5 Best Fertilizer For Yews In 2022

Are you wondering why are my yews turning yellow? Or are you just looking for a quality fertilizer that is compatible with either Japanese yew hedge or even Japanese yew shrub, then consider selecting only the best fertilizer for yews such as 16-8-8 fertilizers, foliar feed or the Holly-tone.

Fertilizer for yews should have an NPK fertilizer ratio or 16-8-8, 20-10-10 or 12-6-4 with all the fertilizer being commercial. Consider going or a slow-release fertilizer brand such as Blue Ribbon Organics, to ensure your yews will have access to all the nutrients gradually for a long period.

But in A case  you are after quick results  then liquid fertilizer for yews  such as  yews tree fertilizer will work great

 In This Guide You Will Learn:

  • our top pick for best yews fertilizer In December In 2022
  • Why are my yews turning yellow and how to correct the yellowing or yews leaves?
  •  A step-by-step  guide and procedure of how to make 100% efficient homemade fertilizers for yews
  • And finally, a fertilizer for yews reviews and buyers guide based on performance and efficiency..

Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Yews 2022

1.Tree Fertilizer, Tree Secret 64oz- Best Liquid Fertilizer For Yews Review 

On top of our list find this tree fertilizer which is specifically designed to be compatible with all types of trees .with the main nutrient in this fertilizer nitrogen vegetative growth will be promoted. Best Liquid Fertilizer For YewsThe less burning effect of this tree fertilizer ensures that your yews leave either well-established or newly planted, are kept away from yellowing or even browning.

The high nitrogen nutrients ratio ensures that the evergreen shrub nature of yews will be maintained either during summer or winter. High phosphorus present ensures that strong roots will be established either on potted or on ground yews trees.

The phosphorus present is also responsible for making sure that the dark green color of yew leaves is 100% enhanced.  Your yew bush will remain healthy and free from bug infestation as tree fertilizer acts as a quality source of nutrients and also as pesticide and herbicides.

  • liquid-based
  • no burning effect
  • easy to store
  • decently priced
  • weighs 4 pounds

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2.Milorganite 32 Lb. Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer-Best Fertilizer For Japanese Yew

Up next find this Milorganite 32 lb. which is 100% a slow-release fertilizer that is compatible with the yews tree. The slow-release nature of this fertilizer ensures your Japanese yews will have a gradual source of nutrient supply for over four months. best Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer for yews Along lasting grossly green leave is promoted by the high iron content which was professionally added by the manufacturer. The high iron content also keeps the roots or ground or potted Japanese yews from rooting or from bacterial infections.

Japanese yews are slightly heavy feeders as compared to the yew varieties but with the high nitrogen in the Milorganite 32 lb. fertilizer NPK ratio.

Due to this reason we found as best  slow-release fertilizer for Japanese yews for the money one the market as it enhnaces Healthy leaf growth is promoted by the high nitrogen present. Strong roots establishment and less browning of yew tree leaves are promoted by phosphorus nutrients that were added during the manufacturing of this Milorganite 32 lb. fertilizer.

  • rich in iron
  • corrects yellowing of leaves
  • controls leave browning
  • slow release
  • slightly expensive

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3.Blue Ribbon Organics Omri Certified Organic Compost­- Best Organic Fertilizer For Yews Reviews

We featured these blue ribbon organics as it is 100% organic. Blue ribbon organics is free from inorganic compounds or GMO-based nutrients hence making it 100% safe for both kids and pets. Best Organic Fertilizer For Yews Reviews It comes with a quality bottle that ensures that you can easily and safely store the remaining fertilizer. Yellowing of newly planted yews will also be taken care of by the iron present in this Blue Ribbon 32 lb.

By being liquid-based fertilizer this tree fertilizer is handed to take our top position of best liquid fertilizer for yews trees.

The soil structure will also be promoted as this Blue Ribbon promotes the growth of soil microbes and soil microorganisms.By being 100% OMRI Certified this Blue Ribbon ensure that your yews are 100% free from inorganic or casein genic compound.

Proper root establishment will also be aided by the slightly high amount of natural nitrogen present in this Blue Ribbon compost.

  • OMRI CertifiedB08KJRCW2D
  • Organic Use
  • GMO-free
  • Promotes water retention
  • a bit expensive

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4.J R Peters Inc (52064) Jacks Classic-Best Fertilizer For Yew Shrubs

Are you one of the few yews shrub-growing enthusiasts looking for a quality shrub fertilizer, then this J R Peters Inc (52064) Jacks Classic is exactly what you have been after?. High potassium and phosphorus nutrient present promote strong root and healthy yews leaves the establishment.Best Fertilizer For Yew ShrubsThe slow-release nature ensures that the roots and leaves of your yews shrubs are free from experiencing any burning effect.

