7 Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blades In 2023 Reviewed

Best commercial lawn mower blades should be compatible with small-scale and large-scale lawn maintenance services, either bagging,  mulching, or stripping.

But why commercial lawn mower blades? They are professionally toothed, thus allowing them to offer a clean, smooth cut, thus preventing browning or grass by enhancing lawn health. They are also budget-friendly and compatible with wet and dry grass.Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blades

The commercial lawn mower blades should also come from heated treated steel to provide quick and safer bagging, mowing, or side discharging grass clipping without delays or accidents.

Moreover, commercial lawn mower blades should have a razor-sharp cutting edge to help homeowners, landscapers, and contractors achieve a uniform grass level after mowing a lawn or yard, including weeds and rocks ?.

Let’s find out!

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Reviews:7 Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blades In 2023

1. Maxpower 331981B 21-Inch Black Universal Gold Metal Mulching Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower Blade Review

We are taking the top position on our list as the overall best commercial zero turn mower blades on the market as it is both easy to use and  100% rust-free.

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Even more interesting is that Maxpower is also a high-performing product as per the commercial zero turn mower blade 2020,2021, and 2022 consumer reports.

In addition, it is also good to know that Maxpower is the only manufacturer that makes the best commercial mower blades on the market by making good use of heat-treated blade materials.

Even more interesting is that it is durable and 100% heat-treated was also the overall best commercial 21-inch blade for a wide range of lawnmower brands such as Craftsman, John Deere, Husqvarna Poulan, and Honda commercial lawnmower.

Moreover, Each blade in this package only measures 21-in x 2-1/4-in as both lengths and with respectively due to this reason, is the perfect replacement commercial blade for all commercial lawn mower brands on the market today.

That to the manufacturer for integrating a prime  5-Point star mechanic as the center hole. Due to this reason, the Maxpower 21-Inch Black Universal Metal Mulching blade is compatible with either wet grass or rough terrain commercial lawn mower brands.

  • Meets OEM specifications
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-Point star center hole
  • High Quality
  • Works with 21-inch deck mowers
  • get the job done
  • Rust free
  • stainless steel material
  • None

2. EGO Power+ AB2101 21-30 Inch Commercial Lawn Mower High Lift Blade Review

Second, on our list, find EGO Power as the best commercial 30-inch blade for different types of lawnmowers. It is compatible with a wide spectrum of commercial lawn mower models, such as the  21-30Inch LM2101 and  LM2100.

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In addition, apart from being light in weight and easy to install, EGO Power is also the cheapest commercial zero-turn mower lawn mower blade available on different market platforms.

It makes good use of a high lift blade cutting edge mechanism. Because of this reason, the High Lift Blade technology of EGO Power enhances not only stripping mowing but also overall mower clipping bagging efficiency, either when working with dry or wet grass.

The only downside of the EGO Power commercial lawnmower blade is that it is  100% Not recommended when working with other modern-day technology such as mulching plugs.

Regardless of whether you will be mowing tall, wet, or even wet grass on a steep hill, the Factory sharpened steel blade guarantees you a smooth and 100% excellent mowing, stripping to even cutting performance.

In addition, it features a razor-sharp cutting edge that is easy to sharpen and maintains a sharp cutting edge. Because of this reason, it plays a considerable role in preventing the browning of the lawn after mowing by delivering a clean cut.

  • Factory sharpened steel blade
  • Promote lawn health
  • One blade for many
  • clean cut
  • Sharpens easily
  • High lift mechanism
  • Unconditional cutting performance
  • Enhances bagging efficiency
  • Requires frequent balancing

3. Briggs And Stratton 703371 Commercial 72-Inch Lawnmower Blade Review

Third, on our review, find a  Commercial 72-Inch Lawnmower Blade from Briggs And Stratton as our editor’s pick of the best industrial-commercial mower blade that money can buy today.

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Of all the commercial mower blades on our review, Briggs And Stratton is the only product that is  100%  O. E. M. authorized.It is also good to note that  703371 is the  OEM Part Number of this commercial blade model.

It is also easy to work with a lawnmower blade as it sharpens and balances with great ease. Interestingly, it is also the only dual-duty commercial lawn mower blade on our list as it fits different Briggs & Stratton lawn mower models.

By being 100%  manufactured in the United States, this blade is compatible with commercial ride on and lawn mowers that come with a roller to facilitate stripping and bagging.

Furthermore, coming with five start center holes is an amazing Commercial replacement, 72-Inch Lawnmower Blade. Briggs And Stratton is also the blade you consider when looking for the perfect replacement for your commercial mower model to start a lawn business, and it is not only heat treated with 100% stainless.

  • Long blade
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Universal blades
  • Well balanced
  • Gives clean cut
  • Promotes lawn heathy
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Leaves clumps behind

4.USA Mower Craftsman 36-Inch Commercial Pedestrian Mower Mulching Blade Review

Fourth on our list, find USA Mower 36-Inch Blade as the Best 36-inch blade for commercial pedestrian lawnmowers. It features a stainless steel blade defined by rust and corrosion immunity.

Best 36-inch blade for commercial pedestrian lawnmowers View on Amazon

It comes with a 6-Point star center hole mechanism to ensure that the balked will be attached firmly to your favorite mower. In addition,  by featuring the star center hole, this product also made our editor’s pick of commercial-grade zero-turn pedestrian mower blade for the money, or that money can buy.

