7 Best Soil For Apple Trees In 2022

The best soil for apple trees is vital if you are planning to be a successful apple grower. Getting the right soil compatible with all apple tree varieties is not easy as there are hundreds of soil brands on the market!Best Soil For Apple Trees

Luckily for you, we found Black Gold Potting Soil, our topsoil for growing apple trees, in both pots and on the ground. The best soil pH for the apple trees should range between 5.8 to 6.5. In other words, apple trees are compatible with slightly acidic soils. Below find our apple trees soils and buyers guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Soil For Apple Trees 2022

1.Black Gold  Potting Soil for apple trees in pots  8-Quart

Black gold potting soil made it to the top of our list as it has a slightly high amount of both macro and micro plant nutrients. Additionally, it comes with a slightly high percentage of slow-release fertilizer ingredients.as as a result, apple tree roots are kept away from the possible scorching effect.Best Soil For Apple Trees

It also comes with a high phosphorus nutrient percentage. As a result, the phosphorus present promotes the formation of a strong root system. Another amazing thing about this soil is that it has high perlite content. The main role of the perlite in soil when growing apples is to improve soil drainage. s

Additionally, the perlite present plays a huge role in improving the overall soil structure. Also, perlite creates appropriate airbags. Therefore, perlite is responsible for improving the overall soil aeration ability. Black gold is also a rich source of readily available organic matter content.

The organic matter present is 100% important as it promotes soil water holding capacity. When growing apples in pots or on the ground, the organic matter present acts as a rich soil microbes source. The soil microorganism present allows soil nutrients to be highly accessible by apple trees roots.

  • Organic matter rich
  • Non-burning formula
  • Compatible with indoor and outdoor plants
  • Improves soil structure
  • Pricy

2.Espoma  Apple Tree Potting Soil Mix

Second, on our apple tree soil list, find a 16-Quart Organic Potting Mix 100% compatible with dwarf apple trees from Espoma. The most interesting feature of this soil is that it is rich in myco-tone. As a result, the 16-Quart espoma potting mix is compatible with apple trees and other fruit trees and vegetables. Best Soil For Apple Trees

Apple trees seedling requires soils that have a slightly high water-holding capability. As a result, the peat moss present in this espoma is the major trick behind this amazing organic potting mix’s unconditional water-holding ability.

Therefore the high water holding capacity of this espoma potting mix makes it to be our favorite soil for apple seedlings. Moreover, this espoma soil features a uniform blend of both peat moss and compost.

Generally speaking, 10% of the total peat moss present improves water holding ability. The peat moss is equally important as it prevents washing away of available plant nutrients when watering apple trees.

  • Promotes root formation
  • fruit flavor.
  • Non-burning formula
  • Easy to use
  • Weighs more

3.Fox Farm Ocean Forest Topsoil For Apple Trees

Third, find a chalky soil brand which is  100% compatible with both young and mature apple trees on our list. The high calcium present in this soil happens to be the major reason why our editors pick of Honeycrisp apple tree soil.

The high moisture-holding capacity makes it easier for you to grow Honeycrisp apples from seed. Apart from being disease-free, this FoxFarm soil is also free from pest eggs.

On the other hand, if you are looking for ways to amend clay soil for apple trees, consider giving Fox Farm Ocean Forest topsoil for apple trees a try. Fox Farm Ocean Forest tree happens to be an accurate clay soil amending strategy as it has high organic matter content.

When planting apple trees in clay soil, consider adding an appropriate amount of this in the clay soil to improve water drainage and air circulation ability. When growing apples from rootstocks, the high phosphorus is the main trick behind forming a quality root system.

The miracle grows posting soil’s high drainage ability ensures that Honeycrisp apple tree roots are free from possible root rot conditions. Additionally, the high potassium nutrient present in this soil positively modifies the overall apple fruit flavor.

  • Disease-free
  • Pest free
  • Quality drainage
  • Organic nature
  • None

4.Espoma Soil For Apple Trees In Fabric Pots Conditioner

Are you wondering what type of soil do apple trees like! Or just after a cleaning apple tree potting soil, which is free from both pest eggs? The find a calcium-rich potting soil which comes from Espoma. Best Soil For Apple Trees

Out of all the soil brands on our list, espoma was our top potting soil for container fruit apple trees as it has an appropriate amount of perlite.

When growing apple trees on clay soil, the gypsum present in this fertilizer helps in improving drainage. Clay soils have small soil particles, leading to waterlogging, which causes root rot in apple trees. Espoma GG36 has high calcium content.

As a result, gypsum rich Espoma GG36 soil conditioner induces roots rapid root formation, making growing pink lady apples from seed much easier to archive.

Interestingly the gypsum present opens up clay soil to aid in improving the overall drainage ability. Moreover, it has a decent percentage of calcium and phosphorus to initiate rooting when planting apple seeds from store-bought apples.

