7 Best Nail Gun Under £100 In 2022

In this guide were are going to review the best nail gun under £100 that are not only light in weight but compatible with hundreds of nailing projects.

Best Nail Gun Under £10In this list of nailers under £100, we have professionally identified our picks from manufactures like NuMax, and Metabo who have, over the past decade has won the heart of millions of DIY enthusiasts all over the globe are specialists in delivering gaming accessories.

Nails guns on our review have ergonomic handles, high nail capacity, and lightweight to increase nailing performance.Let’s jump to our review!

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Reviews:7 Best Nail Gun Under £100 2022

1.Best Electric Nailer: DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit Review

Taking our number five, find a lightweight and cordless electric brad nailer. The cordless nature ensures that this nailing tool from DEWALT is 100% maneuverable. Coming with an aluminum body, DEWALT is yet another great option of lightweight nail gun brad you can consider.Best Electric Nailer: DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit It also has a military-grade DEPTH ADJUSTMENT capacity. Because of this reason, this cordless nail gun under £100 is compatible with thin and thin nailing projects when using hard or softwood surfaces.

In the second place, this nail gun has no air compressor yet 100% effective. It has a quality aluminum body which improves its durability. Of all the nail guns on this review, DeWalt was the only battery-powered nailing tool.

It also has no hose; hence apart from being flexible, it is also compatible with nailing projects in sleek regions or surfaces. The rubber handle allows it to be compatible with nail gun extension sticks to access elegant areas.

By only weighing 2.0 lbs, this nailer is compatible with men and women DIY enthusiasts as it is easy but comfortable to use all day long. It is also 100% easy to work with a nail gun as it features a responsive nail gun trigger mechanism.

Why We Chose It
  • Easy to work with
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Durable
  • Automatic
  • Rust free
  • None


Best Electric Nailer: DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit Review

Next up, find an 18-gauge electric brad nailer from EWORK, which comes only under 80. On the other hand, this nailer can work effectively with ¾”- 2″, ¾” -1.5″. Brad nails and staples range, respectively.

Best Electric Nailer: DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit Review View on Amazon

With just a 2.0Ah battery, EWORK Electric Nail Gun can smoothly be firing over 500 nails with just a single charge. Another important thing about this nailer is that it is compatible with 20v and 40v batteries of all EWORK outdoor power tools.

On the other hand, it comes with a quality LED LIGHT mechanism. As a result, you can easily handle nailing projects in dimly lit or dusty areas.

In addition, these nail guns are compatible with single or rapid-fire application modes. On the other hand, this electric nail gun features a free-standing technology mode is equally important as it makes putting it down and picking it to be 100% safe and humane.

Why We Chose It
  • 0Ah battery
  • Easy release mag
  • Works with nails and staples
  • Features led lights
  • Comes with a 2-amp 100% fasts Charger
  • None

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3.Best Value Nail Gun: Arrow PT18G 185GA Brad Nailer Review

Third, on our review, find   Arrow PT18G as our editor’s pick of best value brad nail gun under £100 on our post today.

Best Nail Gun Under £100 View on Amazon

The nail indicator window of this brad nailer is relatively low. As a result, it allows nail un operators to note when the magazine is empty quickly. The standard window technology is equally effective as it enhances the operator’s performance.

The manufacturer made use of an ADJUSTABLE POWER mechanism. As a result, the Arrow PT18G electric brad nailer features a quality power function that is 100% adjustable, so it is compatible with light and heavy-duty projects.

This nail gun comes with a quality Overmold grip. As a result, it works effectively with wet and sweaty hands without the tool slipping from the operator’s hands. The rubber handle is equally essential as it professionally extends the product.

Interestingly, these nail guns feature a jam release mechanism that makes good use of Tool-free technology. Because of this reason, removal of nails either on thick or thin wood material is 100% achievable.

