7 Best 3 Point Tillers For Tractors In 2023

Investing in a high-quality 3 point tiller for your tractor is a decision that can pay off with improved productivity and better harvests.

By selecting a tiller with the right features, power, and durability, you’re setting yourself up for success in the field of agriculture.

Are you a dedicated farmer or landowner seeking to maximize your tractor’s potential in soil preparation? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of the best 3 point tillers for tractors, helping you make an informed choice for your agricultural needs.

Best 3 Point Tillers For Tractors
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Rotary tillers which can also be referred to as 3 point tiller for compact tractor grouped into RTS, RTN, and RTN models. Just to make your work easier the RTS, RTNR, and RTN are quality 3 point rotator tillers for tractors which are mainly driven by a heavy-duty chain. While on the other hand the RTH 3 point tillers are referred to as gear-driven direct tillers and they are designed to cater for primary tillage and of their heavy duty task either by homeowners or by landscaping or lawn mower contractors. For optimum and quality seedbed preparation ability the RTNR 3 point tillers are associated with reverse rotation ability.

In case  you are in shopping hurry for  3 point  tillers the  tiller that found to be the  most outstanding is the  King Kutter Gear tiller  was   found  to be the  most outstanding while the runners were found to be this Rotary Tiller as  apart from  being a 3 Point Hitch Mounted  tiller it is also associated  with a quality Pto Drive.

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1. Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller – 6ft-best 3-point tiller for the money

Well after going through hundreds of 3 point tiller on the market today   this King Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary was the one that managed to be the most outstanding the gearbox of King Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary was molded from a quality cast iron that ensures that you can perform heavy and light duty task more effectively without the overall performance of this tiller being influence negatively.When purchasing this 3 point tiller you will not have to grease it by you  own as  the manufacture  have  already carried out  sufficient  greasing activities this ensure that either  you will be working with the  tractor  for  long hours. In case  you are  landscaping cantor  who is after  quality  and 100% dependable 3point  tiller then king Kutter is  what you should be planning to get  as  it comes  with a heavy duty gear drive  option which guarantees  you  dependable  permanence  all  season round

Finally the a gear box o this  rotary 3 point tiller  is professional vented and this ensures  that  it can smoothly operate in quality and low quality oil baths  without needing repair or  maintenance. having 3 point tiller that comes with adjustable cutting or tiling depth has remained  to be one of the most wished  thing by small and large  scale rotary tiller  enthusiast  and that  is why the  manufacture of this king Kutter include a skid control which is 100% adjustable for  you to enjoy deep and  shallow  cutting depths.

  • Quality adjustable cutting depths
  • The gear box was molded from a durable cast iron
  • The tines were molded from the quality and 100% self-sharpening material
  • This tiller can also operate in a vented gear box due to the presence of a vented side gear box
  • Easy to attach t o your tractor.
  • The price is relatively high
  • Weight can be checked to allow  you to enjoy uniform  tilling depth in al topographies

2.Farmer Helper 48″ 3pt 20+hp Tiller -Best 3 Point Tillers For Tractors

In case you’re tiller enthusiast like me who is looking for a quality  3 point tiller  for  your best  compact tractor for small farm or  for  large  and small  acreage  this 3 point famer helper  tiller with  tilling width of  48 inches  can cater f  your tiller  desires  for  effectively  as I is professional deigned  to function as seedbed preparation and  soil tilling tiller of  all time. a  quality  2 year warranty ensure  that you can get your  money back or  in other  words  you  can get a full refund  or  a perfect replacement  depending on the  overall condition of  the  3 point tiller. Another interesting thing  about this farmers  helper  rotary tiller is that  incase the  tines  will malfunction when working in rocky area or plots you can easily  replace them and  resume  to your  tilling duties.On the other hand it might also turn out that  you have just purchased  your  new  home  and  you are having plans of   reconstructing  the  flower beds ,back yard  lawn or to remove  uncontrollable  weed  in your  new  home orchard   this 48 inch rotary tiller  as it is powered  by a quality 20 HP  tractors ensure that all of your  tiling and cultivation  need  will be  professionally taken  care of. Availability of the quality Automatic Chain Tension also have played    rile in making sure that this 3 point tiller remains to be a high performer. Can be powered by either 18Hp or 35 hp hence it is 100% affordable 3 point tiller.

in case  you  are not sure  whether this  farmer helper tiller  will negatively  influence the  performance of  your tractor am please  to let you know that the  clutch box  gear  take up a running molded option and  thus  your  tiller  will not be  pushed but will remain to  be 100% stable  even if  your  will be working in clay or  rocky topographies. The high performance ability of this tiller was made possible as a Chain Drive option present employed quality heavy duty oil bath system.

