5 Best Fertilizer For Weed Clones In 2023

If you are a pod lover, who is after the best fertilizer for weed clones? or are you weighing between growing your cannabis indoors or outdoors from weed clones, then there is a high probability that you are also looking for a quality weed clones fertilizer to speed up growth and disease resistant.

Fertilizers that are compatible with Weed clones should be compatible with either recreational marijuana growers even with grandmothers who extract ointment oil from weed plants.Best Fertilizer For Weed Clones Fertilizer For Weed clones should have an NPK fertilizer ratio of 1-3-3 ratio.

The number in the NPK weed fertilizer ratio represents Nitrogen (N) phosphorus (P) and (potassium) respectively.

Consider going for any general-purpose fertilizer that has high potassium and phosphorus to ensure that your weed clones will be supplied with a wide array of nutrients.

Below find our review.

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Reviews: Best Fertilizer For Weed Clones 2023

1.Miracle-Gro® Fish, Blood & Bonenatural Plant Food-Best All-Purpose Fertilizer For Weed Clones

Weed clones are hungry plants that that consider going for NPK fertilizer with a slightly high phosphorus content to ensure that there will be proper root development. In case you are a huge organic weed smoker like me, then going off this miracle grow feed.

Potassium present in this miracle grow to ensure that the color quality of your weed clone leaves and brooms. Planning to protect your weed clones from root rot will also be made possible by the phosphorus content. Even the weakest weed clones will work amazingly well with this fertilizer.

The lightweight nature of the packaging of this fertilizer ensures that you can easily handle this fertilizer without hiring an expert. Organic raw material ere used to come up with this product hence ensuring that your weed plant is 100% organic. For best results consider using this fertilizer early in the morning or late in the evening.

  • Non-stick fertilizer
  • Easy to apply
  • wind-resistant
  • anti-frizz protection
  • Expensive

2.Miracle-Gro® Sulphate-Best Controlled Release Fertilizer For Weed Clones

Growing weed in containers can turn out to be a hard task, only if you will choose the wrong fertilizer.Growing weed clones should be an easy task, to make the process more enjoyable we have featured this fertilizer form grow more. For development for powerful roots a slightly high amount of fertilizer.

To keep the levees of young weed clones an organic fertilizer which has a rich source of rich iron nutrient content. Dark green leaves and enhance the active ingredient in weed plants, thus improving the quality and efficiency of your weed after harvesting the buds or during smoking.

It comes with a professional packaging that allows you to store the remaining fertilizer for the next seasons. Consider going of fertilizer with a slightly low amount of nitrogen so as to facilitate lush vegetation development.Weed clones with that are turning brown should also be fed using this fertilizer

  • 100% organic product
  • Expensive product

3.Lesco Professional Stone Landscape Supply-Best Slow Release For Weed Clones

Up next find this nitrogen-rich fertilizer which comes Lesco Professional which is a company that has gradually gained the fame of decades.  Lesco Professional fertilizer is highly soluble in water making all the nutrients it contains to be readily available to your plants.

Nutrient strength for clones should have all the NPK fertilizer recommendations. The slightly high amount of nitrogen ensures that the leafy growth of this fertilizer will not be compromised.

The slightly high amounts of potassium ensure that the disease. A low supply of phosphorus ensures that there will be no root overgrowth. The non-stick design of this fertilizer ensures that the stomata’s of young leaves.

With another ingredient, such as potassium or magnesium, this Lesco Professional is capable of   promoting a health weed crown growth cycle. The slow-release nature of this fertilizer ensures there will be a rich supply of nutrients to either during winter or during summer.

The wide array of nutrient combinations allows this Lesco fertilizer to be 100% smoother weeds. The granular nature of this fertilizer has made the application process of this Lesco fertilizer to easy as you re only required to spread around the base of the weed clone

  • Pets friendly
  • Easy application
  • High nitrogen
  • Promotes disease resistant
  • Slightly costly

4.Doff Natural Rooting Powder-Best Organic Fertilizer For Weed Clones

To make sure that your marijuana clones ware rooting effectively consider this Doff Natural Rooting Powder fertilizer with a slightly high amount of phosphorus which can able of promoting root growth and at the same time protecting your cannabis clones to be root rot free.

