7 Best Weed Killer For Oxalis In 2023 Reviewed

Are you looking for the best weed killer for oxalis? This oxalis (yellow wood sorrel) Herbicide must be safe to use around pets and be non-allergic free. A quality herbicide will treat oxalis in the yard, lawns, driveway cracks, and along the fence line of your property.Best Weed Killer For Oxalis

Oxalis is a notorious weed with a high growth rate, thus eliminating biological or mechanical means such as uprooting. Therefore, the use of chemical weed killers is the only viable oxalis control solution.

Reviews: 7 Best Weed Killer For Oxalis 2023

1.Primesource Meso 4 SC Select- Best Oxalis Killer

Primesource Meso 4 SC Select, a non-selective herbicide for oxalis (yellow wood sorrel), is also a five star rated weed killer. It has Mesotrione 40.0%, which makes it a perfect strategy for controlling oxalis in   Residential turf-grass, Cemeteries, Athletic Fields, driveway, and parking lot.

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By being a safe pest post-emergence and pre-emergence oxalis killer, Primesource Meso also can eradicate other weeds such as Yellow Nutsedge, Henbit, Dandelion, and Marestail on contact.

The only downside we found about   Primesource oxalis herbicide is that it is not available for sale in states such as HI, AK, WY AZ, NV, NM, and WA. Unless used with other agricultural products such as fertilizer or tree stump removers, Primesource Meso works effectively when used as a pre-emergent weed killer.

Consider maintaining a Primesource application rate of 4 or 8 fluid ounces, approximately 30 gallons, to kill oxalis per acre for effective and quick results. By being a systemic weed killer, Primesource kills oxalis by inhibiting their photosynthesis.

  • inhibits photosynthesis
  • fast-acting
  • pre- and post-emergent oxalis herbicide
  • eco-friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • non-staining formula
  • comes with a measuring syringe
  • Non-selective weed killer

2.Roundup Concentrate  Oxalis Killer &Weed Preventer II-Runner Up

Does roundup kill oxalis? Or wondering what is the best Herbicide to control oxalis in sidewalks, parking lot, or even in driveway cracks? Well, Roundup Concentrate, which is a non-selective herbicide, has a glyphosate ingredient that instantly kills oxalis on contact.

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Furthermore, roundup concentrate has a dual-action formula made possible by the 18% glyphosate ingredient, covering over 17,000 square feet of lawn with oxalis. Therefore, Roundup Concentrate is an outstanding product for killing new and preventing dead oxalis from re-emerging after death.

By also being rainproof for 20 minutes, roundup concentrate kills oxalis in both warm and cool-season region .more over it is ready to use product which does not require prior mixing, assembly or measuring.

Round up for a decade has gained popularity from both homeowners and landscapers as it can kill oxalis to their roots. The 18% glyphosate ingredient in a roundup concentrate is equally effective as it can get rid of oxalis in a lawn.

Additionally, it also prevents oxalis from growing or re-emerging for over four months after the first formulation schedule.

  • Has 18% glyphosate
  • Prevents oxalis for over four months
  • Kills other weeds
  • Covers over 17,000 square feet
  • Fast-acting
  • Contact oxalis killer.
  • Non-selective oxalis killer( kills all vegetation on contact)

3.RM18 Fast-Acting Weed & Grass Killer Herbicide, 32-ounce

When killing oxalis in flower beds, consider going for a fast-acting product, such as the RM18 Herbicide, 32-ounce. This oxalis flowerbed killer can eradicate both and weeds and grass from your flower bed.

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To easily kills all the oxalis on contact, the manufacturer recommends wetting your target weed foliage roots and leaves with RM18. Despite being an efficient oxalis eradicator, if RM18 comes into contact with your mouth, consider washing your mouth thoroughly with running water.

With 18% of the total ingredient as glyphosate, RM18 can kill oxalis in a yard or lawn or approximately 3, 000 Square Feet. Moreover, RM18it is a quick-acting herbicide as the glyphosate ingredient present gives visible results in the first 12 hours after formulation.

Other vital ingredients present in  RM18, such as salts and diquat dibromide, boost its power, making it an effective herbicide for killing wild blackberry, Kudzu, poison oak, poison ivy, and crabgrass in flower beds.

  • fast-acting
  • easy to use
  • covers 3 000 Square Feet
  • gives results In 12 Hours
  • Non-staining formula
  • Ready to use
  • Pet-friendly
  • Non- selective

4.Fertilome Lawn Clover And Oxalis Killer For Lawns

Fertilome took the fourth and top position of best weed killer for creeping oxalis in lawns. Being a selective weed killer, Fertilome selectively kills all the oxalis and other broadleaf weeds from your property, leaving behind healthy grass.

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The liquid formula allows you to use fertilome as foliar weedkiller killer or by drenching it directly to the soil to prevent oxalis seeds from e-emerging. Additionally, the liquid formula is the reason why fertilome is a non-staining oxalis killer for a lawn. Therefore, fertilome is an outstanding product for eliminating oxalis on sidewalks and in driveway cracks.

