5 Best Shovel For Digging Holes 2022 Reviewed

In summary: Fiskars pro digging shovel was our best shovel for digging holes. On the other hand, Post Hole Digger took our holes digging shovel runners up a position.it comes with a 48 inch and heat tempered steel handle technology.Best Shovel For Digging Holes

Holes digging shovels comes in a wide range of prices and brands. Therefore, picking a model that is both durable and effective is not easy. Below find our review of top rated tree planting or post hole digging shovels currently available on the market. Let’s get started!

Reviews: 5 Best Shovel For Digging Holes 2022

1.Fiskars Pro Digging Shovel- Best Shovel For Digging Deep Holes

The Fiskars pro is the most appropriate shovel for digging holes either in rocky or clay soil infested regions. It comes with a D-handle design which allows you to have full control of this shovel when establishing or digging deep holes for planting trees or fence post.Best Shovel For Digging Holes

Additionally, the 14 gauge steel blade has a self-sharpening ability which allows it to cut through rocks. A commercial-grade Teardrop-shaped handle technology was employed. As a result, when digging with Fiskars pro shovel it takes the shape of your hands

Amazingly 14 gauge steel that was used ensures that you can easily cut through roots. Unlike other hole digging shove such as that has fiberglass handle, Fiskars used an 18 gauge steel as the handle material. The overall handle length of this shovel is only 46.88 inches. As a result backbone related problems are moderated as an upright posture is maintained.

  • 88 inches
  • Steel blade
  • Steel handle
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Weighs 4.02 pounds

2.AMES Tempered Steel Digging Shovel- Best Shovel For Digging Tree Holes

Fiskars added a quality footstep which offers additional comfort and full shovel control. Comparatively, the 18 gauge steel material that was used as the handle material ensures overall shovel flexibility is enhanced. Steel footsteps were also featured t ensure that hand stress is professionally minimized.Best Shovel For Digging Holes

What is more important when digging a hole in the extended handle design which makes it easy for this shovel to be compatible with two or one hands? Digging holes and building things is not easy without the right tool.

Besides, a  handle with an overall length of 60 inches ensures that your hands are safe even when digging post holes near tree roots or next to a house .a slightly long shovel shaft that was featured allows you to maintain an upright position when diggings hole. Additionally, a slightly wide shovel scoop was integrated. As a result, when digging holes on the beach moving sand and seashells away from the hole is easier.

  • 60 inches
  • Wooden handle
  • low-profile
  • teardrop-shaped
  • weighs 5 ounces

3.Seymour 29-Inch D-Grip Shovel- Shovel For Digging Post Holes On A Slope

Up next find a professional grade 29-Inch   shovel from Seymour which comes with D-grip shovel. For this reason, full shovel control and stability are guaranteed by the manufactures. Additionally, a lifetime warranty that comes with this product ensures that both performance and durability are 100% guaranteed.

In the same way that AMES used a well welded back to prevent dirt build-up when digging holes, Seymour also featured a professional Square socket. In any case, you will be digging post holes on a slope the quality footstep that was featured moderates shovel stability.

It also comes with a self-sharpening blade which was designed from 18 gauge steel.as for this reason Seymour shovel is compatibles with both Commercial grade and homeowner hole digging shovel desires. Additionally, the manufacturer integrated as strong hardwood handle. As a result, working with Seymour shovel for long hours tends to be more enjoyable as it is light in weight.

  • Lightweight
  • Hardwood handle
  • Dirt free
  • Steel blade
  • Weighs 4.2 pounds

4.Bully Tools 12-Gauge 14-Inch Drain Shovel- Shovel For Digging Holes In Hard Clay

Up next find a 12 gauge drain shovel from Bully Tools as our preferred shovel model for digging post or tree planting hole in clay soil infested areas. Additionally, the D-handle grips are comfortable enough as it takes the actual shape of your hand. With 40 inches as its overall length, you can use this shovel for digging holes and also unlocking sewage lines.

It is also 100% an American brand hence performance and accessibility are 100% guaranteed. Another key point is that the D-handle grip was molded from a ploy material that offers an anti-slip grip even hen digging holes with sweaty hands. With the 14 gauge steel blade that was included this Bully Tool offers smooth cut through dry and wet clay soils with great ease.

A quality D-handle grip design was employed to ensure that you have full shovel controls. A commercial no-break Polypropylene was used as the main handle material. As a result, a firm and anti-slip grip are 100% guaranteed.

It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufactures. Therefore you can easily get a full refund or a similar product replacement depending on the condition of the product. Read more about lifetime warranty requirements and specifications for Bully Tools.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Steel blade
  • Heavy duty
  • 48 inches tall
  • Weighs 4.05 pounds

5.Spear Head Spade- best shovel for digging holes for plants

Firstly, Spear Head shovel comes with a spear-like tip that easily cuts that though rocky and wets soils conditions effectively. What is more amazing is that these shovels come with a heat-treated blade that is professionally Double Patented.  With an overall shovel length of 7 inches, this shovel for digging in rocky soil is compatible with single or both hands.

Additionally, a slightly longer hardwood shaft was featured. For this reason, the manufacturer ensures that even when digging holes under flower or shrub bushed maintaining and upright posture is 100% guaranteed. The sharp stainless steel shovel tip ensures that you establishing small holes of transplanting plants is possible hence our preferred shovel for digging holes for plants

The D handle technology that was employed by the manufactures makes this hovel to be compatibles w with men women and kids. Cutting through rocky soils is very easy when using this shovel as the blade was molded from self-sharpening steel. Additionally, a black powered coating was integrated to ensure that it is 100% rust free.

  • Rust free
  • D-handle
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • 7 inches long
  • weighs 2 pounds


Ultimately, the quality fiberglass handle and as self-sharpening steel motivated us to pick Ground Shark Shovel as our overall best shovel for digging holes. Additionally, a dual footstep technology that was added ensures that establishing a post or tree planting hole in rocky soil is relatively easy.

Lastly, apart from ensuring that your preferred holes digging shovel comes up with a steel blade also consider going for a shovel which is backed up by reasonable or lifetime manufactures warranty.in case you are in holes hovel shopping hurry, Fiskars pro is an all-purpose digging shovel that will cater all of your hole digging desires.


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