7 Best Fertilizer For Bird Of Paradise 2020

Are you after the best fertilizer for a bird of paradise? Then you are in the right places. In this article, you can expect to learn what bird of paradise top fertilizer brands are, active ingredient that must be present in birds of paradise correct Fertilizer. You will also learn various fertilizer handling safety and dangers.Best Fertilizer For Bird Of ParadiseFertilizer for a bird of paradise should have an NPK ratio of 1-1-1 since they are light feeders. Due to their long growing season a 1-1-1 fertilizer we see them through a whole growing season. Find Fertilizer for the bird of paradise complete buyers guide and reviews below! you may also like Sprayers For ATV With Booms reviews

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Bird Of Paradise In 2020

1.Grow More fertilizer -Best Liquid Fertilizer For Bird Of Paradise

Grow More 7510 has as the main ingredient as nitrogen. The nutrient present in this liquid fertilizer acts as powerful growth regulators thus allowing tour birds of paradise to remain vibrant all year round enjoy a disease free.Best Fertilizer For Bird Of ParadiseComes with an added iron content to ensure bird of paradise leaves will have dark green leaves throughout their growing cycle .Formation of the strong root which is enhanced by the phosphorus present ensures that the bird of paradise will be strong to stain their weigh of giant flowers during the blooming season.

The absence of chloride in this liquid fertilizer ensures that after application your plant will not be scotched by this product. Urea-free concentrate ensures that your bird of paradise will remain attractive even during the most extreme and unplanned summer weather.

A part of adding a mazing appearance to your property flowers have been known to raise the cost of the overall property. Therefore are you after the quality and effective fertilizer which is 100% compatible with any variety of birds of paradise then Grow More 7510 is what you after.


  • Promote a high growth rate
  • Easy application
  • Pets friendly
  • 100% organic


  • Scotching when in excess

2.Dr. Earth INC Tropical Fertilizer 4lb’- Best Fertilizer For Mexican Bird Of Paradise

Up next find this doctor Dr. Earth fertilizer comes with a slightly high amount of nitrogen so as to promote. What is more exciting is that this Dr. Earth fertilizer is 100% GMO free making it be one of the approved fertilizer brands.Best Fertilizer For Bird Of ParadiseIn case you are also thinking or reviving your wilting Mexican bird of paradise Dr. Earth tonic will give your bird of paradise an extra boost which leads to other chances to live.

Yellowing or Mexican birds of paradise leaves are also professionally taken care of by this extra boost Dr. Earth tonic. The non-synthetic nature of this fertilizer ensures that your pets and kids are safe from toxic chemicals.

A growing Mexican bird of paradise will be made easily by the trace elements that are offered in bulk by this Dr. Earth fertilizer. If you are one of those birds of paradise growing enthusiast consider picking Dr. Earth fertilizer as has the ability to provide your plants with hundreds of multi-nutrient you even never knew they existed.


  • No synthetic chemicals
  • Feed grade ingredients
  • 100% organic
  • Maintains human feed grade ingredient


  • Granulated

3.Growth Science Organics Base Nutrient (Quart)- Best Fertilizer For A White Bird Of Paradise

Up next find this bird of paradise Growth Science is professionally formulated to ensure that lime loving and acid loving white bird of paradise is supplied with the entire nutrient they require. Chelating and quality nutrient sequestering agents that were featured in this fertilizer ensures that there will be no.Best Fertilizer For Bird Of ParadiseContains sequestered iron hence yellowing of your white bird of paradise leaves  will be a long  forgotten case dark green color  will be equality enhanced making  the leaves of these flowers to be shiny and attractive.

Application of this fertilizer is very easy as you are required just have to add it to knapsack sprayer and top it up with fresh water to the level mark. While half way the water marks consider stirring the content which is (fresh or irrigation water+ herbicide+ pesticides + Growth Science Organics).

Stirling ensures that you will have a uniform mixture that will not cause any burning effect on the white birds of paradise leaves. Uniformly spray the content to your birds of paradise especially on even on the canopy radio.


