7 Best Fertilizer For Agapanthus In 2021 Reviewed

In summary: Biobizz Alg-A-Mic was our best fertilizer for agapanthus. While on the other hand, Mills Nutrients C4 managed to dominate our agapanthus fertilizer runners up position. Uniquely, the two fertilizer brands apart from being GMO-free are also 100% effective.

Fertilizer for agapanthus NPK ration should be 5-5-5 when fertilizing potted varieties. While a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 10(N)-10(P)-10(K) is compatible with bush or clustered agapanthus. The best time to fertilize agapanthus is just before blooming which occurs in early spring. Below find our detailed agapanthus feed reviews and buyers guide.

Review:7 Best Fertilizer For Agapanthus In 2021 Reviewed

1.Biobizz Alg-A-Mic Agapanthus Liquid Fertilizers.

Biobizz managed to take our top positions of reliable and 100% liquid Agapanthus fertilizers. It comes with nitrogen (N) nutrient, as the major ingredient. As a result, pale yellow colors that occur on both Agapanthus leaves and stem are adequately controlled. By being a liquid fertilizer, Biobizz can easily be formulated through drench directly.

Additionally, it has an adequate amount of phosphorus .due to this reason, a strong rooting system is established by both potted a bush agapanthus varieties. Similarly, high phosphorus nutrient ensures promotes cell division. As a result, there is an increase in vegetative growth and root development vigor.

High calcium (Ca) presents in this Biobizz ensures that agapanthus has strong twig and leaves. Due to this reason. Early leaf and agapanthus flower bud falls are controlled in advance. Besides being a liquid fertilizer, Biobizz employs a smart nutrient release technology. When planting agapanthus in the ground, high phosphorus (P) ensures that a rapid roots system establishment is 100% possible.

  • Induces rooting
  • bio-stimulant
  • Readily available
  • Promotes bud formation
  • Weighs 25-pound

2.Mills Nutrients C4 organic Agapanthus  Fertilizers

One of the major problems with agapanthus is either root rot or bulb rot. We featured this nutrient C4 from mills as it has well balanced NPK fertilizer ingredients. As a result, a less burning effect on both roots and leaves is evident. By being a bio-stimulant Mills Nutrients C4 encourages the growth of both soil microbes and micro-organism.As a result, Mills Nutrients C4 plays a huge role in improving the agapanthus potting soil structure.

This fertilizer dissolves in water to form an a100% uniform mixture. As a result, is a perfect foliar agapanthus fertilizer? Similarly, by being soluble in water it can also be used as an agapanthus drenching feed. Additionally, nitrogen takes 33.3% of all the ingredients present in the mill’s agapanthus fertilizer. Due to this reason slush green vegetation and root growth is evident in both ground and potted agapanthus varieties.

Undoubtedly, Magnesium (Mg) nutrient present ensures that the leaves of agapanthus will not turn either yellow or reddish-purple. Similarly, the Magnesium (Mg) agapanthus by correcting chlorotic (leaf chlorosis) ensures that early leaf and premature flower fall is effectively prevented.

  • Promotes flowering
  • Encourages rooting
  • Controls yellowing
  • Improves optimal growth
  • Liquid fertilizer

3.Xtreme Gardening Agapanthus Azos Slow Release Fertilizer

Up next find which employ a technology-based way of nutrient release. As a result, we do not doubt that Xtreme Gardening is a perfect slow-release fertilizer for agapanthus.

Nearly, all the major agapanthus physiological processes highly dependent on the available ability of NPK nutrients in the fertilizer.As a result of the manufacturer professionally balanced all themajor and minor nutrients in this Extreme slow-release fertilizer for gardening agapanthus have an additional amount of calcium (Ca) to augment the calcium levels present in the soil. As a result, calcium plays a huge role in boosting young and established agapanthus disease immunity.

Similarly, due to the calcium present, this slow-release fertilizer has increased the ability to quickly neutralizing soil pH. Similarly, when thoroughly mixed with water Xtreme Gardening can be drenched directly around the base of both potted and in-ground agapanthus varieties. The application of this fertilizer is relatively easy, as it is highly soluble water. Therefore it can be applied through drip irrigation or even as a foliar fertilizer

  • Effective
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Easy to work with
  • The application can be mechanized
  • Granular fertilizer

4.Growth Science Good Fertilizer For Agapanthus

Up next we decided to feature an easy to apply fertilizer which comes from Growth Science.it is a liquid fertilizer that is 100% soluble in water. As a result, it is compatible with different growing Media which include hydroponic, coco, and soil mediums.

The military-grade plastic material was used to model the wrapping container. Due to this reason, transport, formulation, and storage of this fast release grow since fertilize is slightly easy. High phosphorus nutrient is also present. Therefore, when propagatingAgapanthus  from cutting or seeds strong root system will be established timely.

