7 Best Fertilizer For Rosemary In 2023

Fertilizer for rosemary ensures that either when growing rosemary in pots or growing rosemary indoors they will always supply enough nutrients to your plant all year round.

The best fertilizer for rosemary should be all-purpose fertilizer, so as to promote a healthy and disease-free rosemary plant by offering a wide array of nutrients.Best Fertilizer For Rosemary

Rosemary is a hungry plant; hence only compatible with NPK fertilizers with a ratio of 20(N)-20(P)-20(K) which is strictly 100% non-acidic.

We did all the footwork for you, which includes testing and comparing the efficiency of different rosemary feeds and fertilizes on the market.

Below find our detailed reviews of rosemary fertilizer brands worth trying this season round.

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Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Rosemary 2022

1.Osmocote 277160 Smart-Release Plant Food Rosemary Fertilizer Review

Looking for a better and long term way of increasing the growth of your rosemary .Well then, Osmocote Plant Food will be 100% compatible with y6pour rosemary. Best Fertilizer For Rosemary

The granular nature ensures that your rosemary plants are provided with the entire sufficient nutrient for up to four months by this Smart-Release Osmocote fertilizer.

Strong root development in rosemary promotes the overall leaf and plat size. Both the mint flavour and the pinelike scent will be enhanced by the high amount of potassium present. The combination of NPK ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus makes this to be compatible with perennials

High nitrogen ensures the tips and top-growth will be vigorous so as to form more branches within a short period of time.  The NPK ratio of this plant food for rosemary is 20(N)-20(P)-20(K). Application use as simple as this Osmocote fertilizer designed to be directly used by the plant.

When sprinkling this fertilizer around the base of the rosemary plant maintains an application rate of 1 scoopful of Osmocote fertilizer per every 4 square feet or per every 2 gallons.

When determining the fertilizer has in mind that 1 scoopful of Osmocote fertilizer is equal to 3 tablespoons of the same fertilizer.

  • Organic product
  • Pet’s friendly
  • Non-staining
  • 4 months feed
  • Requires thorough spreading

2.Jobe’s Organics 0 Slow Release Fertilizer For Rosemary Plants Review

On this rosemary plant fertilizer, the list finds Jobe’s Organics 09686. Regardless of whether you will be growing your rosemary as annuals or perennial the slow release nature of this fertilizer ensure sufficient nutrient supply. It has high phosphorus content to aid in the process of strong roots system formation.Best Fertilizer For Rosemary

Come sin granular form hence making it be the most preferred slow-release fertilizer for rosemary plant. The granules as slightly coated with a quality organic layer to ensure that nutrient content in the fertilizer will only be released when needed by your rosemary plant.

Since rosemary is acid-loving plants the high nitrogen content of these fertilizers ensures lush vegetation development. These low potassium and phosphorus ensure that vegetative growth will be efficiently promoted to increase the overall rosemary plant.

By being 100% organic rosemary blood meal you will enjoy organic scent which is free from inorganic compounds. It is also safe for pets and human consumption as the raw material was obtained from organic matter.

  • 100% organic
  • Easy application
  • High nitrogen
  • Less burning effect
  • Low potassium content

3.Root Supplement Fertilizer For Rosemary Bush

If you will be growing your rosemary as a bush, root supplement and protector will help them in the establishment of a strong roots system. Having strong root systems ensure that your plant will be capable of accessing water and vitamins from the soils after fertilizer application.Best Fertilizer For Rosemary

Regardless of whether you will be growing rosemary indoor or outdoor this root protects ensure that the root of your plant will remain free from root rot even during winter when the temperature is extremely low.

The main ingredient of this fertilizer is phosphorus as it is the one supports rosemary bushes strong roots development. You are required to add the root supplement and protector content in your watering can top up with fresh water to the watering can level. Consider wet both the root region and leaves for the best results.

The potassium present ensures that apart from enhancing the dark green color of rosemary bush .Also, the pine-like scent  of rosemary bush will also be hence property making it be 100% shouting. One the rosemary plant care indoors task is maintaining health root which happens to be the main function   of this root supplement and protector

  • Organic product
  • 100% approved
  • Easy application
  • Pet-friendly
  • Liquid in nature

4.Bonide 099 40-Ounce Wilt Stop Rosemary Protector

Ensuring that your rosemary bush is free wilting considered using this Bonide 099 40-Ounce. The main ingredients in this fertilizer are phosphorus which ensures that strong roots re professionally established in both indoors, potted our outdoor rosemary plant varieties.

The Anti-transpirant plant protector nature of this   rosemary fertilizer ensures that your plant is also effectively protected from insect’s deer and diseases. After using this plant establishment of strong roots is a guarantee, hence rosemary plant shock is professionally protected.

