7 Best Weed Killer For Nettles In 2024

Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle

Are you looking for the best weed killer for nettles? Or are you planning to fully eradicate nettle types such as spurge nettle, bull nettle, or the Texas nettles from your yard? Relax, in this post, I will discuss herbicides for nettles that are reliable and kids and pets friendly.

But first, what damage has nettles caused you? Well, nettles have stinging hairs on their leaves and stem, which cause painful rash upon contact with human or pet skin.

Below find our list of suitable herbicides for nettles!

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1.Diquat Water Weed and Landscape Herbicide (1 Quart)

Home and lawn owners who seek assistance with ineffective nettles t control are directed to buy Diquat Water Weed killers. It is an effective weed killer as it has 37.3% of Diquat Dibromide as a significant ingredient.

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It is a non-selective herbicide for nettles are it can control both broad and narrow leaf weeds. Additionally, it is a high performing weed killers as it can control nettles in quality environmental conditions.

The only downside of this Diquat Water Weed killers is that it is not available for sale in some states in the united states such as AK, HI, CA, NY, and WA. It comes with quality calibrated bottles, which allows you to use only the required amount.

Additionally, the 37.3% dibromide present plays a massive role in allowing this herbicide to take care of other noxious broadleaf weeds from your lawn or yard. It does not require prior assembly; thus, it is easy to use nettles herbicide coming with a quality plastic container storing this product is much more comfortable. When ingested accidentally, clean your mouth thoroughly.

  • lightweight
  • ready to use
  • post-emergent
  • quality packaging
  • Doesn’t last long

2.Compare-N-Save 016869 Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer 48 hours

Taking our second position is a pre-emergent nettles weed killer. The most exciting thing about this nettles herbicide is that it comes with a professionally sealed container. Therefore, the storage and transport of this herbicide are 100% easier.

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Additionally, by coming from a known manufacturer, expect results after 48 hours after formulation. Compare-N-Save nettles herbicide is also rainproof for two full hours. As a result, it is hard to get washed away.

It has a total of 41% glyphosate as the main ingredient. Therefore, compare and save the weed killer has an unconditional systemic effect on your and mature nettles plants. It does not also release harmful aerosol sprays. As a result, it is eco-friendly.

  • Easy to use
  • Non-burning formula
  • Kid-safe herbicide
  • Efficient nettles killer
  • None

3.Preen 2464110 Garden nettles Weed Preventer, 5.625 lb. Covers 900 sq. ft

You will agree with me that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, If` you are predicting that you will face nettles this season, consider going for this 5.625 lb. nettles preventer from Preen. It is also easy to use weed preventer comes with a quality Flip-top applicator cap.

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For significant results, consider using this product during early spring or later summer. By being an effective weed preventer, this product does not kill existing plants. It only prevents nettle seeds from germinating. It is also a non-staining weed killer.

Hence it will not stain your pavements, tents, clothes, and yard work shoes. Despite coming with a 5.6-pound container, it can control a large area of up to 900 sq. ft.  With nettles as weed effectively.

It is also one of the few nettles preventers remaining on the market today, meaning it can be used to control. It comes with a quality active ingredient, making it easier for this product to be an effective spring, fall, and summer nettles weed preventers.

  • Gives instant results
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting effect on other weeds
  • Non-staining nettles killer
  • Not children safe

4.Bioadvanced 704630D  Nettles And  Thistles Brush Weed Killer Plus

Fourth on our list, find a product that is compatible with killing small and huge nettles bushes. It comes with a unique formula treatment that has an instant systemic effect on young and mature nettles.

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Another advantage of this Bio-Advanced Brush Killer Plus is that it can be used as a post-emergent and pre-emergent weed killer for nettles. It is also ready to use nettles herbicides, which does not require additional mixing skills to give perfect results. This feature has made   Bio advanced weedkiller an ideal way to get rid of nettles and brambles.

Moreover, it is a highly concentrated weed killer, causing effective kill large areas of nettles fields. It also features an industrial-grade sprayer, which effectively handles large and small scale weed control activities for nettles.

Another exciting feature of this organic nettles killer is that it features a battery-powered sprayer. The electric sprayer minimizes weed killers’ wastage as it makes spot treatment of nettle to be much easier to achieve. This dual duty nettle killer is also an effective poison ivy eradicator and a special tree stump remover.

  • Organic nettles weed preventer
  • Nettle brush killer
  • Rainproof in 4 hours
  • Special penetrating formula
  • Fire hazard

5.Spectracide Weed & Feed 20-0-0 Nettle Weed Killer  Uk And Grass Feeder Plus

Taking our position, five find useful nettles killer from round-up in the united kingdom. The dual weed killing action formula of this nettles herbicides kills all nettles while feeding your lawn’s grass. It is a 100% easy-to-use product as it comes with a quality hose nozzle connector.

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By being ready to use this product, it is safe to use around pets and household. Additionally, it comes with a quality container that has a perfect neck handle. It is a highly concentrated product as the   32 ounces bottles professional control nettles in a large area of about  7,500 square feet.

Coming with an of 1% of the total ingredient as glyphosate, this spectracide is an effective weed killer that professional controls other weeds such as dandelions, chickweeds and bind effectively from your yard or lawn.

