8 Best Fertilizer For Hydrangeas In 2023

Fertilizer for hydrangeas should promote the formation of quality snow-ball style flowers in all hydrangeas. Fertilizer for hydrangeas should have an NPK fertilizer ratio of 12-4-8, 25-10-10.Best Fertilizer For Hydrangeas

The best fertilizer for hydrangeas should provide your plants with supplemental and enough nutrients throughout their whole growing season.

Slow-release fertilizer should be more preferred to allow the nutrient to be released gradually to the hydrangea plant as they are continually being required.

Magnesium, calcium, and potassium should be supplied in bulk. Below find our complete hydrangeas fertilizer review.

Reviews: Best Fertilizer For Hydrangeas On In 2023

1.Bonide Inc Bonide 56429 Pink  Hydrangea Macrophylla Fertilizer Review

Up next find this Pink Fertilizer Which comes with a high amount of spring phosphorus in a single granule. by also being granulated Pink Fertilizer, it ensures that your hydrangea macrophylla will have enough supply of nutrients through spring and summer.

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In case you are worried that your endless summer hydrangea is too big as you still want to the extent it blooming season consider going for low nitrogen but a fertilizer with both high potassium and phosphorus content.

For vigorous root growth on young hydrangea is promoted by the availability of a reasonable amount of phosphate. The high amount of phosphorus content ensures that Bonide pink fertilizer is also 100% fertilizer for bobo hydrangea.

As an addition, the manufacturer includes a pure blend of potassium so as to promote the formation of strong and healthy flowers by your limelight hydrangeas.

Going for a low content fertilizer ensures that vegetative growth will not dominate flower forming or blooming. The high potassium and phosphorus present ensure that the color of your hydrangea flowers is enhanced, resulting in shouting pick blooms.

  • Easy application
  • Enhances color
  • Raise the pH
  • Pelleted fertilizer
  • Slightly expensive

2.Plant Success White Premium Mycorrhizae Annabelle Hydrangea Fertilizer Review

Annabelle Hydrangea is well known for its attractive white bloom. Applying this White Premium Mycorrhizae ensures that strong and shiny flowers will be formed.

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Other nutrients such as an appropriate amount of iron ensure there is the establishment of  strong flowers, thus making it easy for  you to extend Annabelle Hydrangea blooming season throughout your festive season

The strong and well-established root system in your Annabelle Hydrangea will be promoted by the phosphorus content present in this 12-4-8 NPK fertilizer. By using this fertilizer you will enhance the role of soil microorganism, thus making sure that soil nutrient is 100% available to your Annabelle Hydrangea.

Beneficial bacteria a smooth blend of plant nutrients and both mycorrhizae, trichoderma ensures that   Annabelle Hydrangea is free from wilting.  Application is slightly easy as this fertilizer should only be evenly broadcasted

The same nutrient is capable of making sure that all Annabelle Hydrangea with yellowing leaves is well taken care of. With only 20 minutes to 24 hours, this fertilizer is ready to show positive changes.

  • Easy to use
  • 100% organic
  • absorb nutrients
  • developed root system
  • Low phosphorus content

3.Espoma HT18 Holly Tone, 18-Pound– Holly Tone Good For Hydrangeas

Up next find Espoma HT18 Holly Tone which we found to be compatible with all the hydrangea verities. For best results consider broadcasting the granules near the plant roots.

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 By being a granular fertilizer, this Espoma HT18 Holly Tone is a quality slow-release fertilizer which will provide your hydrangeas with sufficient nutrient for over four months without having to carry out the fertilizer application task again.

Dark green leaves will also be established, thus allowing your hydrangea to have strong shiny leaves that are attractive. Better blooming will also be enhanced by the potassium present. Remember that strong and bigger flower formation is also promoted by potassium plant nutrients.

In case you are wondering is Holly tone is good for hydrangeas, the answer is a big yes it has 100% Beneficial Microbes which promote health hydrangeas growth hence it can also be fertilizer for panicle hydrangeas.

  • Enhances blooming
  • Improved disease resistant
  • Easy application
  • Improves oil fertility
  • Slightly expensive

4.Miracle-Gro® Bone Meal Root Builder– Best Fertilizer For Limelight Hydrangeas

Supplying you hydrangea with iron rich fertilizer also improves the disease resistant ability of all limelight hydrangeas varieties.

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The high phosphorus present ensures that the limelight hydrangeas will enjoy a perfect establishment of strong roots systems.

The high nitrogen presents it to promote producing of lime green color blooms during your extreme hot summers. With a strong root system, expect to enjoy bigger flower sizes and unforgettable blooming limelight hydrangeas ability.

in case you are also looking for a quality fertilizer for vanilla strawberry hydrangea this  Miracle-Gro® Root Builder  remains to be the perfect pick

Increased nitrogen content ensures that you limelight hydrangeas babies will have early lush vegetarian.  In case you are having young limelight hydrangeas the phosphorus ensures.