It comes with a 0-0-3 as the overall NPK fertilizer ratio. As a result, the Potassium (K) percentage is slightly high that both nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) nutrients. Undoubtedly, both disease resistance and an increase in vegetative growth vigor were boosted. For improved roots and leaves health, a slightly high amount of calcium (Ca) nutrient, was featured by the manufacturer.

  • Organic
  • Soluble in water
  • Durable
  • Easy to work with
  • Liquid fertilizer

5.Premium Controlled Release Agapanthus K-Mag Fertilizer 20lbs.

Wondering what kind of fertilizer for agapanthus is compatible with potted agapanthus? Well then, consider going for Premium K-Mag fertilizer as it has high phosphorus (P) content. Improved agapanthus leaves and roots health is made possible by the high calcium (Ca) nutrient present.

Additionally, a slightly high amount of potassium was featured. For this reason strong student growth in either potted or ground agapanthus. Another amazing thing about growth science is that it is 100% GMO-free. Due to this reason, the resulting flowers and agapanthus leaves are both organic and kids friendly.

Lastly, Premium K-Mag has a high potassium nutrient percentage. As a result, premature agapanthus leaf fall which results from weak twigs and stem is minimized. The formation of large and conspicuous blooms is also boosted by both the nitrogen and the potassium nutrient present. When thoroughly mixed with water this Premium K-Mag forms a uniform mixture. As a result, the formulation of this fertilizer can be done through irrigation water or through drenching it directly to the soil.

  • Soluble in water
  • Effective
  • expansive root
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Liquid-based fertilizer

6.Down To Earth Organic Starter Agapanthus Fertilizer Mix 3-3-3, 5 Lb

When you think of a champion of all-natural Agapanthus Fertilizer which is 100% undisputed, think about down to earth.it is highly soluble in water. Therefore when thoroughly mixed with water it forms a 100% potent foliar spray. Undoubtedly, it boosts the formation of a reliable root system as it comes with a slightly high phosphorus (P) nutrient.

Without question, it has high nitrogen (N) which promotes vegetative growth .similarly, the nitrogen present ensures that browning and yellowing spots on agapanthus are professionally moderated.it is also 100% slow-release fertilizer. Therefore, consider maintaining an application rate that does not exceed ¾ pounds during spring per approximately 50 square feet.

Additionally, this agapanthus fertilizer 100% dissolves in water to form a uniform mixture. Due to this reason, Down To Earth is 100% an ideal starter fertilizer for beldnmi9ng with either fungicide of pesticide which is compatible with agapanthus. By being a rich source of nutrient down to earth starter fertilizer to either fortify or mineralize you agapanthus potting soil mix.

  • Non-burning
  • Boost rooting
  • Source of nitrogen
  • Promote vegetative growth
  • Granular fertilizer

7.Hoffman Agapanthus Potash Fertilizer (Triple Super Phosphate 0-46- 0)

Our last product on this list is Triple Super Phosphate fertilizer Triple Super Phosphate. It is 100% a potash fertilizer brand that is compatible with all agapanthus varieties.it has 100% of the total fertilizer ingredients as phosphorus.as a result, it promotes quick roots establishment in both young and mature agapanthus.

Additionally, this agapanthus potash fertilizer has zero nitrogen (N) nutrient ingredient.in the case your agapanthus are not flowering, the application of this potash fertilizer induces bud formation. Additionally, Hoffman potash fertilizer is a 100% rich source of readily available phosphorus. as a result, when planting agapanthus in the ground strong roots will be established quickly.

Unquestionably, high phosphorus present in this potash fertilizer protects the ground or potted agapanthus from experiencing student growth. Additionally, premature agapanthus leaf and flower fall are effectively moderated by the potash present. Similarly, potash present also controls acute deficiency in agapanthus which results in purpling and yellowing both leaves and stems.

  • 100% potash
  • Controls student growth
  • Modifies spoil pH.
  • Improves oil temperature
  • 100% phosphorus content


After going through hundreds of best fertilizers for agapanthus currently on the market Biobizz Alg-A-Mic was pouring preferred editors pick. It comes with a slightly high amount of calcium. As a result, early leaf and bud fall are minimized .additionally, it is associated with a slightly high amount of phosphorus. A result encourages the development of strong and reliable roots

We also found Mills Nutrients as professional-grade agapanthus fertilizer. The reason being, it is a quality liquid plant feed. It has a slightly high volume of Manganese (Mn). As a result, it ensures that stunted growth in agapanthus is timely modified.

Similarly, manganese (Mn) nutrient present is responsible for controlling both yellowing and browning of both leaves and leaf margins.in  case you are in   agapanthus fertilizer shopping hurry  consider going  for  Biobizz or  Mills Nutrients as they are our preferred brand

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