6 Best Fertilizer For Lilacs In 2024

Lilacs s are best known for their endless bloom which comes in in hues of magenta, purple, blue, white and pink. The best fertilizer for lilacs s should have the ability to promote both root development and extend blooming ability. Fertilizer for lilacs s is highly recommended to have an NPK fertilizer ratio formulation of either 10-10-10 or high Epsom salt fertilizers.In case you are wondering what is the best time to fertilizer lilacs s. It is recommended the either are growing lilacs s indoors or outdoors before new shoots appear which happens in spring and later on during MindSpring to promote blooming. Let’s find what lilacs s fertilizer brands worth giving trying below.

Reviews: 6 Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  In 2024

1.Dr. Earth Fertilizer -Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  Plants

In case you are a lilacs enthusiast looking for an all-purpose yet 100% effective fertilizer then Dr. Earth 700P Organic 1 is what you should be thinking off. Coming from Dr. Earth which is a fertilizer company that has mastered the art of fertilizer production for decades Dr. Earth 700P Organic is 100% organic making your lilacs to be safe to both kids, adults, and pets in your home.Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  PlantsLilacs plants have been termed to be heavy feeders as they equally need all the nutrients to promote root and flower development as other plants require. High nitrogen content in this Dr. Earth 700P Organic promotes lush vegetation growth and also increase the leaf and lilacs flower size. Lilacs leaf quality is also boosted by high nitrogen (N) present.

Strong lilacs roots establishment is also made possible by the high phosphorus present. The soluble nature of this fertilizer allows you to either formulate it through irrigation water using your favorite watering can. Or through broadcasting the fertilizer granule round the base of lilacs plant or bushes.


  • Decently priced
  • Stunted growth.
  • Controls premature blooming


  • Scotches in excess

2.Peters Professional 20-10-20-Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  Bushes

Unlike indoor or potted lilacs plants lilacs bushed have a high nutrient requirement for them to have a disease-free and extended blooming ability. But with this Peters Professional which is 100% slow-release fertilizer with an overall NPK formulated of 20-10-20it has an improves ability to make nitrogen (N) potassium (K)and phosphate(P) to be gradually available to your lilacs  bushes for over 8 months.Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  BushesThe ingredients of this Peters Professional 20-10-20 was professionally blended to enhance seed production and formation of strong roots by your lilacs bushed. The granular form of this Peters Professional ensures that you can easily broadcast it around the base of your lilacs bush consider adopting a strict lilacs bushes eater habits when using this fertilizer.

Beneficial soil microbes such as mycorrhizae and humic acid were professionally blended to enhance extended and formation of large lilacs blooms. Regardless of the variety of lilacs s, you will be growing as your lilacs bush this fertilizer contains both micronutrients and soluble multi-minerals which will favor roots formulation and blooming.


  • High nitrogen
  • Reduces lilacs  water stress
  • Certified by CDFA
  • Easy application


  • Pricy

3.Scotts Continuous Release Fertilizer For trees-Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  Trees

The 20% organic matter content of this Scotts Continuous Release Fertilizer ensures that your lilacs trees are supplied will all the possible nutrient for a longer duration of time. The slow-release nature ensures that your lilacs  tree roots and leaves are exposed to reduced or zero burning effect which might end up causing root rot and eventually lilacs  plant wilting of sudden death.Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  TreesScotts Fertilizer does not release harmful compounds or hydrocarbons that can deplete the ozone layer. Consider using an NPK fertilizer with 6-4-8 as the NPK fertilizer ratio formulation when planting or reviving lilacs tree unless when potassium and phosphorus are 100% adequate.

The acid-loving nature of lilacs s makes Scotts Fertilizer be in the position of offering quality nutrient thus leading to proper roots development and even extension of lilacs tree blooming season. With the high potassium and nitrogen flush vegetation and leaves growth will also be 100% boosted immediately after the first lilacs  tree fertilization schedule during planting or early spring.