The   soil microorganism in your potting soil will also be improved as the organic matter content of this bone meal from growing more encouraged and increased  rate of microorganism growth. Due to their extended blooming ability, the nitrogen and present ensure that healthy and stronger flowers and foliage will be formed.

  • Promotes root growth
  • Beneficial Microbes
  • Improves disease resistant
  • Extents blooming season
  • Expensive

5.Jobe’s Azalea, Camellia, & Rhododendron Fertilizer Spikes-best fertilizer for hydrangea paniculata

Hydrangea paniculata is hungrily planted as they require more nutrients to blooms and have well established foliage and roots. We featured Jobes fertilizer as the best fertilizer brand for hydrangea paniculata.

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Due to the oak leaf nature of this hydrangea paniculata, this Jobe’s Azalea fertilizer can also be compatible with It can their fertilizer for oak leaf hydrangeas.

So as to prevent wilting in hydrangea paniculata the potassium present ensures that uptake of water and mineral salts will be easy.

During winter hydrangea paniculata are air their dormant stage adding a complete fertilizer ensures that new growth is promoted broad cast these jobes around the root area.

For sick hydrangea paniculata consider doing away with fertilizer application and focus of watering and treating. During autumn hydrangea paniculata will tend to turn to pink, hence the iron present makes this fertilizer to enhance the pink and the green color making them be more attractive.

More nitrogen and organic nutrient are needed to supplement the growth rate of hydrangea paniculata as it can achieve   3 to 6 feet tall.

  • Easy hydrangea feed
  • Ideal for pots
  • Water storing crystals
  • Planting hole compatible
  • Granules

6.JR Peters Inc 59324 Jacks Classic Hydrangea Fertilizer– Best Fertilizer For Pinky Winky Hydrangea

JR Peters Classic Hydrangea Fertilizer Is a rich source of nitrogen that promotes lush vegetation establishment. The calcium present ensures that the stems are strong and disease-free.

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For the hydrangea growing on the pot, this Espoma UL30 Organic Soil Fertilizer is capable of offering your plant with enough nitrogen so as to promote.In case you will be growing your hydrangea paniculata in pots, a quality 10-10-10 granular fertilizer will work great.

Formulating complete fertilizer to hydrangea paniculata ensures that there will be better blooms and the varieties with pink blooms to have fully ehnd3ed colors establishment, hence our overall best fertilizer for pinky winky.

This fertilizer is also compatible with the blue hydrangea varieties as they all 100% acid loving plants. Getting this fertilizer also ensures that you will enjoy organic flowers, foliage, and blooms as there are zero inorganic compounds in this fertilizer.

  • Water storing crystals
  • Efficient nitrogen fertilizer
  • Pure raw materials
  • Excellent storage.
  • Slightly expensive

7.Espoma UL30 Organic Soil Acidifier Fertilizer-Best Fertilizer For Hydrangea Bushes

The last products on our list are this this Espoma UL30 Acidifier Fertilizer which was deigned for all hydrangeas growing on Organic Soil.

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We featured this fertilizer as our best fertilizer for hydrangea blooming it has high potassium content is favours formation of healthy and bigger flowers.

Espoma is can also be termed as a natural fertilizer for hydrangeas, as it promotes soil micro-organism growth. By coming with a technology-based Acidifier, this fertilizer is able to neutralize the pH for the soil on which you’re you growing your hydrangea.

No inorganic present is on this fertilizer hence, it promotes the establishment of 100% GMO free flowers and blooms, making g the flower to be pet and human friendly.

Organic compound added in this fertilizer promotes the growth of soil organic so as it to increase proper soil aeration. Broadcasting this soil acidifier under your hydrangea bushes ensures that ere will be strong root development.

  • Easy application
  • No inorganic compounds
  • Pets and human friendly
  • Soluble in water
  • Scotches in excess

8.Miracle-Gro® Plant Food-Best Liquid Fertilizer For  Hydrangeas

On top of fertilizer for the hydrangea list, we have Miracle-Gro® Plant Food, that is formulated by well know fertilizer manufacturing company.

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Whether you will be growing your hydrangea either as borders, beds pots or even in containers Miracle-Gro® will provide your plants with all the necessary nutrients quickly.

The nitrogen present in this Miracle-Gro® ensures that your hydrangea will have bigger blooms as lush vegetation is promoted. Hence, our overall best liquid fertilizer for hydrangeas, as it improves both plant growth and soil fertility.

When applying this fertilizer you are not required to mix it simply with fresh water in your watering can, the carry out your regular hydrangea watering schedule.

For best result consider watering the root and the leave region with the watering can Miracle-Gro® content. The irons present in this fertilizer ensure that the hydrangea you are going is in a position of tolerating even hotter climates as the development of dark green leaves is guaranteed.