Additionally, consider keeping this nettle killer and grass feed away from kids and pets as it container glyphosate, which is a toxic product. It does not require complex nettles herbicide mixing skills as you are only required to connect the sprayer for this container to a horse pipe.

  • Easy application
  • No complicated mixing
  • Nettle weed killer and grass feeder
  • Can effectively treat 7,500 sq ft weeds
  • None

6.Spectracide  Purple Dead NettleWeed & Grass Killer Concentrate, 64 Fl Oz

The second last position of purple dead nettle weed killer went to Spectracide Weed, and Grass Killer Concentrate comes in 64 Fl Oz containers, which is equivalent to 1.8927 liters. It is rainproof herbicides, which makes it to be hard to wash away nettles killer.

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This herbicide can eradicate nettles roots, rhizomes, and vegetative parts with a relatively high glyphosate percentage. Additionally, the glyphosate ingredient preset is equally essential as it has made spectracide one way to get rid of stinging nettles organically.

Moreover, if you are looking for a perfect way to get rid of nettles and docks from your yard, Spectracide is still an ideal option as it is an eco-friendly weed killer. Because this product is anon staining weedkiller, it does not require special gear.

For this product to be 100% effecting in eradicating young and mature nettles from your lawn, you are only required to top up this bottle’s content to the mark of your sprayer using clean if not top running water.

  • Organic
  • Eco-friendly
  • All-natural
  • Easy DIY  nettles killer/preventer
  • None

7.Eco Garden Pro – Organic Vinegar Stinging Nettle  Pastures Weed Killer

Stinging nettle control in pastures is one factor that allows you to have a quality and risk-free cow or horse pasture. It is rich in vinegar, which has a systemic effect on all the stinging nettles in your field.

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With more than 2% or the total ingredient of this weed killer being glyphosate, ECO Garden PRO kills both nettles roots and shoots within 48 hours after formulation.

By being a selective nettles herbicide nature of ECO Garden, PRO weed killer eliminates all the broad leaves weeds from your pasture, driveway, or flower beds. Killing stinging nettles with ECO Garden PRO vinegar herbicides is enjoyable as the product is safe to use around kids and household.

Being selective weed killer ECO Garden PRO is an effective way of getting rid of nettles and brambles natural without staining your lawn or garden’s pavements. High glyphosate present has a systemic effect on all nettles growing in the new or existing pasture field.

Lastly, we recommend this ECO Garden PRO as our top stinging nettle herbicide control in the pasture as it is free from allergy-causing ingredients. The high salt present in the ECO Garden PRO is another reason it is a perfect way to kill nettles roots with salt.

  • Systemic nettles herbicide
  • Kid-safe herbicide
  • Selective weedkiller
  • Organic nettles killer
  • Scotching effect ion pasture

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What Types/Categories Of  Nettles Herbicides /Weed Killers Exist?

There are various brands of weed killers on the market but getting the right herbicides compatible with all types of nettles is not easy.

When selecting a quality herbicide, you have to consider whether the weed you plan to eradicate is grass or a broadleaf weed. But in our case, stinging nettles are abroad leaf weed. Below find our nettles herbicides comparison chart and buyers guide.

Selective Nettles Herbicides

Selective herbicides for nettles control this noxious weed in lawns or flower beds. These herbicides’ electing nature allows them to spot-treat nettles without killing or causing systemic damage to other plants.

These herbicides have 2, 4-D as the main ingredient; hence, they can selectively kill all broadleaves weeds leaving behind the grass family weeds. 2, 4-D is 100% toxic to all weeds that have broad leaves.

When controlling nettles in your lawn, flowerbed, vegetable, or nursery bed, consider going for selective nettles herbicides. Selective herbicides can eradicate nettles as they have broad leaves. We found  Cornerstone Plus Non-Selective Herbicide weed killer to be the most reliable selective weed killers for nettles.

Non-Selective Nettles Herbicides

When you think of non-selective herbicides, something has the power to eradicate all the weeds and plants from your yard. Have in mind that non-selective herbicides are a no go zone to most homeowners.

When controlling weeds in virgin land, the non-selective herbicides will clear any vegetation in the piece of land you are planning to prepare.

These weeds killers are also playing a considerable role in selective pre-emergence control of grass and broadleaf weeds. We found Roundup QuikPRO Non-Selective Herbicide to be the most reliable non-selective herbicide currently on the market today.

Pre-emergence Nettles Herbicides

You can also professionally control nettles from growing in your yard by use of a Pre-emergence Herbicides. The products prevent nettles seeds from germinating. Consider using these herbicides effectively during the early spring and late fall to effectively manage nettles in your lawn.

Generally speaking, Pre-emergence Nettles Herbicides should be applied before the onset of rain or before carrying out irrigation on the areas you plan to control nettles fully. Prodiamine 65 Wdg 5lbs Pre-emergent managed to be our favorite Pre-emergence Herbicide for stinging Nettles.


Weed Killers are and can effectively control nettles in your driveway, patio, sidewalks, and lawns. Since nettles have painful thorn holding them with weed killers is the most effective way, as uprooting them with bare hands is not an effective method.

Interestingly, all the weed killers on this list are non-allergic; hence they are safe to use around pets and kids. These nettles herbicides are also easy to use as they do not require prior assembly.


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