7 Best Soil For Rosemary In 2021 Reviewed

In summary: Black Gold was our best soil for rosemary.  While on the other hand managed to take our runner up potion of rosemary soil potting mix. The two grounds are compatible with both potted and in-ground rosemary varieties.Best Soil For Rosemary

Rosemary grows in neutral soils that come with 7.0 or 6.0 as the overall soil pH. Additionally, rosemary soils should be well-drained and free from debris. Rosemary is heavy feeders either when repotting rosemary or even growing rosemary from cuttings. Due to this reason, consider going for a 100% nutrient-rich rosemary potting mix. Below find our buyer’s guide.

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Reviews: 7 Best Soil For Rosemary In 2021 Reviewed

1.Black Gold Soil For Rosemary In Pots.

Black gold made it to the top of the list. It comes with a slightly high amount of perlite. As a result, it has improved holing moisture content. Additionally, this potting mix I free from weed seeds, as a result of no additional cost of buying herbicides.Best Soil For Rosemary

The manufacturer also added high percentages of earthworm castings. One of the significant advantages of earthworm casting is that it contains a low amount of iron (FE). As a result, root rot in both young and mature rosemary plant will not occur. Similarly, iron (Fe) presents plays significant roles in enhancing the green color and flavor of rosemary growing in pots.

Another advantage of the earthworm castings present in this soil is that it boosts the overall rosemary posting soil structure. The organic nature of this black gold potting mix promotes the growth of soil micro-organism. As a result, it enhances soil elation characteristics. Another fantastic thing about this soil is that it comes with readily available nutrients.

  • Earthworm castings rich
  • Well aerated
  • Induces rooting
  • Enhances flavor
  • Weight 6.25 pounds

2.Miracle-Gro rosemary cuttings soil two cu. Ft.

At our second position, find a potting mix that comes from Miracle-Gro. What is more surprising is that it is rich in 100% natural ingredients. It comes with a  commercial-grade container; as a result, you can easily store the remaining rosemary potting.Best Soil For Rosemary

The manufacturer featured a slightly high amount of calcium in this sol to ensure that the overall health of rosemary will be improved. Additionally, by being an all-purpose feed, it has an improved ability to feed rosemary plants for over six months.

Additionally, the high percentages of worms casting that are present in this fertilizer add soil microbes. Due to this reason, worm casting plays a massive role in improving the overall soil structure. Another advantage is that it comes with a slightly high percentage or perlite. Due to this reason, it enhances the compaction characteristic of rosemary posting soil.

  • Rich in microbes
  • Containers worm casting
  • Free from weed seeds
  • Professional grade
  • Weighs 28.4 pounds

3.Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix, 8 quart

Burpee potting soil is compatible with either container or in raised beds. It comes with slightly high percentages of coconut coir as a significant ingredient. As a result, coconut coir helps in improving the overall soil structure. Additionally, coconut coir professionally improves soil water holding capacity.Best Soil For Rosemary

Another advantage of Burpee Organic is that it is 100% free from pest eggs. Due to this reason, rosemary roots are free from pest attacks. Similarly, by being free from pest eggs, less rosemary plant maintenance costs will be incurred, as no fungicides are needed.

Interestingly, coconut coir nutrient featured is highly renewable. Due to this reason, you can re-use this soil when repotting. Additionally, since Burpee potting soil mix is an organic product, it is 100% accredited by Omri. It also comes with both macro and significant plant nutrients. Due to this reason, it is a rich source of all the plant nutrients.

  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Weed seeds free
  • Renewable resource
  • 84 pounds

4.Hoffman Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

Second last on our list, find this fantastic Peat Moss from Hoffman Canadia. By having a slightly high percentage of peat moss, Hoffman potting soil have an improved ability to be able to hold soil moisture for a somewhat more extended period.Best Soil For Rosemary

Interestingly, Hoffman potting’s oil is free from weed seeds. As a result, it promotes lush green vegetation growth as nutrients competition with weeds is absent

Besides being an organic soil, it is also a rich source of soil micro and macronutrient; additionally, soil aeration is top-notch as it comes with millions of beneficial soil microbes that play a significant role in improving soil aeration. By being a well-aerated soil, it encourages development robust and reliable rosemary root system.

