6 Best Weed Killer For Wild Violets In 2024 Reviewed

Wondering what herbicide kills wild violet? Or just after the best weed killer for wild violets, which is safe to use around pets and eco-friendly? Well, a 32-ounce Non-selective Herbicide from RM18 and  Crossbow Herbicide were the best rated  herbicide kills wild violet on the market.

But why should wild violets freak you out?Best Weed Killer For Wild Violets

Wild violets use rhizomes underground structures as the primary mode of propagation, making them difficult to control.

 wild violet is  notorious weed that has a waxy cuticle, which is relatively thick, causing it to be resistant to herbicides.

Herbicides for wild violet should come with MCPPm 2,4-D and  Dicamba as the active ingredients. Find our comprehensive list of pest safe, effective, fast-acting, and easy to formulate wild violets weed killer below!

Review: 7 Best Weed Killer For Wild Violets In December In 2024

1.RM18 Fast-Acting  Non-selective Herbicide For Wild violets, 32-ounce

RM18 Fast-Acting, which 32-ounce product took our best herbicide for wild violets top position. It is an effective herbicide as the 32 -ouches bottles can clear a yard, lawn, or orchard of over 3 000 Square Feet.

It has 18 % of the total ingredients as glyphosate. As a result, it kills wild violets, rhizomes, roots, and foliage on contact.

This product is a result of a combination of two herbicides. Hence, it has a better ability to eradicate woody, grass, and broadleaf weeds such as poison ivy, Kudzu, poison oak, wild blackberry, and dandelions crabgrass.

Interestingly this product does not contain aerosol sprays to the environment; thus, it does not cause any collateral damage to pets and the human respiratory system. RM18 Fasts is 100% compatible with both new and old lawn

Moreover, it has a long residual effect; thus, it has a better ability to prevent wild violets from re-growing for over four months. Apart from being an instant wild violet killing strategy RM18 Fast, it stops the grass from growing by causing systemic effect within 48 hours after formulation.

  • Wipes out the entire wild violet forest
  • Biodegrades completely
  • Product is pet safe
  • Fast-acting
  • Professional-strength
  • Easy to use
  • Consider reading the label before use

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2.Bonide (BND061) Selective Wild Violet Weed Killer Concentrate (16 Oz.)

Wondering what kills violets but not grass? Or could it be you are just thinking of how to get rid of wild violets organically? Well, Burnout Concentrate is not only an organic but 100% a selective herbicide that kills only broadleaf weeds such as wild violets, ground ivy, clover oxalis, and dandelions.

Bonide used 07% MCPA, dimethylamine salt, and Dicamba as the active ingredient to cause a substantial systemic effect on wild violets, thus causing instant death on contact. Moreover, it has a residual effect; therefore, it is a powerful pre-emergent and post-emergent product for eliminating wild violets from your lawn.

Furthermore, being is an odorless herbicide; hence it does not expose your respiratory system to any collateral damage. Also, bonide is an easy herbicide as it comes with a spray bottle that is 100% ready-to-use.

Interestingly, being a selective weed killer, Bonide kills all broadleaf weeds and their roost, leaving behind a healthy grass. Because bonide rain is proof for two hours, it is a functional product for eradicating wild violet in both wet and cold climates.

  • Ready to use
  • Comes with a spray bottle
  • Pet safe
  • Non-toxic
  • non-staining formula
  • No prior mixing/measuring
  • Call for multiple treatments

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3.Triclopyr 4 EC Compare To Garlon 4 1 Quart(Triclopyr For Wild Violets)

By Triclopyr 4 EC Compare using a 61.6% Triclopyr as the active ingredient, it took our top editors to pick the best chemical to kill wild violet.  Interestingly, Triclopyr 4 is compatible with both aerial application or as a drenching it to the soil, hence the best herbicide for wild violets on the market.

Furthermore, Triclopyr 4 is an outstanding knockdown for wild violet that kills Canada Thistle, gallberry, and blackberry within hours after formations, making it the best weed control for the wild violets market.[ It also features an oil-water emulsion technology; thus, it is 100% soluble in water.

