7 Best Weed Killer For Goat Heads 2024

Wondering what the best weed killer is for goat heads? Or just after a pet, kid, and an eco-friendly goat head herbicide to complexly eradicate this notorious weed either from your yard, lawn, driveway, or walkway? Well then, find Blindside Herbicide WDG FMC Selective Herbicides as our top product.



Weedkiller for puncture vine, also commonly known as goat head, should be a 100% non-staining and free from allergic causing compounds. Moreover, puncture plants Weedkiller should behave 2,4-D+dicamba+MCPP to destroy both the goatheads seeds and sharp spines effectively.

Below find our typical weed killer for goat heads review.


Reviews:  7 Best Weed Killer For Goat Heads 2024

1.Blindside Goat heads Herbicide WDG FMC Selective Herbicides

Blindside WDG FMC, which is a selective weed killer, took our top pick best herbicide for goat heads. It has 60% Sulfentrazone as a significant ingredient, killing shallow and deep goat head weeds and stickers.



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Another dominant component of Blindside is a 6% Metsulfuron-methyl, which makes it a perfect post-emergent goat head killer. It also entirely kills goat head weed growing in your driveway cracks, patios, and walkway affectively.

Additionally, 6% of Metsulfuron-methyl ingredients neutralize the effect of goat head thorns poisonous by preventing their seeds from germinating.

Moreover, Blindside WDG FMC   is 100% allergic free, making it pet and kid-friendly, bypassing all the dermatological tests. It is also a non-staining herbicide, safe to use around near tiles, pavements, and fence lines.

Despite coming only in a ½ lb. package, Blindside Herbicide comfortably kills Goat heads in a large area of over 50,000 square feet. It is also goat head killer as it eradicates over 70+ resilient broadleaf weeds such as dove weed, dollar weed, and buttonweed.

  • Covers 50,000 square feet
  • Pet friendly
  • Safe option
  • Rapid action time
  • Easy formulation
  • None

2.Ortho Goat Heads Weed Killer For Pasture And Lawns

Our weed killer for goat heads second position finds an eco-friendly and pet compatible weedkiller from Ortho. Ortho is the only proper way how to get rid of goat weed in a pasture. Ortho can also selectively kill puncture vines leaving behind your pasture crop. It is a quality killer for goat heads, which is also rainproof for approximately two hours.



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In addition to killing broadleaf weeds, this selective herbicide can prevent goat head seeds from germinating. Luckily, an ortho weed killer is 100% non-staining herbicide enhance. It does not mess up with your driveway or walkway pavements.

It comes with a non-burning formula; as a result, it is lawn and flowerbed friendly. It can kill a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds such as clover and dandelions. Comparing this product with other weed killers on this list, Ortho 410005 is affordable and easy to formulate.

The most exciting thing about this weedkiller is killing over +250 weed varieties in hours after formulation. By being a non-selective herbicide, Ortho 410005 is a flow-able liquid that can easily blend with other chemicals such as fertilizers and compost, and goat head roots killers.

  • Results in hours
  • Lawn-friendly
  • Kills 250+ weeds
  • Kills goat head root
  • Easy formulation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Causes Weed Resistance to other herbicides

3.The Andersons Barricade Professional

Andersons Barricade Professional was our favorite granular weed killer for goat head (puncture vine). It is easy to use as it comes as a flow-able granule herbicide. The 0.48 % prodiamine active ingredient of Andersons Barricade Professional makes to be the perfect goat head eradicator.



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By Andersons Barricade Professional being a pre-emergent weed killer, it can create a thin film on the ground, thus preventing goat head weeds from germinating. The only downside of this goat head pre-emergent is that it will not effectively eradicate existing puncture vines from your driveway or walkway.

For quick or instant results before formulating this herbicide to kill all the goat head seeds, spikes, and roost from your beautiful lawn, consider mowing fast. Moreover, it is a perfect goat head pre-emergent weed control.

Amazingly, it features a DG Pro formulation technology. Therefore, it is easy to formulate and paves the way for more herbicide particles in a single chemical lead per square inch. To active 0.48 %, prodiamine ingredient in this weedkiller, light irrigation of 05 inches is an affordable catalyst.

