7 Best Fertilizer For Peonies 2024

The best fertilizer for peonies is one of the prime ways on how to get more blooms on peonies. In case you re also wondering how to get peonies to bloom again have in mind that application of the right fertilizer will allow your peonies to bloom throughout the year. Fertilizers that are compatible with peonies are either synthetic fertilizers with NPK ratios of 10-10-10 or 5-10-5.best fertilizer for peonies

The best time to fertilize peonies is during spring when new shoots begin to develop. Well then in this review I have included 7 top rated fertilizers that will help you’re to revive your peonies quickly.

Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Peonies 2024

1.Lilly Miller fertilizer-Best Fertilizer For Tree Peonies

Tree peonies tend to flower during mid-spring to later early in the summer to give sumptuous flowers thus feeding them with  Lilly Miller bloom Food is highly recommend. The bloom food is a slow release fertilizer hence it will only release nutrients to peonies only when they need it.

Before adding the bloom fertilizer to peonies soils you are required to work on the soil to ensure that the Lilly Miller Bulb fertilizer is well mixed. Efficient working on the soil also ensures the availability of phosphorus in this bloom food for peonies ensures that your peonies will bloom to produce large size bloom.as an addition the phosphorus (P) present also palsy a huge role in ensuring that your peonies will have stronger and well established flowers.

Lilly Miller Bulb is an all-purpose peonies feed which has an increased ability of promoting solid fertility due to the presence of potassium  (K) which is crucial requirement in peonies growth phase. Roles of potassium present in this peonies all-purpose food is to hence early flowering. The availability of quality pro-biotic in this fertilizer for tree peonies ensures that it is also beneficial to other microbes available in the soil.

  • Promotes easily flowering
  • Enhance the development of strong roots
  • Encourage large blooms
  • Promotes soils micro organism
  • Not 100% organic

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2.Humboldts Secret Flower Stacker-Best Organic Fertilizer For Peonies.

Are your peonies potted and now you are after organic food for potted peonies well then consider giving this Humboldt’s Secret Flower Stacker. The main ingredients of this peonies fertilizer being vitamin B1 ensure that after transplanting your peonies will recovering quickly as vitamin B1 promotes rapid rooting.

Availability of organic supplements in this Humboldt allowed our editors to see it as our top best organic fertilizer for peonies. In case you are also after a quality organic fertilizer for your potted indoor peonies, Humboldt’s Secret Flower Stacker is still a perfect choice for you as it promotes effective rooting mechanism in all potted plants. A high amount of phosphorus present in this peonies fertilizer ensures that vigorous root growth is promoted. Lush green peonies foliage is also taken care by this fertilizer as the nitrogen present is enough to promote reasonable lush green foliage.

Finally, apart from the peonies bloom fertilizer increasing 30% flower product per peonies plant it also increases the flower density. Humboldts Secret can be used on normal soil on your garden or on potting soil for both outdoor indoor plants. For efficiency and amazing results use only 1mL/gallon every other week until you achieve a reach a fertilizer amount of 8mL/gallon.

  • All grow mediums compatible
  • stimulates early peonies flowering
  • enhances natural peonies  flavour
  • effective for potting soil
  • weighs 2.5 pounds

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3.Advanced Nutrients 5450-16 Voodoo Juice Fertilizer-best fertilizer for tree peonies

Up next find this amazing fertilizer that has all it takes to ensure your potted peonies treeswill enjoy increased root development. The Voodoo Juice Fertilizer    I backed up with all the nutrient peonies require to root more quickly. The flowering and growth of your peonies will also be maximized as the nutrient uptake by peonies tree is slightly efficient.best fertilizer for peonies

Shoot development is also enhanced by this Voodoo Juice Fertilizer   and this ensures that your peonies will gradually enlarge. Rich with potassium and phosphorus this Voodoo Juice best fertilizer for tree peonies

ensures that your peonies will bloom more easily and for and increased the duration of time. It ensures that most of the microbes are held dormant until they are actively required by the plant.

Either you will be using root cutting, transplants or clones peonies Voodoo Juice Fertilizer has increased ability to ensure there are quick rooting options. They amount of phosphorus present ensures that your peonies will bloom more effectively. Finally Voodoo Juice Fertilizer has and increased ability to ensure that growth, shot development and even the flowering of peonies are professionally maximised.

  • Can be applied through foliar
  • Enhanced continued blooming
  • Promotes stronger root development
  • Encourages foliage development
  • High price

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4.Mission Fertilizer Bloom Organic Soil Nutrients-Best Slow Release Fertilizer For Peonies

No fertilizer can beat organic fertilizers as they tend to be 100% GMO free that is the reason why Mission Bloom Organic Fertilizer was featured. Mission Bloom by being granular automatically qualifies to be on the trusted slow release fertilizer for peonies o current on the market.

