7 Best Fertilizer For Dogwood Trees 2022

Whether you are looking for a way how to revive dogwood trees or for better dogwood tee care practices, getting the best fertilizer for dogwood trees will help to make that process more enjoyable.Best Fertilizer For Dogwood trees

By dogwood trees being a major ornamental plant you should consider providing it with all the nutrient requirements if you are planning to keep it flowering in spring, winter or even summer.

Fertilizers for dogwood trees should have a fertilizer ration of 12-4-8 fertilizer if your growing media have high nitrogen content.

In case you will be growing dogwood trees in low nitrogen soil the 16-4-8 fertilizer ration will work great.

Let’s jump to our review!

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Dogwood trees 2022

1.Pro Trust Dogwood Tree and Shrub Prof All-Purpose Fertilizer Review

In case you find out that you have a dogwood tree with its leaves turning red consider using Pro Tree Prof Fertilizer as it is an all-purpose fertilizer for the tree.

Best Fertilizer For Dogwood trees
All-purpose fertilizer Dogwood trees

Pro Tree Prof Fertilizer comes with high nitrogen content so as to facilitate the development of new foliage.You might also have discovered that your newly planted dogwood leaves are turning red, this is due to poor root development.

The phosphorus present in this fertilizer promotes strong roots development ability in dogwood trees hence taking care of the leaves which are turning red.

The fertilizer should be applied near the   roots of the dogwood tree but not on the roots, this option prevents roots scotching which might result in roots rot.

So as to keep your dogwoods blooming every other year Pro Tree Prof Fertilizer ensures that attractive bloom bracts will develop.  In case you flower bed or shrubs in your lawn or property you can still use this Pro Tree Prof Fertilizer

  • Pots friendly
  • Promotes blooming
  • Prevents root rot
  • Easy to apply
  • Cost more

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2.Bonide 099 40-Ounce Ready To Use Wilt Stop Dogwood Trees Protector

Second, on our list is this Bonide Wilt Plant Protector it will keep your dogwood tree from wilting. Wilting in dogwood tree is as result of borers attach but using this Bolide Wilt Plant Protector   will palsy the roles  of both pesticides and herbicides thus keeping your tree healthy .Best Fertilizer For Dogwood treeswhen transplanting this your trees this fertilizer also plays a huge role in ensuring that the process with being 100% successful.

Using this fertilizer will also keep your plant through even the cruelest winter. Bonide Wilt Plant Protector ensures the microbes present in your soil will break most of the soil nutrients making them be available to your dogwood tree.

Nutrient leaching and water holding capacity will also be positively influenced by using Bonide Wilt Plant Protector as your preferred dogwood tree fertilizer. Consider using all the Bonide Wilt Plant Protector after 2 to 3 days after you have broken the seal of the product to enhance its performance.

  • dogwood tree  are pest  free
  • Keeps your tree healthy
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves bloom quality
  • Causes scotching when used in excess

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3.Tree Fertilizer, Tree Secret 64oz, Save Your Dying Tree – Best Liquid Fertilizer For A Dogwood Tree Review 

Tree Secret 64oz comes with a natural blend of 60 natural ingredients which are professionally fermented to give an ousting nutrient cluster.The nitrogen offered the 60 natural ingredients ensures that the growth rate of your dogwood tree will be boosted.

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The nitrogen present also ensures that your tree will only take a short time to green up quickly.Tree Secret 64oz contains and natural mix of organic compounds which include organic carbon which is 100% bio-degradable hence pets and kids friendly.

Consortia of microbes that are beneficial definitely organic ensure that the growth rate of your dogwood tree is promoted.

The mode of action of this Tree Secret 64oz is very amazing as it provides your soils with finely fixed carbon to optimize the chemical and physical properties of your soil.

The whole process promotes solubilization and mobilization of the entire nutrient, making them to be readily available to your dogwood trees.

For best results, such as a complete dogwood immune system and also to keep your dogwood tree from pests and diseases, avoid keeping the fertilizer pellets on the soil surface. For efficiency, consider using all the packet fertilizer content 3 to 4 days after breaking the seal.

  • Easy to use
  • Organic product
  • Promotes strong root development
  • Easily available
  • No description

4.A.M. Leonard Tree Planting 20-10-5 –Best Slow Release Dogwood Trees Tablet Fertilizer Review 

Up next find the tree planting tablets fertilizer for dogwood trees. We featured this fertilizer as it is a slow release machine from all the nutrients required by this fertilizer.

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 This fertilizer is carted to allow stronger and healthier dogwood tree growth. Since it is slow-release fertilizer less work is needed as you will only have to apply the fertilizer once.

