7 Best Fertilizer For Ash Trees In 2024

Growing ash trees can be an arduous task. However, with the best fertilizer for ash trees, it becomes much more manageable. There are many fertilizers to choose from, so how do you select the best one? The two brands with   3-1-2 or 10-10-10 or 3-1-1 fertilizer ratio.  are excellent because they contain all the nutrients that ash trees need to thrive. Homemade ash tree fertilizer is also a good idea if you have time and energy to spare!

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In  this guide, expect to learn.

 What Are Ash Trees?

Featuring a variety of colors, ash trees are best known for their white or grey bark. Their leaves can be green or red, and they prefer moist soil in full sun to partial shade. They have compound leaves with serrated edges and grow from 50 to 70 feet tall when fully mature. Ash trees often produce winged seeds that germinate best when exposed to the wind.

What Is the Best Fertilizer For Ash Trees?

The best fertilizer for ash trees depends on how much you want to spend and what kind of preference you have for your plants. The more money you will pay, typically, the less risk there will be that it won’t work well since these fertilizers have a proven track record.

If you are looking for something cheap, the best fertilizer for ash trees is 10-20-30, which can be found at your local nursery or hardware store. This type of ash tree fertilizer works best when freshly applied to soil and if it’s not too hot outside as well as during the.

Why Is It Important To Fertilize Ash Trees?

Fertilizer can help improve the health of your tree and allow it to grow correctly. Fertilizing is not always required, but knowing which type of fertilizer best suits your needs might confuse if you choose to fertilize. Generally speaking, organic matter makes excellent composting material that can enhance your best fertilizer for ash trees.

How Do You Fertilize An Ash Tree?

There are several ways to best apply the best fertilizer for ash trees, and one method is to work it into the soil around the base of your tree with the best fertilizer for ash trees.

Is Best Fertilizer For Ash Trees Harmful To The Tree?

No, the best fertilizer for ash trees is beneficial and will not harm your tree if appropriately applied. Consider going for a fertilizer brand that, other than feeding ash trees, can also prevent diseases like anthracnose, crown rot, and verticillium wilt.

Types Of Fertilizer For Ash Trees

Organic ash tree fertilizer should be added to your maple trees twice a year: once in early spring and mid-late summer. We found the and the as the best overall Organic Fertilizer for  Ash Tree.

Organic and slow-release fertilizers will help provide any missing nutrients to the soil and keep it healthy by preventing common problems such as nutrient lockout, which crops often suffer from when they don’t get enough nutrients.

Organic matter can hold onto those good minerals for a much more extended period than inorganic fertilizer brands that tend to be cheaper as they are generic. Organic matter such as Wiggle Worm Soil Builder is the best option for fertilizing old and newly planted ash trees and shrubs, but other types of ash trees fertilizers work well.

Liquid Ash Tree Fertilizer

In addition, there is also Liquid ash tree fertilizer such as the and the. Liquid fertilizer for ash trees is easy to use and 100% as effective as other brands. Even more interesting is that it is easier to technologize the ash tree fertilization process when using liquid fertilizers through Drones and ATV boom sprayers.

For example, 10 10 10 fertilizer such as Southern Ag and homemade fertilizer such as  Dr. Earth both be effective options for fertilizing young and mature ash trees as long as you follow the directions closely.

Spikes/Granular Ash Tree Fertilizer

Are you looking to get the best tree care for your ash trees? Spikes or granular ash tree fertilizer may be the answer. Spikes are small, 1 to 2-inch-long dowels that contain slow-release fertilizers and other ingredients designed specifically for ash trees. As a result,  was the best spike fertilizer for ash tree while on the other hand was the editors pick of top-rated ash tree fertilizer.

Spikes are nailed securely at 6- to 12-inch intervals around each trunk of an ash tree approximately one foot from the ground. Points allow all tree parts, including the root system, to quickly receive a steady supply of nutrients throughout the growing season.

The most common spikes have a high percentage of nitrogen in them, so they can help with good greening and stimulate new growth in an otherwise healthy ash tree. Points are most often used on young, newly transplanted ash trees and for mature ash trees.

Spikes can also be used in all stages of life for ash trees to maintain the health and beauty of plants. Spikes are practical tools in preventing damage from insects such as emerald ash borers. Spikes are essential tools in a comprehensive plan to save various healthy ash trees in your property from infestation by harmful emerald ash borers!

Water Soluble Ash Tree Fertilizer

Water-soluble ash tree fertilizer is an easy way to help treat ash trees when they aren’t healthy to keep them alive and thriving in their environment. Water-soluble ash tree fertilizer will be applied with water, so you will need a garden hose that can break up the chemicals into smaller parts to treat the ash tree to work effectively.