Triclopyr is an ideal herbicide for controlling wild violets in non-crop areas, grazing areas, forests, and ornamental turf. The non-staining formula allows, Triclopyr 4 EC to be an excellent herbicide for controlling wild violets growing on the driveway walkway and sidewalks.

Interestingly, being an organic herbicide that does not release harmful carbon compounds to the environment is ideal for restoring pasture. Lastly, triclopyr for wild violets is an easy to use weed killer as it has a wide range of formulating options, including aerial and ground formulation options.

  • Easy application
  • Fast-acting
  • Pest safe
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Kills wild violets on contact
  • Effecting pasture restoration strategy
  • None

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4.Monterey Vegetable & Ornamental Weeder (Spurge Power To Kill  Wild Violet)

Does spurge power kill violets?  Will spurge power prevent violets from producing seeds? Or will spurge control prevents wild violets seed from germinating? Well, the answer is a big yes, as this weed killer uses 56.14%  2-Ethylhexyl ester and 3.6% MCPA Dicamba as the main ingredient to kill wild violet on contact.


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Like other violets herbicides on this list, Monterey’s spurge power is also an eco-friendly product despite being an outstanding chemical to kill wild violets. The 3.6% Dicamba ingredient allows Monterey to be an exceptional product for eradicating, hence weed killer for African violets.

In case you are after a quick wild violet killing solution, an application rate of 1.25 oz. Per every  2  to  5  full gallons of free or tap running water to cover  1,000 sq. ft. approximately.  The 3.6% Dicamba present in Monterey makes killing wild violet in lawns to be 100% achievable.

In addition to killing wild violets, spurge power also eradicates Spurge. Dandelions, Clover, Chickweeds, and Oxalis. It also comes with a fast penetrating formula, which allows it to control wild violets in the driveway and walkway cracks.

  • Covers 500 sq. ft.
  • Re-usable container
  • Kills bushes
  • active ingredient
  • Soluble in water
  • None

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5.Crossbow Herbicide Wild Violets-Best Treatment For Wild Violets In Lawn

Fifth on our list, find crossbow herbicide, which is a 100% a powerful wild violets exterminator. This product uses 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid as the active ingredient; hence, it can kill wild violets to the root.

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This weed killer is another ingredient, such as Triclopyr BEE, makes and butoxyethyl ester, making it a perfect post-emergent and pre-emergent wild violet weed killer. Unlike other herbicides on this list, Crossbow Herbicide Wild Violets can be 100% safe to use around pets and human beings when used as directed, hence  the best treatment for wild violets in the lawn on this list

The 8.8% Triclopyr ingredient present is the reason s to why crossbow an efficient poison for knocking down all the wild violets in non-crop, which may include but not limited to pastures, rangeland, or even fence rows.

Crossbow herbicides work best if an application rate of either four or 6fl. Oz in 3 gallons of tap water. Consider wetting the foliage, stem, and ground around your target plant. It is a highly concentered product as a 4 – 8 oz. bottle effectively kills all the violent wild weeds in an area of over 500 sq. ft.

  • Covers 500 sq. ft.
  • Re-usable container
  • Kills tree and bushes
  • Has 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic as an active ingredient
  • Soluble in water
  • None

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6.Primesource Meso 4 SC Select Tenacity Weedkiller For Wild Violets

Violets invading lawn can be adverse to form an unforgettable wild violets ground cover. Violets invading lawn issue calls for a quick wild violet lawn control action. Being an effective, quick-acting wild violate eradicator is the main reason we featured a tenacity wild, violent killer.


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Being a post-emergent weed killer, this Primesource Meso 4 SC Select helps kill wild violet’s foliage after they emerge. It is a perfect ground clearing option for areas with wild violets, foxtail, ground ivy, and dandelion as it a fast-acting non-selecting weed killer.