Why We Chose It
  • Jam release mechanism
  • Responsive trigger
  • Adjustable power mechanism
  • quality Overmold grip
  • High nail capacity
  • Wide application


  • Weighs ‎5.21 pounds

4.Best Pin Nailer: Metabo HPT 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Kit Review

Next up, find a 23-gauge   nail gun kit from Metabo HPT with no air compressor. What is more exciting is that the nail gun features Rear exhaust technology. As a result, Metabo HPT has a better ability to professionally protecting the operator from dust and other debris when on duty.

View on Amazon

Moving on, this nailer is governed by a premium Metabo HPT’s  5-Year professional warranty. Another great feature about this nailer is that it comes with rear exhaust.

Furthermore, the sleek design of these nail guns plays a considerable role by making them compatible with nailing projects in areas that are less accessible. After getting this nail gun, you will have to enjoy Safety Glasses, NP35A Pin Nailer, NPT Male Plug, Hex Bar Wrench, No-Mar Tip (x2) as they all come in the package.

On the other hand, it comes with a quality Carrying Case, making transportation and storage relatively easy. The handle of this beast also features a thin rubber film that offers a firm and a supper comfortable non-slip gripe.

Why We Chose It
  • Cordless
  • Automatic
  • Light in weight
  • Dual duty
  • High nailing power
  • None

5.Best Finish Nail Gun: Numax Sfn64 Pneumatic 16-Gauge 2-1/2″ Finish Nailer Review

We nailed it in this article by featuring a 16-gauge finish nailer that uses a Pneumatic technology without an air compressor as our editors pick. In the first place, NuMax is compatible with men women nailing enthusiasts as it only weighs.

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This nailer is compatible with heavy and light-duty tasks by featuring an aluminum body as durable and lightweight. On the other hand, the aluminum body is equally important as it ensures that the NuMax nail gun is free from rust.

Interestingly, this nail gun is also compatible with wet weather as it features an ergonomic rubber handle. As a result, it guarantees operators a non-slip and comfortable grip.

Moreover, this nailer comes with a quality no-mar tip. As a result, expect less or no dents, dings, and responsive jam release.Interestingly, it is 100% compatible with different nails and staples brands compatible with a wide range of siding, flooring, and roofing tasks.

Why We Chose It
  • Quality no-mar tip
  • Anti-slip handle grip
  • Depth adjustment
  • Cordless nature
  • Weighs ‎2 pounds

What To Look For In Best Nail Gun Under £100 in the UK?

Working with nail guns reminds me of my childhood DIY memories. Nowadays, technology has changed and so have our lifestyles.

Due to this reason, the nail guns market is also dynamic, like it, if flooded with original, cheap (0-£100), expensive (£100-0 £1000), and even to a greater extent counterfeit nail gun brand. Let’s find out below!

Brand Trustworthiness

You will agree that you are not ready to throw you one hundred euros to waste to get a non-functional anil gun. Therefore, consider going for nail gun brands that have reputable positive customer reviews on different market platforms.

Lightweight Nail Gun

When looking for quality nail guns, consider going for a lightweight nail gun. Such a gun will allow you to enjoy the entire nailing process without causing hand, neck, or back pains.

On the other hand, before you buy any nail gun from the market, ensure that the product is lightweight to use in nailing projects inaccessible. Lastly, snatch Metabo HPT Palm Nailer up as it was the lightest nail gun on this post.

Manufacturer’s Warrant

Moving on, the availability of the manufacturer’s warranty is the other thing that will allow y you to land a quality nail with just under £100.

Another benefit of Purchasing a nail gun under£ 100 in the UK, which is 100% covered by a good warranty, will act as a performance guarantee and give the operator peace of mind.

Moreover, nailers governed by a warranty and don’t work as expected can be replaced, returned, or even repaired as per the warranty terms.


After going through millions of nailer brands on the market, Thabo HPT picked the r was editor’s pick of best nail gun under £100 on this review. While on the other hand was the only cordless nail gun that took our runners-up position.

However, have in mind that you should consider giving brands that come with a reasonable manufacturer’s warranty the priority so that you can always be on eth safe side. Lastly, in case our article was helpful, support and share our work.


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