5 Best Fertilizer For Blueberries In 2023

I was wondering what kind of fertilizer is best for blueberries. Or just after a natural and 100% organic blueberries feed? Well then, consider going for or as they were our editor’s pick of the best fertilizer for blueberries currently on the market. Best Fertilizer For Blueberries

Blueberries, apart from being summer fruits, are also heavy feeders. As a result, a 10 10 10 and 13-13-13 fertilizer for blueberries has the recommended blueberry NPK fertilizer ration.

The best time to fertilizer blueberries is during early spring just before real leaves form.

A second blueberry fertilizer plication schedule should take place in late spring to allow the formation of large and juicy berries.

Let’s dive in!

Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Blueberries 2023 Reviewed

1. Espoma HT18 Holly Tone 13-13-13 Blueberries Fertilizer Kit Review

An all-purpose 18 pound Holly Tone bag that comes from Espoma was our editor’s pick. It comes with a slightly high amount of nitrogen (N) nutrients.

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Due to this reason, high nitrogen nutrient encourages lush vegetation growth. Another fantastic thing about this holy tone is that no assembly is required.

Additionally, it has a slightly high amount of calcium (Ca). Due to this reason, string branches and twigs in mature and young blueberry plants will establish. Another amazing thing about is that high potassium (K) prevents the premature fall of blueberries, leaves and fruits.

By being an organic-based product, the resulting blueberry fruits are also free from cancer-causing compounds as it is 100% GMO-free.

By being a well-balanced nutrient, Holly Tone promotes the acidic nature of either potted on in-ground blueberry varieties.

Additionally, it has a high phosphorus nutrient content. As a result, young blueberries enjoy a quick, durable root establishment option. Another advantage of the nitrogen present is that it ensures that the green color of blueberry leaves is enhanced.

  • Organic
  • Easy application
  • Decently priced
  • Nutrients are readily available
  • Granular fertilizer

2.Osmocote blueberries Smart-Release 13 13 13 fertilizer Review 

Up next find, a smart release fertilizer with 13 13 13 as the overall blueberry NPK fertilizer ratio from Osmocote.

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Additionally, this fertilizer comes with nutrients that re readily available.It includes slightly high percentages of boron. As a result, the overall resulting blueberries are large.

By being an energetic release fertilizer this Osmocote is capable of supplying young and matures blueberry plants with nutrients for a period of more four months.

Amazingly, the slow resale nature ensures that nutrients are made available without causing any burning effect on either the roots or blueberries’ leaves.

Also, it has a lightly high phosphorus (P) nutrient analysis percentage. As a result, there is the formation of a robust roots system for blueberries. Additionally, the high phosphorus nutrient ensures that the overall strawberry flavor is professionally enhanced. By blueberries being aside from loving plants, this smart resale feed from Osmocote helps to modify the overall soil pH.

  • Modifies soil pH
  • Smart release
  • Non-burning
  • Rich source of nutrient’s
  • Slow-release

3.Miracle-Gro   Blueberries Shake ‘N  10 10 10 Fertilizer

Up next find an 8-pound quick-release feed from Miracle-Gro. By being an organic feed, it managed to take our top position of 10 10 10 fertilizer blueberries.

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For effect and good results consider maintaining a fertilizer application rated of 1/2 cup per every 10 square feet. The non-leaching nature of this fertilizer makes it to be compatible with other tree fruits and vegetables.

Another advantage is that it employs a non-burning formula. As a result, both the leaves and the berries re free from the burning effect.

Additionally, it comes with 100% readily available nutrients. As a result, it is compatible with young and mature blueberry plants.

Additionally, it comes with high potassium nutrient. That was featured to ensure that the overall flavour of blueberries will be positively modified. What is more surprising is that it comes with an additional magnesium (Mg) nutrient.

The primary role magnesium is to ensure that there is a development of a consistent green colour of both berries and the plant leaves throughout blueberry life cycle.

  • Improves disease resistance
  • Easy to work with
  • Professional grade
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Scotches in excess

4.Jobe’s Organics  Berry Granular Blueberries Plant Food/Fertilizer Review

The granular nature of this fertilizer Jobe’s Organics makes it possible to fertilize both young and mature blueberries. It comes with a slightly high amount of biozome nutrient.