  • Has a quality running gear box clutch system which promotes your tractors stability
  • Driveline employs a 6 spline quality slip clutch
  • Steel sharpen able 1.3 lbs. tines and has  a quality  tilling width of 46
  • The tines are also 100% replaceable
  • Easy to teach  to your  tractor s it only weighs 400 lbs
  • None for now  but the  price  is relatively high
  • More colors   should be  featured

3.Gear-Driven Reverse Tine Rotary Tiller-Best 6 ft Rotary Tiller For Sale

Either  you area  out there on  tiller  market looking for 3 point tiller for compact tractor or just a want a tiller  which is high performing and naturally allow  you to ace for even woods  tiling desires   this Gear-Driven Reverse  professional Rotary Tiller  which is    3 point tiller  have all the  qualities   you will ve  need   in rotary tiller. It is has  an overall tilling width of  60 inches  and this ensure that you will be in better position of  cover more area  within  a reduced period  of  time .

The   metal  frame  of this  3 point  tillers professionally   reinforced  by  quality cast iron which ensure  you can easily work  in rocky  or  clay soil  without the  tiller  breaking down. The cast iron also plays a huge role of making this tiller to be more durable and also higher performing as compared to other 3 point tillers on the market today

Having the  gear box of this King Kutter Reverse Tine Rotary Tiller  reinforced  with  cast iron a according to the  manufacture have  added  more  qualities that have  made this  tiller  to be more durable. The   tine is quality and self sharpening and they allow you to achieve a uniform tiling depth of 8 inches regardless of the topography you will be working on.

In case  you are food  plot enthusiast and now  you are planning to  give  your  food  plot  new look by getting a quality 3 point tiller for food plots 9ng utter still have  your  back  covered as  the  designer included a  heavy duty  roto that allows  you to work even in plots with root or  rocks As an addition quality a flanges  were included  by the 3 point designer  so that this king Kutter  reverse   rotor tiller have a better ability of  working even in the  most  punishing climatic or  topography  conditions.

  • A quality 3 point tiller for food plots
  • working depths  is  8inches minimum
  • rotor bar is 100% Heavy-duty thus you can work on rock or roots  invested topography
  • The  overall working width   is 60inches
  • Can be powered  by either  30 or  45 hp tractors
  • 6 tines per flange promotes the efficiency of this 3 point tiller
  • Relatively pricey but the cost  of the  tiller  matches  its overall  performance
  • More colors  can be include  to as  to cater for  color  taste  perseverance  for  different 3 point tiller lovers

4.Farmer Helper 53″ 3 pt Adjustable Offset Rotary Tiller-3 Point Tiller For Food Plots

After  receiving  complaints  from our  reader  we decide to feature  Farmer Helper 53 inch tiller as it is among the  classic  rotary tiller on the  3 point tillers market today. Despite being  associated with   a relatively large tilling width of 53  inches  it can be powered by large  and small tractors  with  hose power as  low  as 20 Hp. Maintaining this rotary tiller is  very easy as  it  has  quality transmission which happens to be oil free bath. A quality offset which is normally operated by a right had ensures that all of the tracks created by your tractor tires when tilling are professionally covered. The tiller is also high performer as a quality 2 full years warranty is offered by the manufacture this is also a perfect grantee that the tiller is worth your money.

The design this tiller was mainly meant to take care of your seedbed preparation ability either by new home owners or landscaping contractors. the  53 inch tiling width have  made this  tiller  to be the most appropriate for small gardens , hobby farms  or  other tilling desires  that are vital in  every residential home . This tiller can easily be integrated with automic or manual adjustments as it is tiller which is chain driven.