Additionally, tenacity is perfect pre-emergence herbicide as it causes systemic on for wild violets, causing them to fail to germinate. It has a long shelf life of approximately three to five years; you are only required to keep it away from extreme temperatures and out of reach of children.

With Mesotrione, 40% of the significant ingredients kill mature and young wild, violent plants on contact. Moreover, the Mesotrione 40% ingredient makes tenacity a perfect, rough, violent ground clear option when overseeding, establishing new turf grass, or an entire lawn renovation.

  • Fast-acting
  • Easy to use
  • Non-burning formula
  • Pre and post-emergent herbicide
  • Non-staining formula
  • No Harmful Sprays
  • Eradicates more than 45 broadleaf weeds
  • Not for sale in  AZ,  WA, OR, MT

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How To Select The   Best Type Of Weed Killer For Wild Violets

1.Pre-Emergent Herbicides For Wild Violets

We found Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG to be the most appropriate Pre-Emergent Herbicides for Wild Violets. Some of the active ingredients in pre-emergent weeds killers for wild violets include atrazine, simazine, alachlor, and nitrofen, butachlor.

Pre-emergent weed killers’ central role is to offer and advance wild violet control strategies during the fall and spring seasons.  The 65% Prodiamine present in the  Quali-Pro Prodiamine, which is a Pre-Emergent herbicide, allows it to form a thin film on the ground, thus presenting wild violate rhizomes and sees from emerging.

Additionally, the 65% prodiamine ingredient kills wild violets root and foliage on contact. Consider using Pre-Emergent Herbicides before the emergence of grass seeds and wild violets. Moreover, you can use these weed killers to fully eradicate wild violet from your lawn just before grass seed emerges.

2.Post -Emergent Weed Killer For Wild Violets

Dow AgroSciences, which 1 Gallon Herbicide was our post-emergent weed killer for all wild violet varieties. Post-emergent weed killers play a considerable role in controlling sparse or dense populations of wild violets in your lawn.

These weed killers selectively kill all the broadleaf weeds leaving behind healthy grass. Keeping in mind that protection is better than cure, you can formulate post-emergent weed killers in advance to protect your lawn or yard from the possible wild violet threat or attack.

3.Selective Weed Killer For Wild Violets

When planning to eradicate wild violet from your lawn without killing or causing any damage to the grass in your yard, then consider going for a selective weedkiller. We found PBI/Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer, our top wild violet particular weed killer, as it professionally covers over   18,000 square feet effectively.

These herbicides can only kill broadleaf weeds contact. Other selectively weed killer eradicate by causing a systemic effect on wild violet. Interestingly wild violet selective weed killers have no adverse impact on any lawn grass variety.

4.Non-Selective Herbicide For Wild Violets

On the other hand, when killing entire lawn vegetation, including grass, flowers, and wild violets, then non-selective weed killers are the most appropriate.

Luckily for you, RM18 Fast-Acting Herbicide, which kills both weeds and grass, was fast-acting wild violet non-selective herbicide.

Moreover, RM18 is also a useful option to clear wild violets, flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and grass from the ground entirely during a lawn or yard renovation program.


The remedy to fully eradicate wild violets from your yard, lawn or orchard lies dictated by the weedkiller you choose.

Additionally, late October or later in early November is the best time to kill wild violets using weed killer! For effective wild violets killing results, consider using them when temperatures are moderately high and no rainfall.

A suitable herbicide kills wild violet on contact and also prevents its re-growth. Also, a quality weed killer should have pre-emergent characteristics to prevent wild violet seeds from germinating.


For effectively tackling wild violets, two highly recommended herbicides stand out: the18 and Crossbow Herbicide.

These products are praised for their effectiveness in killing wild violets while being safe to use around pets and environmentally friendlyBest Weed Killer For Wild Violets

Users have rated them as top choices in the market due to their targeted action against stubborn weeds like wild violets.

Whether you prefer a non-selective approach or a specialized herbicide like Crossbow, both options provide robust solutions without compromising on safety or ecological considerations, making them ideal for conscientious gardeners and homeowners alike.


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