  • improve soil structure
  • slow-release fertilizer
  • prevents Stunted growth
  • Increases flower and leaf size


  • Burnt appearance when in excess

4.Osmocote 274850 Smart-Release Plant Food-Best Fertilizer For Japanese Lilacs  Tree

An all-purpose fertilizer with an NPK which is exactly slightly higher than NPK 5(N5%)-10(P10%)-10(K10%) is highly recommended and that is how Osmocote 274850 Smart-Release managed to secure a position on this list of fertilizer for Japanese lilacs tree. Hence our overall best 10-10-10 fertilizer for treesBest Fertilizer For Japanese Lilacs  TreeThe smart release makes this smart release Osmocote fertilizer to be compatible with growing lilacs trees on pots, indoors, outdoor or even in-ground. Application of this fertilizer also helps to improve the physical and nutrient content of your potting soil by ensuring that

There are hundreds of lilacs tree varieties but the Japanese lilacs tree has more beneficial landscaping and intrinsic roles in your home, yard or backyard garden. If you have planted your lilacs on sandy spoil frequently fertilizer application will increase lilacs growth vigor. Together with fertilizer application a constant lilacs watering schedule help in improving lilacs health and disease-resistant ability.


  • Slow-release
  • foliar spraying
  • Promotes roots formation
  • Easy application


  • Slow-release

5.General Fertilizer 10-10-10 Trees-Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  Shrubs and trees

When it comes to fertilizing lilacs shrubs or tree a General Fertilizer will work great. The high nitrogen content present in this General Fertilizer 10-10-10 promotes lush vegetation and blooming in lilacs shrubs.Best Fertilizer For Lilacs  Shrubs and treesWe featured this General Fertilizer 10-10-10 as it is 100% organic fertilizer which ensures that toxic build up in your potting soil is absent. The organic nature of this lilacs General Fertilizer makes it be pet and kids friendly. From the NPK fertilizer ratio of 10-10-10 nitrogen phosphorus and even potassium are offered in equal amounts.

Strong root system establishment is made possible by the 10% phosphorus nutrient content present in the 10-10-10 NPK ratio General Fertilizer. Proper and extended lilacs  blooming ability during mid-spring will be professionally enhanced by the 10% potassium present .large flower buds formation is also promoted by the 10% phosphorous present.


  • Promotes bud formation
  • Promotes blooming
  • Encourages strong root growth
  • Decently priced


  • Excess scotches

6.Miracle-Grow Perlite, 8 Qt.-Best Miracle Grow For Indoor Lilacs

When it comes to indoor and outdoor plants miracle growth has proved to have perfected the art of fertilizer and plant food manufacturing. Hence this Miracle-Grow Perlite is not an exemption. Growing lilacs indoor gives you the additional role of making sure that they are well fed and well-watered to give endless mid and late spring blooms.Best Miracle Grow For Indoor LilacsMiracle-Grow Perlite was seen to be a superb nitrogen source hence has an increasing ability to promote lush flower and vegetation growth. Apart from promoting soil micro-organism growth, Miracle-Grow Perlite can also be used as a bio-activator to ensure that your lilac can enjoy beneficial nutrient uptake.

Regardless of whether you will be growing you lilac from clones, seeds, or seedling nitrogen potassium and phosphorus were professionally blended to ensure that lilac plant is free from extremely harsh weather or another lilac plant-related stress. Leaves and flower color of your lilac will be professionally enhanced, as miracle growth added a reasonable amount of iron when coming up with this miracle grow fertilizer for lilacs.


  • Easy application
  • Soluble in water
  • Readily available
  • Budget based


  • Indoor plants only


After going through hundreds of fertilizer on the market Jobe’s Lilacs s, Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron Fertilizer Spikes managed to dominate our top position.  The other fertilizer which managed to make it to our list as the runners up is the Beat Your Neighbor lilacs s Fertilizer.

Fertilizers for lilacs s come in hundreds of brands, prices, and even formulation methods. Consider picking a fertilizer brand that is 100% compatible with the lilacs variety you are growing either in pots, outdoor or even indoors. Consider giving a try to the products we have featured above as they were specifically chosen as they are compatible with lilacs.


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