5 Best Fertilizer For Boston ferns In 2024

Either you have Boston ferns in a hanging basket or you will be re-potting old Boston ferns you will definitely require Best fertilizer for Boston ferns for the process to be successful. Boston fern care including getting the right fertilizer brand and effectively controlling snails which are the major pest that threaten this indoor plant.Best Fertilizer For Boston ferns

Boston ferns are low feeders hence consider going for a slightly light fertilizer with an NPK fertilizer ratio of 20-20-20 or 10-10-10. Below find our fertilizer for the Boston ferns review.

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Boston ferns 2024

1.Expert Gardener 10-10-10 All Purpose Boston Fern Fertilizer (2, 40LB)

We had no option but to list this all-purpose fertilizer as our editor’s pick as it comes from a manufacturer who has perfected the art of fern fertilizer manufacturing for decades. The nitrogen present plays a huge role in ensuring that your fern will produce attractive and healthy foliageBest Fertilizer For Boston ferns

In case you are after an organic fertilizer then this Expert Gardener will definitely match your fertilizer requirements. The entire three nutrients offered by this Expert Gardener have a specific role which leads to outstanding ferns throughout summer and winter.

Expert Gardener comes with a re-seal-able bag which ensures that the fertilizer quality will not reduce with an increase in storage time.The potassium present in this   Expert Gardener Boston fertilizer ensures that there I strong root development. All  in case  your Boston fern has  some yellowing leaves  the  percentage of phosphorus present helps  in preferring fern leaf chlorosis


  • Strong root establishment
  • Disease resisnt
  • Control yellowing of leaves
  • Inactrese growth rate


  • Granulated

2.A.M. Leonard 24 Months Fertilizer Tablets– Fertilizer For Indoor Ferns

Fertilizing ferns in pots   is not easy as you are required to offer the entire necessary nutrient requirement by ferns. But with these A.M. Leonard 24 Months Fertilizer Tablets you r Boston ferns will be provided with the entire major and micro nutrient steadily either during summer or winter.

Big strong root system which is made possible by the potassium present ensures that all Boston fern varieties have the ability to form broad stems and leaves simultaneously. High phosphorus content ensures that your Boston ferns will establish early and also aid in allowing strong root development. The slow release nature of this fertilizer allowed us to pick it as our top rated fertilizer for indoor ferns.

When using  this A.M. Leonard 24 Months Fertilizer Tablets consider wearing glower dust mask as they have a fine dust. You are also recommended to take similar precautions when handling other fertilizer brand either liquid or granulated.


  • Root development
  • disease resistance]
  • enhances green color  in ferns
  • aids stress resistance


  • slow release fertilizer

3.Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray, 8 Oz – Best Liquid Fertilizer For A Boston Fern

Next on, find this Air Plant Weekly Fertilizer which is also compatible with ferns. What is more amazing is that the concentration of these air plant fertilizers is enough to take your Boston in a whole week.

It is easy to apply this fertilizer as you will only need to   use a foliar application method. With high nitrogen content, this fertilizer comes with a ratio of 20-20-20 so as to makes sure that you can easily apply the fertilizer directly without having to dilute, by making it be gentle enough to you boston fern leaves.

Air Plant Weekly Fertilizer comes with a slightly lower amount of phosphorus as compared to nitrogen, this helps to reduce burning effect or brown spots after spraying this fertilizer. Strong roots establishment will also be taken to another full level by the potassium present.

The application is simple as it comes with a professional Spray bottle. Spoil your fern this spring season with this 20-20-20 fertilizer and you will have amazing dark green leaves and strong stems as never before.


  • Promotes root development
  • Liquid plant fertilizer
  • Strong root stimulators
  • Spray bottle


  • Compatible with established ferns only

4.Agriform 20-10-10 Slow Release Fertilizer Tablets– Best Fertilizer For A Boston Fern

Agriform tablet fertilizer is formulated to professionally allow your Boston ferns to grow and establish twice as big. Agriform which is a soluble fern food comes with natural fertilizer blend of NPK ratio as 20-10-10.The tablet natures of this Agriform fertilizer ensure those nutrients are released gradually to the soils as they are required by the Boston ferns. For indoor fern growing enthusiast Agriform, 20-10-10 can still be used when you are after fertilizer for indoor ferns.Best Fertilizer For A Boston Fern

In case you will be using Boston fern hanging basket the slow release nature of this Agriform 20-10-10 fertilizer ensure that you can easily fertilizer your ferns for effective without using other fertilizers frequently.

In case you are stranded for not having an idea on how to how to nurse a fern back to health get this Agriform  to solve the  problem , as high nitrogen present ensures quick vegetation growth. By regulation when the stomata of your ferns are open and close this Agriform fertilizer promotes photosynthesis of the ferns hence result in stronger and healthy ferns.