The side runner so this farmer helper 3 point tiller is both adjustable and also 100% replaceable  to  take  care of  your preferred tiling depth .the  chain  system  that was  employed is  tight enough to overcome  either  dust, heat, moisture or debris  that are mainly aimed at negatively influencing the  performance of  most of the 3 point tillers. Lastly the  tines of this rotary tiller  are professionally spaced  and this  ensure that when working on rocky or  clay soils  the  tiller  will be 100% effectively without  jamming

  • Requires less horsepower to operate
  • Easy-to-reach tensioners
  • Quality L shaped tines
  • 2 year warranty
  • side runners are both replaceable and Adjustable
  • Adjustable deflector ensure that you will have uniform tilling end results
  • Compatible with subcompact tractors
  • Price is relatively high

5.Kutter Rotary Tiller – Best 6ft  Kutter Professional Rotary  tiller

You might be  wonder  why I decide  to include  more than four  3 point tillers from  a  single  brand  but is  you are keen enough  you will realize that despite coming from a single  brand they  are powered by different tractor  model. For example our subject is King Kutter Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller is powered by a 50 hp tractor and this ensures that you can work on root or rock invested land within reduced period of time.  Either  you   are after a 3 point tiller for bx or  just  simple  3 point tiller for rent that will have your  tiling or  cultivation  desires catered  for  this  6 ft King Kutter   3 point tiller is  what you should  be looking forward to.

Unlike other 3 point tiller  has  model allows  you to enjoy a  relatively high tilling width of 72  inches and thus  you can easily cater for  large  piece of land for  reduced  period of time. In case  you are more  specific on the  model  of  3 point king Kutter rotary tiller you want you can choose  from 5ft,4ft and quality 6 ft  models available  on the  market today. In case you want o take  you tiling to the  next  level the  offset nature of this tiller ensures that when  tiling or  cultivating all of  your tracks  of  your  tractor  tires  will be 100%  eliminated thus  ensuring no hard pans  will develop due  to using heavy duty  machinery

If  you have  gone  though our  full review  you will realize that most of the  3 point tiller re defined by only  six flanges  but this king Kutter have 9 flanges  and this have  made  it to be  high duty 3 pointer of  all time. 8 inches is the minimum tiling depth that is offered by the durable and self sharpening cast iron tines. Regardless of  whether  you have  a small or  a large  tractor  this  king Kutter s compatible  with tractors that  have a  horse  power  that lies between  30- 50 Hp. As an addition a quality a slip clutch and heavy duty PTO shaft were include by the manufacturer.

  • Vented side gearbox for high performance ensure that It operates efficiently n oil baths
  • Gearbox is molded from Heavy-duty cast iron has this is durable 3 point tiller of all time
  • Quality rear shield ensure that soil mix is professional y controlled and also keeps flying debris way thus this 3 point tiller is safe to operate even in public areas
  • When purchasing this tiller it is 100% greased hence less maintenance is required
  • Can be  powered by small  30 hp and  large  tractors  50 hp
  • Slightly expensive but equally a high performer
  • Weight can be slightly modified

6.Value-Leader Adjustable 37″ Offset 3pt Rotary Tiller B01N665RLB

Value-Leader  Offset 3pt Rotary Tiller  is the  other  beast tiller  on  our  as it come  from  rotary manufacturing company  that have been  on the  3 point tiller for several decades  now .looking for a 3 point pto tiller that you can use  your tiling experience  this value leader rotary tiller is  another  tiling beast you can highly consider giving  a try to as  it has  37 inch tilling width which is  relatively  high as compared to what other manual or  gas  powered  rototiller can offer.

In case   you are planning to venture into tilling your new plot which is located in   deep in the woods then   this Value-Leader Adjustable woods 48 inch tiller will help you enjoy a depth and uniform tilling.

.Quality offset was also integrated    so as  to keep your  tilled  land  away from  the racks  which results  from the  tire tracks . When using this rotary tiller you should only expect to enjoy deep tilling as quality side runners which can easily be adjusted and also replaced are present. Finally you will definitely  fall in over  with the professionally spaced   cast iron  tines  as  regardless of whether  you will be   working on wt or  rocky are s  the Value-Leader 3 point tiller will not jam.