  • 100% soluble
  • Safe and effective
  • Pesticides and fungicides compatible
  • No burning effect


  • Scotches when in excess

4.Miracle-Gro® Bone Meal Natural Root Builder- Best  Slow Release Fertilizer For A Bird Of Paradise

Bone Meal comes with a high content of phosphorus which ensures that your young bird of paradise plant either from seeds or plant cutting will be free from negative growth promotes and diseases. For attractive vegetative growth of bird of paradise, either in pots or hanging baskets the manufactured making sure that nitrogen content in the NPK fertilizer ratio was slightly higher.Best Fertilizer For Bird Of ParadiseThis Bone Meal Organics fertilizer ensures that nutrients will be readily available to your bird of paradise through the growing season. The organic nature of this Growth Science product allowed us to credit it as a non GMO fertilizer product.

Since this product is manufactured on the United States soils sustainability is easily achievable. Using this fertilizer also will allow you bird of paradise to fetch a high market price as this product sis 100% approved by the national o organic food programs.


  • Enhances root development
  • Color enhancement
  • Disease resistant
  • Human a pets friendly


  • Causes brown leaves when excess

5.Fox Farm 6-4-4 Grow – Best Fertilizer For Orange Bird Of Paradise

Up next find a complete fertilizer form fox farm which is specifically designed to promote lush vegetative growth in all bird of paradise varieties .we compared the performance of this Fox Farm 6-4-4 in all birds of paradise varies and we found as the best fertilizer for orange bird of paradise as it high  potassium content which promotes color enhancement.Best Fertilizer For Bird Of ParadiseWith the additional iron which was featured the ability of this Fox Farm 6-4-4 ensures that dark green leaves will be formed. The yellow color of this Fox Farm 6-4-4 will also be professionally enhanced.

This fertilizer has high nitrogen content so as to make it more possible for your plant to develop lush vegetation when it comes to fertilization method you can use foliar feeding. The availability of a wide array of micro and macro nutrients allows your bird of paradise to be associated with an increased plant size and better diseases resistant ability.


  • Easy to apply
  • 100% organic
  • Promote disease resistant
  • Promotes bud development


  • liquid concentrate

6.Miracle-Gro® Lime Natural Soil Improver- Best Fertilizer For An Indoor Bird Of Paradise

We featured this single plant nutrient provider as it has the ability to improve the alkalinity of a particular product. By being 100% CDFA registered this Miracle-Gro® Lime Natural Soil Improver ensure that your bird of provided will be provided with only no synthetic plant nutrient.Best Fertilizer For Bird Of ParadiseCDFA registered to ensure that no inorganic particles will be added to your soil   thus making it be 100% GMO fertilizer product. Growing bird of paradise in acidic soil will also be easy as another role of lime is neutralized or hype the acidity of your soil.

A huge array of elements was featured to ensure that when the blooming season arrives your bird of paradise will rule your festive seasons with amazing blooms. For a well enhanced green color of both flower and bird of paradise, plant consider picking this fertilizer as it is also rich in iron.

Applications are slightly easy and at the same time enjoyable, the foliar application is highly recommended as you will only have to empty the content of this fertilizer in a knapsack sprayer and top it up with fresh water only  and you are set. Within the first 20 minutes to 24 hours after application your bird of paradise with start benefiting from all the nutrients present in this Miracle-Gro® Lime Natural Soil Improver.


  • Soluble in water
  • Improves oil alkalinity
  • Easily available
  • CDFA registered


  • Costly

How To Select The Best Fertilizer For Bird Of Paradise Plant

There are hundreds of low quality and high quality Fertilizer on the market that are compatible with a bird of paradise. To ensure that you are only going to pick a high quality fertilizer for the bird of paradise consider going through reviews from previous customers so that you can have a general idea of the product.

The expiry date should also be considered before checking out any fertilizer brand .In case you are in a bird of paradise fertilizer shopping hurry consider going for  it was our top liquid fertilizer or this tablet fertilizer.