Besides, being a rich source of naturally occurring plant nutrients, it also has a slightly high percentage of perlite. As a result, it professionally improves both water and soil nutrient holding capacity. All the ingredients of this rosemary potting soil form a uniform mixture. Therefore, it promotes the formation of moderated rosemary roots.

  • Microbes rich
  • Organic debris
  • Induces rooting
  • Non-burning formula
  • 9 pounds

5.Josh’s Frogs rosemary  Plant Soil

When propagating rosemary from cutting, consider going for an organic soil with high phosphorus nutrient. Josh’s Frogs Plant Soil managed to take our top position, as part of being microbes rich it is also well-drained. Due to this reason, it is compatible with other house plants, root vegetables, and trees.Best Soil For Rosemary

What is more amazing about this soil is that it comes with a high amount of organic matter due to this reason; it allows the formation of a strong and reliable root system. Additionally, by being an organic-based soil, the resulting rose to marry herbs are 100% from GMO compound.it also uniquely feature. The appropriate amount of sphagnum peat to positively modify rosemary soil pH.

A secret growers formula that Josh’s potting soil employs allows the formation of a deep root system. Additionally, the high phosphorus (P) ingredient is present. As a result, it induces quick seed germination when growing rosemary from seed. Either when growing rosemary from seeds or from cutting high phosphorus present produces rooting.

  • Modifies soil pH
  • Promotes rooting
  • Induces flowering
  • Enhances flavor
  • Smaller packaging

6.Creeping Rosemary Soils Potting Mix

One of the significant benefits of this potting soil is that it is 100% dark in color. As a result, it has an increased ability to maintain water moisture and preserving overall soil nutrients. What is more surprising is that it is compatible with other outdoor and indoor plants.Best Soil For Rosemary

The 40 Lb is compatible with planting rosemary bush and also with indoor rosemary varieties. Interestingly calcium nutrient is present in slightly high percentage. As a result, there is the development of more massive and more compact rosemary branches.  Another advantage of this potting soil is that the dark color plays a significant role in moderating the overall soil temperature.

The high phosphorus nutrient ensures that a reliable root system is an establishment to enhance the extensive growing capability of rosemary. High iron (Fe) nutrient, which is present in their potting mix, maintains the dark green of rosemary leaves and stems. Lastly, high potassium (K) nutrient was present promotes and also enhances the overall flavor of the creeping rosemary plant.

  • Induces rooting
  • Easy to work
  • Weed seeds free
  • Pest eggs free
  • 40 Lb bag

7.Professional Grower Mix Cactus Soil For Rosemary

Professional Grower Mix made it as the last product on our list. It comes with a 100% military-grade waterproof wrapping bag. It has an overall soil pH of 5.5. As a result, it is compatible with both creeping and bog rosemary varieties.Best cactus Soil For Rosemary

Additionally, it is an abundant source of microbes. Due to this reason, a nutrient present in this soil is readily available to young mature rosemary plants. It comes with slightly large soil particles. Due to this reason, it moderates the water logging condition.

It is also a rich source of nitrogen. As a result, after cutting back, it encourages the rapid growth of new rosemary shoes and branches, .it has a slightly high amount of organic matter. As a result, it a rich source of biological rosemary nutrients. High nitrogen (N) nutrient ingredients present in the rosemary cactus soils moderates yellowing in both bog and creping rosemary leaves.

  • Nitrogen-rich
  • Prevent yellowing o leaves
  • Minimizes premature leaf fall
  • High organic matter content
  • Denmark brand


There are hundreds of soils and rosemary potting mix brands on the market. Therefore, selecting your preferred potting mix tends to be a slightly tricky task. We found Black Gold to be our overall best soil for rosemary.one of the significant benefits of this soil is that it has an improved water holding capacity.

Additionally, it comes with a slightly massive soil particle that professionally holds soil moisture for a relatively long period. Besides being a rich source of soil microbes, it has a somewhat high amount of organic matter. Due to this reason, it allows the development of a reliable and robust rosemary rooting system.



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