During the application of Doff Natural Rooting Powder fertilizer consider maintaining a rate of 1 full teaspoon per gallon of freshwater. Weeds clones should only be supplied with a fertilizer with low phosphorus only after roots have started forming

So as to keep the reservoir of your weed clones cleans consider going for Doff Natural Rooting Powder that is 100% hydroponic fertilizers as they area. When propagating weed clones from cutting fertilizer rich in phosphorus should be included. For enhanced weed chrome quality content consider going for marijuana clone fertilizer with a slight amount of potassium.

  • Slow-release
  • Scotch free
  • Light in weight
  • Readily available
  • None

5.Adenium Liquid Fertilizer Hightech NPK Feed-Best Liquid Fertilizer For Weed Clones

Caring for transplanted weed clones is very complicated as they are in their active growth cycle. During the active growth phase in weed, clones consider supplying them with high nitrogen content as they are heavy feeds.

Combining nitrogen fertilizer with quality soil aerators makes it easier for most of the solid nutrients to be readily available to you.  The overall ingrained that were used to manufacture this product were organically obtained hence pet and human-friendly as they are no traces of inorganic compounds.

The organic nature of Adenium liquid fertilizer ensures that your weed will be 100%. For healthy and well enhanced dark green weed clone leaves this fertilizer has a slightly high amount of potassium and phosphorus.

The non-stick nature ensures that there will be no formations   of white clots on the weed clone’s leave. Application is very easy to add the fertilizer content to your watering can or sprayer and top up to the mark. Consider wetting the roots and leaves area for best results

  • Light in weight
  • Quality bag
  • Soluble in water
  • Pest friendly
  • Costly

Fertilizer For Weed Clones FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What Kind Of fertilizer for weed clones ?

When looking for quality fertilizer compatible with weed clones consider going for quick-acting fertilizer so as to supply  the weed clones when transplanting’s. Liquid fertilizers are more effective as thee are directly absorbed through leaves and roots.For slow-release fertilizer, for weed clone enthusiasts granulated fertilizers will work best. although granulated fertilizer being effective they are labor-intensive as you  are required to ensure that the  fertilizer is spread evenly around the base  of the weed clone so as to present root rot or the  roots being scotched/

  1. How To Apply Fertilizer To weed clone?

Consider going for non-sticky fertilizers this responsible for maintaining quality cannabis leaves. For quality weed heads and blooms, a slightly high amount of nitrogen was added by the manufactured strong roots will also be established.

  1. How Often To Fertilizer weed clones ?

For best results consider fertilizing your weed clone with nitrogen-rich fertilizers during germination. Phosphorus rich fertilizer should also be included in the weed clones fertilizer application schedule.

Immediately after germination consider introducing an iron-rich feed so as to aid the establishment of strong and compact.

  1. How To Revive weed clones ?

Either you will be  using homemade fertilizers  for weed clones , organic base or inorganic fertilizer  makes make sure that before you  fertilize the clone it is 100% healthy.

watering your plants thoroughly ensures that nutrients will be readily available to you waiting for weed clone .liquid based spray fertilizer such as should be more preferred as they keep pests and diseases away from your newly cloned marijuana baby.

  1. When Is the Best Time to Fertilize weed clones?

For best results consider applying fertilizer to your weed clones during and after germination. When growing weed clones from cutting consider going for a plant feed with high phosphorus contents it will promote the process of rooting cutting.

Slow-release fertilizer can also be applied for best results slow-release fertilizer should be applied after the weed clones have a well-established root system.


We found big blooms & buds 8oz as the best fertilizer for weed clones as it is compatible with potted weed clones that are ready to be grown indoors. Natural sources nutrient ensure that your weed will be 100% organic making it be free from inorganic compounds.

As the manufactured featured increased nitrogen content in the slow-release fertilizer. In case you have any weed clones fertilizer   s stories consider dropping your comment on our comment section below.



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