7 Best Fertilizer For Jade Plant 2024 Reviewed

Fertilizer for the jade plants should light and complete in nature.to makes sure that the performance of fertilizer is not affected make sure to regularly water your jade plants.

The best fertilizer for the jade plant should be applied once after 14 days during summer and spring which are active jade plant growth phases.Best Fertilizer For Jade Plant

Jade plant is hungry succulent hence fertilizer brand for the jade plant should have an NPK fertilizer ratio of 20-20-20,10-20-10 or 5-10-5.

High phosphorus present in the 10-20-10 fertilizer ensures that a strong root system will be established. 5-10-5 fertilizer is also compatible with the jade plant (crassula argentea) as they are 100% soluble in water.

Below find our complete jade plant fertilizer buyers guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Jade Plant 2024

1.Osmocote 277160 Slow Release Jade Plant Fertilizer

On top of our list find this Osmocote 277160 comes from a company that has perfected the art fertilizer making for decades. Come with quality nutrient content of nitrogen so as to stimulate lush vegetative growth. Strong root development is also enhanced by the high amount of fertilizers.

It comes with a slightly high amount of iron, to ensure that your jade plant will formation of strong leaves that are healthy and 100% dark green. The lightweight nature ensures that the application is slightly high. The high nitrogen content ensures. No harmful chemicals are present hence making this fertilizer to be compatible with both kids and adults.

The nitrogen content present ensures that your leaves will remain healthy for a slightly longer period of time. For strong roots development, the manufacturer featured a slightly high amount of phosphorus to ensure that healthy roots that are free root rot are encouraged.

  • Light in weight
  • pet-friendly
  • No harmful chemicals
  • environmentally friendly
  • Light in weight

2.Osmocote Indoor Fertilizer For A Jade Plant

Up next find a product that has dominated the jade plant fertilizer industry for decades. The active ingredient of this fertilizer nitrogen and phosphorus slow release nature of this fertilizer ensures.

The slow-release nature feeds up to 6 full months without having to feed your jade plants gain. Osmocote Indoor Smart is 100% safe to both pollinator and kids.

Not-burn pledge ensures that there will be no browning of your jade plant leaves. Jade plant will have 6 full months of supply fertilizer supply. Slow-release nature ensures that this fertilizer is compatible with even. A rich array of 11 organic essential nutrients ensures that during cruel winter or summer your plants will remain healthy.

The entire nutrient featured in this fertilize is readily taken up and dissolved in the water allowing the content of the fertilizer to be readily available to your plants. For best results consider Mixing Osmocote into top solid for thoroughly for 1-3 inches of soil.  Consider to slightly cover your solid after fertilizer application

  • Light in weight
  • Granule Coating
  • Adds a splash
  • Reapply 6 months

3.Miracle-Gro Liquid Fertilizer For Succulent Jade Plant

For those few enthusiasts who are after in increased plant fertilizer consider going for this Miracle-Gro Succulent. It comes from a fertilizer manufacturing company that over years have continually maters fertilizer requirement in jade succulent which either indoors or outdoors.

Coming in pellet form this BioGold Fertilizer Liquid has an array of nutrients capable of taking your jade plant for four months without adding more fertilizer.

High iron content in this liquid jade plant  fertilizer ensures that growing your jade plants indoors will be more enjoyable as the green color will be professionally enhanced. Jade plants will leaves that are yellowing will also require a slightly high amount.

All of the main ingredients of this fertilizer were molded from naturally occurring elements hence our overall best natural fertilizer for a jade plant .The organic nature of this Urea Jade fertilizer for jade plants ensures that the fertilizer is safe for use by both pets and human beings.

  • Soluble in water
  • Pet-friendly
  • Indoor jade plant compatible
  • 100% Organic fertilizer
  • Liquid in nature

4.Urea Rich For Jade Plant Natural Fertilizer 

For those individual wondering if you can you fertilize jade plant using a urea rich feed, getting yourself urea jade plant fertilizer will chance the ill bad thoughts about urea .On top of our list, we featured Urea Jade Plant Fertilizer as our editor’s pick.

When it comes to natural fertilizer brands  for jade plants which is  compatible with indoor  or outdoor  have made it be an integrated jade feed .Urea Jade feed has high phosphorus content to enhance proper roots development the manufacture added quality potassium.

You are only required to broadcast this fertilizer around the jade plant base, then lightly cover the fertilizer to prevent vulcanization. Nitrogen is also present to ensure that vegetative growth is appropriately enhanced.

Comes from a 100% organic product. What is more amazing is that some magnesium was added. In case you will ebb growing you jade plant ain potted soil consider going for slow-release fertilizer as it ensures that nutrient present will be realized to the soil gradually.

