7 Best Mulching Blades For Leaves 2022

Best Mulching Blades For Leaves should be compatible with wet and dry leaves and stick twigs on your lawn or garden paths. These blades should also come with a self-sharpening blade to make the process of the mulching blade to be more enjoyable.Best Mulching Blades For Leaves

Moreover, leaves mulching lawn mower blades should be made from rustproof and high-quality steel materials to make them outstanding performers.

Additionally, a quality type of leaves mulching lawn mower blade should be compatible with wet and dry/heavy leaf covers. Let us jump to our review below!

So, let’s get started below!

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Reviews: 7  Best Mulching Blades For Leaves In 2022

1.Rotary 48 ” Deck/Craftsman/Poulan/Husqvarna ridding Lawn Mowers Leaves Mulching Blades Review

Taking our top position, find a 48 ” Deck rotary Leaves Mulching blade compatible with different types of common  ridding lawn mower brands such as Deck, Craftsman, Poulan to even Husqvarna.

1. Rotary 48 " Deck/Craftsman/Poulan/Husqvarna Lawn Mowers Leaves Mulching Blades Review View on Amazon

It features a razor-sharp cutting edge that chops leave into tiny pieces. Furthermore, by only measuring   16-3/4,2-1/2 and  204 inches as the length, width, and thickness, respectively, you can easily mulch on a large lawn or yard for a short period when using a riding or walk-behind lawnmower.

Even more exciting is that it comes as a set of  3 blades. By being  100%  made in the USA, these 48 ” Deck leaves mulching rotary blades are American brands and used in other places such as UK  and Australia.

The manufacturer also made it easy for this model to professionally a  173921 mulching blade in case mulching is not your thing. Also, these 48 ” Deck rotary leaves mulching lawnmower Blades are compatible with baggers.

Another important thing to note about this product is its outstanding high lift leaves mulching blades. Due to this reason, rotary blades chop leaves and throw and manage clippings better.

  • Bagger compatible
  • Rustproof
  • Easy to clean
  • It saves time and money
  • American brand
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Requires frequent sharpening

2. Maxpower 54 In. Cut Craftsman, Husqvarna, Poulan Mowers Leaves Mulching 3 Blade Set Review

Do mulching blade’s work on leaves? Or What mower blades are best for mulching leaves? Well, then find Maxpower as our editors pick.

Maxpower 54 In. Cut Craftsman, Husqvarna, Poulan Mowers Leaves Mulching 3 Blade Set Review

View on Amazon

This blade weight is only 7.12 pounds, thus making it easy to install and replace. In addition, this leaves mulching blade features a high lift technology which allows it to lift leaves when mulching, thus giving finner clippings.

Maxpower 54 In. It is the only brand of mower leaves mulching blades that you can use without a mulching kit, as it is not only easy to install but does not require prior assembly.

In the first place,  the set of three blades from Maxpower is compatible with a wide range of  54 In. Leaves mulching mower brands such as Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Poulan.

In addition, the mulching lawnmower blade is 100% high-quality steel. As a result, it is both durable and high-performing. It also features a black coating on the blade. Because of this reason, it is free from rust and corrosion when mulching leaves in wet climatic regions.

  • Efficient leave clipping discharge
  • Highly durable
  • Seamless bagging
  • It does not require prior assembly
  • Factory sharpened
  • Easy installation
  • Relatively pricey

3. Oregon 95-077zero Turn Mowers Husqvarna 574870801 Leaves Mulching Blade Pack Of 3 Review.

Unlike our previous model, this three-pack set was the best lawn mower blade for mulching wet leaves as it comes with a razor-sharp cutting edge. It is also compatible with a wide range of  ZERO turn lawnmower brands for mulching leaves, such as john deere riding mowers.

best lawn mower blade for mulching wet leaves View on Amazon

This item makes good use of a high lift technology which allows it to lift leaves to a considerable height when mulching leaves either during the fall or summer season. The manufacturer used an elongated blade construction mechanism to improve leaves’ mulching capability.

Will a mulching mower blade mulch leaves? The answer is yes, as it comes with a high lift technology, resulting in finner clipping.

This item also comes from high-quality carbon steel, thus not only easy to sharpen but also unconditionally durable. Another notable benefit of  Oregon using high carbon steel is allowing the blade to retain a sharp cutting edge for a longer duration.

In addition, only measuring this item allows you to mulch more leaves piles in the yard for a shorter period. On the other hand, when carrying out their lawn maintenance practices such as mowing.

  • Standard high lift blade
  • Sharpens easily and is also light  in weight
  • It does not require prior assembly
  • Cleaner side discharge
  • Providing efficient cuts
  • Superior bagging performance
  • Requires frequent sharpening

4. Maxpower 331528B 21-22 Inch Cut MTD/Cub Cadet/Troy-Bilt Leaves Mulching Blade Review

Fouth on our list  We will talk about Maxpower 331528B, which is specifically designed to be compatible with all   22″ inch leaves mulching lawnmowers such as the toro 22” recycler 6.75 190cc  manual or the toro self-propelled lawnmower 22 inches.

Maxpower 331528B 21-22 Inch Cut MTD/Cub Cadet/Troy-Bilt Leaves Mulching Blade Review View on Amazon

Good, things first  Maxpower 331528B also effectively fits into other leaves mulching lawn mower models such as  Craftsman CMXGZAM100067.

On the other hand, the technology behind the overall construction mechanism is why Maxpower 331528B works with other leaves: mulching blade mowers such as the  21″ cut MTD, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and even modern models as  Craftsman mowers.