  • 48 % prodiamine ingredient
  • East to work with
  • very effective
  • kills crabgrass
  • Rapid action time
  • Non-staining formula
  • None

4.Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

If you want a natural (puncture vine) killer, Green Gobbler Vinegar is easy to use and an efficient organic goat heads herbicide. It features anon- staining formula, making it a perfect product for killing goat heads on pavements and driveways.



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I was wondering if vinegar will kill goat heads. Well, the answer is yes. And the most appropriate vinegar herbicide to kills goat heads sticker and roots on our list is the green gobbler.

Green Gobbler, coming with a 20% acetic acid as the main ingredient, kills broadleaf and grass leaf weed varieties such as crabgrass, moss, and clover on contact. Green Gobbler also does not release aerosol sprays to the environment, safe to use around the household and near pet dwelling areas.

Green Gobbler Vinegar was our top organic herbicide of all the products on this list, which effectively kills goat heads’ roots and leaves. Attractive, a green gobbler is 100% glyphosate free; hence it does not release cancer-causing compounds to the environment.

Interestingly, a green gobbler is a perfect strategy for eliminating goat head weeds—vinegar offer s 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence you can quickly get your money back if the product underperforms.

  • easy application
  • Organic product
  • Ready to use
  • Works quickly
  • Has a reusable container
  • OMRI listed weed killer
  • powerful formula
  • Disperses quickly

5.Dow Agrosciences RTU548 Goat Heads Sticker Herbicide QT Size

Taking our position five, find Dow AgroSciences, which can kill the entire goat head sticker along your fence lines. A more fantastic feature about this goat head sticker killer is that it eradicates young and mature goat head-on contact.



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What is more amazing about this product is that it comes with a No-freeze formulation, making it easy to formulate during winter. It is also easy to use goat head killer as no prior measuring, mixing, or titrating is required. Wondering if or does weed killer kill goat head seeds? Well, then Dow Agrosciences does not only kill but also prevents goat heads seeds from germinating.

More by coming with as the main ingredient Dow AgroSciences is an outstanding–seasons and an in-season goat head herbicide. By being a Good value money herbicide, Dow AgroSciences does not break your bank balance easily.

One of the best features of this herbicide is that it comes with a quality plastic container. Therefore, it acts as a quality watering can for your favorite indoor or outdoor plants. Bypassing all the OMRI tests, green gobble has been certified as an organic goat head weed killer, which has no advanced effect on either pet or kid’s breathing system.

  • Ease of use
  • Long-term residual puncture vine control
  • Military-grade
  • Fast-acting goat head herbicide
  • Quality container
  • Non-burning formula
  • none

6.Quali-Pro Pre-Emergent Liquid Herbicide For Puncture Vine

If you wonder what the most appropriate pre-emergent herbicide for puncture vine is, consider giving quali-pro a shot this time around. The 65% prodiamine ingredient present makes it a perfect puncture vine and sticker eliminating strategy in Landscape, Trees, Turf, and Golf Courses.



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The dominant and active ingredient in this Quali-Pro is Prodiamine 65% hence chemical and non-selective goat heads weed control strategy. Therefore, Quali-Pro is an outstanding product for killing other weeds, including Annual bluegrass, Knotweed, Spurge, Goosegrass; Chickweed, and Foxtail from you’re your yard.

Moreover, a wettable puncture vine Quali-Pro is a dispersible granule herbicide compatible with spring and fall goat heats control. Additionally, it is a non-staining weed killer. Hence it can quickly eliminate goat heat stickers in driveway cracks without staining driveway rocks or tiles.

The non-burning formula of Quali-Pro allows it to be accessible to formulate along with either fertilizers or irrigation water. Being a granules weed killer Quali-Pro does not release harmful aerosol sprays to the environment; hence, it is pet and eco-friendly.

  • Very simple to use
  • Fast coverage
  • Has Prodiamine 65%
  • Flexible application
  • Pre-emergent puncture vine herbicide
  • Fast-acting
  • Call for a second application.

