7 Best Mulch For Hillside In 2024

The best mulch for hillside can either be organic, inorganic, or mulch netting.  Hillside mulch ideas should always prevent wash down as rains pour uphill.

If you are a homeowner property on the hills, consider going mulching the hillside slope to retain moisture and stabilizes overall soil temperature effectively.

The best mulch to use for steep hillside should be providing quality insulation and holding plants’ roots in position even during heavy rain pour down.

Lastly, consider going for mulch brands that come hillside & secure landscape staples to ensure that your slope is 100% protected from winter storms. Let’s jump to our review!

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Reviews: 7 Best Mulch For Hillside 2024

1.EZ-Straw Seeding Hillside Mulch with Tack – Biodegradable Organic Processed Straw

Shredded straw bark mulch was the best organic mulch on our review, 100% compatible with the hillside. What is even more exciting about this mulch is that it comes with a (Tackifier) which is 100% a natural bonding agent.

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Due to this reason, the natural tackifier holds the straw mulch for the hillside together, thus making it to be 100% scatter proof. The natural bonding agent is equally effective as it is also biodegradable. As a result, it protects trees, grass, and flowers seed from wind and heavy washout.

It has a high water-holding capacity, which allows this product to be in a better position of Speeding up germination and flowering on all plants on a hillside.

Thanks to the ability of this mulch to smoother all kinds of weeds. Due to this reason, EZ-straw seeding steep hillside slope mulch minimizes the need to use physical cultivation, which ends up increasing soil erosion instances.

By being a 100% biodegradable brand, the EZ-straw seeding mulch are bot pet and environmentally friendly. Interestingly, being a natural ground cover, EZ-straw seeding mulch undergoes a complete decomposition cycle, which improves soil nutrient content.

  • Safe and convenient
  • Protects the seed
  • Decently priced
  • Easy to apply
  • Protects the seed
  • Fire risk

2.EarthAid Slope Saver PRO Hillside Mulch Erosion Control Kit

The top-rated and best mulch for steep hillside on our review finds the Erosion Control Kit from Earth Aid. Interestingly, this mulch only measures 140 square feet equivalent to (4-feet x 35-feet), hence covering a wide area.

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Furthermore, the manufacturer of this hillside mulching netting comes with an easy-to-use English and Spanish complete installation manual and instructions included. Because of this reason, the installation of this erosion control kit does not require skilled labor.

On the other hand, it is 100% natural jute netting with approximately 52 steel and rustproof soil staples. Due to this reason, this much is both easy to install and to uninstall. On the other hand, by coming with steel staples, this mulch is unconditionally durable as they are 100% rust-free.

When it comes to gardening on the hillside, nothing brings more benefits than mulching. Due to this reason, that’s to the average netting holes which hold soil particles in a good position. Other than minimizing soil erosion, it also stabilizes slopes by preventing topsoil erosion by slowing rainwater speed.

  • Lowers soil erosion
  • Stabilize slopes
  • Encourage plant growth
  • Durable
  • It comes with steel staples
  • Easy installation
  • It comes with a user’s manual
  • None

3.Warp Brothers NH-3100 1.5 Mil Garden Mulch, 3′ x 100′, Black

Third, on our list, find the Mil Garden Mulch, which comes from warp brothers. Unlike being easy to use, Mil Garden Mulch brand is also resistant to harsh climatic conditions such as extremely high and lower temperatures hence the best mulch for a hillside.


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Interestingly, quality black plastic lunch is 100% Sun-resistant, hence minimizing soil water loss through evapotranspiration. Subsequently, regardless of the availability of strong wind and heavy down rain downpour Mil Garden Mulch is 100% scatter-proof.

Besides, it has an improved ability to professionally smothering weeds growing on a steep heel side. Furthermore, Warp Mill Garden being organic hillside mulch, ensures that no toxic compounds are released to the environment but rather improves overall soil nutrient content.

Moreover, it has relatively high moisture Absorption through the summer heat. On the other hand, Warp Brother’s mulch can moderate overall soil temperature by effectively retaining most of the sun’s warmth in the spring.

  • Easy to use
  • long-lasting
  • Moderates soil temperature
  • Adds soil bulks
  • Pets and kids friendly
  • scatter-proofs
  • Can cause a fire risk.

4.USA Premium Pine Straw – Pine Needle Mulch – Covers 65-80 Sqft

Fourth on our list, find Pine Needle Straws as the overall best type of mulch on hillside on our review. Remember that you should always consider going for a natural mulch to be in a better position of gradually improving the overall soil nutrient condition.

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It is 100% easy to use in a place with both pets and kids as this hillside pine straw mulch is free from toxic compounds. Moreover, when establishing a nursery and flower bed on a hillside, you can still use this pines straw mulch to develop a shade for your young week seedlings to protect them from intense sun, rain, and wind.

