7 Best Fertilizer For Ligustrum Trees In 2024

The best fertilizer for Ligustrum trees (Ligustrum japonicum) should have an  NPK  fertilizer ratio of  15N-5P-10K or 15N-5P-15K  to promote fast root and foliage growth in  Ligustrum shrub and tree.Best Fertilizer For Ligustrum Trees

Moreover, Ligustrum trees require fertilizers with all the essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

This reason enhances proper development and growth to take place in new and existing Ligustrum trees.

The best time to fertilize is during early spring, followed by a second fertilization schedule in late fall or summer to sustain their rapid growth.

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Types Of Fertilizer For Ligustrum Trees

Granular Ligustrum Tree Fertilizer

When selecting the right fertilizer to use on your Ligustrum tree (Ligustrum japonicum), consider going for granular fertilizer. Granular fertilizers are not only easy to use, but they are also economical as compared to other types.

On the other hand, Ligustrum tree (Ligustrum japonicum) granular fertilizer should also be given a top priory. Granulated fertilizer is compatible with hand application and can also be mechanized through tree fertilizer spreaders Push Broadcast Spreader from the Agri-Fab.

Moreover, this fertilizer is compatible with handheld fertilizer spreaders such as Spot Spreader Hand shaker.

LIQUID Sunshine Ligustrum Trees Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers also work perfectly with Ligustrum trees (Ligustrum japonicum) other than encouraging lush green growth. It also promotes lush green vegetation growth.

In addition, liquid fertilizers of minimizing yellowing and premature leaves drop in Ligustrum trees. When used on Ligustrum trees, liquid fertilizer also plays a huge role in controlling various pests such as Japanese Beetles, Leaf miners, Adelgids, Caterpillars, and Aphids.

Water Soluble Ligustrum Trees Fertilizer

Next up, find water-soluble fertilizer as the other recommended Ligustrum Trees (Ligustrum japonicum) feed currently available on the market. We found it to be the most effective water-soluble fertilizer for Ligustrum trees on the market today.

To begin with, one of the essential features of water-soluble fertilizers is giving young or newly planted Ligustrum trees an immediate nutrient boost.

One of the significant benefits of using watersoluble Ligustrum trees fertilizer is that their application is easy to achieve and can be easily mechanized.

Organic Ligustrum Trees Fertilizer

If possible, fertilizers and Growing Stages of Ligustrum trees (Ligustrum japonicum) should be made possible using organic fertilizers to minimize potential environmental damage.

In addition, organic fertilizers for Ligustrum trees are more effective as they play a significant role in improving the overall soil structure. Use of organic fertilizer when growing Ligustrum trees from seedling or seeds ensures that the roots of your tree will not rot or decompose due to the scorching effect.,

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Ligustrum Trees In 2024

1.Jobe’s 01000 1000 Tree Sunshine Fertilizer Spikes 16-4-4, 5, natural

These Tree Fertilizer Spikes with an overall NPK ratio from Jobe’s made it to be the best fertilizer for sunshine Ligustrum trees on our review. In addition, this fertilizer is compatible with Ligustrum hedges.

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The high NPK fertilizer ratio present in these Jobe’s spikes promotes appropriate Ligustrum hedges spacing.

The high nitrogen nutrient amount promotes lush green and roots growth to newly planted and existing Ligustrum m trees. Interestingly, despite being liquid, this product is compatible with a wide range of fertilizer application modes, such as drenching it directly to the soil or through foliar formulation.

Moreover, the high prevent of nitrogen nutrient content present is equally effective. It minimizes instances of your sunshine Ligustrum tree from experiencing stunted growth. The nitrogen nutrient is similarly essential as it minimizes instances of Ligustrum leaves from dropping.

The most exciting thing about this fertilizer spikes product is that it comes when it is pre-measured. Due to this reason, it can enhance branch growth and nourish sunshine Ligustrum tree roots without causing any scorching effect; Time releases fertilizer for all trees and shrubs.

  • Easy application
  • Pet friendly
  • Promotes lush green growth
  • Enhances strong roost development
  • None

2.Advanced 12-Month Sweet Ligustrum Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Insect Killer and Fertilizer, 4 lb, Granules

Second, on our review, find this organic fertilizer from bio advance, which comes with the total NPK ratio. Due to this reason, it is 100% compatible with Ligustrum trees and other evergreens such as dogwoods, magnolias, and hydrangeas.

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In addition, other than offering all the minor and significant plant nutrient also promotes systemic Ligustrum tree protection.

First, by acting as an insect killer and has fertilizer, this Ligustrum tree feed from bio advance is the only dual-duty product on our review of this season.

The only downside of this product is that sweet ligustrum lovers in states such as NY, CT, MD & VT will have to find another Ligustrum tree fertilizer option as Advanced 12-Month is not for sale states named above.

