6 Best Weed Killer For Block Paving In 2024

 Best Weed Killer For Block Paving
Block Paving With Weeds

The best weed killer for block paving should be smoother, all weeds on paths, and block paving. They should also be non-allergic and safe to use around pets and household.

A good block paving herbicide will kill common weeds between pavers on contact.

Removing weeds between pavers is a huge problem facing homeowners today. Suitable herbicides will also kill roots and leaves of weeds growing on, between, and under block paving.

Below find our typical block paving weed killers!

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Reviews: 6 Best Weed Killer For Block Paving In 2024

1.Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate, 64 Fl Oz

Having plans or even looking for a way to stop weeds growing between paving slabs or blocks instantly? Well then, consider giving as it was our best weedkiller for all weeds varieties present in block paving. View on Amazon

With 0.77% dicamba as one of the primary ingredients, spectracide effectively kills both weed leaves and roots. Despite dicamba ingredients being available in a slightly low amount, it allows this weed killer to professionally smoother weeds after 12 hours of the formulation.

It is also a non-selective herbicide as it has fluazifop-p-butyl as an active ingredient. As a result, Spectracide controls both grass and broadleaves weeds varieties on contact. There, it gives instant results 12 hours after formulation.

For best results, consider using this product at 60 degrees in climatic condition. It is also rain full hence it cannot be easily washed by rain. It is also a dual-duty weed killer as it is compatible with other weeds in other areas with block paving such as driveway fence lines and walkways.

  • Organic
  • Effective
  • Affordablele
  • The active ingredient is dicamba
  • Non-selective herbicide
  • Should be kept away from children

2.Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

Green Gobbler Grass Killer is the most significant block paving vinegar-based weed killer on this list today. It is an organic product; hence it does not release harmful sprays to the surrounding environment.

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By being a non-staining weed killer, Green Gobbler will not leave stains on your pavement or walkways. Additionally, by coming with 20% vinegar, this Green Gobbler effective smoother shallow and deep weed roots in your block paving.

It is also a universal weed killer as it targets a wide range of weed varieties from broad leaves to grass weed family. Moreover, it can kill young and mature block paving weeds on contact.

These weed killers I compatible with both brick and tiles paving in your driveway or walkways come with anon burning formula. It is an organic product as it originates from corn grain and ethanol.

As a result, Green Gobbler is compatible with use around pets and kids. By being an ethanol-based weedkiller, Green Gobbler quickly attaches on weeds leaves to be rainproof for approximately 15 minutes.

  • Ethanol-based
  • Rainproof
  • Compatible with fertilizers
  • Gives good results in 12 hours
  • Requires minor assembly
  • Vinegar weed killer


3.PBI/Gordon 652400 Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer, 20-Ounce – Brown/A

Third, on our block paving weed killers list is PBI/Gordon, a 20-ounce product. These weed killers come with 28.57% of  2,4 D,2-Ethylhexyl ester as the main ingredient. As a result, it is capable of killing a broad spectrum of weeds.

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Additionally, having a 5.88% as another active ingredient, PBI/Gordon kills mature and young block paving weeds effectively. The 20 ouches packaging professionally kills weeds to an area of approximately 18,000 block paving square feet.

The 1.71% of dicamba acid presents allows these herbicides to be compatible with block paving in icy areas. It comes in military-grade plastic containers, making storage and transportation of this weed killer easier to achieve.

Moreover, the 2,4 D,2-Ethylhexyl ester makes this product to be a perfect weed control agent. You will also love that this product comes with a non-burning formula, making it safe to use without protective gear. Consider storing this product out of children rich.

  • Environmental friendly
  • Organic product
  • Effective
  • 2,4 D,2-Ethylhexyl ester active ingredient
  • Non-selective weedkiller

4.Control Solutions Eraser Residual Weed Killer For Block Paving

Taking the fourth position on our list, find 128 oz weed eraser from the control solution. With 41% or the total active ingredient of this weed killer being glyphosate, control Solutions Eraser herbicide kills kill both grass and broadleaf weeds effectively.

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Additionally, it is highly concentered, making it an ultimate post and pre-emergent block paving weed killer. By being an odor-free herbicide, it is safe to use for kids and household.by. Being a rainy proof product, Control Solutions is compatible with block paving in wet and rainy climatic conditions.

