5 Best Fertilizer For Miniature Roses In 2022

Best fertilizer for miniature roses is what you should be picking this season round is you are planning on giving your miniature roses a wide array of nutrients. Growing miniature roses indoors and now after efficient fertilizer compatible with either handing or pot miniature roses. Despite being small in size the hardy miniature of miniature roses has turned them to heavy feeders.Fertilizer For Miniature RosesEffective miniature rose’s fertilizer should have an NPK ratio of 2-3-02. With the number reprinting the ration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrient content in the fertilizer. Below find a list of fertilizer brands that we found to have more positive reviews from the previous miniature rose fertilizer enthusiasts.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Miniature Roses 2022

1.Jobe’s Organics Rose And Flower Fertilizer Spikes- Best Fertilizer For Miniature Roses

Coming with an Npk fertilizer ratio of 3-5-3 this jobes is capable of providing your plant with enough nutrients for weeks without the need for another fertilizer application schedule. The high nitrogen content ensures that your miniature roses will have a lovely vegetative growth either during summer or even winter.Fertilizer For Miniature RosesRoses also require a consistent flow of nitrogen will solve all of your worries on how to bring a mini rose plant back to life as the high nitrogen ration present in this jobes organic promotes vegetative growth. This jobes fertilizer is 100% organic as it has no negative impact on either soil micro-organisms or microbes.

Strong miniature rose roots development is also encouraged by the phosphorus present. extra nutrient nourishment is also provided by the pre-measured spikes that were professionally blended with other organic material such as fishbone meals with the main ingredients being jobe’s biozome your miniature rose immunity to diseases, drought, and even insects.


  • jobe’s biozome
  • extremely aggressive
  • promotes disease resistant
  • promotes strong root development


  • granulated

2.Espoma Rt4 4-Pound Rose-Best Organic  Fertilizer For Miniature Roses

With just 4-3-2 as the overall NPK fertilizer, this espoma rt4 4-pound rose has the ability to of offering your miniature roses with a wide array of nutrients. It comes with a slightly high amount of iron to ensure that a long-lasting green color of your leaves will be achieved.Best Organic  Fertilizer For Miniature RosesThis fertilizer works a dual plant nutrient as it also can control all the weeds around your nature roses. The incredible NPK fertilizer is safe enough to use on either indoor or outdoor miniature rose. When used as directed by the manufacturer.  Hence our best organic fertilizer for miniature roses with the high nitrogen content this espoma your miniature roses will help your in archives the perfect miniature roses picture in your though more easily. This fertilizer have been approved as rosier miniature rose indoor care product.

The slow-release formula or this espoma ensures that less vegetative growth is maintained hence less miniature roses pruning. The organic nature of this espoma fertilizer makes it compatible with another house, or even bathroom plants.it is easy to apply as it is 100% granulated.


  • organic
  • granulated
  • well balanced
  • nutrient re readily available.


  • costly

3.Hydrofarm Jscmix15 Growt­-Best  Slow Release Fertilizer For Miniature Roses

Wondering how you can successfully revive your dying miniature roses well then consider reporting your plant using this hydrofarm jscmix15 growth as the growing media. The manufacturer professionally blended all the nutrients that are needed in bulk by miniature roses to have healthy growth.Looking at the individual fertilizer’s nutrient that is present your miniature roses will have glossy green leaves all season round. Proper blooming will also be enhanced by the iron present. The slow-release nature of this fertilizer ensures that your roses will be constantly being in the surplus supply of nutrients.

Wondering if mini roses can survive in winter? Well then with this hydrofarm jscmix15 growt­ a wide array of nitrogen, iron and potassium and even iron will be offered to you mini rose in advance. With strong roots development which is aided by the high iron and phosphorus present your mini rose will remain strong even during esteem winters than that of Chicago.