The high nitrogen content that takes 44% of the total ingredients enhances vigorous lush foliage and root growth in the sweet ligustrum. In addition, the average percentage of acid-loving trees and  sweet ligustrum shrubs encourages.

  • Promotes roost growth
  • Easy to work with
  • It does not cause a scorching effect
  • Pet friendly
  • Reduces tree stress
  • Not for sales in states such as NY and CT

3.Chelated Liquid Iron +Plus Concentrate Blend, Liquid Iron for Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

Third, on our list, find Concentrate Blend of Liquid Iron from Covington Naturals as the best overall Chelated Liquid Iron fertilizer for Ligustrum tree on review. Liquid iron is compatible with Ligustrum Trees, Bushes, and Shrubs.


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Moreover, applying this liquid iron is straightforward as you are only required to use it outside the growing line of Ligustrum trees. In addition, the high percentage of iron ingredients professionally decreases the overall Ligustrum tree stress. The liquid iron fertilizer is also compatible with lawns and grass that grow under trees.

It comes with 6% pure Iron with No traces of EDTA. Due to this reason, the iron present promotes lush green growth. In addition, the 6% pure Iron also enhances the dark green color of Ligustrum tree leaves and stems. Moreover, it features 12% Nitrogen which is responsible for promoting rapid plates and roots growth.

While on the other hand, the 3.3% Sulphur ingredient present in this liquid fertilizer prevents Ligustrum trees from pests attach and stresses. Lastly, it also comes with 0.05% Manganese, ensuring that Ligustrum tree roots are resistant to root pathogens.

  • Not toxic to pets
  • Liquid in nature
  • No burning effects
  • Reduced Ligustrum tree stress
  • Gives rapid result
  • Weighs 2.85 Pounds

4.Opulent Nickel | 16 fl. oz. | Liquid Nickel Ligustrum ovalifoliumFertilizer | Aids in Disease Tolerance

Opulent Nickel, a military-grade liquid Nickle fertilizer, ensures that your Ligustrum ovalifolium trees are 100% free from possible disease attacks. The high liquid Nickle content makes this opulent product a solution of how you or I can make my/your Ligustrum grow faster.


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Thanks to the high percentage of Nickle present, it promotes both lush foliages and encourages vigorous root growth. Another outstanding benefit of this product is that it can feed newly planted and existing Ligustrum trees for up to 2 months with just a single formulation.

Other than being an organic Ligustrum fertilizers 16 fl. oz. Opulent Nickel products improve Ligustrum tree disease tolerance by improving nitrogen fixation and metabolism.

For best results when using this 16 fl. oz.   Opulent Nickel considers maintaining application along the drip line of Ligustrum shrubs and trees.

Furthermore, the Nickel ingredient present professionally hydrolyzes urea in the soil to make nitrogen available to   Ligustrum trees.

  • Back in stock
  • Apply directly to the soil
  • Easy to use
  • Encourages vigorous root
  • Excellent for evergreens
  • Won’t burn your plants
  • None

5.Scotts Evergreen Flowering Tree & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food

Are you new to Ligustrum Wax-leaf privet growing enthusiast and now after a reliable fertilizer that can promote foliage and root growth in all Ligustrum varieties, well then continuous release plant food for evergreen flowering tree & shrub from Scotts is what you should be considering this time around?

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One of the significant benefits of using Scotts, a reliable e Ligustrum tree fertilizer, is that it is 100% easy to formulate. Moreover, for quick and noticeable results, consider applying this fertilizer directly to the soil along the growing line of Ligustrum trees.

You will love the fact that this fertilizer comes with military-grade bottles. Due to this reason, both storing and using these fertilizers are extremely easy to achieve.

It is also good to note that this chelated liquid iron fertilizer is prudently an American product compatible with Ligustrum trees in farming operations, residential lawns, and golf courses.

  • Easy to work with
  • 100% organic
  • Promotes vigorous root growth
  • Encourages dark green leaf color
  • Promotes rapid growth
  • Improves disease tolerance
  • None

Frequently Asked Questions About   Ligustrum trees Fertilizers

What do the numbers on a Ligustrum tree fertilizer bag represent?

The number on the Ligustrum tree (Ligustrum japonicum) fertilizer bag represents the NPK fertilizer ratio. The most appropriate number on these bags should be 15N-5P-10K or 15N-5P-15K, meaning the individual percentage of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium.

How To growt Ligustrum Japonicum Japanese Privet


Tree Fertilizer Spikes from Jobe’s and a 12 feed and d insect killer form bio advanced made it to be our overall best fertilizer for young and newly planted Ligustrum trees (Ligustrum japonicum) on today’s market platforms.

The two fertilizer brands are nutrient-rich enough to promote root development and flowering in all Ligustrum tree varieties (Ligustrum japonicum) that grow either on rocky or clay soil conditions.


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