The  tine  are molded  from quality cast iron which ensure they can cut through hard pans  and  rocks  effectively the L  shape  nature of these  tillers  played  a huge  part  f this Value-Leader  tiller to be featured on this list of best 3 point tillers  for tractors. The total number of tines which is present is 16 and this is perfect guarantee of fine tilth. Lastly the swing diameter of this tiller is relatively large   hence you are 100% guaranteed of enjoying a deep tiling or digging ability

  • Requires 20-35  horsepower
  • Quality L shaped tines that are also replaceable
  • 2 year warranty
  • side runners are both replaceable and Adjustable
  • outer body and frame  are molded  from cast iron
  • Adjustable deflector ensure that you will have uniform tilling end results
  • Compatible with subcompact tractors
  • Price is relatively high

7.King Kutter Gear-Driven 4ft Rotary Tiller-3 Point Tiller For Compact Tractor

Either  you  a Gear driven rotary tiller  or 3 point hitch tiller enthusiast this  4ft  king Kutter rotary tiller  which  can be powered by  either large  tractor  with 35 Hp  as the horse power and small  compact  tractors  with 20 Hp  should be  the  rotary tiller for  you that is  if  you  are wondering  which is the most efficient 3 point tiller king Kutter you should buy to  cater for  your  yard or  orchard tilling desires. One of  the obvious  reasons why I decide to include this 4 ft king Kutter  rotary tiller  the  580 overall weight  which makes it 100%  easy to attach on your  tractor.  Also the  gear box of this 3 pointer tiller  was  molded   from cast iron  which is  one of the hardness metal on the market.

the main reason why this King Kutter 4ft Rotary Tiller was feature on our  prime  list of 3 point tillers  for  tractor is that it  is multipurpose  tiller  as it can  be used to professionally for either food plots, deer food plots, planting bed  preparation, landscaping task such as  leveling your  lawn  or removing sod  to preparing your orchard or  gardens during planting  season this 3 point tiller is the right one  for  you as 6 quality tines  were integrated per every flanges  to enjoy your will enjoy a fine till  regardless of the topography of  where your  lawn or  garden is located

The  4 ft rotary tiller  was able  to attract a  an overall rating of 5  starts from previous customers and this is a perfect indication that  apart from the quality adjustable tilling and  cutting depth which is  aided by the availability of a  skid  control which is adjustable the rotary tiller is a also more  durable as the body and  tines  were  designed  from quality cast iron. In case your  yard or  allotment is  located of unpromising topography  and  you are  now  planning  to acquire a beast rotary tiller for  your  35  or 20 Hp tractor   look no further as King Kutter Gear-Driven 4ft Rotary Tiller as  all of  your  3 point  tiller  desires  100% catered.

  • It is multifunction rotary  tiller
  • Easy-duty slip clutch. W included
  • 100% greased by the manufacturer thus less maintenance  cost or actives  are required
  • Can be powered by 35 or 20 HP tractors
  • Has arealatively improved tilling width of 48 inches
  • Quality manufacture support and 12 months warranty  is  included
  • The cutting or tiling depth is 8 inches but you enjoy other depth such as 5,5 and 6fts
  • The price is  relatively high

8.Streamline Industrial ROTARY TILLER

3 pt rotary tiller today are not that easy trace on the market as there area both original and fake rotary tillers. therefore  for  you to land  a high performer  and  relatively  durable 3 pt rotary tiller  I  you have no prior experience  with tiers  with be  very hard. That is why this Streamline Industrial ROTARY TILLER was included

The  tie  of this tiller  were molded from quality cast iron which have  made it to be  a  quality tiller that  can be used  to cater for  both light and heavy duty task. If you are wondering whether  you can land a 3 point tiller replacement tines  then  streamline rotary tiller  its  perfect 3point tiller brand  you should consider purchasing.

This rotary tiller is  dense  to cater for landscaping  and seedbed  preparation  need of  both landscapers  and  home owner . attaching this rotary tiller on your  subcompact tractor si very easy  as it only weights 300lbs. after consulting the  manufacture  we were shocked  to realized that the 30-0bs  also contributed o the e= deep  tilling ability of this Value-Leader Adjustable 3 point tiller also the weight  ensure that either  when working on wet, rocky or crispy  soils bucking will be 100%  reduced