7.Tenacity – Pre And Post-Emergence Goat Head Herbicide

After going through the above seven products, Tenacity was the only product with pre and post-emergence goat head killing capacity. Tenacity kills both broad and narrow leaf weeds on contact as Mesotrione is 40% is the active compound.



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In the box, Tenacity puncture vine killers come with a pair of synthetic gloves that protect your hands from the burning formula of this pre and post-emergent goat head killer. Mesotrione is 40% inhabits photosynthesis on young or mature goat head weeds on contact.

Moreover, the Mesotrione is 40%, adds absolute power to Tenacity, making it an outstanding weed killer for a broad spectrum of unwanted plants in your lawn or yard. Tenacity has a quality shelf life. Hence it can remain in your shed o store for 5-8 years without losing its efficacy.

For significant results, consider maintaining a tenacity application of 4 – 8 oz. per every 30 gallons of pure or tap running water per acre of land invested with goatheads. Despite coming in an 8 oz container, Tenacity comfortably kills over 5,000 sq. ft. of goat heads. Lastly, to increase the efficiency of this puncture vine weedkiller, consider using an organic Surfactant.

  • Effective
  • Covers 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Easy to use
  • 5-8 years shelf life
  • Kills puncture vines quickly
  • Comes with chemically resistant gloves
  • Requires Surfactant to boosts its efficiency

How To Select The Best Weed Killers For Goat Head

Granular Weed Killers For Goat Heads

When controlling goat head spine, leaves, seeds, or roots going for a granular weed killer will offer you a quick strategy for eliminating these notorious weeds. Granular herbicides are easy to formulate and also come with a quick-acting formula.

For significant results, granular herbicide formulation should occur in the morning to use dew when controlling goat heads. Most of the granular weed killers or goat heads act as a pre-emergent herbicide. For this reason, they present goad head seeds from germinating.

Selective Weed Killers For Goat Heads

Our editors generally pick selective herbicide for killing all both roots and spikes of goat head weed from your lawn. Bey being a selective weedkiller, selectively kills nature vine leaving behind the grass on your property.

Moreover, you can use selective weed killers to eradicate goat heads growing in walkways and parking lot, and driveway. These herbicides have a long residual effect. As a result, they can better control and prevent goat head seeds from germinating for over eight months.

Non-Selective Herbicide For Goat Heads

When killing all the plants in an entire lawn with grass weed, flowers, broadleaf weeds such as goat heads, and food crops, consider going for a non-selective herbicide during land preparation. Roundup QuikPro took our non-selective herbicide for goat head.

These weed killers have both grass and broadleaf weed varieties on contact. The most exciting bit about non-selective goat head weed killers is that they are more effective in killing punctured vine roots, spikes and seeds.

Liquid Herbicide For Goat Heads

Liquid weed killers for puncture vines are not only practical, fast-acting, but also easy to formulate. Today, of all the products on our list, Primesource Meso 4 sc was our top liquid weed killer for goat heads.

By Mesotrione 40.0% being the main ingredient, Primesource acts as a pre-and post-emergent liquid herbicide for puncture vine.

What Does Goat Head (Puncture vine) Weed Look Like

Goat head weed, also commonly known as puncture weed, have solitary yet small yellow leaves. This weed also has dark green leaves that can adapt to different climatic conditions. Various soil conditions such as pH.it is also an annual weed that is common during summer.

The yellow flowers of goad head weed come out during the months between April to October. By being an annual weed, goat head has a broad leaf system and deep taproot system, making it hard to control.

Puncturevine can stick to lawnmowers’ tires, car tires, animal fur, and even your shoes. Puncturevine weed has seeds that take the shape of a goad head; these seeds also have sharp and hard spikes.


Regardless either you are a homeowner or a thorn removal agent, the above are some of the best weed killers for goat heads available on the market today. Interestingly, all the products on our review are incredibly affordable, pet friendly, and non-allergic.

However, consider getting appropriate work gear such as safety boots, gloves, and a head mask to keep you safe from stray herbicide sprays.

When spot treating individual goat head weeds, consider going for quality herbicide spot sprayers such as the HPDAVV – 4 Gallon – Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer. Moreover, JJGeorge Weed Torch is also a significant goat heads wee spot treating strategy.


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