7 Best Fertilizer For Podocarpus In 2022

The best fertilizer for podocarpus requires fertilizers that are rich in either sulphur or iron to give them their deep green color. To maintain their good health and foliage you are required to feed your podocarpus with quality slow release fertilizer of plant food.

Podocarpus is grown either as garden trees, espaliers, trained as hedges or as screen there supplying them with the right fertilizer provides them with all the nutrients thy require throughout their life cycle.

Fertilizer for podocarpus should have a ratio of 6-6-6 fertilizer where the ration numbers represent individual NPK nutrient values. Let’s find out what fertilizer brands are compatible with all the podocarpus verities.Reviews

Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Podocarpus 2022

1.Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food -Best Fertilizer For Podocarpus Hedge Review 

landing  the right fertilizer for podocarpus has turned out to be a slightly tough task ,and that is one the reasons why I think that picking groomer fertilizer to be one of the major reasons why you should consider going for quality and better fertilizers that will hence better root development.Recommended Dosage;you can use  this  fertilizer  either  on potted grafted The availability of sulphur ensures that your podocarpus hedge will be associated with quality root development.Having in mind that at one time you will have to use the podocarpus hedge as fodder to your domesticated animals such as horse or goats the sodium present in this fertilizer promotes the palatability of the podocarpus hedge.

Mode of application;What is more interesting is that this fertilizer can be used all season round regardless of whether you have grown your podocarpus on.Application of this Miracle-Gro® considers just diluting with water the applying to your podocarpus either through.

For Better Results:By the fertilizer being organic makes this podocarpus hedge to be safe for both kids and pets.It comes with quality NPK ratios that allow you to be in a position of carrying out regular and organic podocarpus hedge feeding habits

  • Safe to kids and pets
  • Easy to use
  • Organic product
  • Promotes dark green leaves
  • de-weeding contact absent

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2.Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed Vase /Pots Podocarpus Fertilizer, 5 Gallon

We featured this Neptune’s Harvest fertilizer on our list as it is 100% organic meaning that it will have no negative effect on your pets.Best Fertilizer For PodocarpusThe nutrient composition of this fertilizer is 6-6-6 fertilizer hence it is able to offer your Podocarpus with sufficient nitrogen potassium and phosphorus nutrient.

By using this fertilizer on your Podocarpus you will enjoy an increased rate of root and shoot development.Hence, the best Vase /Pots Podocarpus Fertilizer

Podocarpus require a slow release fertilizer, this s ensure that nutrient is gradually realized to the soils as podocarpus require .the chorus present in this sea food ensure that your podocarpus has a vigorous and strong root development. Another role of the phosphorus presents to ensure that your podocarpus will establish quickly.

Lush green and healthy foliage growth is also encouraged by a high amount of nitrogen present. The development of new shoots and branches was also made possible by the availability of nitrogen. Since Neptune’s Harvest fertilizer is 100% organic it encourages the growth of soil micro-organism.

Encouraging the existence of micro-organism ensures that the soil characteristics such a structure, fertility and aeration will be improved

  • Encourage foliage
  • Improves soil structure
  • Promotes strong root development
  • Pets and child safe
  • Easily burn Podocarpus if not well mixe

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3.PRO Organic Tree & Shrub Fertilizer -Best Fertilizer For Podocarpus Hedge

Getting your podocarpus hedge the right fertilizer ensures that you will achieve a thick and well-established v more easily. Shrub Fertilizer is compatible with podocarpus hedge in that it is fast-acting fertilizer. Best Fertilizer For PodocarpusUse this.PRO Shrub Fertilizer to feed your podocarpus hedge three times in every podocarpus growing season.

If you will be growing your podocarpus hedges in containers PRO Organic Tree is still the right fertilizer for you to pick as it is a slow release fertilizer. On the other side, PRO Organic Tree is also the right podocarpus food for ground varieties as the high iron content ensures proper root development.

PRO Organic Tree also gives your podocarpus hedge a deep green color as enough sulphur is present.When feeding your Podocarpus Hedge ensure that you are maintaining a rate 3lbs of pro shrub fertilizer to your podocarpus hedges with a diameter of 6 inches and below.

