7 Best Shovel For Digging In Clay 2022 Reviewed

In this section, you will find a complete review of the best shovel for digging in clay currently on different shovel market platforms In December In 2022. Either you will be digging a pond in clay soil?  Or perhaps thinking of digging post holes or even gathering pottery clay soil as the year progresses and now, you after the right shovel for the job?

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Could it be you are planning on digging a soakaway in clay soil? Well then consider going for Bully Tools as it was our preferred shovel for digging in a clay soil invested area. Below find our detailed shovel for digging in clay buyer’s guide and reviews!

Reviews:7Best Shovel For Digging In Clay Reviewed 2022

1.Bully Tools 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel- Best Shovel For Digging In Hard Clay

If you are wondering if there are ways of how to dig in hard clay soil, then consider picking this Bully Tools shovel. It comes with high quality round point shovel. By the blade being molded from quality steel it makes it easier for this product to cut through wet or dry clay soil.

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Additionally, the manufacturer included a lifetime warranty token in the box. Additionally, a quality footstep was featured to ensure that more force will be created when digging holes or trenches in hard clay soils

The shaft of this shovel was designed from a lightweight material which makes it easy for you to enjoy working.The manufacturer made use of quality 14 gauge steel to come up with the design of the scoop. Additionally by the manufacturer featuring steel-based scoop digging either through hard or rocky clay soils has been made easier.

  • Steel scoop
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Weighs 4 pounds

2.Fiskars 46 Shovel-  Shovel  For Digging Post Holes In Hard Clay

Either you will be digging holes in clay soil or even digging footing in clay soil Fiskars 46 shovel comes with an anti-slip handle. Comes with 14 gauge steel as the scoop material, which ensures that it will easily cut through rocks when establishing holes or footing in rocky clay soil.


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A quality I-beam support that was featured was well welded and also slightly extended ensures that when working for long hours back pain will is not experienced.it comes with a quality fiberglass handle that bends easily without breaking when establishing post holes in slightly hard clay soil.

Apart from weight 4.2 pounds this product is backed up by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty which ensures that the manufacturer will replace the shovel it cases it malfunctions. What is more amazing about this shovel is that it is 100% an American brand hence both performance and durable are 100% guaranteed.

  • Closed-back
  • Lightweight
  • Cleans easily
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Weighs 4.2 pounds

3.Z & GD Handle Shovels For Digging-Shovel For Digging Footings In Clay Soil

Up next on our list find this Z & GD Shovel which is specifically designed to take care of all digging desires by both homeowners and contractors. For improved comfort when working with this shovel a quality D-handle was featured.

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The D-handle also ensures that when digging through a slightly hard clay layer you will always enjoy an anti-slip grip. It comes with a 100% rust free spade design which ensures that when digging post holes either through wet or dry clay the shovel scoop appearance will not be influenced negatively.

Amazingly the designer integrated a round head for this shovel to ensure that you are offered a slightly sharp edge which prevents dirt build-up either when establishing electric wire trenches or post hole sin clay. Both the shovel heal d and the shaft were professionally jointed by being welded together.

  • 100% steel
  • Roundhead
  • Non-stick design
  • 6 inch
  • Roundhead tip

4.Fiskars 38.5 Inch Long Handle-Best Shovel For Digging Post Holes Through Clay

Are you on a tight budget and still planning to get a quality shove for digging post holes through clay soil? Then Fiskars 38.5 is the budget based clay shovel you should be going for. The steel blade of this shovel ensures that it will always form a clean cut which makes sure that the post you are working with fits professionally in the individual post holes.

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Coming from a company that has perfected the art of shovel crafting, both durability and performance are some of the benefits you are going to going to enjoy. A quality polymer material was used to come up with the D-handle grip, to ensure that the anti-slip grip option is offered.

