7 Best Fertilizer For Clover Food Plot 2022 Reviewed

In summary: Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed was our best fertilizer for the clover food plot. With a close competition from Schultz Plant Shine Leaf Polish, as it took our runners up position. Both fertilizers promote blooming and also improves clover disease resistance while in a food plot.Best Fertilizer For Clover Food Plot

Fertilizer for clover should have an overall NPK ratio of 0-20-20. Where the individual ration numbers represent the actual percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrients present in the fertilizer. Below find our detailed review on top clover feed available on the market.

Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Clover Food Plots In In 2022 Reviewed

1.Miracle Clover Food Plots 10 10 10 Fertilizer.

Coming from a company that has perfected the art of clover feed manufacturing find Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed as our top product. It comes with a slightly high amount of potassium nutrients content. As a result, when growing clover in a food plot located in an area with extremely high temperatures both stress and frequent clover watering desires are moderated.Best Fertilizer For Clover Food Plots

Additionally, magnesium which plays a huge role in improving the overall clover health was added in the right amount. What is more amazing about this Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed is has an improved ability to provide clover food plots with a sufficient source of nutrient for up to three full months.

The calcium that was featured is equally effective as it allows the over disease-resistant ability to cover plants to be moderated. The manufacturer also featured a wide variety of organic micronutrients. As a result, both the flower and plant are 100% GMO-free making then to be pet and kids friendly.

  • Promotes root growth.
  • GMO-free
  • Easy application
  • Improve disease resistance
  • Liquid feed

2.Osmocote 277960 Smart-Release Clover And Dandelions Plant Food.

Up next find a commercial-grade smart release plant from Osmocote.it is 100% organically plant food as all the raw materials were organically acquired. The high potassium present ensures that clover flavor is enhanced. The high nitrogen nutrient that was featured ensures the green color of clover leaves is adequately enhanced.best fertilizer for Clover And Dandelions

Additionally, this Osmocote smart fertilizer is enough to feed your clovers for approximately four-month .as a result, no need for a second clover food plot fertilization schedule being required.

What is more amazing about this Osmocote plant fertilizer is that it has a high amount of phosphorus nutrients. Since both clovers and dandelions, the percentage of potassium and phosphors made this fertilizer to be compatible with the two plants.

As a result, either when growing clover in rocky or clay soil food plots you will strong roost and increased vegetation growth is professionally promoted.it is also an all-purpose pant food as it can be used as foliar fertilizer by thoroughly mixing it with irrigation water. Similarly, when used as a granular fertilizer it is equally effective.

  • Easy application
  • Enhanced root growth
  • Promote blooming
  • Enhances disease resistance
  • Granular fertilizer

3.Charlie’s Compost 10lb.

Charlie’s Compost which comes in a package of 10lb is entirely an organic granular clover food plot fertilizer. What is more amazing is that it is an anion burning plant feed that is compatible with both your and well-established clovers in the food plot.

The high phosphorus nutrient feature is responsible for enhancing deep clover roots establishment. When applied in late fall, Charlie compost ensures that extreme winter temperatures are effectively controlled.

Chicken manure which among the main ingredient featured in this compost ensure that water loss from your clover food plots is professionally moderated.

For equal and enjoyable results this Charlie compost can be used to feed other houses or food plot plants. Amazingly, this 10lb compost is 100% free from pest attach and weed.it has an improved ability to smother all the weeds growing in a clover food plot.

  • Organic
  • Easy application
  • Smoothers weed
  • Promotes blooming
  • Weighs 28 pounds

4.Espoma clover  Plant Food.

Consider applying Espoma fertilizer just before spring. If you are wondering what time of year do deer eat clover? Then consider formulating this fertilize immediately after winter, as clover should be ready at the beginning of spring.it is also easily soluble in water. As a result, can be used as a granular and also as a liquid fertilizer when thoroughly mixed with water.

With an overall, 15 essential major and minor micronutrient Espoma salt is compatible with all food plot plants. All the nutrients that were featured in this fertilizer are all organic hence it allows this environmentally safe. Comes with commercial-grade wrapping which ensures that the reaming fertilizer can easily be for late use.

