7 Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures In 2023

Fertilizer for horse pastures should have an NPK fertilizer ratio of 5-10-15, 46-0-0, 10-20-10 or 20-10-10, where the number represents nitrogen phosphorus and potassium.

Below find our review of the horse pasture fertilizer brand that you can trust.Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

Consider maintaining your pasture the right as regardless of the variety of your horse pasture which is degraded can cause greasy heels poisonous weeds and parasites.

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures In 2023

1.Peters Professional 20-10-20-Best Fertilizer For Horse Grazing

Planning to establish a quality pasture for grazing consider giving this Peters Professional 20-10-20 fertilizer. The high mount potassium present in this Peters fertilizer ensures horse pasture growing vigor will be positively modified.Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

Other roles of the 40% phosphorus present ensure that your horse pasture will be protected from any instance of pest and disease. 20% of Phosphate available promotes strong roots establishment. The 10% Soluble Potash present in this peter fertilizer ensures that your grass pasture is well managed.

The manufacture featured 15% Boron as it is one micro nutrient that is required by horse pasture. The role of the 15% Boron is to ensure that your horse pasture will produce viable or fertilize pollen grains. The boron present in peters fertilizer for horse grazing ensures that your pasture will be quality as fewer flowers will be formed.

An addition the 20% Phosphate ensures that your horse pasture will develop seeds that you can use to increase the palatability of the pasture or horse hay after harvesting. As an addition, 20% Magnesium ensures that there will be activation of horse pasture enzymes that are responsible for promoting an increased growth rate.

  • 20% Magnesium
  • Soluble in water
  • Easy to apply
  • Adds tropical beauty
  • Low phosphorus content

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2.Pasture Pro 2.5 Gallon–Horse Pasture Pro Fertilizer

Pasture Pro 2.5 Gallon comes as a professional mix of nutrient ideal for all types of horse pasture either for grazing or for paddocking. Good pasture management should include eliminating weeds that compete for nutrient with the pasture you are growing but this Pasture Pro 2.5 Gallon will take care of the entire weed in your pasture.Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

This pasture pro fertilizer has the ability to selectively kill broadleaf weeds that hinder proper pasture establishment. Broadleaf weeds tend to consume more water and nutrients leading to low pasture performance.

Weeds can also lead to stunted pasture growth, but the selective nature of Pasture Pro 2.5 Gallon fertilizers ensures that all weeds are effectively eliminated. Eliminating weed from your horse pasture filed also ensure that all pest which was using the weeds as their host or as a food source will also be eliminated by this Pasture Pro 2.5 Gallon.

cocklebur control in pastures is also made much easier as it can be killed selectively by  this Pasture Pro fertilizer as it falls in the  category of broad leaves. In case you are wondering if there are other ways on how to get rid of cockleburs in pasture part from using horse pasture fertilizers you can consider using other selective herbicides or hand pulling the weeds. During spraying consider maintaining a constant rate of 1 full gallon treats per every 2 to 4 acres.

  • Easy to use
  • selective herbicide
  • can be poisonous
  • Liquid in nature

3.Natural Liquid Fertilizer 16-4-8 Npk Gallon-Best Liquid Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

Up next find this Natural Liquid Fertilizer which comes with the entire three major plant nutrients. With nitrogen as the major ingredients, this natural liquid fertilizer expects flush pastures from your field. The nitrogen present also ensures that your horse pasture will be 100% nutritious as a dark green color will be enhanced.Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

For strong root establishment in the horse, pasture is also made possible by the 15 % phospsorus present in this Natural Liquid Fertilizer. In case you after a way of increasing your horse growth rate the phosphorous present will help your achieve your desire.

By this natural fertilizer being liquid in nature it is easier to formulate on your horse pasture. You will also enjoy quick results such as early vegetation flush. To promote healthy pasture growth this liquid fertilizer offers supplemental nitrogen. By being an all-natural fertilizer this natural liquid fertilizer it helps to keep the horse free from the inorganic compound that might end up deteriorating horse health

Application this fertilizer is very easy and do able you only have to load you sprayer either knapsack, ATV, 3 points,UTV sprayer and you are good to go. During application rate within 1,000 square feet should be maintained at of 10 ounces hence our top liquid fertilizer for horse pastures.

  • Easy to apply
  • Supplement nitrogen source
  • All-natural
  • 100% water-soluble
  • Liquid fertilizer

4.Walt’s Elemental Sulfur Pellets 20 LB -Best Fertilizer For Horse Paddocks

Are you wondering what the best fertilizer brand that you should use in your horse paddock? Well then consider giving Walt’s Elemental Sulphur Pellets. The sulphur pellets in this fertilizer are responsible form increasing the arte of protein formation   by your horse pasture.Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

The active in gradient in this Walt’s Pellets are 100% sulphur and acts as a soil conditioner. Allowing your soil to be well conditioned ensures that this sulphur fertilizer will make other nutrients to be readily available. Applying this fertilizer to your horse paddock increasing the growth rate a nutrition content of the variety of horse pasture you have in your horse paddocks.

The sulphur percentage in these peter fertilizers ensures your horse pasture will be 100% kept free from yellowing. Sulfur Pellets from Walts have the ability to lower soil pH; this feature ensures that you have the ability of harvesting more pasture from a piece of land. When applying this fertilizer you are only required to professionally spread the fertilizer pellets

  • Lower soil pH
  • dust content is low
  • easy to apply
  • promotes blooms
  • Contains only sulphur

5.Sulphate Of Potash 0-0-50-Best Fertiliser For Horse Paddocks

Up next find this sulphate of potash which has an NPK ration of 0-0-50. The main ingredient of this horse pasture fertilizer is 100% potassium. Potassium the above fertilizer ratio is denoted by (K).Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

The (K) present ensures that your horse pasture will have well established roots system that will make absorbing water and mineral salts to be much easier. Keeping horse pasture leaves from yellowing also ensures the pasture will remain nutritious for a slightly longer period of time.