Another benefit is that it only Measured 21″ in and 2-1/4″ in length and width, respectively .because of this, our editors also picked the best commercial lawn mower blade for mulching leaves on golf courses football pitches.

Amazingly, it also features a 100% center hole that emulates the  Bow tie design. Due to this reason, installing or removing the blade for maintenance practices, such as sharpening or oiling, is easy and enjoyable.

Lastly, other than meeting OEM specifications, Maxpower 331528B  is 100%  crafted in the   USA. Due to this reason, it comes with a reasonable manufacturer money-back guarantee. Read more about leaves mulching lawnmower blade warranty details here.

  • Features durable steel construction
  • Easy to clean
  • meeting OEM specifications,
  • Light in weight
  • 100% crafted in the   USA
  • TheLight large and powerful  blade
  • Easy to horn
  • None

5. Stens 340 178 Hi-Lift ridding Lawnmower Tractor Leaves Mulching Blade 2 Pack  Review.

Stens  340 178 was the best overall high lift leaves mulching blade for lawn riding mowers and tractors on our review. It comes with a razor-sharpen carbon steel blade that allows sitting to chop all kinds of wet or dry leaves into smaller chunks with great ease.

View on Amazon

It features a black coating on the blade, improving its aesthetics and acting as a prime rustproof barrier. It also comes with a high-grade Pack of 2 Notched Medium High Lift Blade, and this allows you always to have an escape route in case you need to replace a broken blade when mulching leaves in a large yard.

Remember that mulching leaves help open up your lawn or driveway to allow aeration. Because of this reason, the high lift blade technology allows sitting to lift leaves high, thus making the h chopping process enjoyable when using ridding or self-propelled mowers.

Interestingly, this item is the only blade on our review compatible with  42″ deck Viking leav1es mulches. By only measuring 21″, and length thickness width and thickness in respectively with the  5 pt. The star design of the Center Hole is the only product from our review.

  • Ease of installation
  • High Lift Blade
  • Durable steel construction
  • Star hole design
  • Rustproof
  • Ideal for large piles of leaves
  • Sharpens easily
  • LeaveS clumps of leaves

6. Toro 22″ Recycler zero turn Mower Leaves Mulching Replacement Blade Review

Diving into our second last item on our reviews, find the best blade for zero-turn mowers. As you might have noted, you will like the tooth cutting edge design as it plays a considerable role in allowing it to chop leaves into fine clippings.

best leaves mulching blade for zero-turn mowers View on Amazon

Other than featuring rustproof leaves mulching blade, this item is also harsh weather compatible as it is perfect for mulching leaves from a wide range of tree varieties.

Moreover, it uses the Toro tooth mulcher blade design, which allows it to leave up before chopping into smaller pieces. Even more exciting is that its services are quality replacements for 108-9764-03 zero turn mower parts blades.

On the other hand, it comes with a quality Tooth blade leaves mulching technology. As a result, it is compatible with mulching tasks in wet, dry, or even rainy weather. In addition, the tooth blade mechanism allows this item to be compatible with fresh and dry leaves.

It has   2-1/4″,  7/16″  and 21-11/16″ inches several measurements from the manufacturer, hence easily handles large and small scale leaves pile mulching task.

Keep in mind that these blades are 100% sharp from the box to a point where Wearing gloves when installing is one of the major considerations you should add to your shopping cart.

  • Durable carbon steel
  • Highly durable
  • Gives clean cut
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Light in weight
  • Retains their cutting edge
  • compatible with all lawnmower brands

7. Craftsman 340-256 22-in LawnMower Deck leaves Mulching Blade Review.

Taking our last position, find the best budget lawnmower blade for mulching leaves that are durable and high-performing. In the first place, this Craftsman comes with a Powder-coat finish, and as a result, it plays a considerable role in preventing rust.

best budget lawnmower blade for mulching leaves View on Amazon

Moreover, the carbon steel blade is equally important as it provides an extended cutting surface, which improves leaves mulching and cutting efficiency.

In addition, it uses a double-sided twin sharp blades carbon steel technology. As a result, it is among the few leaves mulching blades that produce fine leaves chunks or clippings.

Furthermore, the double-edged blade mechanism reduces leaves’ decomposition time by chopping them into smaller clippings that can decompose faster. It was also good to note that that razor-sharp edge offers a clean cut on wet and dry leaves.

Being 100%(OEM)  compliant is easy to get perfect tool replacement. It s also compatible with other powerful leaves mulching brands of lawnmowers, such as slowly but surely getting recognition globally.

Another important feature about this product is its quality   1 Blade hole Center. On the other hand, it has   5/8 inch as the overall length while  21-3/4 inches and  2 inches as the width and height of this leaves mulching blade.

  • Razor-sharp edge
  • 100%(OEM) compliant
  • Double-edged blade
  • Durable blade
  • Set including 2 x blades
  • Rustproof
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Frequent sharpening is needed

Wrap UP

Oregon  Husqvarna 574870801 Pack Of 3 Blades was our overall  Best Mulching Blades For Leaves. While on the other hand, Maxpower 54 In. Leaves  Mulching 3 Blade Set took our runners-up position as it is compatible with side discharge and leaves bagging technology.

The two leaves mulching lawn mower blade stood out from all other types on our review due to their thickness and versatility.

In addition, it is good to know that you should consider going for a quality blade as  Mulching professionally mixes resulting leaf particles/chunks with grass clippings.

Furthermore, they are not only durable, but also possess self-sharpening blade capabilities. So, what is your go-to lawnmower Mulching Blades For Leaves on our list?


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