5 Best Fertilizer for Peace lily In 2022

Peace lily grows well as shrubs they can also be grown indoors or in shaded outdoor conditions.

Application of best fertilizer for peace lily ensures that your peace lily will be associated with calla-like blooms and strap-like leaves which are 100% dark green to add either purity, peace, and innocence to your home.

Check out these peace lily fiber grow pots.Best Fertilizer for Peace lily

Fertilizer for peace lily should specifically have an NPK fertilizer formulation of 20-20-20 as it offers your peace lily with all the nutrients they are after.

Any other all-purpose fertilizer which soluble in water will work great with this small yet beautiful indoor plant. Let find below what peace lily fertilizer rea worth giving a try this season.

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1.Grow More 5010 All Purpose Fertilizer -Best Grow More 20-20-20 Fertilizer For Peace Lily

For those new to plant keeping you might be wondering what the most appropriate houseplant fertilizer for peace lily is and that is why we featured this Grow More 5010.

Best Grow More 20-20-20 Fertilizer For Peace Lily

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With an equal amount of NPK nutrient percentage, your Grow More 5010 will have access to all the nutrients gradually for over four months.

Coming from a company that has perfected the art of fertilizer process Grow More 5010 is 100% organic and free from information compound which might end up hurting both pets and kids. The high amount of nitrogen present promotes the vegetative growth of peace lily.

Regardless you will be growing to Grow More 5010 indoors or even outdoor the slow release natures of Grow More 5010 is enough to keep your plant healthy. Strong roots development of your peace lily will be promoted by high phosphorus available.

  • Foliar applications
  • Soluble in water
  • Less burning effect
  • Promote disease resistance
  • Slow-release

2.Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray- Best Organic Fertilizer For Peace Lily

With this Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray your peace lily flower color will be hence as well as the blooming ability will be enhanced.

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On the main reason for growing peace lily apart from purifying the air ion your home is to add endless blooming ability during your festive season.

Coming with a 100% ready to use spray bottle you can easily grow peace lily outside and even indoors as the fertilizer offers slim coating on peace lily leaves keeping them, from pest and disease attack hence our top organic fertilizer for a peace lily.

Finally, the potassium present in the form of potash promotes blooming and also enhancing the green color or peace lily leaves.

The high amount of potassium in this air plant fertilizing spray is Responsible for the formation of large and attractive flowers.

Strong toots establishment will be made much easier regardless of whether you will be growing peace lily from seeds or the stem or leaves cuttings.

  • Easy of applications
  • Less burning effects
  • Decently priced
  • Promotes root growth
  • Slow-releasee

3.Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food­-Best Fertilizer For Indoor Peace Lily

Up next find Miracle-Gro Succulent which is 100% compatible with indoor peace lily growing fertilizer requirement. The high nitrogen content in this fertilizer ensures that a proper vegetative growth rate will be enhanced.

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The non-stock fertilizer design ensures that your peace lily flower and plant are 100% free from the inorganic compound.

The manufacturer also features a slightly high amount of iron to ensure that the green color of your peace lily is also enhanced. The slightly high amount of Phosphorus (P) that was featured ensures that the growth rate of your peace lily will be promoted.

If one the other hand you will be growing Peace lily indoor consider going for misting fertilizer option to ensure that the leaves will remain gross and dark green.

What is more amazing is that this fertilizer has an improved ability to be used as weed smooth and peace lily.

  • Promotes root development
  • Easy application
  • Enhances leaf and flower color
  • Extend blooming
  • none

4.Foxfarm Grow Big Soil Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer-Best Liquid Fertilizer For Peace Lily

Liquid fertilizer for peace lily is not easy to select as there are tons of products on the market. Picking FoxFarm Grow as our peaked lily fertilizer was influenced by the fact the peace lily that has drooping leaves will effectively benefit from this fertilizer.

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Apart from strong root development, the Phosphorus (P) ensures that your indoor or outdoor peace lily is 100% free from root rot.

Even during the peace lily care re-potting process drenching this fertilize in the soil help to improve airflow as can also be used as a solid relaxer which is commonly known as soil aerators.

Dying or during peace, the lily can also be effectively revived by using this fertilizer as it has high nitrogen content which promotes lush vegetation and flower growth.

With the high potassium content (K) peace lily brown flower challenge will be professionally solved without having an advanced effect on other peace lily plant parts. Proper water and nutrient uptake are also made possible by the potassium content.

Liquid nature ensures that application is much easier as it can be applied using irrigation water or through spraying it on leaves directly.

  • Liquid-based
  • Free from inorganic compounds
  • Does not deplete the ozone layer
  • Enhances flower and leaves color
  • Costly

5.Jacks Prof General Purpose, 20-20-20 Fertilizer- Best Fertilizer For A Peace Lily

If you have noted that your peace lily flowers are turning brown before opening or peace lily flowers turning yellow before opening the high phosphorus and potassium present in Jacks’s Prof General Purpose will give you a long-lasting solution. Best Fertilizer For A Peace Lily View on Amazon

Managed to take the position of houseplant fertilizer for peace lily as the high NPK formulation is available in the slow-release fertilizer option.

