6 Best Weed Killer For Bindweed In 2022

The best weed killer for bindweed should control bindweed seed production and root formation. Bindweed is a notorious weed that never goes away.

Weedkiller for bindweed should be systemic and also have high glyphosate content to kills the noxious weed instantly. On the other hand, weed likers with a formula of 2,4-D selectively kill bindweed only in even grass fields.

Below I’ve reviewed the bindweed killers available today.

Reviews: Best Weed killer For Bindweed 2022

1.Roundup Concentrate Max Control 365 Bindweed Killer

Killing bindweed with roundup will is made to be 100% comfortable to achieve as this Roundup Concentrate gives a result within the first 12 hours after formulation. Being rainproof herbicides Roundup Concentrate work effectively even in extreme rainy condition.Best Weed Killer For Bindweed

It is a quality bottle, making it easy for you to store and transport this weed killer. What is more amazing about bindweed herbicide is that it comes with a ready to use formula. It also features a quality sprayer, which makes formulating this herbicide easier and enjoyable.

A single formulation of this concentrate from roundup offers your lawn, driveway, and sidewalks a Max weed Control for approximately 12 months. Round up concentrate creates a natural barrier in your lawn’s soil, thus preventing bindweeds’ growth or germination.

This herbicide kills these notorious weeds instantly by causing an allergic reaction to bindweed.  The 2.52-pound bottle is equivalent to 32 fl. oz. Therefore, it can effectively cover an area of up to 1,600 sq. ft.

  • Kills weeds within 12 hour
  • Organic weed killer
  • Comes with a quality sprayer
  • Kills roots
  • Not sold in NY

2.Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

Killing bindweed with vinegar near will give results best results when the formulation is carried out on sunny days. Green Gobbler herbicide comes with 20% vinegar as the main ingredient .by. Being OMRI listed, this product is safe to use around the household.best weed killer for existing bindweeds

It is a quality non-selective herbicide. Therefore it smoother broad and narrow leaves weeds. It comes from a herbicide manufacturing company which is highly respected by homeowner and landscapers. Compared to another weed killer, Green Gobbler kills bindweed roots on contact.

Due to the uniform concentration of vinegar, this weed killer effectively controls even in driveway cracks. Using herbicides to control bindweed is a no joke as these weeds have an efficient roots system, which is hard to kill.

Green Gobbler also has systemic qualities and a non-selective herbicide, which means it can kill leaves, roots, and stems of bindweed when in contact. For significant results, apply these weed killers in driver cracks paving, flowerbed, or even fence lines.

  • Kills bindweed on contact
  • Certified for organic use
  • durable trigger sprayer
  • Results in less than 24
  • Has minor sprayer issue

3.Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate, 64 Fl Oz

Have you tried using boiled water to kill bindweed without success? Well then, find Spectracide Weed, which kills bindweed within 24 hours of the formulation. This weed killer’s system effect inhabits water and mineral salt uptake of bindweed, causing it to wither and die.

Bindweed is dangerous weeds, which tend to grow again even after the formulation of Spectracide. Consider maintaining an application rate of 7fl oz, which approximately (14Tbsp) in every one gallon of pure tap water, to control bindweed effectively.

Spectracide Weedkiller is also weed and rainproof. This product does not require prior assembly as ready to sue from the bottle. Another unique feature about Spectracide is that it comes with a durable and easy to attach the nozzle.

Glyphosate is the most dominant ingredient of Spectracide. Therefore it has the power to kill the immense bindweeds roots effectively. Also, the systemic effect of the glyphosate present causes the arrow-shaped leaves of bindweed to wither immediately.

  • Organic herbicide
  • Driveway compatible
  • Pets friendly
  • Gives results in 14 hours
  • Kills bindweed roots
  • Need consistent formulation

4.RM18 Fast-Acting Weed & Grass Killer Herbicide, 32-ounce

Fourth on our list, find a 32 ouches driveway bindweed killer from RM1. The odorless nature of these herbicides makes it easy to sue around households. Also, this product’s residual effect leaves a residual effect causing natural bindweed barrier on your driveway or sidewalk.

It is a uniform blend of two herbicides, which gives RM18 the ability to kill bindweed on contact. Since this product kills weeds instantly after 12 hours, it has no adverse effects on human beings and pets.

It is a dual-duty product as it can also be used to control other types of weeds either in flower, nursery bed, or even in fence lines. Spectracide also has a residual effect that prevents bindweed from growing by creating a barrier for over eight months.

But due to the systemic effect caused by Green Gobbler, you will quickly eliminate these weeds.by having as the main ingredient plays a massive role in field bindweed control in pastures. It is also a perfect herbicide for a large are invested with bindweeds as the 2.4 pounds bottle can cover an area of up to  3,000 square feet.

