5 Best Fertilizer For Thuja Green Giant 2022 Reviewed

In summary: Osmocote Pro 19-5-8 made it to our best fertilizer for the thuja green giant position. While   Organic White Oyster from   Down to Earth was our runners. Besides the two fertilizers being 100% GMO-free they are also effective.Best Fertilizer For Thuja Green Giant

Fertilizer for the thuja green giant should have an overall NPK ratio of 12:6:4 or 12 6 6 tree fertilizer.  Giant thuja green are heavier feeders hence fertilizer brand with a slightly high amount of nitrogen is highly recommended .the best time to fertilizer giant thuja green is during spring. Let’s find out what are high performing giant thuja green fertilizers currently on the market today below.

Reviews: 5 Best Fertilizer For  Thuja Green Giant 2022 Reviewed

1.Espoma  Holly Tone Fertilizer For  Giant Thuja Green

This giant thuja green holly tone from holly tone made it as our editor’s pick.it comes from a manufacture that has perfected the art of hungry plant manufacturing.it comes well balanced major a micronutrient. As a result, young and well-established giant thuja green are free from roots and leaf rooting caused by the scorching effect.Best Fertilizer For Thuja Green Giant

With nitrogen being one the 15 essential nutrients present in this giant thuja green holly tone lush green vegetation is guaranteed. Additionally, it has a high percentage of phosphorus which speeds up the rate of strong root development. For newly planted giant thuja green s, premature leaf fall is prevented by high magnesium present.

Amazingly this holly tone fertilizer is 100% free GMO material. As a result, apart from being environmentally friendly, it is also kids and pest friendly. It only weighs 1.2 pounds hence it is easy to handle either when fertilizing potted thuja green giant. Comes with 100% waterproof wrapping, as a result, you can easily store the remaining holly tone for later use.

  • Organic-based
  • Soluble in water
  • Induces root formation
  • Enhance eth green color
  • Granular fertilizer

2.Down To Earth Giant Thuja Green Organic Fertilizer

Despite giant thuja green being a low maintenance tree, proper and timely fertilization is highly recommended. High potassium nutrient was featured as one of the major ingredients of this organic white oyster down. As a result, the over giant thuja green tree immunity against possible disease is 100% guaranteed.Best Fertilizer For Thuja Green Giant

This fertilizer comes in a quality content that is designed from a military-grade plastic material. Therefore, you can easily store this fertilizer for a longer duration of time. Coming with more than 20 amino acids your giant thuja green growth rate will be professionally boosted.

What is more amazing about this fertilizer is that it is highly soluble in water. as a result, it is formulated through drenching. The granular nature of this fertilizer allows you to professionally broadcast the granules around the base of your giant thuja green.

Another amazing thing is that it comes with a slightly high amount of nitrogen. As a result, top greening giant thuja green. Additionally, the slightly high amount of calcium nutrients was also added. For this reason, strong and stable stems are formed. By being designed to professionally increase both the trunk and deep roots this down to earth is compatible with both popped and in-ground giant thuja green varieties

  • No burning effect
  • Reliable
  • Easy application
  • Slow-release
  • Granulated fertilizer

3.Botanicare SWEET RAW Giant Thuja Green Liquid Fertilizer,

Up next Botanicare supplement which managed to dominate our top position. Due to the liquid nature, the application is slightly easy. It can be done through direct drenching around the base of a giant thuja green. Similarly, it can also be used as a foliar fertilizer for all thuja green varieties.Best Fertilizer For Thuja Green Giant

Additionally, the manufacturing features a slightly high amount of potassium Potassium (K+) in this fertilizer. Therefore, the green color of thuja will be enhanced in advance. Similarly, the Potassium (K+) ingredients present have an improved ability to collect the yellowing condition on thuja stem and leaves.

Premature leaves drop in all thuja tree varieties is also taken care of by the slightly high amount of potassium present. what is more amazing is that all the three major plant nutrients which include potassium phosphorus and nitrogen were professionally balanced to ensure that plant vigor is also positively moderated which is present in this fertilizer. Sulfur (S04 2-) was sparingly added  to ensure that  student growth condition on pottered  thuja green giant  is carted in advance

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Lightweight
  • Free from GMO
  • Induces roots formation
  • Liquid fertilizer

4.Earth Juice Hi-Brix Nitrogen Fertilizer For Thuja Green Giant, 1 Gallon

For an increased growth rate of thuja green giant nitrogen nutrient supply is needed in bulk. Earth juice managed to e our preferred nitrogen fertilizer which is compatible with all thuja varieties. Additionally, the high nitrogen present is responsible for promoting an increased growth vigor in thuja green giants either potted on in-ground.Best Fertilizer For Thuja Green Giant

Other ingredients that were featured in slightly high percentages include magnesium and phosphorus. The main role of Magnesium (Mg2+) presents the earth juice fertilizer ensures responsible for strong roots establishment. Similarly, it also ensures that the green color of your thuja green giant is maintained either during summer or spring,

Lastly, the high phosphorus ingredient that was formulated ensures either a strong or reliable rooting system if effectively established. Additionally, it is associated with a less burning effect. As a result soil microbes and micro-organism growth are promoted effectively. The application is slightly easy as it can be drenched directly to the soil or used as a foliar fertilizer.

  • Foliar fertilizer
  • No burning effect
  • Readily available nutrients
  • More potency
  • Liquid-based

5.Root Wizard (1 Gallon)

When you think of the thuja green giant you should think of wide canopy and relatively deep roots. Due to this reason, this root wizard has a high amount of phosphorus. As a result, potted an in-ground thuja green giant will utilize the nutrient for the formation of the unconditional support root system.Best Fertilizer For Thuja Green Giant

On the other hand, high nitrogen content was added to cater form the formation of the wide canopy. Similarly, it also ensures that the evergreen color of the leaves will be maintained for a slightly longer period. When propagating thuja green from cutting this root wizard has a high amount of phosphorus which has increased ability to speed up the rooting process.

Yellowing of thuja green giant leaves is also modified by magnesium nutrient which was included in the overall formula of Root Wizard (1 Gallon).it comes with a military-grade container. As a result, the remaining fertilizer after the first fertilizer formulation schedule by being deigned from 100% organic material this root wizard has increased the ability to boost the growth of soil microbes.

  • Organic-based
  • Nonburning
  • liquid formula
  • Easy application
  • Massive Root Builder


After going through hundreds of feeds brands on the market Holly Tone from espoma took our best fertilizer for thuja green giant editors pick. We picked the fertilizer based on effectiveness and easy application. Another thuja green giant feeds worth trying out include the Botanicare sweet raw and down to earth giant thuja green which is specifically and organic fertilizer.




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