Top Slow release fertilizer for all birds of paradise varieties was found to be as it comes in the form of coated granules. For that plant, a lover wondering what fertilizer to use for our above review is all you need.

How To Apply Fertilizer To Bird Of Paradise?

During spring consider using granular or pelleted fertilizer to supply your bird of paradise with the entire nutrient. Tablet fertilizer ensures that there is a slow release of nutrients as they are continually being required by the bird of paradise m plant. When using granular Fertilizer consider applying   or spreading granular Fertilizer around the base of a bird of paradise.

What is more amazing is that these slow release tablet fertilizer also promotes flower formation when blooming season arrives. You can also use liquid fertilizer on the bird of paradise. Iron rich Fertilizer re also highly recommended as they promote bloom or flower bracts color enhancement

When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Bird Of Paradise

Considering, maintaining a maximum rate of fertilizer application, correct fertilizer amount or viable bird of paradise fertilizer brands. The fertilizer should be rich source phosphorus for these plants from planting, so as to facilitate seed germination.

After germination considers supplying your bird of paradise with high nitrogen content fertilizer to allow an increased rate of vegetation growth. When the flower has formed consider using a bloom fertilizer so that you can extend the life of the attractive blooms all round your festive season

What Kind Of Fertilizer For Bird Of Paradise

Bird of paradise   is compatible with liquid, tablet or granular Fertilizer. But in case you will be growing bird of paradise from seeds consider going for a fertilizer with an NPK fertilizer ratio of 1-2-1. Germinating seeds require more phosphorus than nitrogen or potassium so as to promote root early roots establishment.

You might also be wondering what the best fertilizer for a bird of paradise is. Well, then if that is you, for you to achieve a well-established bird of paradise you will have to pick a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of either 20-20-20 will work great. Consider picking a fertilizer that is 100% compatible with all the Bird of paradise varieties such as the.

High potassium will ensure that you’re well established bird of paradise will have attractive blooms with well enhanced color. High phosphorus content apart from promoting root development it also ensures that dark green attractive foliage.

What Variety For Bird Of Paradise Flower Or Plant, Is Compatible With What Fertilizer?

Choosing only quality and approved fertilizer for a specific bird of paradise variety can be slightly difficult as there are over six (6) varieties of this bird of paradise.  Consider going for high nitrogen Fertilizer, when looking for a fertilizer brand that is compatible with the giant variety.  The reason being had a high vegetative growth rate.

So as to darken or enhance the orange color in indoor bird of paradise or in orange bird of paradise consider picking an iron rich bird of paradise fertilizer. Irons rich fertilizer is a responsible color enhancement and improving disease resistant

When looking for a Mexican bird of paradise fertilizer phosphorus rich fertilizer will work great. The role of the phosphorus present is to ensure that strong roots and stems will be established.

The fertilizer which is compatible with a White bird of paradise variety is as it high potassium and phosphorus as the main ingredients and they are all responsible for the formation of attractive bloom and one overall strong plants

How To Revive Bird Of Paradise

Bird of paradise which is dying or drying should be well watered. After watering consider removing weeds around the round the base of your bird of paradise. Consider going for a quality liquid soil aerator so as to make sure that the bird of paradise soil is well aerated.

Getting liquid lawn aerators to ensure that the roots of your bird of paradise will not be injured when mechanically aerating soil. The liquid aerator which has relatively high positive reviews from previous aerator enthusiasts is the or the


The above best Fertilizer for the bird of paradise should supply your plant with the entire nutrient they require, there promoting growth rate and disease resistant. These birds of paradise fertilizer brands should promote early bird of paradise blooming.

In case you will be planting birds of paradise from seeds then this fertilizer will work great. On the other hard if you are planning to increase bird of paradise rooting process fir cutting s then this bird of paradise fertilizer will be sufficient. These bird of paradise fertilizes should ideally improve the growth pattern of this plant

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