On the other hand, if the podocarpus hedge trunk is more than 6 inches a fertilizer rate of 5lbs should be 100% maintained

  • 100% natural
  • Promotes soil micro-organism growth
  • Improves disease resistant
  • Encourages root development
  • attract insects
  • herbicides are needed

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4.Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener Vase /Pots Podocarpus Fertilizer

In case you are planning to have a well-established podocarpus hedge, consider aerating and loosening the soil where you will be growing the hedgeAaresult,it  was To makes sure that your process of loosening the soil is easy we featured this Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener. The above product is compatible with compact soils or soils that are associated with poor drainage.

Incase during land preparation you did not have enough time to break all the hardpans count yourself lucky as this Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener plays a huge role in ensuring that your podocarpus hedge hardpan puzzle has been solved.

  The Liquid Soil Loosener also plays a huge role in improving soil structure and to a large extent detoxifying your soil.Your podocarpus hedge will also be protected from soil related infections as the Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener professionally detoxifies.

By professionally breakings the hard pan and allowing proper soil aeration this Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener ensures that your podocarpus hedge or shrub has the availability of accessing most of the nutrients.

  • Aerated the soil
  • Breaks soil hardpans
  • Detoxifies the soil
  • Promotes Drainage
  • Leads to unsightly soil plugs

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5.Organic Fertilizer Multi-Purpose -Best Fertilizer For Podocarpus Gracilior

To be more specific there are hundreds of podocarpus verities. With each and very variety being adapted differently in differently climatic region.it is also good to note that different podocarpus has different nutrient requirements.Best Fertilizer For PodocarpusPodocarpus gracilior is also known as yellowwood and is heavy feeders. by podocarpus being heavy feeders, a  6-6-6 fertilizer is highly recommended. That is why we featured this Organic Fertilizer Multi-Purpose.

What is more exciting is that this Multi-Purpose fertilizer is granulated, therefore a slow release fertilizer for your podocarpus gracilior. The Multi-Purpose podocarpus food provides your plant with minerals and vitamins through the life cycle.

The presence of natural stimulators and plant hormones in this Multi-Purpose fertilizer promotes rapid shoot and root establishment.The 100% slow release ability of this Multi-Purpose fertilizer supplies your podocarpus gracilior with a 2% amount of iron which enhances root development.

This Multi-Purpose fertilizer should be applied to gain after 3.5-4.5 months every season. The amount of nitrogen present offers your plants with amazing lush green color. The phosphorus present in this fertilizer promotes quality foliage development as it promotes cell Podocarpus Gracilior elongation

  • Promotes foliage development
  • Strong root
  • Lush green foliage
  • Improves disease resistant
  • Causes burning effect when not well mixed with soil, therefore, consider mixing it completely with soil or the planting media

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6.Pack Of Root Rocket Transplant Fertilizer -Best Fertilizer For Podocarpus Trees

Getting your podocarpus tree this Pack Of Root Rocket ensures that strong roots will be developed.  This fertilizer also guarantees your podocarpus deep root penetration which will not have a negative effect on your driveway or lawn in general. Best Fertilizer For PodocarpusPack Of Root Rocket also ensure that the podocarpus trees are in a better position of nutrient and water uptake.The nitrogen present ensures that your ground and container podocarpus have amazing vegetative growth.  Poor root growth is well catered for as iron and phosphorus are also present in this fertilizer.

The nitrogen present also ensures that it has the ability to boost the fertility of your podocarpus tree, therefore, resulting in high breed seed.

By this rocket root pack being a slow release fertilizer for podocarpus trees it ensures a continuing flow of nutrients to the soil. Rocket root pack should be used after a period of three months.

Application of this podocarpus tree rocket fertilizer is that the application is slightly easy as you will only have to spread the granules around the podocarpus tree and them mixing them slightly with solid.