Apart from promoting increase rate and strong roots establishment the high nitrogen compositions in this 20-20-20 Fertilizer ensures there’s an increased foliar expansion rate.

The iron present ensures that the green color of your peace lily will be enhanced. Remember that formation of brown or yellow spots is a result of poor plant feeding or watering habits.

Either hen growing peace lily outdoor, indoor, in-ground or even in pots equal amount of phosphorus and potassium were featured to promote.

The slow-release nature of this fertilizer ensures that either during your vacation or business trips your paces lily will still have access to all the required nutrients and minerals of rover five months.

  • Water-soluble
  • Slow-release
  • No burning effect
  • Enhances roots growth
  • Slightly heavy

 Fertilizer For Peace lily FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Kind Of Fertilizer for Peace lily

In case you are one of the many forgetful Peace lily gardeners or Peace lily plant enthusiasts consider going for a slow-release fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizer ensures that your Peace lily will have access to all the major and minor plant nutrients gradually. Slow-release fertilizer is also responsible for offering your plants with nutrients for a period of four to eight months.

Going Peace lily in pots considers slow-release fertilizer and more preferably tablet-based fertilizers. If you are after quick results then it is recommended that you consider going for liquid fertilizers. Such liquid fertilizers also keep your Peace lily free from pests, bugs, and disease

Homemade Fertilizer For Peace lily

The use of homemade fertilizer should be highly encouraged as they are 100% free from the inorganic compound which might end up being harmful to either your kids or pets. Manufacturing fertilizer for peace lily is not only time saving but also an interesting task to carry out during your free time. Ingredients for homemade fertilizer for peace lily include Epsom salts and freshwater. Follow the procedure below.

To exactly I gallon of freshwater add one tablespoon of Epsom salts in your favorite watering can or pitcher or jug. Mix the content thoroughly to ensure the mixture is 100% uniform. We recommend that you use the resulting mixture as homemade Peace lily fertilizer for approximately 4-6 weeks instead of water. Before every formulation consider shaking the content (Epsom salts +Fresh water= Homemade Fertilizer for Peace lily) evenly.

What Is the Best Time to Fertilizer Peace Lilies?

In case you are wondering what is the most recommended time to fertilizer your peace lily consider carrying out these firsts Peace lily fertilization schedule during early spring. The main reason as to why Peace lily fertilizer application during spring is highly recommended is that it promotes strong roots establishment, avoid formulating fertilizer to your peace very early in the spring.

A second fertilize formulation should be carried out later during early summer to enhance proper blooming. Fertilizer application during summer also ensures that that the green color and disease-resistant ability of your peace lily will be positively modified. Summer fertilizer application will also help your Peace lily to recover from damage caused by extreme spring’s harsh weather.

How Often To Fertilizer Peace lily

For perfect results Peace, lily fertilizer application should be carried out during early summer and late spring. The frequency of Peace lily fertilizer application is mainly determined by the Peace lily nutrient requirement and the nutrient content available in the of the media or soil you are using to grow your Peace lily.

If you will be using granular or tablet fertilizer a single application during spring followed by a second Peace lily fertilizer formulation will work just fine as the fertilizers are slow release. But when using liquid fertilizer you can use the fertilizer every other week depending on your schedule. Using liquid or misting fertilizers on Peace lily helps to promote

How to Revive Peace lily

Reviving a peace lily is not as easy as it may sound you are therefore required to fast familiarizes yourself with what a healthy Peace lily looks like. A healthy peace lily should have dark-green leaves that are glossy 100% large. During blooming season peace lily have showy white flowers.

Yellowing or yellowed leaves should be professionally clipped of from your peace lily plant. This can be done, sing scratcher. Clip off extra or even all the flowers on your peace lily to allow the plant to 100% concentrate on recovering rather than blooming.

Trace any insect infestations indication such as leaf browsing or roots rot and address the issue accordingly by application of peace lily herbicide. Lastly conserving checking nutrient deficiency symptoms such as yellowing or formation on green spots on both the leaves and stems. Finally adopting good peace lily watering behaviors will speed up the reviving process


we found Osmocote plus 15-9-12 50-pounds to be our best fertilizer for peace lily as it has an improved ability to supply your peace lily with a wide array of nutrients for over 5-6 months. All the nutrients available in this fertilizer are 100% water-soluble hence making it easy to be applied together with irrigation water.

Our fertilizer for peace lily runner up was dominated by peters peat lite blossom booster fertilizer which is complete fertilizer with an NPK formulation of 10-30-20. Other quality fertilizers to use on your peace lily include the



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