  • soilless culture
  • decently priced
  • environmental friendly
  • increases apple flavors
  • Modification on drainage

5.Burpee Organic Premium Potting Soil For Apple Trees

Want nothing else but an organic potting soil for apple trees?  Then find Burpee Organic, which is compatible with growing apple trees from either seedling or seeds. Another unconditional benefit of this soil is that it has a reasonable amount of humus. The main function of humus in this soil is to add organic nutrients to the soil.

The high calcium present promotes both apple fruits cell division and elongation. As a result, calcium promotes the formation of large apple trees.

Moreover, the potassium present promotes strong apple tree branches capable of supporting more fruit production. Also, it comes with a slightly low amount of magnesium (Mg). As a result, this dwarf tree potting mix from burpee prevents interveinal chlorosis from occurring.

When growing apples from dwarf trees, the high potassium amount plays a huge role in promoting the overall apple fruit flavor.  On the other hand, Burpee Organic has a moderate amount of phosphorus to ensure that necrotic spotting on apple leaves and fruits is absent.

  • Organic
  • Humus rich
  • Easy to work with
  • Environmental friendly
  • Poor water holding capacity

6.Minute Soil – Compressed Coco Coir Fiber Grow Medium

Up next on our best soil for apple trees, find a soilless growing medium from minute soil. The main ingredient of this apple tree growing soil is humus and compost. Apart from the humus present, improving the overall soil structure also helps improve the water holding capacity.

Quality slow-release fertilizer which is present ensures that young and mature apple tree can feed on this fertilizer without the need for a supplementary fertilizer program

No prior assembly as this soil is ready to use. It has a slightly high amount of both calcium and phosphorus. As a result, minute soil promotes the formation of strong apple trees branches and roots. While on the other hand, the 10% calcium present encourages the formation of relatively large and tastier apple fruits.

Moreover, minute soils have a moderate amount of magnesium, which, together with potassium, promotes healthy and disease frees apple fruits. It is also a natural source of potash, which reduces the maturity of apple trees. Magnesium (Mg) in this soil for growing apple trees encourages more fruits from a single tree.

  • Magnesium-rich
  • Pest free
  • Disease-free
  • Increase fruits number
  • Contains slow release fertilizer

7.Dr. Earth 807 Home Grown Potting Soil

The last soil brand for planting apples on our list comes from Dr. Earth. Interestingly the soil comes with a quality wrapping bag, ensuring that it is kept away from possible moisture. A moderate percentage of pumice is also present. This feature enhances the availability of soil nutrients to either young or mature apple tress root hairs. Best Soil For Apple Trees

Another advantage of coming with a quality warping bag is that it ensures storing the remaining soils after a successful apple tree planting session is possible.

Moreover, this potting soil from Dr. Earth has a slightly high percentage of quality slow releases fertilizer. One of the major ingredients of the slow-release fertilizer is quality phosphorus (P).  The most interesting thing is that the phosphorus present is ready for uptake.

Another advantage of the manufacturer-featuring a slow-release fertilizer instead of fast release is to ensure that young apple tree roots are free from the advance effects of root rot. Additionally, peat moss and organic humus are also present.

  • Holds water
  • Improves soil drainage
  • Compatible with all fruits trees
  • Non-burning formula
  • Weighs 49 pounds


What To Consider When Selecting Best Soil For Apple Trees 2022

Getting the most appropriate soil for growing apple trees is not as easy as it may sound, as there are hundreds of options available.

Soil Texture

When selecting a quality soil for growing apples from seedling or seeds, consider soil with fine texture. Apple seedling has weak and fragile roots. As a result, going for soil brands with rough texture will end up damaging the young roots.

On the other hand, soft soil allows young seedling roots to establish effectively. Soft soil texture also promotes both soil drainage and aeration. Therefore when picking a soil for growing apples, consider giving a fine texture soil a top priority.

pH levels

Growing apple trees either from seeds or from seedling require slightly acidic soils. As a result, consider familiarizing yourself with the overall soil pH before checking out any soil type from the market.

Avoid going for soil brands that are too acidic as you might end up scorching on apple trees root. Also, highly acidic soil might cause a rotting condition on young and premature apple trees seedling.

On the other hand, avoid going for soils that are too basic(alkalinity ) as they will lead to stunted roots and overall growth. Too alkaline soil might also cause unavoidable seed dormancy leading.


After spending 48 hours filtering through millions of soil brands, I can confidently say that we found Black Gold to be our top and best soil for the apple tree currently available.

Apart from the soil is organic; it also comes from a well know soil processing company. Hence the performance and effectiveness of the soil are 100% guaranteed. Additionally, the soil is free from inorganic compounds.

As a result, it promotes the production of inorganic and cancer-causing compounds free apples. When planting apple trees in pots or containers, consider going for Minute apple Soil as it has appropriate percentages of slow-release fertilizer—high humus present.


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