  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Easy to apply
  • Promotes root development
  • Prevents root rot in podocarpus
  • When used in excess it causes a burning effect

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7.Andersons PGF 16-0-8 Fertilizer With Humic –Best Slow Release Fertilizer For Podocarpus

Up next find Andersons PGF fertilizer on our list as it on of the slow fertilizer brands on the market. Looking at the fertilizer it has no phosphorus your podocarpus hedge or tree will have strong root development. Best Fertilizer For PodocarpusLow phosphorus also ensures that the podocarpus tree will have full access to iron which is responsible for the dark and lush green color in podocarpus trees or hedges.

For a robust and vigorous root and shoot development, nitrogen and potassium are offered in large amounts by this Andersons PGF fertilizer. The availability of MUtech coated granular ensures that nutrients will be realized slowly to your podocarpus. MUtech coating on this fertilizer ensures that your trees are provided with enough nutrients.

Andersons PGF granular fertilizer is defined by tiny particles that are easy to apply. The small sized Andersons PGF fertilizer particles re easy to spread or even to disperse.

You are only required to spread this fertilizer around the podocarpus tree for it to be effective. Hence the application of this Andersons PGF is very easy.

  • Easy to use
  • Slow release podocarpus fertilizer
  • Promotes root development
  • Vegetative growth is promoted
  • Not shipped to Oregon, California, and South Dakota

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How To Select Best Fertilizer For Podocarpus

Selecting fertilizer for podocarpus should be one of the major things that you should consider familiarizing yourself with. There hundred is not thousands of fertilizer brands but getting quality fertilizer that is specifically designed to be compatible with podocarpus.

Below we have discussed some of the most important tips that you should always consider. stay tuned for a complete walk-though of the tips that you should always consider

Podocarpus Diameter,

In case you are wondering how to make podocarpus grow faster than you should realize that considering the diameter of your podocarpus every time before choosing a fertilizer brand.

But then,  If your podocarpus tree or shrub has a 6 inch diameter and below consider maintaining a fertilizer rate of a maximum of 3lbs per yearIn case you are wondering how much fertilizers for Podocarpus consider maintaining a rate of 5lbs on a larger podocarpus tree and a rate of  3lbs per year on smaller  Podocarpus.

But on the other hand, is your podocarpus has a diameter of more than 6 inches a fertilizer rate of 5lbs per year is highly recommended.

Podocarpus in containers

If you will be growing your Podocarpus in container remember that you are growing them in an artificial environment. Therefore you will be required to feed your Podocarpus with all the nutrients they require throughout their growth cycle. Podocarpus in the container should be supplied with slow release fertilizer.

When talking of slow release fertilizer consider go for granular fertilizers such as.Slow release fertilizer has the ability to provide your Podocarpus with a steady nutrients supply over a long duration of time.

You can also feed your Podocarpus in containers with water soluble fertilizer as thy will readily supply you   Podocarpus with the entire nutrient in an effective manner. Talking of water soluble fertilizer we found this to have more positive reviews from previous buyers.

Podocarpus on the ground

When looking for quality and effective fertilizer for your Podocarpus on the ground your main focus should be on allowing them to maintain their deep green foliage.

For quality foliage and Podocarpus health when growing your Podocarpus on the ground slow release fertilizers are highly recommend.

The reasons as to why slow fertilizers are highly recommended are that they have the ability to supply your Podocarpus with all the nutrients they require gradually.

Slow release fertilizers that are relatively rich in sulphur and iron are more preferred as they allow your Podocarpus to amazing foliage


After going through the above seven fertilizers for Podocarpus we found Miracle-Gro as our top rated fertilizer while our runners up were found to be. In case you are after a slow release fertilizer for Podocarpus consider picking this.

But if on the other you are after the water soluble Podocarpus fertilizer this Miracle-Gro will definitely match you Podocarpus water soluble fertilizer desires.

After applying the required amount of fertilizer on your Podocarpus it is recommended that you consider ceasing Podocarpus fertilization every two months prior to the frost date.

Ceasing Podocarpus fertilization allows your plans to be health and at the same time, you will be keeping your Podocarpus from new growth which will definitely be destroyed by an early frost.


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