The nutrient such as was magnesium sparingly added to ensure that the soil pH where you are growing your rosemary has been moderated to suit the slightly acid soil pH requirement of this soil. The manufacturer added a slight amount of boron in this fertilizer to ensure that reviving rosemary will be an easy task.

  • Organic
  • Human and pets friendly
  • Rosemary revive option
  • Easy application
  • Costly

5.Diatomaceous Earth fertilizer for rosemary bonsai

Finally, our last product on this list is the Diatomaceous Earth DE10 as we found o it to be 100% compatible with rosemary bonsai what  is more exciting is that  you will have cases of poisoning after using  this fertilizer  as it is 100%  organic. Comes with quality packaging that allows you to store the remaining fertilizer safely.

After the Institute of organic minerals review this Diatomaceous Earth DE10 it was 100% approved. High nitrogen content promotes lush vegetation growth. While the slightly low amount of phosphorus ensures the formation of the reliable rosemary root system.

This product is wholly produced on us soil making its performance and expected results to be 100% guaranteed. No additives were added to this fertilizer thus making sure that all the rosemary bonsai plant you are going to produce have international and local market standards.

  • Organic products
  • Additives free
  • Promotes strong leaves
  • Control even past
  • Slightly expensive

Fertilizer For Rosemary FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What Kind Of Fertilizer For Rosemary

By being drought tolerant and 100% deer resistant, rosemary when compared to other hungry plants they require slightly less fertilizer, feeds and water supply. If you will be growing your rosemary in pots slow-release fertilizers that come in form of tablet, granular or pellets are more preferred.

If you will be growing your rosemary as shrub consider going for liquid fertilizers as they are easier to apply. For dark green leaves, fertilizer brands rich in iron such as they will work great. Growing rosemary indoors requires strong roots establishment, hence a fertilizer with high phosphorus ratio in an NPK fertilizer will be the most appropriate.

2.How To Apply Fertilizer To Rosemary?

In case you are not familiar with which method you should use to fertilizer your rosemary. Consider reading the instruction outlined by the individual fertilizer manufactures container and specifications. In the case in Fertilizer for Rosemary buying hurry consider going for a ready to   use a fertilizer with a spray container.

For liquid fertilizer, you can use spray containers, watering cans, Sprayers for ATV or UTV .But in case you are after a slow-release getting pellets or tablets fertilizers, consider you to spared fertilizers are round the base  of the rosemary evenly. Such fertilizer is also efficient when growing rosemary indoors or when growing rosemary in pots

3.How Often To Fertilizer Rosemary?

Supply your rosemary with fertilizer during early spring as they are semi-woody perennial. The next rosemary fertilizing cycle should be carried out during the summer season as it is also the rosemary growing phase.

During this phase, rosemary fertilizer should have high nitrogen content. Other brands that have phosphorus content should also be allowed so as to promote strong rosemary plant roots.

3.When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Rosemary

So get your rosemary off to an amazing start of a blooming season, consider fertilizing the rosemary during early spring. Consider going for a quality general purpose fertilizer with a slightly high amount of nitrogen.

High nitrogen content during spring ensures that since there is high growth late lush vegetation will be achieved. To ensure that the mint pungent fragrance is enhanced in rose Mary consider going for iron-rich fertilizer during summer or even during late spring

4.How To Revive Rosemary?

In case your rosemary is witling or drying and you are looking for ways in which you can get to enjoy the pinelike scent or pungent flavor consider  treating , cutting back , transferring to a new bigger  pot  or adding the  most  appropriate NPK fertilizers  for rosemary with a ratio of 20(N)-20(P)-20(K).

Rosemary with leaves turning yellow should be a supplier with fertilizer which has high iron. The high potassium content in the NPK fertilizer ratio of 20(N)-20(P)-20(K) ensures that both the pinelike scent will be enhanced. Wilting rosemary plants should be supplied with fertilizers rich in phosphorus so as to promote root growth and establishment.

Homemade Fertilizer For Rosemary

For that organic rosemary growing enthusiast coming up with a Homemade Fertilizer for Rosemary is very easy. You are only required to add 1 full tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar to exactly 1 gallon of freshwater and mix thoroughly

When watering your plants consider using the concoction or the mixture above to your plants. The role of apple cider vinegar is to ensure that nutrients will be available. It is recommended that for best results consider using this homemade fertilizer for rosemary when the soil is slightly dry


We found this to be the fertilizer brand that is compatible with rosemary grown in pots. But those individuals alike me who prefer growing their rosemary’s as herbs this fertilizer is definitely what you should be checking out.

Finally, if you will be growing your rosemary as quality perennial crops, then ensure that rosemary roots will not be disturbed. Consider going for this fertilizer which is prime rosemary soil aerators as it is as effective as mechanical tilling.


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