So as to maintain a mettle surface that comes with a slight course finish texture this fertilizer is rich in iron, potassium and slightly high amount of phosphorus.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy application
  • Promotes the formation of dark green leaves
  • Causing scotching effect

How To Select The Fertilizer For Hydrangea

When selecting a fertilizer brand for Hydrangea consider being familiar with your Hydrangea variety the type of fertilizer is 100% compatible. You can either go for fast release fertilizer of Hydrangea or slow release option.

In case you planning to establish a100% organic Hydrangea then going for natural fertilizer for Hydrangea should be your only focus. When feeding Hydrangea in pots slow release fertilizers are highly recommend as they have the ability to supply your plants with enough nutrients gradually for a longer period of time. Below find our Hydrangea fertilizer buyers guide

What Kind Of Fertilizer For Hydrangeas

The kind of fertilizer you are going pick depends on how easy it is to apply fertilizer for hydrangeas? If you are that one hydroponic pic hydrangeas growing enthusiast then this fertilizer should work well with you are system as it is 100% water soluble.

In potted Hydrangeas, varieties consider going of granulated or fertilizer brand which informs of tablets as they are 100% slow release fertilizer. But when looking for quick actin fertilizer consider going for liquid fertilizer that can be applied through foliar application.

For best results foliar application should be carried out early in the morning and late in the evening to ensure application of folia fertilizer is very easy you just have to top up the fertilizer you have bought with fresh water then spray the content to your plants. Use containers sprayers as they a more effective than knapsack sprayer

When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Hydrangeas

Are you wondering how often to fertilize hydrangeas? Well then for best results consider fertilizing Hydrangeas during early summer. During summer consider going for a slow release fertilizer which should specifically be either in tablet or granulated form.

Slow releases fertilizer ensures that your Hydrangeas babies or established shrubs will have sufficient sources of nutrients until early spring when the next fertilization schedule should be formulated.

High phosphorus fertilizer are highly recommended as phosphorus nutrients ensure there are amazing and prolonged Hydrangeas blooming ability. Over-fertilizing leads to poor blooming ability and even to stunt bloom production during

What Fertilizer To Use On Which Variety For Hydrangeas

Different hydrangea varieties have different fertilizer requirements. Some hydrangeas such as big leaf Hydrangeas will require a high amount of nitrogen as they have relatively wide leaves. This variety is referred to as blue hydrangeas. They are normally preferred by most blue hydrangeas enthusiasts. They are approximately 3-5 inches   wide and 4-4 inches tall.

Hydrangea macrophylla is another variety worth giving try is the macrophylla it is only 2 meters tall and can attain a width of up to 2.5 meters when nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus fertilizer are used efficiently. Grow more bloom feed is the fertilizer which is 100% compatible with hydrangea macrophylla.

Hydrangea paniculata is the other hydrangea variety that is highly recommended by landscaping experts. Grow more is still the fertilizer brand, which happens to be the only way of how to keep hydrangeas alive outside or inside your facility when growing them on pots.

How To Revive Hydrangeas

Why are my Hydrangeas wilting? Are there proven ways of how to fully revive Hydrangeas either when grown on pots, containers or in the natural ground? In case you are a home owner   who is looking for a professional solution on how to revive hydrangea bush then consider cutting back your hydrangeas watering should be the next thing followed with intense fertilizing.

For those hydrangeas enthusiasts after for technology based solutions on how to revive a dried out hydrangea then going for foliar fertilizer which is rich in nitrogen will allow your plant to see the next season while healthy. Reeving hydrangea with leaves that are turning brown from dark green fertilizer rich in iron is highly recommended

Controlling hydrangea root rot will also aid in speeding up the blooming and growth process of hydrangea. Hydrangea root rot leading to wilting and eventually overall hydrangea plant death. Hydrangea with dropping leaves should be fed using potassium and phosphorus

To ensure that  the root of hydrangea is free from  root rot to consider using soil aerators  or fertilizer such an s grow more  root feed as they have a high  amount of phosphorous to aid string root establishment and an overall easy way of hydrangea reviving .


After going through all the fertilizers in our above review we found Scott’s company water soluble fertilizer as the top product other fertilizer brands that you can depend on including the Espoma HT18 Holly Tone as it is capable of offering any Hydrangeas variety with both micro and major nutrient.

Consider going for slow release fertilizer as they will provide your Hydrangea with enough nutrient all season round. Hydrangeas slow release fertilizer can be in the form of tablets or can also be 100% granulated.

For increase Hydrangeas growth rate, disease resistant and better blooms establishments a fertilizer that comes with slightly high NPK phosphorus should be given a fast priority. Consider not over fertilizing you’re Hydrangeas as it will leading to increase leafy growth leading to stunting Hydrangeas bloom production


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