7 Best Fertilizer For Guava Trees 2022 Reviewed

Fertilizing guava trees today has turned to be a tiring task especially if you are not familiar with the best fertilizer for guava trees. Since guava tree is hungry plans tana all-purpose fertilizer is highly recommended. Jobe’s Organics was our guava trees Fertilizer editors pick.

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Fertilizer for guava tree NPK ration should be 6N%-6P%-2K% or the. To ensure that you will have increased fruit product the best time to fertilizer guava trees is during planting, flowering in spring, propagation either from seed or cuttings or during fruit formation.

Below find our guava tree fertilizer review.

Reviews: Best Fertilizer For Guava Trees 2022 Reviewed

1.Jobe’s OrganicsBest Organic Fertilizer For Guava Trees

When feeding guava trees organically Jobe’s Organics is the king as no inorganic addictive’s were added by the manufacturer. It can also be used as general fertilizer for the guava tree as the nutrient content are well balanced  to increase sweetness of guava fruit.

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Rapid guava tree green-up is one of the major roles of the high amount of ammonia and urea nitrogen, which are among the major ingredients of this Jobe’s Organics.

Guava tree leaves expansion which aids in larger fruit formation and more blooms are also boosted by the urea nitrogen which is among the dominant Jobe’s Organics ingredients.by being a complete micronutrient package, Jobe’s organics are therefore compatible with both potted and in-ground guava trees.

All three major plant nutrients, which include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, were featured in equal percentages. Guava trees will not be exposed to the scorching effect as nitrogen nutrient was not featured in excess.

The high amount of potassium present in Jobe’s Organics is designed to protect your guava fruits from premature fall. The organic nature of Jobe’s Organics ensures that guava tree fruits are pets and kids friendly.

  • Boost big fruits
  • Soluble in water
  • Induces root formation
  • Quick growth
  • Granulated

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2.Terminator Rzf10100, 10 L Fertilizer Nutrient– Liquid Fertilizer For Guava Plant

We featured Terminator as our preferred fertilizer for guava plant as the liquid nature allows you can use it as soil fertilizer thorough drenching. By being a guava tree liquid-based fertilizer Terminator can also be used as a guava plant foliar feed. 25%   of all the nitrogen present is a smart or controlled release which ensures that as a single formulation.Liquid Fertilizer For Guava Plant

Additionally, Terminator is packed in a military-grade container which makes storage to be much easier. To ensure that guava plants will enjoy the full efficiency of this fertilizer consider using it early in the monitoring or late in the evening after a serious guava tree watering schedule.

Also, the high calcium present in ensuring that either a young or well-established guava tree will have a better ability to manage the overall plant stress. Guava tree leaves drying up condition will also be improved by the 1% chelated Iron (Fe) present in Terminator liquid fertilizer.

  • Pet safe
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Induces root development
  • Liquid fertilizer.

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3.Espoma HT18 Holly Tone– 6-6-6-2 Fertilizer For Pineapple Guava Trees

Espoma HT18 Holly is another premium yet effective Guava Trees 6-6-6-2 Fertilizer currently available on the market today. It ensures that growing pineapple guava in containers will be easy to achieve as it has both fertilizer and weed smoother characteristics. High Sulfur nutrient content that was featured in this espoma salt ensures that the guava trees pineapple flavor will be enhanced accordingly.Fertilizer For Pineapple Guava Trees

The Sulphur present also ensures that yellowing condition in Pineapple Guava Trees is timely corrected. High calcium nutrient present in this 6-6-6-2 Fertilizer holy tone from espoma controlled premature Pineapple Guava Trees leaf fall, hence ensuring that your guava tree will produce more fruits. The organic nature of the espoma holy tone promotes soil microbes and micro-organism growth.

Additionally, magnesium nutrient, which was also featured in the general formula of this  6-6-6-2 Fertilizer holy tone ensures that yellowing condition on pineapple trees leaf veins is also timely controlled. High Sulphur nutrient content ensures that the overall soil PH for potted our in-ground pineapple tree is positively moderated.

  • Soluble in water
  • Increase fruit size
  • Moderates soil PH
  • Soil, foliar application compatible
  • Epsom salt

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4.Down To Earth All Natural 4-2-4 Fertilizer-Fertilizer For Guava Seedlings

Forth on our list find Down To Earth plant food which comes with an overall guava tree NPK ratio of 4%N-2%P-4%K. the numbers represent the individual percentage of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium nutrient respectively. The 4% potassium and 2% phosphorus present promote roots establishment in young guava trees hence our editor’s fertilizer for guava seedlings pick.Fertilizer For Guava Seedlings

With only 2% of the total nutrients present in this Down To Earth being phosphorus your potted guava trees strong and deep root growth will also be promoted. Magnesium which is one of the major fertilizer requirements guavas was also featured to professionally protect guava tree seedling from chlorosis which is simply the formation of yellow stripes.