  • high nitrogen content
  • strong roots establishment
  • promotes blooming
  • controls weeds


  • slightly heavy

4.Bayer Advanced All In One Rose And Flower Care Granules- Best Fertilizer For Mini Rose

When it comes to feeding roses consider going for a fertilizer brand that has a slightly high amount of nitrogen as miniature roses are slightly heavy feeders. Since miniature roses are natural plants the high potassium and phosphorus present ensure that roots growth and the establishment will not be compromised negatively.Proper mini rose vegetative growth and gross leaves appearance are also made possible by the high nitrogen ration present in this NPK rose food fertilizer. The granulated nature of this bayer advance mini rose fertilizer ensures that mode application s is very easy.

With the high amount of both iron and phosphorus this bayer advanced ensure that your miniature roses are defined by strong roots system establishment. Your miniature roses apart from providing with all the nutrients it requires bayer advanced offers additional miniature roses protection from either insect or ants.


  • keeps insects away
  • easy application
  • slow-release fertilizer
  • promotes blooming


5.Miracle-Gro Plant Food-Best Liquid Soluble Fertilizer For A Miniature Rose.

Up next we decided to feature this miracle-grow as our last option, although it is a great fertilizer as it managed to secure a top position on our list. With nitrogen being one the major ingredient your miniature rose. The blooming ability of your roses will also be promoted by the.Strong roots development is also encouraged by the high phosphorous present. if you are after miniature roses with strong roots consider using this miracle-grow plant food once every other week on either summer or winter seasons. For the best result of this liquid fertilizer consider using it either in the or late in the evening.

Health miniature rose foliage growth is promoted by the nitrogen present. While the phosphorus present promotes proper and prolonged mini rose blooming ability. Insects and other major miniature rose threats are also professionally kept away. Another interesting thing about this miracle-grow plant food is that it is 100% compatible with container and ground mini roses.


  • no burning effect
  • easy to use
  • liquid in nature
  • promotes blooming


  • costly

Fertilizer For Miniature Rose’s FAQ’S (Miniature Roses Fertilization Frequently Asked Questions)

How Often To Fertilize Miniature Roses’

Miniature roses, unlike grafted roses, use natural roots to support their growth either through nutrient uptake or support. Miniature roses should be supplied with fertilizers immediately after spring when new shoots production has just stopped.  six to eight weeks later first miniature roses fertilization consider carrying a second miniature roses fertilization schedule as it will help in correcting soil and nutrients leaching.

Miniature rose’s fertilization schedule should be carried within four weeks till late august. For perfect results consider going for a well-balanced fertilizer that is free from weed seeds or an inorganic compound. Tablet fertilizer for miniature roses also operates under the same principle.

What Fertilizer For Miniature Roses.

Due to the evolution of the fertilizer industry, there are hundreds of miniature rose fertilizers that you can consider going for such as liquid, granular, pelleted or tablet fertilizers. If you are after quick results then consider picking a liquid fertilizer. The liquid nature of fertilizer ensures that the nutrient content is readily available.

In the case, you are looking for a slow-release fertilizer that is compatible with miniature roses then consider giving tablet or granulated fertilizers a try. Both tablets and granulated fertilizers re termed to be slow-release as they have the ability. Granular fertilizer is coated with a thin film that allows the nutrient to gradually release to plants as they are constantly required.

Homemade Fertilizer For Miniature Roses

Are on budget and still after a quality home-based miniature roses fertilizer well then we still have your back. You are only required to have with you at least not less than 2 spoonful’s of molasses, Epsom salt at least 1 tablespoon. Apple cider should be exactly 2 tablespoons. Kelp extract and powdered fish should only be 2 tablespoons each.

after evenly mixing all the ingredients your homemade fertilizer for miniature roses will be ready.it is recommend that you consider maintaining a fertilizer application rate of exactly 8 cups 1/2 gallon of the homemade fertilizer. For perfect results consider using this fertilizer late in the evening so as plants can have more time taking up all the nutrients they need.


after going through the above miniature rose’s fertilizer brands we found jobe’s organics rose and flower fertilizer spikes as our fertilizer for miniature roses editors pick .Apart from being budget   jobe’s organics is also easy to apply.

Other miniature rose fertilizer worth giving try is the Miracle-Grow Plant Food which is a liquid fertilizer, Bayer Advanced is a granulated fertilizer or even the Jobe’s Organics as they are 100% tablet-based miniature rose fertilizers.


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