  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Provides calcium
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Nitrogen for strong root and leaves


  • Slightly expensive

5.Winchester Aquatic Fertilizer Bag

Growing Boston ferns alone on your hall way well help to keep it fresh and stylish. But what is more frustrating is that you have to provide your ferns with all the nutrients yourself. By being a light and a complete fertilizer this ensures both abiotic and physical stress challenge that that Boston fern might be exposed to is well protected.

During the fern, Boston, fern growth phase more nutrients and minerals are required, as a nutrient deficiency is very critical during this stage. Additionally, it comes with added growth promoters which are all organic in nature making it be kids and pets friendly.

By now we hope that you are familiar with snails as the main Boston ferns pest. This fertilizer has the ability to keep snails from your ferns as the active ingredient is. Strong root development is made possible as phosphorus and potassium are available in bulk .early Boston root growth and foliage establishes is made possible by the percentage of phosphorus and slightly high potassium ratio present. For best and quick results consider using early hours in all morning or late hours in the evening to prevent wastage through evaporation from ferns leaves.


  • Promotes vegetation cover
  • Easy to work with
  • Pets friendly
  • Encourages strong root development


  • Avoid over using

How To Select The Best Fertilizer For Boston ferns

Light complete fertilizer is available as slow release granular fertilizer, liquid form or as a water soluble fertilizer. Slow release fertilizer can also be available in forms of pellets or tablets. Water soluble fern fertilizer include while liquid fertilizers for ferns include.

Complete fertilizer should be able to supply equal amounts or nitrogen potassium and phosphorus to your boston fern. Below find our complete Boston ferns fertilizer buyers guide and reviews.

Soil Type

Keeping the soil you will be growing your Boston fern says a lot. Consider going for organic soils. On whatever soils you will choose to grow you Boston fern consider making sure that the soil is rich wills both micro and micronutrients.

If you will be going for sandy soils consider getting a bag of mulch so as to add bulk to the soils. Adding organic mulch and fertilizer ensures that nutrients present are effectively modified.

What Kind Of Fertilizer For Boston ferns

Depending on the Boston ferns Variety that you have chosen consider going granular fertilizers is you are looking for a slow release but 100% effective product. When looking for foliar fertilizers you can consider going for.

For established Boston ferns light complete fertilizers which should either have NKP fertilizer rations of 20-20-20 or 10-10-10 where the number represents nitrogen phosphorus and potassium respectively.

Fertilization should be intense during the month of April as this is the growth season of Boston ferns. Until September consider applying fertilizer month afters months for the five fives.

How To Apply Fertilizer To Boston ferns?

Applying fertilizer to Boston ferns can be done through methods such as drip irrigation, tablets, granular or as a foliar application. If you are growing Boston ferns in bulk and need quick results consider going for foliar or liquid fertilizers. Foliar fertilizers are absorbed by plant leaves directly hence giving first results.

The  only down side of foliar fertilizers is that you need special instruments if the product does not come with the spray  you will also need to get yourself protective wear such as mask and agricultural glowers  so as to keep yourself free from the foliar spray.

When looking for a slow release fertilizer for Boston ferns consider going for pelleted, tablet or granular fertilizers. Theses fertilizers are coated to ensure that they will release nutrients slowly only when need by Boston ferns

When Is the Best Time To Fertilize Boston ferns

It all depends on how soon you want your ferns to look good. If you   a huge plant enthusiast like me the consider fertilizing and watering your Boston ferns frequently. For those wondering how often you fertilize Boston ferns, consider doing it    either two or three times during winter.

But during summer , boston ferns are in their active growth phase  hence requires more nutrients as  more leaves and strong stems are forming. Therefore during summer consider feeding your Boston ferns with the fertilizer at least once in a month.

How To Revive Boston ferns

In case you Boston ferns are drying, dying or wilting reviving them is very easy. You are required to get another post preferable lightly large pot than the pots you were using previously. Next thing you will just have to re-pot you Boston fern after mixing your new soils and fertilizer   thoroughly

After re-potting you will be required to move your boston fern to a room that has a slightly warm and humid environment. Consider keeping your soil moist for a long period of time so as to supply enough moisture and nutrient supplied by fertilizing.

In case you are after quick results consider trimming all the leafless and discolored fronds and Boston ferns with a scatter. Unless you want to have nice ferns ever during winters consider leaving them in a dormant state through the winter season.


We found Agriform Slow Release Fertilizer Tablets as our top and best fertilizer for Boston ferns as it has nitrogen content which promotes flush vegetation growth in ferns. Coming as tablet fertilizers this Agriform product ensures that your ferns I provided with all the nutrients.

The runners up of fertilizer for Boston ferns was found to be Liquid Aerating Soil Loosened to ensure that the soil you have planted your boston ferns will remain well aerated and well drained t, therefore allowing nutrient content of the soil to be readily available to the ferns other fertilizer brands that we can recommend to you include the and the.


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