A quality shaft that was designed from 100% quality and 14 gauge steel ensures that when digging the post of footing holes you will have full control of the shovel. In case you have knee or back problem you are still compatible with this shovel as the shaft was made form a strong 38.62 inches long 14 gauge steel material.

  • Steel blade
  • Long steel shaft
  • Gives a clean cut
  • Large footstep
  • Weighs 2.2 pounds

5.Radius Garden Stainless Steel Shovel-Best Shovel For Edging Clay Soil.

One of the most recommended tips for digging clay soil is to have a shovel with 90% of the overall materials being steel. This Radius Garden shovel comes with a steel blade which makes all your edging desires in clay soil to be slightly easy by offering clean cut.

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Both clay lawn or yard edging desires are fully catered for. Additionally, the overall length of this clay digging shovel is only 29.6 inch hence it keeps your back from experiencing any back pain. It comes with professional steel closed back which prevent dirt, soil, or dirt build-up.

A strong step was featured to ensure that your comfort and ease of work when digging holes or trenches on rocky soils have been made easier. The Half-moon shovel design to ensure that edging flower beds or lawns in clay soil will be much easier. Slightly large footsteps were featured to ensure more force will always be exacted when working on areas with clay soil.

  • Large footstep
  • Half-moon designed
  • 6-inch length
  • optimal digging
  • weighs 1 pound

6.Truper Tru Pro Round Point Shovel-Budget Shovel For Digging Pond In Clay

This Round Point Shovel from Truper Comes with a dual handle design which gives you full control of this shovel when digging post holes either in dry or wet clay. Professionally designed handles were added to makes sure. Apart from coming with a quality fiberglass handle the manufacturer of this shovel also featured 100% protective handle sleeve.

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The main aim of integrating the protective handle sleeves is to lower the probability of the fiberglass slipping when digging in clay soils. Despite this 48-inch shovel being crafted from two different material Truper used a Rivetless construction technology to promote comfort and ease of use.

Additionally, a quality collar ring that was molded from 100% 14 gauge steel ensures that a solid joint which joins both the shaft and the handle is formed. This shovel is also slightly durable as when compared to wooden handle handled shovels such as A.M. Leonard Round Point shovel or the Stanley Garden shovel as a thick fiberglass material was used to model the handle.

  • Fiberglass handle
  • Limited lifetime
  • Tempered
  • Closed-back
  • Weighs 4 pounds

7.A.M. Leonard Round Point Closed Back Shovel- Beginner Shovel For Digging In Hard Clay

Either you will be digging clay soil in summer when the clay soil is rocky or even during spring when digging in wet clay soil is a huge challenge, this A.M. Leonard is what you should be going for this time around. It also comes with well-established steps to ensure that more weight is exacted on the blade of this hovel when digging in hard or rocky soil.

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In case you are a beginner or looking for a budget based shovel for establishing or digging post or footing in clay soils then A.M. Leonard shovel will get your started. The closed-back design of this shovel prevents clay soil or dirt from buildup when digging in up roots, footing, or post holes in an area with clay soil.

The head and the blade of this hovel were designed from professional heat-treated steel to ensure either when digging a post or trench in rocky soils you will not experience any digging challenge as a clean-cut is guaranteed. The curved bowl makes carrying clay from trenches or holes to be much easier.

  • double riveting
  • Deep scoop
  • Heat-treated steel blade
  • Wooden handle
  • Weighs 4.8 pounds


Bully tools 14-gauge round point shovel managed to take our top position of best shovel for digging in clay as it comes with a quality steel scoop which was designed from a 100% 14 gauge steel. Despite being our preferred shovel for taking care of all clay soil digging requirement it faced close competition from Fiskars 46 shovel as it had more positive reviews from present customers and users.

Last we highly recommend that before picking any shovel to take care of all of either wet, hard, or rocky clay soil requirement consider going for a product that is 100% verified and also backed up a reasonable warranty. Shovels for digging clay soil should also be molded from a quality handle, shaft, and grip materials.


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