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Slow-release
  • Kids and pet-friendly
  • Planting hole compatible
  • Granulated

5.Miracle-Gro Jade Plant Organic Fertilizer Review

Regardless o whether you will grow your jade plants indoors or outdoors, this Miracle-Gro 300157 Plant Food. Our pick is 100% a quality bio-fertilizer hence humans, pets and kids are friendly.

Comes with water-soluble phosphorus which makes it be readily available to your jade plant making them be associated with strong and rot free roots,

With potash as one of the main ingredients, it makes sure that your soil bacteria will be positively mobilized. The main role of why potash promotes microbe’s growth is to make it be soluble in water, hence making available to your jade plant.

For best results after fertilization considers maintaining a Miracle-Gro 300157 Plant Food of 250ml with exactly 100Ltrs of freshwater. To avoid nutrient vocalization consider using this jade plant feed in later in the evening and early in the morning.

  • Soluble phosphorus
  • Pet-friendly
  • Indoor and outdoor compatible
  • Organic
  • Liquid in nature

Fertilizer For  Jade Plant FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What Kind Of Fertilizer For Jade Plant?

There are hundreds of fertilizer kinds that are compatible with Crasulla argentea but all-purpose fertilizers are highly recommended for the jade plant to be precise. Controlled release fertilizer should be more preferred as they are responsible for providing your jade plants with the entire nutrient required gradually for over 4 months.Fertilizer for the jade plant with an NPK ratio of 10-10-10 should also be included in the jade plant fertilizing schedule to ensure that strong root will be supported by the high amount of phosphorus present. For potted Crasulla argentea growing for granular or pelted fertilizer such as ensure that you jade succulent have a constant source of nutrients.

  1. How To Apply Fertilizer To  Jade Plant ?

Fertilizer application for jade plant is slightly difficult as Crasulla argentea plant is hungry succulent. The mode of fertilizer application for the jade plant will depend on your preferred fertilizer. In case you are  after a slow jade plant release fertilizer  consider going for a granulated fertilizer such as or  tablet fertilizers such as , play the  fertilizer around the  base of the  plant  for table fertilizers.For granular fertilizer consider evenly spreading the granules around the base of your Crasulla argentea plant. Foliar application is easy as you can use your watering can or just a spray container. For best results application of foliar fertilizers should be carried out in the morning or late in the evening.

  1. How Often To Fertilizer Jade Plant ?

If you are wondering how often to fertilizer your japed plant consider maintaining a healthy jade plant and you will only be required to fertilize your plant early spring and late summer. The second jade plant fertilizing cycle should be done during early spring to cater to the lush jade plant growth. Feeding your jade plant once every two weeks will help you see it through even cruel summers or winter season.

The growth phase of jade succulent is during summer and spring, you re therefore required to pick all porpoise fertilizer which will adequately provide your plant’s with a wide array of nutrients. Due to the lush vegetation growth in Crasulla argentea during spring, a fertilizer rich in oxygen will help to keep them attractive and healthy.


  1. How To Revive Jade Plant ?

In the case, you find that you jade leaves returning yellow consider watering the plant thoroughly. Consider using a fertilizer rich in phosphorus when reviving your jade plant, such fertilizer can be or as the phosphorus present is responsible for strong and rots free root system.

  • Another perfect way of reviving your jade plant is to ensure that you completed removed all the weeds (plants growing whereby are not required to be) so as to reduce nutrient competition between your jade plant and weeds.
  • Controlling pests such as root mealy bugs or spider mites and scale will help ion promoting a healthy life cycle of jade plants. White like covering on your jade plant indicate that you should control mealybugs
  1. When Is The Best Time To Fertilize  Jade Plant?

When detraining when to fertilize your Crasulla argentea plant considers using the general rule of the thumb trick. During the summer and spring season consider maintaining soil condition as during this season jade plants are at their pick growing season, hence more fertilizer requirement.

Brown spots ion jade plant indicate that  your jade plants are suffering from iron deficiency, consider supplying a fertilizer brand rich with iron such as best results consider fertilizing or feeding your jade plant easily in the morning or late in the evening so as to prevent fertilizer volatilization.


 We found as the best fertilizer for jade plant compatible with the potted jade plant. in case you are wondering how to get a jade plant to branch out consider going for nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Organic fertilizer should be higher given a top priority as they are both pets and human-friendly.

Going for an all-purpose fertilizer such as will ensure that jade plants which happen to be deep green succulent will be provided with enough nutrient as they are hungry succulents.in case you are looking for ways on how to make jade trunk thicker will definitely make the process easier to archives as it has high nitrogen in the NPK fertilizer ratio.Slow-release fertilizer such as should also be considered as they have the ability to provide your jade plants will a continuous source of nutrients for a longer period of time.



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