7 Best Fertilizer For Irises 2022 Reviewed

Are you thinking of venturing in iris growing either for commercial or local use this season? Well then, to increase your yields and quality iris blooms consider going for the best fertilizer for irises such as or the. An all-purpose fertilizer such as is highly recommend as it is compatible with both indoor and outdoor irises.Best Fertilizer For IrisesFertilizer for irises NPK ratio should wall within the range of   6N%-10P%-6K% OR 5N P%-10 P%-10 K%. The NPK ratio numbers represent the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrient present. the best time to fertilize rises during the growth phase in early spring and early summer after irises blooming season followed by good irises watering habits. Below find our review!

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Irises 2022 Reviewed

1.Espoma Bt18 Bulb Tone- Best Fertilizer For Bearded Irises

Planting iris bulbs in spring and now you are after quality and a smart release fertilizer for all irises varieties. Well, then espoma bulb tone is what you are looking for! The purple color of your bearded irises will be professionally enhanced by the high iron and magnesium nutrient present in this espoma bulb tone.Best Fertilizer For Bearded IrisesPremature irises bulb fall is also corrected by calcium nutrients present. Growth phase in bearded irises occur during the spring season, hence high nitrogen content to promoted lush vegetation growth was promoted. Espoma bulb tone was derived from a natural source hence making bearded irises blooms and rhizomes to be organic and pet friendly.

All the major nutrients which include nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus were blended in a single and finely procced grain, making it easier for this fertilizer to be blended with other brands. Apart from being a quality source of bearded irises feed it also has some quality weed-suppressing characteristics. After sue keep the remaining fertilizer under room temperatures and away from kids.


  • organic
  • bearded irises compatible
  • well packaged
  • easy to store


  • slow-release

2.Jobe’s Organics Bone Meal Fertilizer- Fertilizer For African Iris

To enjoy extended irises blooming ability all around the festive season select as you’re preferred fertilizer for African iris. The 2% nitrogen content ensures that is you will be propagating or planting African iris rhizomes you are guaranteed of lush green vegetation and iris plant tips growth.Fertilizer For African IrisUnlike other common irises, African iris is quite a forager hence 14% phosphate present is vital for roots establishment. By being a quality granular fertilizer your African violet will have a natural source of nitrogen for over four months? By only weighing 4 pounds you can easier fertilizer all the irises grown in hanging baskets.

The manufacturer has stated that this fertilizer is organic hence the environment and soil will not be polluted through additional hazardous hydrocarbons. Jobe’s organic nature of Jobe’s organics makes it to be 100% kids, birds, bees, and pets friendly. You can also use this fertilizer on other trees and flowers that require an increased blooming boost.


  • organic fertilizer
  • easy to use
  • less burning effect
  • finely granules


  • granulated fertilizer

3.Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula -Fertilizer For Siberian Iris

Siberian iris is hungry plants to ensure that their blue and white blooms are large enough and more conspicuous. Siberian iris is mainly grown for its long stalks therefore the high 20% nitrogen nutrient present in this fertilizer will promote strong and greener stalk formation.Fertilizer For Siberian IrisThe color of the three drooping petals in the Siberian iris will also be enhanced by the iron and magnesium nutrient present. comes as full three-pack fertilizer to ensure either when growing irises in pots, in-ground, or even in hanging baskets there will still have access to a rich source of nutrients through our dry and rainy seasons.

It should be applied either during inducing rooting in the Siberian iris or during the spring season after the fast few leaves have been formed. The non-stick nature of this fertilizer will not lower the quality of   Siberian iris leaves or blooms. The nonstick condition also helps in keeping insect and another pest away while at the same time not straining your gardening gloves.


  • nonstick
  • liquid fertilizer
  • easy application
  • quality packing bottle


  • scotches when in excess

4.Lilly Bloom Food -Fertilizer For Japanese Iris

Looking for a portion of quality food that will make   Japanese iris care after blooming to be relatively easy? Or are you just trying to induce the blooming ability of your outdoor or potted white or yellow Japanese iris?  Then this lily miller all-purpose plant feed is what you should be stocking up your yard store this season around with.Fertilizer For Japanese IrisSince the integrity of lily miller is provide fertilizer product that re free from inorganic compound hence the blooms will also be hundred percent organic and pest friendly. You can also use it as a starter fertilizer for young Japanese iris plant to induce strong roots establishment as readily available phosphorus is one of the main ingredients.

