7 Best Lawn Mower Blades For Zero Turn 2024

Best lawn mower blades for zero turn should be both more comprehensive and thicker to effectively cut thick, wet, and dry grass when mowing.

Moreover, quality zero-turn lawn mower blades should be crafted from heat-treated steel as it is rust-free and retains overall blade sharpness for a longer time.Best Lawn Mower Blades For Zero Turn

These blades should also be defined by well-balanced weight to minimize mower engine vibrations when cutting or mulching grass and leaves in your yard.

Let’s jump to our zero-turn lawn mower blades review below!

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Reviews: 7 Best Lawn Mower Blades For Zero Turn In 2024

1.Craftsman 46-Inch Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Mulching and Side Discharging Blade Set review

Craftsman  46-Inch: Our editors pick the best lawn mower blades for zero turns as they are compatible with lawn maintenance practices such as side discharging and mulching grass either after or during mowing.best lawn mower blades for zero turns

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Moreover, Craftsman’s good use of steel material with absolute rust immunity makes it even more durable than other zero-turn lawnmower blade brands in our review.

In addition, by featuring a steel blade, this was also our editor’s pick of Best zero turn mower blades for 1 acre due to its high sharp cutting edge retaining capabilities.

Coming from Craftsman alone has made this blade one of the most popular OEM zero turn mower replacement parts available today. The  weight of the edge being professionally balanced  makes mowing a 1-acre lawn or yard enjoyable as fewer mower engine vibrations will be experienced

In addition, this 46-inch blade is crafted from 100% heat-treated steel. Because of this reason, the Craftsman  46-Inch Zero-Turn blade is compatible with mulching, bagging, or even side discharging either tall, short, dry, or even wet grass.

Furthermore, it has a factory-sharpened blade. Due to this reason, this  46-inch  deck lawn from Craftsman offers a clean cut. The sharp cutting side of this blade is that it allows zero turn mowers to give a consistent mowing level by providing an intense amount.

  • Handcrafted
  • Rust free material
  • Heat-treated blade
  • Dual duty blade
  • No prior assembly
  • Ready to use from the box
  • Thick blade
  • Requires frequent sharpening
  • Oiling after use is necessary

2.Kubota Deck Zero Turn Mower Blade kit review

Taking our second spot is a deck kit as the best mower blades for Kubota zero-turn mowers on the market. This blade allows zero-turn mowers to keep your lawn or yard fresh and lively all year round by preventing the browning of grass after mowing.

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Heat-treated blade means more grass chopping power. Due to this reason, Kubota Deck Zero Turn Mower Blade makes lawn maintenance practices such as stripping, mulching, mowing, and bagging to be  100% easy when using heavy-duty zero-turn mower brands.

Whether you are after 15 acres,10 acres,20 acres,50 acres,5 acres, or even 100 acres zero turn mower replacement blade, this Kubota Deck Zero Turn Mower Blade kit will always have your back.

It features an okay balance weight on both blade ends. Due to this reason, the zero turn mower blade from Kubota minimizes more vibration when bagging, side discharging, stripping, or even mulching grass clipping.

On the other hand, the razor-sharp blade allows you to achieve a professionally manicured lawn as it offers a smooth cut either when working on wet or dry grass.

  • Ready to use
  • Unconditionally sharp
  • Cleans easily
  • Durable
  • Heat-treated steel blade
  • Improves lawn  health
  • None

3.Maxpower 561713XB Commercial zero turn mowers Mulching 2-Blade Set Review

Next up on our review, find  Maxpower 561713XB as the best commercial mulching blades for zero-turn mowers as it is compatible with 42-inch deck Poulan, Craftsman, and  Husqvarna mower brands.

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One of the biggest  Maxpower wins in this beast is that the package consists of a set of 42 inches zero-turn cut deck lawn mower blades.

Interestingly other than being a dual-duty zero turn lawn mower blade, it is also one of the most outstanding zero turn mower replacement blades of mower brands such as  Husqvarna,  Craftsman, Poulan model number  134149, and 532134149.

Good things first are that it is light in weight, and also, no prior assembly or experience is needed as the blade is ready to use from the box.

It also features military-grade high lift technology, creating enough suction force when mulching grass clipping into fine chunks. You will also get what you are paying for as  this blade meet all OEM requirements and specifications

Both sides of the blade have equal weight. Due to this reason, Maxpower 561713XB is also a reliable zero-turn lawn mower blade for commercial services as it leads to minimal or no noise pollution.

Lastly, it features a premium  Center Hole that takes up a 5 Point Star model design. As a result, Maxpower 561713XB  reduces the entire zero-turn mower engine vibration.

  • Easy assembly
  • High lift blade technology
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Durable zero turn mower blade
  • Reasonable price
  • Frequent sharpening is necessary

4.Husqvarna 954636867 42-Inch zero turn Lawn Mower Mulching 2 Blade Orange Kit Review

At our fourth spot, find Husqvarna 954636867, featuring a well-balanced blade weight that enhances uniform blade tip speed on zero-turn mowers, either when bagging or mulching grass clippings.

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It features a five-start anchoring center hole which ensures that Husqvarna 954636867   is also a perfect replacement lawn mower blades for commercial and large-scale brands such as the  42 inch Toro zero-turn mowers.