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As a result, there is the growth of both soil microbes and microorganism in potted and ground blueberry potting mix—moreover, a high potassium (K) nutrient percentage presents moderate rapid and unnecessary blueberries maturation.

Also, jobes slightly featured a high percentage of beneficial microorganism archaea. Roles of microorganism archaea is to ensure that plant nutrients are readily available for uptake by blueberries. As a result, they are more readily available to mature and seedling blueberry plant.

It is also 100% certified by the certified organic board. Due to this reason, it is compatible with both household and commercial-grade blueberries’ growing desires.

Both blueberry pests and diseases are also taken care of by biozome nutrient present in the non-burning formula of jobes organic formulation.

  • Long residue effect
  • Easy to use
  • Non-burning formula
  • Soluble in water
  • Granular feed

5.Growth Science Organics Blueberry Bushes Fertilizer Review

Growth Science Organics contains which contains a high amount of nitrogen. As a result, it is compatible with both orchard and bush have grown blueberries.

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Another amazing thing is that the non-burning formula ensures that the resulting blueberry fruits are of high quality. High nitrogen (N) together with magnesium nutrient control yellowing of blueberry leaves.

Interestingly, it is a rich source of calcium (Ca) nutrients. Also a slightly high amount of Molybdenum nutrient featured ensures leaf curling in all blueberry leaves varieties.

High potassium and calcium nutrient present also play a major role of controlling yellowing or either mature or new blueberry leaves.

Lastly, growth science formulation is slightly easy as it comes in a liquid state. Also, the liquid fertilizer employs a non-stick fertilizer technology. As a result, the resulting blueberries are organic and free from GMO compounds.

Besides being a non-stick fertilizer, it features a sunscreen technology. Therefore, resulting berries are free from harsh weather   and strong sunlight conditions.

  • Non-stick
  • Liquid
  • Easy to work with
  • Organic
  • Pricy

How to Select Best Fertilizer for Blueberries 2022

When selecting a quality blueberry feed, there are hundreds of features to keep into consideration. With the right soil and fertilizer application, growing berries can be highly rewarding.

Additionally, when growing blueberries, consider becoming more than one cultivar. This reason allows cross-pollination to take place .this reason, leads to the formation of more abundant and tastier blueberries. Below find our blueberries buyers guide.

Young Blueberries fertilizer

When fertilizing young blueberry plants, a fertilizer application rate of 0.2 oz of nitrogen (N) rich fertilizer should take the top priority. Similarly, when planting blueberries, the application rate of 1 oz for an ammonium sulfate fertilizer will also have the same roles.  Formation of large and high-quality berries result from, repeating blueberries fertilizer application schedule in mid-June and later again in early July.

Consider going for acid-based blueberry fertilizer’s that have all the major NPK nutrients well balanced. This reason, NPK nutrients resent moderates the optimum blueberry soils pH, which ranges between  5.7 to 6.5.

Phosphorus fertilizer is also 100% compatible young and mature blueberry plants. Due to this reason, Phosphorus fertilizer encourages the formation of a reliable blueberry root system that is capable of supporting hundreds of berries.

Mature blueberries s fertilizer           

Mature or well-established blueberries, consider going for phosphorus (P) abundant and potassium-rich fertilizers. As a result, there will be an increased root and vegetative growth vigour. Similarly, potassium-rich fertilizer plays a significant role in enhancing a blueberries flavour.

When fertilizing young or mature blueberries plants, keep fertilizer away from both stem and blueberry plant roots. Fertilizer formulation should also be kept constant in the preceding years to ensure that the berries production rate of the blueberry plant will remain constant.

An all-purpose fertilizer is 100% compatible with blueberries as they are a rich source of both significant and minor plant nutrients.


A preferred blueberry fertilizer depends on either soil organic matter, blueberry cultivar, or climate present in the area where you will be growing blueberries. Espoma HT18 Holly Tone, which comes with an 18-Pound bag, was our Best Fertilizer for Blueberries.

On the other hand, J R Peters Jacks Classic managed to dominate our blueberries feed runners up position.When growing blueberries, excessive vegetation growth indicates that there is excess lush vegetation growth.

On the other hand, reddened leaves is a perfect indication that blueberries should require fertilizer brand with higher NPK nutrient  ratios . Additionally, by blueberries being a slow-growing plant, excess fertilization is not highly recommended.


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