The  tine  apart from being made  from cast iron  which  have  self sharpening  characteristics  are professionally  shield  by a  cast iron shield. The  main role of the  cast iron shield  is to make sure that either flying stone, rocks or  debris  is well controlled  hence  making this tiller  to be 100% safe  to operate in public. The  cast  iron tine  shield  have made this t rotary tiller  to be a  perfect tiller  for  landscaping as  there are  no flying stones  which might end  up breaking home owner house

  • Adjustable tiling width
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quality cast iron tines are easy to sharpen an  also replaceable
  • Wide tilling width
  • reasonable power requirements
  • Powerful tine can till both rocky as and clay soil
  • Associated with a relatively high price
  • To enjoy a uniform tilling depth more weight should  be added

9.Rotary Tiller Pto Drive 3 Point Hitch Mounted-3 Point Tiller For Deer Food Plots

Up next this Rotary Tiller Pto Drive Hitch Mounted rotary tiller which hails from a quality3 point tiller brand that was mainly designed to cater for residential task such as seedbed preparation, nursery preparation. The  compact nature of this 9 total flanges rotary tiller  have made it to be  100% compatible  with operations  such as gardening and  residential  landscaping  roles  such as  removing sod and killing all the  grass your lawn if  you are planning to change the  verities of  your  previous  grass. The tiller can be successfully be powered by 30 or 50 hp subcompact tractors.

Quality offset options which were integrated by the manufacturer ensure you can work near fence lines, under trees for even near you’re newly acquired home without malfunctioning. The tines   are shielded   by a   cast iron upper and thus flying stones or debris are 100% taken care of. Looking at this Rotary Tiller Pto tiller you will discover that skid  shoes which are adjustable are present .a quality 3  years  warranty is present  and this  I perfect guarantee  that your money was  well invested not for getting about the 24 hours customer  support immediately after purchasing the rotary tiller

the  reason as to why the manufacture include them is  to make  sure that you can control your  tilling depth in professional way .the rotor  swing diameter is only 15 inches  and this is the feature that ensures  when tilling  the  soil of  your  lawn will be effectively turned so that you can enjoy quality soil aeration and  all  the hand pans on your garden will 100% broken. Quick-Hitch System present makes sure that even if you will be alone in the wood you will easily attach this implement to your subcompact tractor.

  • The total number of tines is 54 thus you are guaranteed to enjoy a  fine till
  • 100% high cutting power
  • Gearbox molded form gearbox
  • The most durable tiller reviewed
  • Has tilling width of 72 inches
  • power requirements be slightly modified

10.Streamline Industrial ROTARY TILLER-Best Budget 3 Point Tillers For Tractors

Our last compact tractor tiller on this list of best 3 point tillers of tractors is this Streamline Industrial ROTARY TILLER. Just the name indsutrail tiller suggests it was designed with industrial user ability in mind. The overall frame, tines and tine shield were crafted from a prime cast iron which allows it to perform  heavy duty task  such tilling in areas with rocky or  even working woods where  there  hundreds of  under the  ground. Hence our best budget 3 pointer rotary tiller for tractor.

The overall tilling width of this 3 point tiller is 72 inches thus it allows you to enjoy acres per hour disking, tilling or even cultivating your yard. Unlike other  huge rotary tiller brands this Streamline Industrial 3 point tiller  is  defined  by reasonable  minimum power  requirement as it can be powered by both small  and large  tractors  for tractor for 5 acres or even compact tractor for small farm as  they are  among the common  tractors among homeowner in the  united states .

The drive of this rotary tiller also relatively durable and this feature ensure that you will be in posting of tilling with this tiller for several years without having to replaced the drive

I have been in the 3 point tiller for more than three decades now and over time I have realized that on of the sot challenging rotary maintenance  task is  greasing the entire  tiller but thanks  to streamline  industrial manufacture as  when purchasing  this  tiller it comes  when  it is 100% greased  you are only required  to attach the  tiller t your subcompact tractor. Gearbox was molded from a high quality cast iron and thus it has turned this tiller to be 100% durable.

