Does Vinegar Kill Spurge

Spurge weed can be difficult to kill. It does not respond well to many herbicides and it is often resistant to them. One of the most effective ways, however, for getting rid of spurge is by using vinegar.

Vinegar does not work as an herbicide because it does not act on the plant directly as other chemicals do; rather, it changes the pH balance in the soil which inhibits root growth and restricts water intake that spurge needs to survive (Hoffman).

One of the major reasons vinegar can kill spurge is that its major ingredient is the chemical acetic acid. Because of this reason, it can control a wide range of weeds, with spurge being not an exemption.

another benefit of using vinegar as a way of killing invasive and toxic weed such as that it minimizes instances of chemical runoff.

it is often advisable to use vinegar as a weed killer during summer when most plants are at rest and do not affect other plant life around it.


in conclusion, using vinegar kills spurge due to its acetic acid content which inhibits root growth and restricts uptake of water that surges need in order to survive.

Vinegar is also beneficial, as it does not produce chemical runoff and can be used during the summer season without affecting other plant life around it.


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