Water-soluble nature of Down To Earth allows being either used as soil or as a drenching fertilizer for guava trees. A moderate amount of nitrogen ensures that guava tree roots and leaves will remain to be free from the burning effect which results to root rot and premature leaf fall. by being a 100% organic-based fertilizer, the resulting guava fruits will also be from inorganic based or cancer-causing compounds.

  • Enhances guava flavor
  • Induces rooting
  • Water-soluble
  • Solves chlorosis
  • Granulated

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5.Botanicare HGC732115 Cal-Mag Plus-Best Foliar Fertilizer For Guava

Foliar feeding is highly recommended, as apart from offering a wide array of the nutrient also it ensures that mature or young guava tree immunity is also boosted. With calcium being on the major ingredients of Botanicare premature guava leaves and fruit fall is professionally solved.Best Foliar Fertilizer For Guava

1.9% amount of organic nitrogen that was formulated is responsible for promoting vegetative and strong branches establishment. The slightly high amounts of iron that were formulated in the overall formula of Botanicare Plus ensures that your guava tree and fruits are free from being prone to disease such as blooms fruit end rot.

Additionally, Botanicare nutrient ingredients re well balanced and all readily available for the update by roots when used as a soil fertilizer. Secondly, when Botanicare is used as foliar fertilizer nutrient update through leaves is also made possible as Botanicare is a quality liquid-based fertilizer for all guava trees verities.

  • Easy to use
  • Liquid-based
  • High calcium
  • Promotes blooming
  • Foliar fertilizer

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6.Emerald Triangle G 10 Gallon-Fertilizer For Strawberry Guava

What kind of fertilizer is best for strawberry guava varieties? Well, then the high amount of iron and potassium present in Emerald Triangle G 10 Gallon ensure that the strawberry flavor in guava tree fruits is professionally enhanced. 1% chelated Iron (Fe) that was added to ensure that the green color of the guava plant will be professionally enhanced.

Additionally the non-stick of Emerald Triangle premium feed also ensure that guava fruit quality is not negatively influenced. The liquid nature of this strawberry guava tree feed makes to be slightly easy to blend either with fungicide or insects.

In case you will be growing strawberry guava in pots Emerald Triangle has to recommend strawberry guava tree nutrients that are capable of promoting both root and blooming. A high amount of nitrogen present makes it easy for you to grow guava tree faster as it promotes lush vegetation growth.

  • Organic-based
  • Well packaged
  • Soluble in water
  • Moderates soil PH
  • Weighs 8.85 pounds

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7.Fruit&Berry Food 4lb-Good Fertilizer For Guava

Looking for a quality guava tree feed which apart from promoting strong root development and lush vegetation growth can increase guava fruit size? Well, Fruit&Berry Food 4lb is a quality liquid and a smart release based fertilizer for guavas worth giving a try.

We featured it as a good fertilizer for guava as a high amount of calcium present promote the overall guava tree health.by being an all-purpose guava tree fertilizer the blooming and fruiting ability of guava trees will also be extended. High iron amount help in enhancing guava tree leaves and fruits color.

3% phosphorus nutrient present ensures that either you will be growing guava tree in pots or in-ground strong roots establishment will also be boosted. Readily available potassium and phosphorus nutrient present ensure both blooms and flowering in guava trees respectively.

  • Soil sweetening ingredient
  • Readily available nutrient source
  • Moderated soil pH
  • Straightforward application
  • Scotches in excess

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The organic nature Jobe’s Organics was our editor’s picks as its nutrient content is well balanced keeping guava tree roots and leaves from scorching effect. Jobe’s Organics also has a high amount of magnesium to ensure that large size guava trees will be formed. Premature guava fruits fall will also be taken care of by the high calcium nutrient present.

Guava tree runners up on our list were found to be the Espoma Organic 3-2-3 as it is free from cancer-causing inorganic compound traces. From the NPK guava tree fertilizer formulation, 3% Nitrogen nutrient which is slightly high when compared to the 2% phosphorus nutrient present is responsible for lush vegetation and buds development. All other fertilizer brands featured in our review are equally effective.


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