9 Best Fertilizer For Palm Trees 2023 Reviewed

In summary: Super Charged Moon Juice Tree Root Stimulator was our best fertilizer for palm trees. Runners up palm tree fertilizer was a 16-4-4 Tree Fertilizer Spikes from Jobe’s. The two fertilizers promote palm roots development and also compatible with various palm soil, compost, and mulch brands available on the market.Best Fertilizer For Palm Trees

Fertilizer for palms in pots should have an overall NPK fertilizer ratio of 18N-6P-18K.On the other in-ground palm fertilizer should have an NPK fertilizer ratio of 18N-6P-12K. Palms require a reasonable fertilizer application schedule as they are heavy feeders. Blow fin dour preferred palm tree fertilizer brands currently on the market.

Reviews:9 Best Fertilizer For Palm Trees 2023 Reviewed.

1.Moon Valley Super Palm Juice All-Purpose Palm  Fertilizer Review

On top of our list find a palm juice that specifically comes from moon valley.it comes with slightly high Magnesium (Mg). As a result yellowing of the palm tree is professionally corrected. Additionally, high magnesium nutrient content promotes the formation of strong palm tree stem-and-leaf stalks.Best Fertilizer For Palm Trees

Additionally, this palm juice has a slightly high amount of Potassium (K) to ensure the formation of yellow spots on palm leaves timely corrected. Either when growing palm trees in pots or on the ground high potassium nutrient contents reduces early leaf condition. Similarly, potassium being one of the major ingredients in this fertilizer plant immunity against diseases such as Rachis Blight, is also booted.

Uniquely, 18% or the total nutrient ingredient of thefertilizer is phosphorus. As a result, strong roots establishment is guaranteed. Addition, phosphorus nutrient plays a huge role in ensuring that purple is professionally corrected. Lastly, nitrogen which was featured in a slightly high amount promotes an increased vegetative growth ability of palms.

  • Promotes growth vigor
  • Conditions soil
  • Reduces yellowing
  • Induces rooting
  • Slightly expensive

2.Epsom Salt For Palms 19 Lb Nitrogen Palm  Fertilizer Review

Is Epsom salt a good fertilizer for palm trees? Or just wondering if Epsom salt is compatible with the ground and potted palm varies. Well then, this Epsom salt from Dr. Teals Lavender is a good place to get started. By being 100% from GMO compounds this espoma salt is both kids and pets friendly.Best Fertilizer For Palm Trees

The granular nature of this palm tree espoma ensures that strong root development is boosted. Additionally, it comes from a manufacturer that has perfected the art of espoma salt manufacturing hence both the solubility and effectiveness of this salt are top-notch.

Besides coming from Dr. Teals being it is also 100% effective and easy to work with espoma salt. It also modified the water holding capacity of your potted palms.it has a slightly high amount of Sulphur (S04) which ensures that student growth in both posted and outdoor palm varieties has been lifted.

  • Promotes growth vigor
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Promote roots growth
  • Reduces early leaf fall.
  • Scotches when excess

3.Jobes Palm Spikes Natural Organic Palm  Fertilizer Review

By being a 100% GMO product from Jobes, Palm Spikes managed to be our top natural fertilizer for palm trees. What is more amazing about these palm fertilizer spikes is that they are a reliable and unparalleled source of both phosphorus and calcium. As a result, palm tree immunity and increased root growth vigor are activated.Best Fertilizer For Palm Trees

Additionally, it comes with an overall palm tree NPK fertilizer ration of 16-4-4 in all the five fertilizer spikes featured.it was also professionally processed and packed to ensure that all exceptional ingredients efficiency and synergistic qualities sin maintained.

The manufacturer uniquely professionally added natural sugar and an adequate amount of kelp to ensure that natural state or your palm tree together with an increased growth vigor is professionally booted. Lastly, this fertilizer was professionally enhanced with botanical extracts which are moderately potent.

  • botanical extracts
  • easy application
  • instant result
  • long term use
  • 5 spikes

4.Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Phosphorus Palm  Fertilizer Review

Up next find a natural liquid-based palm tree fertilizer. it comes with a slightly high amount of iron which is 100% a minor nutrient and at the same time a trace plant nutrient. As a result, the iron present plays a huge role in ensuring that the overall green color of palm leaves have been effectively booted.Best Fertilizer For Palm Trees

A large percentage of all the major and minor ingredients of this fertilizer was extracted by an organic compost. Therefore, both soil microbes a micro-organism growth in soil was booted. Additionally, high phosphorus nutrient that was added ensures that both soil water holding capacity and stronger roots development was promoted.

Uniquely, and an adequate amount of phosphorus ingredient was added. As a result, the root formation is professionally boosted when propagating palm trees from either cutting or seeds. It also comes with a slightly high amount of phosphorus nutrient percentage. Due to these reasons, the establishment of strong and deep foxtail palm tree roots in both potted on in-ground palm varieties

  • Includes roots
  • Corrects leaf yellowing
  • Reduces early leaf fall
  • Boots Vegetative growth
  • none

5.Osmocote  Smart-Release Palm  Fertilizer Review

When it comes to palm liquid, granular, and spiked palm fertilizer manufacturing Osmocote has been one of the leading beasts in the industry. As a result of this, his Osmocote palm tree fertilizer is not an exemption.  With nitrogen being one of the 11 essential palm tree nutrient increases vegetative growth.