Moreover, the  6-Point star center hole mechanism is equally important as it minimizes pedestrian lawnmower vibrations, leading to commercial lawn mower engine wear and tear. By taking a star center, the mounting hole allows this blade to fit effectively over bow-tie shafts with great ease.

Moreover, USA Mower was also the best commercial mulching blade for push, ride-on, walk-behind, and reel mowers, sharpening, and balancing. This blade does not require skilled labor.

Each lawnmower blade in this set measures 21-3/16 inch and  3 inches in length and width, respectively. Due to this reason, the USA blade is compatible with all  36-Inch commercial lawnmowers such as  Cub Cadet,  42-in cut MTD, and Troy-Bilt.

  • Universal Mounting Compatibility
  • Sharpens easily
  • high carbon steel
  • gator mulcher blade
  • Durable and robust
  • produce fine cuts
  • Promotes suction power
  • High lift technology
  • Tends to Leaves clumps behind
  • Not as durable

5.Oregon 95-605-3 Gator G3 18-7/16″ 3 Pack Kubota Husqvarna Commercial Zero Turn Mower Balde Review

Taking the bonus position on our review, Oregon 95-605-3 Gator is the best blade for commercial zero-turn lawn mowers such as the  Kubota and  Husqvarna. In the first place, Oregon features heat-treated blade materials.

best blade for commercial zero-turn lawn mowers View on Amazon

Because of this mechanism. Oregon is the only blade on our review that works with all commercial walk-behind mower models in the UK, Australia, and the United States of America.

It comes with a black coating on the blade, making it compatible with riding and walking commercial lawn mowers in either Australia or UK by making it rust and corrosion-resistant.

In addition, it also makes good use of high lift technology. As a result, this blade makes mowing using hills commercial zero-turn mowers not only to be safe by also quick and efficient.

Moreover, the self-sharpening characteristic is the other major reason why Oregon 95-605-3 Gator blades are compatible with mulching, bagging, or striping when mowing steep hills.

Lastly, by coming rustproof and heat-treated lade was the only commercial zero turn mower blade for rough terrain from  Oregon on the market today.

  • Wear resistance
  • self-sharpening
  • Black coating
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Rugged construction
  • Does not require prior assembly
  • Outstanding edge retention-
  • Heavy-duty task blade

6.MTD Genuine Parts 490-110-M108 42-Inch High-Lift Commercial Lawn Mower Blade Review

MTD Genuine Parts was our second last product and the best 42-inch High-Lift blade for commercial lawn mower that is budget-based and unconditionally durable compared to other candidates on our review.

best 42-inch High-Lift blade for commercial lawn mower View on Amazon

In the first place, this commercial MTD Genuine lawn mower replacement High-Lift blade is compatible with all  42-Inch High-Lift Mowers brands manufactured either in the year 2010 and After.

More models include Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 42 Hydro, Yard-Man,  Pony 42X, TB42, Remington, and  Pony 42T.In addition, by being 100% an American brand id designed by strong MTD sales, support, and service network.

Due to this reason, the High-Lift Commercial Lawn Mower Blade manufacturer warranty present guarantees you to get your money back depending on the product’s condition.

It is even more interesting that featuring heat-treated steel made it the only commercial zero-turn mower blade for stripping, mulching, or even bagging 10 acres of garden, lawn, and yard.

It also comes from a manufacturer who has perfected the art of  MTD Products design of a wide range of lawn garden power and equipment, including push and walk behind commercial lawnmowers.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to work with
  • Military-grade
  • 100% durable
  • Retains a sharp, cutting edge
  • High-Lift technology
  • Requires frequently balancing

7.Rotary 48″ Inch 6300 Commercial Gator Mulch Lawnmower (3) Set 5/8 Center Hole Blade  Review

Next up, Rotary 48 inch Gator as the editors pick the best 48-inch blade for commercial lawn mowers with rollers such as Craftsman and Power Smart. It also comes with steel blade materials immune from rust and corrosion.

best 48-inch blade for commercial lawn mowers View on Amazon

It features a sharp cutting edge which allows it to be compatible with steel hills commercial lawn mowers brands. In addition, it keeps its sharp cutting edge for a longer period. For For this reason, it is compatible with stripping, mulching, or even bagging grass clipping when working on a steep hill.

In the first place, it has an overall length of   16-1/2 inches, while 2-1/2″ inches is the width. Due to this reason, owing or even mulching 10 acres of lawn is not only easy but unconditionally enjoyable.

Moreover, it comes with approximately  0.2040 inches as the overall thickness. Due to this reason, a 48-inch blade for a commercial lawnmower from Rotary is compatible with mowing tall, thick, wet, and dry grass varieties.

In addition, this blade for 48″ Inch lawn mower blades does not require prior assembly, hence compatible with beginner and d expert commercial lawn mower enthusiasts.

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resist permanent deformation
  • Resist wear and abrasion
  • Comes with a commercial warranty
  • Heat-treating process
  • None

Wrap Up

In summary, Maxpower  21-Inch Black Universal Mulching blade and Briggs And Stratton Commercial 72-Inch Lawnmower Blade were the overall best commercial lawn mower blades on our review today.

Due to the round hole center mechanism, the two blades are compatible with self-propelled, ride-on, push, real to zero turn commercial mower blades.

However, it is recommended that when making a commercial lawn mower blades selection, you should not only consider a well-balanced blade but a wet and dry grass and leaves compatible model which are both durable and effective.


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