It also comes with quality content that is quality enough to keep the content free from excess temperatures. Despite being an accurate herbicide for killing notorious weeds in your block paving cracks, Control Solutions is pet friendly. By giving  instant results  in only 24 hours afters formulation  control solution was our best residual weed killer for block paving

However, Control Solutions will be more effective in killing all weeds on sunny or slightly warmer days as its ingredients are more active in warmer weather. Lastly, consider keeping this product away from young ones.

  • Kills weeds on contact
  • Smoother weed roots
  • Non-pungent odor
  • Non-staining herbicide
  • Eco-friendly
  • None

5.Compare-N-Save 016869 Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer

Fortunately, enough of you find Compare-N-Save product as our firth and the only post-emergence weed killer for block paving on this list. It comes from Compare-N-Save, which is a well-known lawn and garden products manufacturer.


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Compare-N-Save is a 100% high-end herbicide used by landscapers and homeowners to control broadleaf and grass weeds from their lawn.  Despite coming is a 2.5 gal. Container this herbicide professionally control all weeds in a 25,000 square feet block paving radius.

The 41%-glyphosate active ingredient present allows this product to comfortable smoother other 60+ outline weeds such a ground elder brambles, chickweed, and bindweed from your block paving.

Interestingly, this product features a non-burning formula. Therefore, it is compatible with other agricultural products such as fertilizer insecticide and herbicides. This block paving herbicide comes with a quality container that features an Ergonomic handle technology. for easy and safe handling

  • 5 gal. container
  • 2 hours Rainproof
  • Non-pungent odor
  • compatible with fertilizers
  • features a weak Anti-Clog Filter

6.Pulverize PWG-B-128-S Weed & Grass Ready to Use Weed Killer, Clear

Wondering what the best weed killer is for block paving? Or looking for a quality weed killer who will virtually eliminate all weeds in paved drives? Well the, give Pulverize PWG-B-128-S herbicide a try. View on Amazon

Pulverize herbicide has 2,4 D,2-Ethylhexyl as the main active ingredient. Also, it has no pungent smell making it safe to use around human beings and pets. It is ready to use a product from the bottle; hence no prior experience is needed.

Also, makes sure to wash your mouth with running water if accidentally ingested. The high percentage of glyphosate present kills all weeds on contact, hence our favorite weed killer for brick pavers.

Moreover, it is a biodegradable herbicide and comes in a plastic bottle that can be recycled to reduce waste build-up on our planet.

Interestingly, the ready to use weed killer is only a and can effectively control bindweed, chickweed, and other notorious block paving weeds in just 24 hours after formulation.

  • Gives results in 24 hours
  • Non-burning formula
  • Kills hundreds of unwanted weed
  • Pungent odor free
  • Active in warm weather

How To Select  The Best Weed Killer For Block Paving 2024

There are hundreds of weeds that invade block paving. Before selecting your desired herbicide, making a list of tips and fetuses to consider is imperative. Consider being familiar with the weeds you will be dealing with eliminating from driveway or paving rot pavers.

To make sure that you land a quality product, consider being familiar with how widespread are the weeds on your block paving—another factor to consider whether you or your pets are allergic to certain herbicides.


Block paving that is easy to use should come with their sprayers. Luckily enough for you, all the weed killers in this list are compatible with the standard garden sprayers available on the market today.

Easy to use Block Paving should also have a slightly long residual effect of approximately 3-4 weeks. Paving block herbicides are also said to be easy to use if they come with a non-burning formula.

Long Residual Effect

Consider going for weedkiller with a long residual effect, as they do not require frequent formulation. Rainproof weeds killers are more effective as heavy or light rain showers cannot easily wash them away.

If you kill weeds in relatively small areas covered with block paving, the small capacity weed killers will work best. On the other hand, by controlling weeds in a large paving block, the high volume weeds killers will work effectively.

Block Paving Coverage.

To stop weeds from growing between paving blocks, you will need to go for a herbicide to control weeds in large areas effectively. If you are taking care of weeds in large, consider going for weed killers with extensive spray coverage to make the process easier.

Weed killers that have reasonable coverage should have the ability to kill both the vegetative weeds part and the roots effectively.

Is Block Paving Weed Killer For Safe Around My Children and Pets?

We found the overall best weeds killer for block paving of all the products on our above list. This herbicide is also compatible with small and large block paving weeds control desires.

Moreover, all the herbicides on this list do not release harmful compounds to the atmosphere. As a result, they are all safe to use around pets, kids, and adults as they do not cause any allergic reaction.


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