When applying this Mission Bloom organic peonies fertilizer ensure that you maintain an equal rate of 1 ounce of organic  BLOOM fertilizer which is in granular from per every single gallon of soil which you have planted your peonies. Consider suing the fertilizer for the first time when you flowers developing on your peonies. To supply your peonies tree with all the required nutrients considers top dressing the top soil.

For your peonies to completely bloom this Mission Bloom fertilizer comes with some quality amount of calcium which ensures that stunted growth is absent in either young peonies leaves shoots and even root tips. Being organic means that Mission Bloom fertilizer provides your plants with efficient supply of nitrogen to promote vegetative growth. Whole phosphorus enhances the formation of large flowers and finally potassium ensures that your peonies can effective uptake water and other mineral elements from the soil.

  • Prevents student teed growth
  • Enhance water uptake
  • Maximize growth
  • Maximize flowering
  • Excess use scotches leave

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5.Mills Nutrients Start R-Best Fertilizer For Peony Plants

Mills Nutrients Start R is a great 5-0-0.5 organic fertilizer for peonies that has low phosphorus and potassium quality. Although high quality phosphorus promotes flowering in peonies Mills Nutrients Start fertilizer has high supply nitrogen to promote vegetative growth instead. Planning to have other peonies from seedlings this Mills nutrient is the right option.

Looking for quality options that will allow your potted peonies to root more effectively consider giving this Mills Nutrients a try. For new home owners who have just transplanted their peonies, Mills Nutrients still remain to be a perfect option for you this time round.to ensure that you will have amazing results you are required to use only  4 mL per every  1 Gallon of pure water consider using this fertilizer at the beginning of peonies blooming season

  • Provides peonies with essential N-P-K
  • Promotes rooting
  • Slow release
  • Easy to apply
  • Relatively pricy

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What To Consider When Choosing Fertilizer For Peonies

Whether Feeding Peonies Borders And Beds.

In case you are preparing your new peonies border or bed or having plans of improving your existing ones consider going for the right fertilizer that suits your peonies nutrient needs. Regular watering is also a major requirement for fertilizer in new beds to provide your peonies with all the nutrients they require. Normally provide your peonies with essential plant nutrients after planting or transplantin

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In case you have your peonies mixed with other annual then it means you are looking for mixed borders and beds fertilizer. Therefore it is recommended that you consider going for all purpose peonies fertilizer. Remember that during late autumn   consider not feeding your peonies and give them enough rest time, but resume fertilizer application immediately spring kicks off.

Feeding Peonies In Pots Or Hanging Baskets,

In case the fertilizer that you are looking for is for growing peonies in containers then you are required to go for slow release fertilizers as they release nutrients as plants grow. Due to their deep roots peonies consider going for deeper pots than your planting containers tend.

Due to the fact that they are still heavy feeders consider supplying them with a sufficient supply of 5-10-10 low-nitrogen, this should be done during early spring. The reason as to why low nitrogen fertilizers are needed is to allow you to enjoy early-blooming in all peonies varieties.

Low Nitrogen Fertilizer

Are you are new home mower or just a new peonies enthusiast and now you are wondering what is the best fertilizer for peonies that make growing peonies in pots to be relatively easy, well consider going for low nitrogen fertilizer. The main reason as to why you should consider fertilizer with low nitrogen is to allow your peonies to avoid vegetative growth and encourage blooms

Soil Types

When selecting fertilizer consider being familiar with the type of soils where the peonies are grown on. If your peonies are panted on clay soil consider going for slow release fertilizer to avoid the nutrients for being drained. When on the other hand if you will be using low pH spoils consider going for a fertilizer that will match with the low pH nature of your peonies in that season.

To make your work easier we found Plantonix Coco Coir Brick to be among the top peonies fertilizers that are not only compatible with acidic soils. For low acidic soils consider going also going for Dr. Earth 710 Organic 4


In case you are looking for organic peonies fertilizer then a 5-5-5 fertilizer will work great. Consider maintaining a single fertilizer application to peonies per year so as to convert both the environment and resourcesAlso, ensure that your peonies are grown in a deep well drained soil that is rich in phosphorus and potassium but with low supply of nitrogen so to encourage attractive blooms either during summer or spring. Consider sheltering your peonies from strong wind so as to prevent their branches from breaking. Avoid using too much mulch when covering peonies as you might end up smothering them. Finally our top rated fertilizer for peonies was found to be while peonies runners up fertilizer were found to be.


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