Interestingly, fertilome is a powerful oxalis herbicide that combines dicamba, propionic acid, and dimethylamine salt, hence killing oxalis to their roots. The dicamba ingredient present prevents oxalis from re-emerging in your lawn for over four months.

Apart from being easy to use, Fertilome is also an easy to apply lawn oxalis weed killer. Fertilome, by being a fast-acting product, can cover 8,000 sq ft Of a lawn or yard with clover, dandelion, and ground ivy plus other 200 broad leaves weed approximately.

By fertilome being a selective weed killer, it is an effective strategy to kill oxalis in Bermuda grass. The dicamba ingredient present is the reason as to why Fertilome was the only product on our list, which is a quick-acting clover and oxalis killer for lawns.

  • Easy to use
  • Pet friendly
  • Covers 8,000 sq ft.
  • Has dicamba as the active ingredient
  • Non-staining formula
  • Selective weed killer
  • None

5.Southern Ag Atrazine St. Augustine oxalis Weed Killer 32oz

Are you looking for a way to get rid of oxalis in the grass without causing yellow or brown patches? Well, Southern Ag Atrazine, which a selective for getting rid of oxalis in centipede and St. Augustine grasses, will work great.

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The 4% Atrazine ingredient present in 2 Southern Ag allows 2 gallons of this Herbicide in water to effectively eradicate oxalis in a 1,000 sq. ft.

Getting rid of sorrel in lawn with Southern Ag Atrazine is also possibles. It is a broadleaf weed. The Atrazine ingredient in the Southern Ag herbicide is effective as it kills yellow wood sorrel in lawn to their roots.

It is also a highly concentered liquid weed killer as One quart Southern Ag Atrazine can treat over 3,720 sq. ft of lawn invested with oxalis.

Moreover, Southern Ag Atrazine was our best pre-emergent for oxalis in all grass varieties as it can kill existing and also preventing oxalis from emerging in a centipede and St. Augustine grass lawn.

  • Fast-acting
  • doesn’t impair slaps and pavements
  • cover 3,720 sq. ft
  • Kills oxalis instantly
  • no messy residue left
  • penetrates in cracks
  • kills different types of weeds on contact
  • Not eco-friendly

6.Spectracide HG-96587 Lawn Oxalis Weed Killer, 1 Gal

Spectracide is a multipurpose herbicide that kills oxalis in lawns on contact. The one gal product can kill other broadleaf weeds such as chickweed, knotweeds, nettles, and ragworts in the lawn on contact.

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Spectracide weed killer is a true definition of an effective and non-staining weed killer that will not leave any residues on pavements and driveway when killing oxalis in cracks. It can knock down all the oxalis growing around your house, flower beds, and even fence liens within 5 hours

For quick oxalis knockdown ability, spectracide works great when the formulation is carried out between 45°F-90°F.  With the 0.121% Dicamba ingredients present, spectracide kills weed such as crabgrass, box elder, Yellow nutsedge, sagebrush, leafy spurge, chickweed, and nettles on contact

Moreover, it has a high penetrating ability, which is made possible by the ingredient present; thus, it has a better ability to eliminate all the oxalis present in driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot cracks.

  • Knocks out over 470 weeds varieties
  • Visible results in 5 hours
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Long shelf life
  • Comes with a liquid formula which is ready  to  use
  • Weighs 89 pounds

7.Blindside WDG FMC Selective Herbicide For Oxalis 8 OZ Bottle

Of the entire product on our list, today Blindside WDG FMC was the most effective and fast selective Herbicide for oxalis, which comes in an 8 OZ Bottle. Interestingly, it comes with an effective measuring tool that prevents misuse of this product.

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With 60% Sulfentrazone and 6% – Metsulfuron-methyl as the active ingredients, Blindside WDG FMC can knock down over 70 plus broadleaf weeds, chickweeds, nettles barnyard grass, clover, black medic, and crabgrass on contact.

Furthermore, apart from being a fast-acting weed killer, blindside is 100% efficient as a ½ lb.  The bottle can knock down oxalis in a lawn of approximately 50,000 square feet.

Also, blindside has an outstanding non-staining and rainproof formula, making it a quality, warm, and cool-season oxalis poison.

  • Ready-to-spray
  • Liquid oxalis herbicide
  • Convenient tip
  • Kills over 70+ weeds
  • Outstanding residual impact
  • Lasts for seven months
  • toxic to pet’s and children


To effectively control oxalis in your property, consider giving the product I have reviewed a try, as they are all quick-acting, pet friendly, and have a non-staining formula.

Interestingly all the products on our list, apart from passing organic and performance tests, have also been proven to be effective weed killers, eliminating a wide spectrum of weeds. Finally, consider reading and understanding the manufactures instruction engraved on the product packaging.


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