However, use Water-soluble fertilizer treatments application only when needed by your ash trees. This is because even if the leaves look like they lack nutrients, water-soluble ash tree fertilizer treatments can sometimes make things worse instead of making things better.

Also, it is good to note that springtime or fall is the best time to apply a water-soluble fertilizer treatment on a young or mature ash tree.  We found the  Premium2.5 lb. Container and Fertilome 20-20-20 All Purpose were the best general water-soluble fertilizer for ash trees on the market today.

  1. When Should You Fertilize Your Ash Tree

The best time to feed an ash tree is in the early spring, just as growth starts. Fertilizing during these periods will help promote new growth and prevent any deficiencies that might deter growth the entire year or cause stress to your trees.

Fertilization should be done every month during the growing season (March-October) for best results. Moreover, to ensure that your ash trees are healthy throughout the year, consider adopting a consistent fertilizer application schedule.[table id=17 /]

Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Ash Trees 2024

1. Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Plant  Ash Tree 12 Spikes/Pack  Fertilizer Review

At the top of our list, find A Miracle-Gro product as the best spikes fertilizer for the ash tree, your guarantee for a lush and healthy landscape with vibrant colors of all ash tree varieties. In addition, Miracle-Gro is highly concentrated for use on acid-loving plants such as evergreens ash trees.

 Best Fertilizer For Ash Trees In  2024 View on Amazon

Our plant spikes release nutrients directly into the ash tree root zone, making it easy to fertilize your trees and shrubs every season to promote vigorous growth draped in vibrant green foliage all year long.

Our tree and shrub fertilizer have natural ingredients derived from ferrous citrate that provides a high systemic effect that works without showing toxicity, so you can feel confident in what we’ve done. Due to this reason,  Miracle-Gro ash trees fertilizer spikes are both kids, pets, and eco-friendly.

Moreover,  has This 7.315%  of the total ingredients are Iron (Fe). Due to this reason, Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub ash tree Spikes fertilizer promotes the formation of strong and healthy roots.

Lastly, it would help if you were thanking Miracle-Gro. It features a ready-to-use and effective formula with less hassle than traditional products requiring mixing up solutions or dealing with toxic ingredients when determining the most appropriate ash tree fertilizer ratio.

Why We Chose It
  • Ready to use formula
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy application
  • Ready to use formula
  • Pets and kids friendly
  • Improves roots development
What We Dislike
  • Spikes fertilizer

2. Botanicare HGC732110 Cal-Mag Plus, A Calcium Use As A Spray, 2-0-0 NPK review

Second, in our review, we find Botanicare as the best calcium and magnesium fertilizer for ash trees on the market today. Adding this calcium, magnesium, and iron-enriched plant supplement to your soil or water will provide a much-needed ash tree boost in nutrients.

best calcium and magnesium fertilizer for ash trees on the market today View on Amazon

Great for use with all ash tree varieties because these vitamins are necessary supplements that complete the organic soil and nutrient balance. Add Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron Plus to every watering for increased growth and better health of your plants.

Moreover, This formula from Botanicare is specially designed to give young and mature ash trees all three essential elements in equal proportions. In addition, botanical is a fantastic fertilizer to work with. It can work hand-in-hand alongside NPK fertilizers like phosphorous, potassium & nitrogen for healthy green ash tree growth!

For optimum results, add Calcium, Magnesium Iron Plus as a foliar spray when applying other fertilizer formulas such as trace minerals or humic acid trade name.

For solid roots and unconditional pest and disease immunity, the most appropriate time to fertilize your ash tree is in early spring when using  Botanicare. This encourages ash tree growth before the summer heat sets in.

However, Avoid applying more than 1/2 pound of Botanicare’s to avoid ash tree leaves damage. Botanicare’s Cal-Mag Plus is a highly fortified calcium, magnesium, and iron ash tree supplement formulated to correct common deficiencies.

To use: mix well and every watering use with every watering, as needed for enhanced growth apply as a foliar spray or when growing ash trees in the soil. Moreover, Botanicare is 100% Suited for containers, coco hydro gardens, and soilless media. 2-0-0 NPK on an ash tree fertilizer formula.

Why We Chose It
  • Eco-friendly
  • item durable
  • Easy to work with
  • It does not leach easily
  • Compatible with other trees and plants
  • Rich in minor and significant plant nutrients
  • Enhances root growth
What We Dislike
  • Weight
  • Slow-release fertilizer

3.Foxfarm Liquid16 Oz Bottles California Ash (Fraxinus dipetala) tree fertilizer Review

Third, on our review, find it the best liquid fertilizer for California ash trees. It has major and minor micronutrients. Forget the expensive, complicated nutrient mixes and vitamin cocktails. Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom (Pac) has taken care of every California ash tree nutrition desire for you! No labels.

best liquid fertilizer for California ash trees View on Amazon

Furthermore, it comes with a ready-to-use formula that does not require initial mixing and measuring. It’s just one bottle that does it all–keeping your California ash tree thriving in every stage of its lifecycle with three crucial but different nutrients every ash tree variety needs to succeed.