  • Kills plant on contact
  • Odorless
  • Organic bindweed killer
  • Kills varieties of weeds
  • Not a bindweed killer specifically.

5.T-Zone Broadleaf post-emergent Hedge Bindweed Biller, 1 Gallon

By being a weed killer who is three hours rainproofs, T-Zone Broadleaf herbicide can control bindweeds in the different climatic regions.best weed killer for tough bindweeds

It comes with as the main ingredient, which is 100% toxic to all weed varieties but harmless to horses and human beings; hence it is compatible with horse pasture. Coming with an oil-based formula, T-Zone Broadleaf can inhabit the growth patterns of hedge bindweeds either in your lawn or in driveway cracks.

T-Zone Broadleaf is perfect post-emergent herbicides that effectively control bindweeds in sod farms, roadside, and schools and parks. It does not release harmful aerosol sprays; thus, it is an environmentally friendly bindweed killer.

Spay the content of this bottle in areas infested with bindweeds. T-Zone Broadleaf kills weeds on contact by releasing active ingredients to the plant leaves, roots, or stems.

For significant results, consider using this weed killer in areas with appropriately 85 degrees wherein height. T-Zone is an effective and fast-acting bindweed herbicide which comes in liquid form.

  • Effective
  • Durable
  • post-emergent bindweed killer
  • Residual effect
  • Needs minor assembly

6.Hi-Yield Atrazine stubborn bindweeds Killer 32 Fl. Oz

Is bindweed slowly taking over your yard and now after a perfect solution to eliminate this invasive weed? Well then, give this 32 fl .oz weed killer form Hi-Yield a try.best weed killer for stubborn bindweeds

it has more than 41% of the total ingredient being Glyphosate. Hence it kills hundreds of other weeds. Despite coming in a 4.33 ounces bottle, it covers 500 sq. ft. effectively. The high concentration of Glyphosate requires only a single formulation for this weed killer to eliminate all the bindweeds from your lawn.

Atrazine is the main ingredient of this product. Therefore, Atrazine herbicide has a better ability to smother bindweed either in the driveway or in paving’s effectively. It can control emergent and weed seed effectively.

Remember to read the manufactures instructions before using this product thoroughly. Moreover, it has 4% of the total ingredient as Atrazine. As a result, it kills bindweed roots effectively in contact. Consider keeping this product away from children and pet a sit has a pungent choking odor.

  • Pre-emergent
  • covers 500 sq. ft. effectively
  • Weatherproof
  • Grass safe
  • Requires assembly skills and sprayer

How To Select The Best Weed Killer For Bindweed 2022

This weed never rests; it persists, adapts to any soil and climate, and produces more seeds, making it difficult to control.

For significant results, consider repeating the weed killer formulation schedule after bindweed regrowth to kill it entirely. It’s also been proven that using weed killers is more effective than mechanical bindweed control.

You can entirely kill bindweed persistence is one of the virtues you should have as this weed produces millions of seeds with a high germination rate. To effectively control bindweeds consider using weed killer doing fall and early spring.

Bindweed killer is useful during the fall season, as it is the fallow period. Moreover, weed killer for bindweeds is also useful during the active growth phase of these weeds as they are quickly taken up by both the roots and leaves of bindweed.

Below find the bindweed herbicide buying guide.

Systemic Bindweed Killer

Herbicides that are 100% effective when killing bindweeds are the systematic brands. These herbicides are absorbed directly by the bindweed xylem and phloem tissue, which play an essential role in transporting and translating water and food, respectively. We found it to be the most efficient systemic bindweed killer today.


I was hoping you could have in mind that bindweed is a perennial and herbaceous plant, and because I have vine-like stems, it makes it 100% challenging to control. This herbicide should be sufficient enough to kill actively growing bindweed instantly.

Post-Emergent Bindweed Killer

Another factor to consider when selecting a prime bindweed killer is to consider going for a post-emergent brand. This weed killer plays a massive role in messing up with bindweed vegetation resulting in instant death.

The only downside of the post-emergent bindweed killer is that it only kills the leaves but has no effect on roots, seeds, and rhizomes, which are the primary modes of producing the seeds.


Using Weed Killers for Bindweed is a process which can be carried out in various ways. However, consider going for a weed killer that is organic and has no adverse effect on humans and pets.

You will also need a herbicide effective enough to take care of bindweed extensive roots and vines. Moreover, going for herbicides that can kill bindweed seeds will be an added advantage as these weeds will not have a re-growing opportunity.

Bind weeds release harmful chemicals from their leaves and roots, leading to yellow and brown patches on your yard, flower bed, or lawn. To ensure that your property is both evergreen and attractive, consider selecting only the best weed killer for bindweeds that are easy to apply so that you can restore your lawn timely.



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