For a horse lover who is located in an area with low potassium soil, this product will play a huge role in reviving the potassium content of your soil. High potassium content ensures that your horse pasture will be 100% less susceptible to has winter either or diseases.

Sulphate of Potash 0-0-50 comes in granular from and it is also 100% free from dust. Application is slightly easy as you will just have to hand spread this fertilizer. Your pasture will also remain attractive even during winter or summers the 100% potassium present promotes horse pasture color enhancement.

  • pasture color enhancement
  • Not for spraying
  • Easy to spared
  • Promotes stronger roots establishment
  • Granulated

6.Urea Fertilizer – 46-0-0-5 Pounds -Urea For Horse Pasture

We featured this Urea Fertilizer as our top urea for horse pasture so to act as a supplement source of nitrogen for your pasture. Applying urea to your horse pasture ensures that your pasture will develop more leafy vegetation.Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

It has a high nitrogen amount so as to promote more horse pasture bloom. The low phosphorus natures of this 46-0-0 Urea Fertilizer ensure that the urea fertilizer side effects on your horse are minimised. Urea application rate on your horse pasture should be done during late spring.

Water Soluble nature ensures that this Urea Fertilizer 46-0-0 can be applied together with irrigation water or with other agricultural chemicals used in improving the quality of pasture. The main ingredient of the urea fertilizer is 46% Nitrogen; this feature ensures that flush vegetation and pasture drought resistant ability is positively modified.

  • Easy to spread
  • Water soluble
  • Source of nitrogen
  • 100% organic
  • Low in phosphorus

7.PBI / Gordon 2.5 Gallon Weed/Feed– Best Liquid Fertilizer For Horse Paddocks

We featured this pasture feed on this list of pasture fertilizer as it will allow you to care for broad leafed fertilizers. This Gordon Weed/Feed is formulated to allow horse pasture to effective grow big and remain healthy for a slightly longer period of time.Best Fertilizer For Horse Pastures

Within four weeks your horse pasture will have a well established root system. Well established root system ensures that the type of horse pasture you are growing will allow easier water and nutrient uptake from the soil. For stunning results consider wetting pasture and weeds root and leave the area.

Consider feeding your horse pasture with this Gordon Weed/Feed so as to have stuni9ng results within a reduced period of time. One bottle of Gordon Weed/Feed application should be enough control feed a1 acre of the horse pasture.

  • ATV sprayers compatible
  • Pre-mixed formula
  • Not poisonous
  • Controls weed
  • Liquid fertilizer

When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Horse Pasture

 It is recommended that you consider applying fertilizer to your horse pastures immediately at the beginning of the spring season when the pasture fields are 100%, not frozen runoff risk. During spring pasture have a high growth hence more nutrient will be needed. Applying fertilizers on horse ensures that you will not run out pasture during the 100% dry summer months.

During spring only consider applying potassium and phosphorus rich fertilizers, but ensure that there is low nitrogen supply. High nitrogen in spring will defiantly increase alkaloids in your pastures hence lowering palatability and pasture performance.

Consider adding nitrogen to your pasture when all other legumes or lovers have fully established is you had previously interseeded your horse pasture. Another reason as to why you should consider applying fertilizer to horse pasture during   that during this season there are a lot of activities happening in horse ranch and you will definitely need to supply your horse with healthy and quality pasture.

Can You Fertilize A Pasture With Horses On It

Consider removing or transferring your horse from all the newly fertilized horse pasture paddocks. Only introduce your horse back after all the fertilizer has been utilized by the horse pasture you are growing.

You can allow your horse to remain on a recent fertilizer pasture only after rain showers. In case you used nitrogen fertilizer you can introduce your horse back to the pasture easily as when compared to human being horses have slight nitrogen tolerance ability.

How Long To Wait To Graze After Fertilizing Horse Pastures

For newly fertilized horse pasture considers keeping your horse way from the pasture for not less than four weeks. Grazing your horse immediately after applying nitrogen can have adverse effects on your horse’s health.

Grazing immediately after spreading or spraying fertilize on pasture can lead to your horse ingesting law fertilizer  as dust logging or fertilizer granules have not been fully utilized.

The other reasons why you should consider keeping your horse away from freshly fertilized pasture are that the induced toxicities, deficiencies and imbalances in plant nutrient may end up being toxic to your amazing horse.

Fertilizer for horse pastures is one of the major pasture management practices that should never be skipped when taking care or establishing a new horse pasture field. Other horse pasture management practices include managing pasture pests and diseases.

Either you prefer Kentucky grass, novel tall fescue or orchard grass your preferred pasture getting the best fertilizer for horse pastures will definitely result in amazing results.


Well, fertilizer and well maintained horse pasture also makes a perfect resting and exercising environment for your horse. Keeping your horse pasture well manage can help you to source all of your summer horse feed. We found as our editors while I found Fertilizer For Horse Pastures runners up to be this

Consider going for a fertilizer that has the ability to smother weeds and at the same time offering your pasture with the entire essential nutrient. Remember that poor feeding of your pasture will lead to downgraded pasture which will be less beneficial.to ensure uniform pasture growth and maturity considers spreading fertilizer evenly.



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