  • Gearbox was designed from 100% cast iron.
  • The side gearbox is also professionally Vented side
  • For convince and  performance  when purchasing this   rotary tiller it is 100% greased by the manufacture
  • Has a quality   kick stand which   is patented   to promote  convenient hookup on your compact  tractor
  • Power requirement is 100% reasonable as 20-50Hp tractor can be used  as rotary tiller  power source
  • Quality offset options eliminates all the  tire tracks generated by your  tractor when tiling
  • Apart from being durable it  also multitask efficiently as  it can cater for  use in planting beds, incorporating fertilizer, gardens, weeding orchards  and in various landscaping practices
  • The price is relatively high
  • The overall weight of this tiller is 780 pounds

What To Consider When Choosing 3 Point Tiller For Tractors

Normally due to the milling of 3 point tillers for tractors on the market today there are various things or feature start you should consider before checking our any tiller .in Oder to make your shopping ability easy below find a list of features and tips that you should put into consideration every time you are planning to get yourself a new or used 3 point tiller for a tractor

The intent ended the use

Make sure you are familiar with what task you are planning to perform with 3 Point tiller as that are different models that re designer to perform differently task. this decision will help you to only pick a tiller which is not only a high performing but have a better ability of better ability of completing your task within a reduced period if time .in case you are planning to perform a gravy duty task consider going for 3 point tillers that area associated with solid rotors as you will be in position of tilling through harder, Rocky or even call soil without the overall performance of this tiller being affected negatively.

RTH  3 point rotary tillers area mainly defined by a tiling width which ranges  between  72,88  and 80 inches  and they are  designed  o be powered by tractors  with a PTO horse power of between 60-80. They are also defined  by a quality rugged  construction option, direct  gear box access,  their  skids are replaceable  and their drivelines  are professionally shielded  thus they are capable of  guarantee  you all the security  you will even  need  when operating 3 point tillers  for tractors  and  lastly the heavy duty gear box option ensures  that  you can perform   even the most demanding tasks without  influencing the overall  physical  nature of the RTH 3 point tillers.

RTNR mode of  3 point tillers   can be  powered by small and  large   tractors  with a PTO  horse of between 50-90 and  their overall tiling depth  is  relatively impressive as they can  effectively achieve a 72 or  80 uniform tilling width  this allows  you to work even between  crops of  flower  rows. Other features that have made these RTH series of 3 point tractor tillers to be unique is the ability to achieve a reverse drive, a  standard slip clutch and  quality skids that are replaceable as an addition  the heavy duty  nature  of the RTNR tillers  is  as   result  quality steel blades  that are also durable. RTN rotary tillers area powered by either 70 or 5o hp tractors and that

The model of tractor you are using

There are hundreds of tractor models in terms of horse power. The same thing happens to 3 point tillers some of the 3 point tillers are powered by 50 H p tractors while others are powered by 80-100Hp tractors it all depends on the type of tiller you are planning to purchase. In case you are passionate about landscaping then it is evident enough that you are having a powerful tractor there a 3pint tiller such as the king Kutter will work great for you. In case you have small tractors of between 50-70 Hp as the horse power you can try the yard max 3-point tiller

The cost

When picking a 3 Pinter tiller consider being familiar with your budget some roatatu tillers are way too more expensive to cost more than $5000. While others tillers or cost slightly above $1000.again as a horticultural expert I would recommend that you consider going for a high performing rotary tiller which is more expensive than going for low performing tractor since it is cheap hope you can recall the saying that cheap is expensive, the same thing happens when you ho for a cheap3 point tiller for a tractor you will have to keep scheduling your lock tiller mechanic for repairs. The more the repairs the new money you are going to spend   their consider investing I. Quality 3-point tiller that will allow you to enjoy quality services more effective

Finally thoughts

After going through the ten 3 point tillers for compact tractors above the rotary tiller that was found to be a top rated and best overall performing if the king kutter.The runners was found to be as it is light in weight and relatively durable. It also have a better ability of working in different soils conditions other Rocky ,sand ,roam, or call soils. The quality times, which are both easy to sharpen and clean, also have allowed this tiller to take our 3point tillers for tractors runners-up position

Give ally big you found our article about best 3 point tillers for compact tractors to helpful consider sharing it with other prospective reader who might be having plans of purchasing or just tiller enthusiastic you might know. We have a huge team of editors who coincidentally happen to be tiller and tractor implement lovers you can also support our 3 point tiller editorial team by tipping them or by sharing our post on Face book, YouTube, Pintrest or Reddit .enjoy your shopping experience sit back and wait for the tillers to be delivered to your door step next hour.


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