As a result, the resulting clover is 100% GMO-free and deer friendly. A high amount of calcium nutrient calcium (Ca) ensures that early cloverleaf and bloom fall have been moderated. Equally important is that the manufacturers featured a slightly high amount of iron in the overall formula of this product to enhance both the green color and clover flavor.

  • Soluble in water
  • Organic
  • No burning effect
  • Decently priced
  • Granular fertilizer

5.Schultz Red Clover Shine Leaf Polish.

Thinking of fertilizer a red clover food plot which is 100% infested by weeds and grass? Well then, find this Schultz Plant Shine Leaf Polish as it was our preferred best fertilizer for grass with clover.it is a liquid fertilizer. As a result, it is a better performer as when compared to other red clover food plots granular fertilizers.

It comes with a commercial-grade sprayer bottle which allows us to selectively fertilize all the clover in a food plot leaving out all the grass unfertilized. Uniquely, no oils were added in this liquid fertilizer. Therefore, it is 100% non-sticky fertilizer leading to the production of quality dear food all-round the season.

Another amazing feature is that it is an a100% Water-based.as a result you can easily automate your clover food plots by using irrigation drips.by also being liquid-based clover food fertilizer can also be applied together with irrigation water as it dissolves in irrigation water to form a uniform mixture.

  • Promotes roost growth
  • Boosts blooming
  • Water-based
  • Increase disease resistance
  • contain no oils

6.Dr. Earth All Purpose Durana Clover Liquid Fertilizer .

Up next find All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer and a 100% rich potassium clover foot plot feed from Dr. Earth. To ensure that is effective for every 1000 ft2 consider maintaining a fertilizer application rate of 2 lb K2O. Durana clover is heavy feeders, as a result, the liquid nature of this fertilizer provides it with all the necessary nutrient for both growth and roost formation.

By being a 100% liquid fertilizer you can easily integrate a technology-based fertilizer application method in your clover food plot. As a result, Dr. Earth was our overall best fertilizer for durana clover currently on the market. A moderate nitrogen nutrient was added to ensure that the yellowing of clover leaves is adequately protected.

The high amount of potassium ensures that both clover disease and harsh weather resistance are professionally boosted. Stunted growth in your clover foot post is professionally taken care of by the high phosphorus nutrient present. Nitrogen present in this clover food feed comes in NO3, which is readily available for uptake by plants.

  • Easy to use
  • Improve maturity
  • Promotes rooting
  • Long life
  • Liquid-based

7.20 20 20 Fertilizer Is An All-Purpose Clover Food Plot Plant Food.

The last product on our list goes to an all-purpose clover food plot fertilizer with 20 20 20 as the NPK clover fertilizer ration. With nitrogen nutrients taking up 20% of the total ingredients, it has an improved ability to promote increased vegetative growth vigor. Additionally, the 20 % potassium ingredient present promotes the formation of large clover plant size.

The bio-formula fertilizer technology ensures that increases red clover vegetative ability and growth vigor is positively modified. Because of high phosphorus nutrient featured strong and easily clover roost establishment is promoted. A small amount of forest soil was added in this fertilizer to ensure that soil microbes will be introduced to your clover food plot.

Similarly, the 20% present apart from improving the overall red or white clover plant health also ensures overall plant stress is professionally moderated. A quality military grade plastic material was used to design the container of this fertilizer. As a result, storing or even transporting this fertilizer is slightly easy and achievable.

  • Effective
  • Promotes disease resistance
  • Boots roost¬† growth
  • improves maturation
  • all-purpose fertilizer


Whether you are new to clover food plots, or just preparing your dear clover food plots for spring, an all-purpose fertilizer is worth giving a try. the miracle which is a 10 10 10 Fertilize was our editors pick of best fertilizer for clover food plot.it was picked based on effectiveness and ease of application.

For quick results consider reading and understanding manufacturers’ instructions of your preferred clover food plot feed. All the products on this list are all pets and kids friendly as we only featured organic-based fertilizers currently on the market. Additionally, all the fertilizer brands on this list have a less burning effect. In a clover food plot, fertilizer shopping hurry check out the editors pick here.


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