Another role of readily available phosphate in this lily miller plant food is to promote blooming and increased growth vigor. The 10% potassium nutrient present ensure that Japanese iris will not face or experience stunted growth. Leaves will also be given an enhanced green color by the slightly high magnesium percentage present.


  • Natural fertilizer
  • Free from the hazardous compound
  • Nonsticky
  • Easy to blend


  • Pricey

5.Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder-best  Miracle-Gro for irises

When it comes to inducing root or iris blooming ability Miracle-Gro for the past few decades have proved to be a mighty king. From a skilled and well-trained worker to using raw mater you cannot go wrong with this iris Miracle-Gro as your preferred iris fertilizer brand. The fertilizer is professionally packed in a military-grade container that has a responsive trigger for effective application.best  Miracle-Gro for irisesWhat kind of liquid fertilizer do outdoor and potted iris-like? Well then, this miracle-Gro is a perfect example. In case you live in areas that have a short growing season you still have your back covered as the magnesium and potassium present help in moderating the iris growth and blooming vigor. For effective results consider maintaining an application rate of 59 lbs /cu ft.

The nitrogen and phosphorus present encourages soil micro-organism growth which helps in aerating potted and in-ground iris plants soil conditions. The trigger gun featured in this container ensures that you can easily drench the fertilizer directly to your iris plant soil. The trigger gun also makes misting your iris to be possible with this miracle- gro fertilizer.


  • Organic product
  • Trigger gun
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Easy to store


  • none

6.General Flora Micro Combo Fertilizer Set -Fertilizer For Louisiana Iris

Up next find this Micro Combo Fertilizer as apart from being a 100% natural fertilizer for irises it was also found to be compatible with Louisiana iris. The liquid nature ensures that large blooms will be established effectively without being exposed to premature bulb iris fall.Fertilizer For Louisiana IrisThis Micro Combo Fertilizer was specifically designed to be compatible with all garden and potted plants hence a positive point to indoor iris enthusiasts. Root rotting will also be professionally solved as the 1$% amount of available phosphorus will be responsible for strong roots establishment.

The magnesium present ensures that the yellowing of Siberian iris leaves and stem will be moderated effectively. The high calcium present in also makes General Flora be an outstanding fertilizer for iris blooms as premature iris bulb fall will be 100% eliminated. Iris blooms color either white, yellow, or even purple will be detailed enough by the high magnesium and iron nutrient present in considerably low amounts.


  • Low nitrogen
  • Promotes roots development
  • tips development
  • Induces blooming


  • None

7.Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom -Low Nitrogen Fertilizer For Dutch irises

One of the major reason as to why iris need fertilizer brands with slightly low nitrogen is to prevent excessive lush vegetation development and promote health and more blooms. The low nitrogen nutrient percentages in Big Bloom feed is can also be a 100% efficient fertilizer for iris bulbs, as strong roots will be established efficiently.Low Nitrogen Fertilizer For Dutch irisesPotted Dutch iris have also been found to be slightly heavy forager hence Big Bloom being an all-purpose will be enough to feed this plant will all the necessary nutrients. Since this iris feed comes a complete combo consider using the Big Bloom during planting and blooming season. Just before blooming Tiger Bloom ensures that your iris buds size will be adequately moderated.

Either you will be fertilizing young, iris cutting, or even growing iris from seeds the 10% readily available phosphate nutrient present will be responsible for inducing and strong roots establishments. The high potassium nutrient present ensures that iris blooms, buds, and flowers will be kept away from freezing there allowing even batter and attractive blooms to emerge during winter and late spring.


  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use
  • Low nitrogen
  • Boost blooming


  • Slightly expensive


We made sure that all the fertilizer brands have a reasonable amount of all the NPK fertilizer nutrients such as phosphorus to ensure that your iris will be large sized. With nelson plant food taking our editors to pick. The high amount of nitrogen present in nelson plant food ensures moderate lush vegetation and root growth.

The fertilizer that made it to our runners up position was found to be a miracle-gro garden feeder as apart from being an organic fertilizer it is easy to formulate. A quality trigger lock that allows you to handle this liquid feed with one hand was featured. Lastly, the three sprayer technology featured in these containers allow you to enjoy a jet, shower, and flat irises fertilizer spray patterns




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