After applying the fertilizer nutrients of this slow-release fertilizer are only available when dogwood trees need them the most. Reduces moisture loss from your young dogwood tree or well established is also protected by this Leonard Tree Planting fertilizer.

For best results, it is recommended that Leonard Tree fertilizer should be used either early in the morning or late in the evening. The nitrogen present in this ensures the vegetative growth of your dog wood tree plant will be promoted.

  • Compatible with container planted tree
  • Scientifically safe
  • Slow-release plant nutrition
  • Promotes stronger root development
  • Weighs 23.1 pounds

5.Claymend Improve Your Clay Soil 16 Oz-Best Fertilizer For Dogwood In Clay Soil

Planting dogwood trees in clay soils can turn out to be a hard task as you will be required to improve the drainage and nutrient content of clay soil. Consider using Claymend Clay Soil 16 Oz product before and after planting your trees.After a week of using this Claymend Clay Soil 16 Oz, you will enjoy flush vegetative growth and stronger dogwood tree roots establishments.

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With just a 16 ouches full bottle you can cater for appropriately 5445 square feet with just a rate of 2 applications to three in a single year. Apart from giving your tree healthy physical growth, this fertilizer keeps your dogwood baby tree from borers which are the major threats to all dogwood trees varies. Your tree will also be 100%  protect from diseases.

The organic matter present in this fertilizer ensures that your soil structure will be improved, thus making nutrients to be easily available to dogwood trees roots. For best results, apply when sowing or around the tree roots formation line.

  • Easy to use
  • Promotes roots formation
  • Safe for family
  • Improves soil
  • Affected by direct sunlight

6.Treehelp Tree Manganese Spikes Best Fertilizer For A Dogwood Tree

We featured this product to ensure that your soil is provided with enough Manganese. The nutrient manganese present ensures that the dogwood tree will carry out photosynthesis effective thus allowing the tree to have an increased growth rate hence our best fertilizer for a dogwood tree.

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Strong dogwood tree root development is also promoted by the manganese nutrient that is supplied by this TreeHelp Tree fertilizer. Proper flower developments are also promoted by this TreeHelp Tree fertilizer, as the manganese present promotes pollen tube growth and development.

The trees will also be protected or from the Dogwood anthracnose disease, which is a vital threat to a dogwood tree. Dogwood trees that have curled leaves will also benefit from the manganese nutrient present.

The slow-release nature of this tree helps fertilizer ensure that either a young or established tree will benefit from this fertilizer for a longer period. If you have dogwood tree leaves turning yellow, this tree help fertilizer will also help to correct the disorder as manganese is present in bulk.

  • Slow-release
  • Easy to apply
  • Promotes strong roots
  • Promotes flowering
  • Slight expensive

7.Liquinox 0-10-10 Bloom, 1 Gallon- Good Fertilizer For Dogwood Trees Review

Looking for a better way to give your dogwood tree the drake green leaf appearance well then this Liquinox 0-10-10 Bloom fertilizer might be a perfect solution to your entire dogwood trees fertilizer problem.

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This fertilizer has zero nutrient content so as to promote the better blooming ability of your dogwood tree.Reduced nitrogen content ensures that the tree will have slow vegetative growth so as to promote the formation of fruits berries or flowers in a professional way.

The active ingredients in this fertilizer include phosphate which is responsible for promoting easily maturing or dogwood trees you are after the wood.

In case you are looking for ways to increase the bush size of a dogwood tree. The phosphate present in this Liquinox 0-10-10 Bloom will increase the rate and intensity of the cell division process leading to attractive bushes.

We found Liquinox 0-10-10 Bloom as a good fertilizer for dogwood trees as the potash present promotes soil bacteria which ensures that soil structure is improved. Since the potash is easily absorbed by the dogwood tree expect to enjoy better flowering and stronger root establishment. In case you have dogwood varieties that have berries potash present also promotes berries formation.

  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Pet friendly
  • Quick results
  • Liquid fertilizer

How To Select The Best Fertilizer For Dogwood Tree

There are hundreds of fertilizer brands on the market that are compatible with dogwood trees but landing a fertilizer brand that is high performing and 100% free from casino genic or inorganic compounds are not easy. In a shopping hurry this Tree Fertilizer, Tree Secret 64oz should work well with all dog wood tree varieties.

Consider going for quick acting fertilizers so that you can have amazing results more quickly. The NPK rations should also be a major factor to consider that is you are looking for quick acting dogwood tree food. NPK ration in a fertilizer they dictate the overall nutrient content of the dog wood tree feed you have picked. Below, find our detailed dogwood trees fertilizer buyers guide.