Slow-release nature of this J R Peters fertilizer ensures that your yews will be gradual provide nutrients when they need them the most.

Strong yews shrub root developed will also be made possible by the wide range of micronutrients that were blended by the manufacturer to come up with this J R Peters Classic fertilizer.

By being an all-purpose fertilizer J R Peters can be a rich source of nutriment to your yews trees for over four months. It comes with a durable container which makes it comes easier for you to store the remaining fertilizer after your first yew shrub fertilization schedule.

  • Organic
  • Easy to use
  • Slow-release
  • Decently priced
  • No Assembly Required
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5.Osmocote 274850 Smart-Release-Best Fertilizer For Yew Hedge

Planning on establishing a quality yews hedge this holiday season? Well, then you should also be considering what fertilizer will allow your yews hedge to be established more quickly. Best Fertilizer For Yew HedgeWe found Osmicate 274850 to be e the only fertilizer brand which will give amazing yews hedge results within hours after application.

The high nitrogen present in this Osmocote 274850 promotes vegetative growth and strong branches development in yews trees.

Due to the good balance NPK ration, we also found this Osmocote to be the best fertilizer for hick’s yew.  The slow nutrient release nature of Osmocote ensures that your yews leaves and roots are not exposed to burning effects.

By being a quality slow-release fertilizer you are guaranteed that your yew will be offered with a wide array of nutrient supply for 6 full months.

High iron present ensures that the green color of your yews hedge will be professionally enhanced, hence increasing the intrinsic value of your property.

  • Organic promotes root development
  • Collects yellowing
  • Improves soil structure
  • Decently priced
  • Burning effect when used in excess

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Fertilizer For Yews FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Select Best Fertilizer For Yews

When you are out there looking for quality fertilizer for yews consider picking a fertilizer brand that is easy to apply. Liquid fertilizer is said to be more quick-acting as it is absorbed by yews leaves directly.

On the other hand, if you are after slow-release fertilizers then consider yews fertilizer or food supply that is either granulated or pelleted. Granulated fertilizer has a thin film coating on the fertilizer granules to ensure that nutrients will only be gradually released.

What Kind Of Fertilizer For Laurels In Uk

There different kinds of fertilizer that re 100% compatible with yews. Cost and fertilizer efficiency are some of the things that you should consider before deciding on which. Before picking any fertilizer to ensure that it has less burning effect on either yews roots or leaves in general.

If you are after a liquid fertilizer for yews then miracle-gro succulent plant food is what you should be picking this yews n season. But for yews tablet fertilizer enthusiast these or the will equally give your yews a grossly and an evergreen appearance all season round without, carrying another yew fertilizer application schedule.

Yew Tree Dead Branches

Every time you find that the branches of your yews trees are dead or wilting have in mind that something bigger than suicide is already happening to your yews. There are various instances of why your yew tree has dead branches on the reason being that the branches are mature and they are paving way for new and better branches to sprout, there just let your yew be what they can be and grow.

The second reason why your yew tree has dead branches is either diseased or rotting roots, poor water supply, insects attack or lacking or certain nutrients. Going for an all-purpose yews fertilizer such as the and adopting new yews tree watering behaviors will help you in reviving your dying yews tree branches

Newly Planted Yews Turning Brown

If you have noticed that the leaves of your newly planted yews are turning brown consider going for a quality yews fertilizer with slightly high potassium (k) fertilizer ratio. Another possible reason as to why you’re newly planted yews leaves returning brown is lack of enough water or bad watering habits.

to correct the browning of newly planted yews leaves consider instructing a reasonable yews plant watering schedule to ensure that water can flow from root, stem, waterways to the leaves without being limited.

Newly Planted Yews Turning Yellow

In case you can trace yellowing or leaves on your newly planted yews plants then it is an indication that your yews are lacking some vital nutrients. Consider supplying your newly planted yews with a fertilizer that has a slightly high NPK fertilizer ration.

Low nitrogen causes yellowing of leaves hence a fertilizer such as will work great. Low potassium supply also causes yellowing and at the same time, browning of yews leave. Adopting a constantly newly planted watering schedule is also another possible way of solving yellowing or leave in yews.


After filtering through hundreds of fertilizer brands that are compatible with yews, we found. We have great hope that you have a perfect solution to why your yews are turning yellow. Other major causes of yellowing or leaving include poor watering habits, diseased roots, and insect or disease attacks. Application of a fertilizer which has a high potassium (k) ratio is also highly recommended.


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