This blade is also a perfect replacement for other zero-turn mulching mowers such as the  F Lt18542, Lth2042, Lth18542And Yth1542Xp.

In addition, this package comes with two quality blades. Due to this reason, Husqvarna 954636867 is compatible with both large and small-scale zero-turn mowers.

Moreover, the blade type is designed to perfectly fit all  42-Inch Deck zero-turn mowers without any adjustment or prior assembly.

  • 100% United States brand
  • Reliable manufacturer warranty
  • Dual duty blade
  • Sharpens with great ease
  • Bagger compatible
  • Requires oiling
  • Relatively pricy

5.Arnold 490-110-0140 42-Inch Xtreme Blade Set for John Deere Tractors Review

Arnold 490-110-0140  was the beast that managed to take our fifth spot on our review as it features a reliable  42-Inch Xtreme Blade Set.With the steel material as the blade materials, Arnold is compatible with mowing grass in sandy or clay soil lawns as it is rust and corrosion-resistant.

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Subsequently, Arnold features SUPERIOR  steel BLADES. Due to this reason, expect to enjoy  60% more bagging, side discharging, cutting, or mulching grass area when working with a zero-turn mower.

In addition, unlike other standard grades zero-turn lawn mower blades, this 42 inch beast from Arnold backs up approximately 50% more grass.

Generally speaking, it comes with a set of durable steel blades with 7-point, unlike the standard blades that have 5  point star center holes. The 7-point   allows this blade to be compatible with sandy soil conditions.

It has a  heat-treated steel balance. As a result, we found  Arnold to be our editor’s choice of best zero-turns John Deere Tractors blades for tall grass.

It comes with a quality five-start center hole technology, giving you a wide range of ways to change blades on a zero-turn mower without any prior experience or encounter with this Arnold.

  • Safe to work with
  • Unconditional performance
  • Heat-treated cutting blade
  • Wear and tear immunity
  • Stays sharper
  • Bagger compatible
  • None

6.MTD Genuine Parts 42-Inch Zero Turn Mowers High-Lift Blade 2010 And After Kit Review

A 42-inch replacement part from MTD Genuine was our editor’s pick of the best standard lawnmower blades for zero-turn mowers.By steel being the blade, the material remains a viable worst zero turn mowers blades candidate as they are co, compatible with tough soils and tall grass.

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Unlike traditional lawnmower blades, MTD Genuine features a well-balanced weight, promoting a smooth yard and lawn mowing experience with zero-turn mowers.

Generally speaking, by  MTD Genuine, using steel as the blade material professionally improves rust immunity, promoting durability of the entire zero-turn lawnmower blade.

Interestingly bey only weighs approximately MTD. A genuine replacement lawnmower blade is also compatible with cordless and corded electric zero-turn mowers.

It is also 100% an American brand product. Due to this, your money is governed by a valid manufactures warranty. In addition, the heat-hardened steel is equally essential as it allows MTD Genuine part blades to fit all zero-turn mowers for dry, tall, and wet grass.

  • Rust immunity
  • Steel blades
  • Sharpens easily
  • Light in weight
  • Easy assembly
  • None

7.XHT 3 HD USA Gravely zero-turn Blades for ARIENS 36 & 52″ Cut Review

Taking our last spot, find XHT 3 HD USA as our best lawn mower blades for gravely zero turn on the review. It has a steel blade that has a rustproof coating.

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Further, this  Gravely zero-turn Blades is well balanced. This rule plays a considerable role in allowing  Gravely zero-turn Blades to run entirely;y balanced blade weight neutralizes all the vibration.

Even more exciting is that the steel blade allows this to be compatible with 5 acres and 20 acres zero turn mower brands. It is also 1005 easy to sharpen this zero turn gravely blade either using a file or grinder.

In addition, the mulcher of this blade takes up tooth design. Due to this reason, the tooth XHT 3 HD USA Gravely zero-turn Blades ensure that grass clipping a chopped into fine pieces.

The tooth design is equally impotent as it improves the soil structure of lawn by chopping grass into fine chunks that tend to decompose quickly, thus releasing nutrients into the soil.

Moreover, the tooth design of this zero-turn blade promotes overall lawn and yard health by preventing grass from fungal infection after a mowing session by promoting a clean cut when using gravely zero-turn mowers.

  • Rust-resistant
  • Ready to install
  • It does not require skilled labor
  • Wear and tear-free
  • Tooth design
  • Relatively affordable
  • Reasonable corrosion immunity
  • Relatively pricy

Final Thoughts.

The Kubota Deck Zero Turn Mower Blade kit was our best lawn mower blade for zero turn due to its rust-resistant immunity and ability to retain a sharp cutting slide for a longer duration.

But with close  competition from Craftsman  46-Inch Zero-Turn Lawn Mower  Mulching and Side Discharging Blade, which took  our runner-up spot on this review

The two zero-turn mowers blades have 100% heat-treated steel as the primary blade material. Also, the two brothers feature a five-start centre hole technology that promotes a nonslip grip after being attached to a zero-turn lawn mower power shaft.

Moreover, the two zero-turn mower balances weight brands are well balanced. Due to this, they offer a smooth and uniform grass mowing level. This feature is equally important. It ensures that zero turn lawn mower operates silently with no vibration.


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