Soil Type      

Finding a quality fertilizer that is compatible with the dog wood tree is a key factor that ensures the wellbeing of your dogwood trees all year round. But, what most gardeners and home owner forget is that soils or planting media on which you have grown your dogwood trees dictate what fertilizer you should be the pick.

Consider picking soil testing kit that will help you to know the nutriment requirements of your soil. Having your soil tested will allow you to be more specific when picking or checking out dogwood trees. We did all the soil testing and doing a complete soil  nutrients analysis, later on , we specifically picked  quality fertilizers brands for dogwood  trees for all the soil types, below.

Dogwood Trees Variety

Dog wood trees can remain attractive either during autumn or spring. As they are available only in the two groups which are 100% distinct. You find that some dogwood trees have large ornamental berries hence different fertilizer requirements with dogwood trees that have pretty flower bracts to be different.

You will definitely need to extend the blooming ability of the dog wood trees variety that has amazing flower bract during your festive seasons. Hence using fertilizers such as will give your amazing blooms all around the season.

The other reason as to why tree variety dictates what type of fertilizer to pick is the dogwood variety that has amazing vivid coloured stems that are only visible in winter, hence different fertilizer requirements as extending the coloured stem is an added advantage , as it adds a  manicured  landscaping touch to your property.

Consider being familiar with the variety of your dogwood tree, as they have different nutrient s requirements. There are dogwood trees that are 100% with winter weather while there are other varieties that will only survive during the spring.

What Kind Of Fertilizer For Dogwood Trees

The mount of fertilizer you will need to feed your dogwood treesalso dictates the type and brand of fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer needed by dogwood treesdepend on the diameter of the tree. Consider using organic tea based fertilizer on your dogwood treesas it will not scotch the roots leading to root rots and eventually tree death.

If you are looking for dogwood trees fertilizer for small trees which should be 12 to 24 inches tall, then during March and July maintaining a one level tablespoonful is enough to keep your trees alive.

For larger trees or established trees which are definitely 4 feet above ground level consider maintaining a ½ pound of 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 fertilizer rate. The rate should specifically be per inch of dogwood trees trunk diameter .the first fertilizing cycle should be during the match and later on the second cycle which begins early July is 100% adequate to promote healthy dogwood trees growth rate.

How To Apply Fertilizer To Dogwood Tree?

Beyond the drip line of dogwood, trees foliage introduces your fertilizer to this area, as the roots of the established tree have a tendency of extending to these areas. Applying fertilizer to dog wood trees may sound like it is a simple task, but there is a lot more than just applying.

You are required to keep a track record of when you will fertilize your dogwood trees and when next you should carry out the process gain. Have your record ready and you are good to fertilizer your dogwood trees.

When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Dogwood Trees

In case you are wondering how often to fertilize dogwood trees, then consider applying the right fertilizer during the match and later on during the month of July. During the match, you can supply 12-4-8 fertilizer to your dog wood tree as it has low nitrogen supply hence it with promoting less vegetative growth.

In July consider using 16-4-8 fertilizer as encouraging vegetative growth to ensure that dogwood bract is supplemented by the flush vegetative growth. Avoid applying fertilizer near the trunk of the tree. In case you are wondering what is the best time to fertilizer your dogwood trees is during spring and three months after the spring season.

How To Revive A Dogwood Tree

In order for you to revive your dog wood tree successfully, consider being familiar with your soil nutrient requirement. Consider going for a fertilizer that is compatible with your soil type. You can self-test your soil by using this kit

Consider   also controlling Dogwood anthracnose by using Southern AG Insecticides Liquid Copper Fungicide. Dogwood anthracnose is one of the major diseases which attack dogwood trees. Using this Fertilome 8 Oz Borer, Bagworm, Tent Caterpillar & Leafminer Spray will help in controlling dogwood borer. It will also make the process of reviving your tree to be much more enjoyable


For better results consider supplying your dogwood trees with the right fertilizer timely so to ensure that you will enjoy amazing bloom during the spring season. Due to the delicate flower-like bracts dogwood trees are capable of offering you amazing color berries and unforgettable festive displays. Remember that these trees are deciduous trees and so as to make sure they are able to live up to offer amazing displays

Another reason as to why you should consider feeding your dogwood trees timely is to avoid new growth or just an extra flush of vegetative growth. Consider going for a fertilizer brand that is purely organic so as to keep your dogwood trees safe to both kids and pets. For best floral displays dogwood trees should be fertilized during the spring season.



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