5 Best Fertilizer For Cherry Trees 2022 Reviewed

Osmocote 274850 Smart-Release was our best fertilizer for cherry trees. At the same time, VPG Inc Tree & Shrub Food was our runner’s cherry tree fertilizer. Interestingly both products are backed up by 30 days money-back guarantee.best fertilizer for cherry trees

Either you will be growing a cherry tree in pots or on the ground, consider going for high nitrogen fertilizer. This reason alone will help you to actualize the perfect picture of green and healthy cherry tree plants in your thoughts.

Additionally, the above fertilizers come with 15-10-5 and 5-10-10, respectively, as the overall cherry trees NPK fertilizer ratio. Below find our cherry trees feed review and buyers guide.

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Cherry Trees 2022 Reviewed

1.Miracle-Gro for Cherry Trees

We featured Miracle-Gro as our top slow-release fertilizer for the cherry tree. It features a granular design. Either when feeding cherry trees in pots or on the ground, the high nitrogen content present is responsible for promoting an increase in lush green vegetation growth.best fertilizer for cherry trees

Also, the high nitrogen ensures that there is the formation of lush green vegetation.it also comes with a slightly high percentage of calcium. As a result, it promotes the creation of a secure and reliable rooting system in young and mature cherry trees.

The primary role of the nitrogen present is to promote lush green vegetation growth on young and cherry trees. Moreover, the nitrogen present in this peters cherry fertilizer is to encourage the formation of larger and bread leaves.

Moreover, it is smart to release fertilizer. Due to this reason, nutrients are only available to cherry trees when needed the most. Manganese (Mn) nutrient was also featured in this fertilizer. It helps in correcting the yellowing of young and mature cherry plants leaves. Potassium (K) present controls premature cherry trees leave fall.

  • Controls leaf fall
  • Easy to use
  • Non-burning formulae
  • Easy application
  • Granules

2.SUPER Thrive VI30148 Plant Vitamin Solution

When you think of liquid fertilizer for cherry trees, think about SUPER thrive .what is more amazing about this fertilizer is that it comes from manufacturers that have perfected the art of fertilizer manufacturing for the past few decades.best fertilizer for cherry trees in texas

Another advantage I that this cherry liquid fertilizer is 100% free from toxic and GMO compound. As a result, it safe to use around households, pets, and kids.

With the high percentage of phosphorus nutrient that was added propagating cherry tree from cutting will be more comfortable. An unprecedented amount of magnesium ingredients is also present. As a result, SUPER thrive improves cherry trees disease resistance

It has a slightly high percentage o nitrogen nutrient as when compared to other trees fertilizer currently available on the market. Additionally, all the nutrient ingredients of these fertilizers are readily available. As a result, SUPER thrive is compatible with young and new cherry trees.

  • Non-toxic
  • Vitamin Solution
  • Readily available
  • Military-grade
  • Comes in a glass bottle

3.Fertilome 20 Blossom Cherry Tree  Fertilizer

The 20 Lbs.  Fertilizer that took our third position on the best fertilizer for the cherry blossom tree comes from Fertilome. It is a slow-release fertilizer. As a result, it has an improved ability to feed young and new cherry trees for over five months.best fertilizer for cherry blossom trees

What is more surprising is that Fertilome 20 contains bio-stimulants. As a result, it allows the growth of soil microorganisms round the base of cherry trees.  It also has a slightly high percentage of warm casting ingredients. This feature promotes the growth of soil microorganisms, which play a crucial role in enhancing soil aeration.

Similarly, the slightly high amount of worm casting ingredients present helps in improving the overall soil structure. Moreover, worm casting ingredients enhance the water holding capacity of soil on which cherry trees are growing on.

It also features a reasonable amount of potassium nutrients. The primary role of potassium nutrient in the cherry tree life cycle is to promote the availability of other plants nutrient such as phosphorus.

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Slow-release
  • Worm casting rich
  • Improves soil structure
  • Slow nutrient release technology

4.Peters Professional Bing Cherry Trees 24-8-16 Special Fertilizer

When fertilizing bing cherry trees consider going for fertilizer such as it has slightly high nitrogen and potassium nutrient. Another advantage of this fertilizer is that it employs a slow nutrient release technology.best fertilizer for bing cherry trees

The granules of this fertilizer are coated to ensure that nutrients are only available when they are needed the most. Additionally, the high percentages of potassium present play a massive role in inducing rooting. On the other hand, it also features a reasonable amount of phosphorus.

As a result, it was our editor’s pick of best fertilizer for Bing cherry trees as the phosphorus ingredient present induces rooting and formation of strong stem and twigs.

The leading role of high phosphorus nutrient content in cherry trees is to enhance the formation of a robust rooting system when propagating cherry trees from cuttings. Lastly, it comes with a reusable bag. As a result, you can easily store or even transport this fertilizer.

  • Reusable bag
  • Easy application’
  • GMO-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Slow-release

5.Ross 14636 Root Granular Cherry  Trees Fertilizer

At our last position, find a dual-duty fertilizer from Ross, which plays the roles of fertilizer as weed killers. The overall NPK fertilizer ratio of cherry trees in this fertilizer is   25-10-10. The fertilizer number on this fertilizer represents the individual percentages of potassium nitrogen and phosphorus ingredients present.best fertilizer for carolina cherry trees

The high nitrogen content present in these products makes it to be our favorite nitrogen fertilizer for cherry trees. Additionally, the manufacturer also included a lightly high ratio of phosphorus in this fertilizer. The primary function of a high phosphorus ratio is to promote the formation of an extensive cherry tree root system.

Moreover, potassium present improves the disease-resistant ability of cherry trees. Another beautiful thing about this fertilizer is that it is highly soluble in water. As a result, Ross nitrogen fertilizer for cherry trees is compatible with foliar and fertigation fertilizer application modes. It comes with an incredible and non-burning formula. As a result, it is compatible with both young and mature cherry trees.

  • Easy to work
  • Effective
  • Non-burning formulae
  • Improves soil structure
  • Granular cherry trees fertilizer


Apart from Osmocote being a rich source of readily available nutrients, it also a Smart-Release fertilizer.as a result, it can remain around the roots of cherry plants without being quickly lost. Additionally, they slowly realize nature ensure that groundwater in well or bore holds well protected

Before picking any cherry tree fertilizer from the market, consider familiarizing yourself with nutritional deficiencies your cherry tree is facing. However, consider moderating the frequency of using high nitrogen content. On the other hand, consider the use of high phosphorus nutrients to encourage cherry trees to form a concrete rooting system.


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