Interestingly, this product comes with relatively long g needles, which play a huge role in holding and binding soil particles together on steep hillside slopes. Also, pine straw mulch application on the hillside protects the plant’s roots and stems from harsh climates during winter and summer.

Besides, keep in mind that pines straw needles are slightly acidic. Due to this reason, this product plays a tremendous role in controlling weed growth. The acidic nature of pine straw needles is also equally vital as it professionally moderates the acidity and alkalinity of hillside soil.

  • Excellent for beds and gardens
  • Organic mulch
  • Protects roots during summer and winter
  • Pet and kids friendly
  • scatter-proofs
  • Holds oil particles together
  • Reduces water speed running down a hillside.
  • Covers only 65 – 80 Sqft

5.Chocolate Dyed Shredded bark Mulch Wood Chips

Wondering what is the best mulch to use on a steep hillside slope? Well then, consider going for shredded wood chips chocolate dyed bark mulch as it takes slightly a longer time to decompose fully.

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In the first place, these wood chips’ barks contain an organic compound that is 100% toxic to weeds. Due to this reason, shredded bark mulch professionally aids in the suppression of hillside slope weed growth.

Thanks also to the manufacturer for making good use of dyed shredded bark mulch as it improves hillside slope beauty and moderates its overall durability of this mulch brand.

Despite the shredded bark mulch being color, it is also subject to decomposing as Mother Nature rules even on hillside slopes. Thus, Mulch Wood Chips promotes the hillside slope’s ability to retain water, promoting natural vegetation growth.

The Mulch Wood Chips professional holds loose soil particles in position; hence it minimizes the possibility of soil erosions. The manufacturer also made good use of 100% Non-toxic wood dye. Because of this reason, the dyed shredded wood mulch does not release toxic compounds to the environment; thus, it allows it to be compatible with a hillside with pets, farm animals, and food crops.

Lastly, the manufacturer making good use of dark brown chocolate color plays a vital role in improving your hillside slope’s general landscaping. It is also good to note that the shredded wood chops come are Packaged in military-grade buckets to enhance installation and storage convenience.

  • Packaged in buckets
  • Retains water
  • Easy to use and store
  • Non-toxic wood dye
  • Environmental friendly
  • Improves hillside landscaping
  • 95 pounds

6.Weed Guard Paper Mulch Roll, 36-Inches (W) X 50-Feet (L)

Next up on our review, find Weed Guard Paper Roll as our editors pick the best mulch to use on hillside slopes in Australia. One of the most fantastic things about this mulch is that it is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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Moreover, being a non-toxic Weed Guard Paper, Mulch Roll is safe to use around kids’ playgrounds and pets. The manufacturer made use of translucent plastic paper as the mulch. Due to this reason, Weed Guard Paper Mulch Roll is a natural and perfect way to smoother weed growth in Australian hillsides and slopes.

Besides, by coming with an overall measurement of approximately 36-inches (W) X 50-feet (L), Weed Guard Mulch Roll is a dual-duty product for minimizing erosion while at the same time keeping hillside slope soil warm. Moreover, thanks to the manufacturer as the natural fiber paper role promotes water and air penetration.

I am moving on to the next feature, the manufacturer of this mulch used Natural Cellulose Fiber as the primary raw material. As a result, Paper Mulch Roll will not at any time release toxic ingredients to the environment.

  • No Plastic
  • Environmental friendly
  • Gradually decomposes
  • No maintenance-free
  • Tillable into soil
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Relatively pricey

7.Longleaf Pine Straw Roll For Landscaping – Non-Colored

Last on our list find is the Longleaf Pine mulch on our review.  Interestingly, the Longleaf pine needles of this mulch were a massive win for the manufacturer as they are great environmentally friendly and smoothers weed growth effectively.

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Furthermore, installing this mulch not only easy but environmentally friendly as no tree is cut down. On the other hand, Longleaf Pine Straw mulch is 100% free from debris hence no ecological pollution results from integrating it on your hillside gardening.

Interestingly, this hillside mulch comes in slabs. Due to this reason, both installation and uninstallation o is 100% achievable. Undoubtedly, being free from inorganic compounds that might be toxic is Longleaf Pine Straw is compatible with pets and kids.

It also takes a slightly more extended period to decompose fully, and this reduces the interval at which you are required to add new mulch to steep slopes and hillside. Moreover, by being non-colored, these pines straws give your hillside landscaping a natural appearance.

  • Pet friendly
  • Easy to spread
  • Smoothers weed growth
  • 100% All Natural
  • Less work to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Risk fire
  • Pest habitat

Wrap Up

EarthAid Slope Saver PRO and the Sandbaggy Jute Netting were our best mulch for hillside currently on the market today.

The most interesting thing about the two mulch brands is that part from being erosion control netting also play a vital role in ensuring that there will be no wash down of trees and other plants growing on the hill.


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