Additionally, both potassium and phosphorus nutrient ingredients in this palm tree Osmocote fertilizer was well balanced. As a result, a burning effect that might lead to either leaf, stems, or root is professionally minimized.

Amazingly, the manufacturer also used a smart release fertilizer technology. Coming with a high amount of potassium this fertilizer was effective enough to be our preferred editors pick of potassium-rich fertilizer for palm trees.

For this reason, Osmocote is a rich source of both young and well-established palm trees for over 6 months with just a single application. Additionally, a slightly high amount of phosphorus which is needed by young and well-established palm tree fertilizers was featured. As a result, Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed was found to be the most appropriate fertilizer for foxtail palm trees.

  • Heavy duty
  • Easy application
  • Professionally warped
  • Effective
  • Granular fertilizer

6.Windmill Palm  Fertilizer Review

Up next find a 4 Lbs fertilizer with an overall NPK ratio of 12-4-12 which is a perfect fertilizer brand for windmill palm varieties. Despite wind palm being able to survive in both tropical and sub-tropical climatic regions, they also require a high fertilizer application schedule as they are heavy feeders.best fertilizer for indoor palm trees

It comes with slightly high Magnesium (Mg2+) nutrient as one of the ingredients. As a result, the green color of windmill palm leaves is professionally enhanced. Similarly hi amount of Magnesium (Mg2+) ensure that a yellowing condition of windmill palm is timely corrected.

Coming with 42.35% as the overall nitrogen content, increase vegetative growth so windmill palm varieties are also promoted. Additionally, the high percentage of nitrogen present ensures that there I formation of strong stems and stalks. Premature leaf fall in windmill palm varieties is also uniquely promoted.

  • Easy application
  • Well wrapped
  • Effective
  • Enhances green palm color
  • Granular fertilizer

7.General Hydroponics  CALiMAGic foxtail palm fertilizer

Our last palm trees fertilizer on this list is CALiMAGic from General Hydroponics. It comes with a slightly high amount of calcium. As a result, the Calcium (Ca2+) present promotes the growth of soil microbes in the potted soil varieties. Therefore, these general hydroponics managed to be our preferred liquid fertilizer for palm trees.best liquid fertilizer for palm trees

Additionally, the slightly high amount of calcium nutrient moderated palm soil pH and maintains it at 5.5. With nitrogen being the most dominant ingredient in this fertilizer, expect a moderated rate of vegetation growth in both potted and outdoor palm varieties.

Additionally, the General Hydroponics include invariant such as phosphorus to ensure that an increased rate of strong roots establishment in foxtail palm have been booted effectively. General Hydroponics, also featured a slightly high amount of potassium nutrient to ensure that, the overall palm tree disease resistant and pest resistant ability have been effectively moderated.

  • Easy application
  • Effective
  • Non-burning effect
  • Well wrapped
  • Liquid fertilizer

8.Sunniland Palm Fertilizer

Sunniland has been one of the leading manufactures of both light and heavy feeder palm fertilizers. Due to this reason,sunniland palm fertilizer nit to be an exemption as it is both effective and high performing. By being a granulated palm fertilizer Sunniland is compatible with both potted and indoor palm varieties. Similarly, slow release nature  of this fertilizer ensures tat it is compatible with  potted fertilizer ensures.best fertilizer for foxtail palm trees

With 10% of the overall nutrient ingredients being potassium early palm-leaf fall is effectively moderated. Similarly, the high Potassium (K+) present ensures that streaked or spotted condition on palm leaves is professionally modified.it has as a lightly high amount of nitrogen to ensure that increased vegetation growth vigor of palm leaves and stalk if positively booted.

All the ingredients present in this fertilizer are professionally balanced as a result less burning effect on young and well-established palm varieties is moderated. Also, Sunniland added an adequate amount of phosphorus to ensure that when propagating or after planting palms, a quick and reliable roots system will be established.

  • Reliable
  • Organic fertilizer
  • No residual burning effect
  • Slow-release fertilizer
  • Granulated

9.Dr. Earth Slow Release Palm fertilizer

In the case you are after the best slow-release fertilizer for palm tree ten consider going for an Exotic Exotic Blend Palm from Dr. Earth.it  was designed from 100% organic material hence it is 100% GMO fertilizer.by being an excellent source of Magnesium (Mg2+) yellowing of palm leaves will be adequately solved.

The slow-release nature ensures that it has an improved ability to supply your unground and potted palms, with all the required major and micronutrient for eight months. Similarly, the slow release nature of additionally the manufacturer included a slightly high amount of potassium.

Another amazing feature about this slow resale fertilizer from DR. Earth is that it is 100% approved as it meets all the Organic transparency needs and recommendations .for this reason the slow release palm feed is kids and pet friendly. High phosphorus content encourages the formation of a strong palm rooting system that is capable of supporting a huge palm canopy.

  • Organic transparency
  • No toxic ingredient
  • pet Safe
  • sustainable
  • slow-release fertilizer


We highly recommend the Moon Valley Super Palm Juice as it was our editor pick of the best fertilizer for palm trees. On the other hand, another palm fertilizers which are compatible with potted and landscaping palm varieties worth giving try include a 19 lbs Palm trees Epsom Salt.

Before picking any palm fertilizer form the market ensures that the manufacture is 100% verified. What is more amazing about the palm fertilizer brands we have reviewed above is that they all come from a 100% verified manufactures. As a result, the effectiveness of the fertilizers, as well as applicants and fertilizer security, is 100% guaranteed.


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