huge issue consider picking this compost tea as it will help in improving soil water holding ability and availability of nutrients from fertilizer to your coleus. Below finds a slit of this and recommendations that must be present in a quality coleus fertilizer.

Coleus Leaves Turning Yellow

In case you have seen some of the leaves of your coleus are turning yellow consider using a foliar fertilizer with the low phosphorus content. Foliar fertilizer will low phosphorus content ensures that the fertilizer is gentle enough to correct the yellowing nature of the leaves while at the same time

When exposed to too much sun or Coleus is lacking some nutrient they tend to turn a green color. Consider supplying them with a 13-2-13, 15-5-15 or 16-2-15. Watering your coleus is another perfect solution for correcting all of the yellowing leaves.

Growing Coleus In Hanging Baskets And In Pots

Introducing Coleus in your patio or indoor can be very tricky as they are warm weather loving plants. But with the right fertilizer and grow light you can achieve unbelievable results.

Growing coleus in pots or in hanging baskets considers going for slow release fertilizer or fertilizer brands that come in tablet form.Complete fertilizers that are referred to as slow release can also come in a granular form. Such fertilizer has the capability of slowly releasing nutrients to the Coleus growing media as they are required.


In case you after a coleus fertilizer brand that will give your coleus amazing and outstanding color shades this will definitely have your back catered. In case you are on a budget and still looking for a great coleus fertilizer then Lesco Professional Siteone Fertilizer might be what you are after.

For those coleus enthusiasts who is just like and enjoying  growing coleus both indoors and outdoors going for an all-purpose coleus fertilizer such as jobe’s Tree & Shrub, Fertilizer  will take your  coleus growing desires to a new level


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