Start with Grow Big for abundant green growth, then switch to Tiger Bloom at the first sign of bud set California ash tree leaves or flowering.

Use Big Bloom throughout all California ash tree growing cycles to heal root systems and increase nutrient cycling by watering more deeply at least once a week when using this formula. Ideal for mature late-season flowers and fruit trees outdoors or extending fruiting

Why We Chose It
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Easy application
  • Non-toxic
  • Ecofriendly
  • Compatible with other plants
  • It does not cause root burn
What We Dislike
  • Liquid fertilizer

4. Bio advanced Bayer Advanced All In One European Ash Tree Fertilizer  Review

If you are looking for a new or technology way of how to Revive your European ash tree garden or backyard, then  BioAdvanced, an outstaying All-in-One Rose and Flower Care Granules, is the product you’re after. Due to this reason was the best Bayer fertilizer for young and newly planted European ash trees today.


best Bayer fertilizer for young and newly planted European ash trees View on Amazon

In addition, other than being a responsive fertilizer also has been proven to be an excellent product to use against beetles, aphids, leafhoppers, rusts, black spots, and many other diseases in the garden (some restrictions apply).

Thanks to the manufacturer for making good use of rainproof protection technology. Due to this reason, BioAdvanced last six weeks; hence it should be used every two months for optimum performance.

Essentially,  BioAdvanced All-in-One Rose and Flower Care Granules strengthen plants while protecting them from pests like bugs that love to affect ash tree roots, leaves, and flowers.

What is even more interesting about BioAdvanced is that the iron nutrient ingredients present causes the formation of clean greens leaves instead of brown ones!

Bonus: this formula offers six week-long rainproof protection that will help maintain moist plants for days longer than just spraying them with water independently. Hurry! Stock is limited on this irresistible product!

Why We Chose It
  • Controls pest
  • Rainproof protection
  • Easy to work with
  • Non-scotching ash tree fertilizer
  • Promotes formation of deep green roots
  • Improves ash tree disease resistance
What We Dislike
  • Not for salt in states such as NY, CT, MD, VT

5. MARPHYL Organic Green Ash tree Liquid Fertilizer 16.9 Fl. Oz Review

The second last on our review find Marphyl’s liquid soil enhancer as the best organic fertilizer for  Green ash trees. In the first place, it has a  pH-balanced mix of natural sea minerals and organic nutrients designed to be used on all   Green ash tree varieties to boost the plant’s health throughout its life cycle.

best organic fertilizer for  Green ash trees View on Amazon

Furthermore, MARPHYL Liquid Soil Enhancer professionally provides a complete range of micro and macronutrients needed by all newly planted and established Green ash trees. In addition, it has nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur – plus trace elements that can’t be obtained from any other essential green ash trees fertilizers currently available on the market!

For effective results,   it is recombed that  MARPHYL  Soil Enhancer should be applied once every two weeks in a ratio of 1:20 when mixed with fresh water. Our groundbreaking formula includes 11 essential plant nutrients found naturally from local beaches, which work for virtually any Green ash tree variety in any condition.

Furthermore, here at Farmtilling test lab, we recommend using Marphyl Organic Liquid Soil Enhancer once every two weeks at 1 part liquid to 20 parts water for the best special Green ash tree growth rate. Get your new Marthly bottle today!

Why We Chose It
  • Uniform ash tee fertilizer
  • Soluble in water
  • Compatible with other plants
  • Promotes ash tree deep green vibrancy
What We Dislike
  • Cause leaf burn when used in bulk

6. Fertilome 10640 Starter White Ash tree fertilizer Stimulator Solution 16 Oz Review

Last, on our review, find  Fertilome root stimulator solution as our best liquid fertilizer for White ash trees. In the first place, being a well-balanced fertilizer root stimulator enhances the growth of a solid and reliable White ash tree root system.

 best liquid fertilizer for White ash trees View on Amazon

With iron and phosphorus as the significant ingredient’s Fertilome nutrient formulation will assist the ash trees either in containers or soil, achieving deep, less weak roots and producing stronger stems and stalks when used regularly.

In addition, the entire  Fertilome 10640 Root Stimulator nutrient mix has been specially formulated with Active Ingredient–Tebuconazole – 0.80% Imidacloprid – 0.15%. Along with 14 total nitrogen and nine available phosphoric acids, it includes silica which strengthens cell walls giving your  White ash trees solid stalks and stems, broader, more rigid leaves, healthier root systems, heavier blooms.

The phosphoric acid present is equally important. It plays a notable role in providing greater yields while reducing White ash tree stress, often mistaken for root problems or excess fertilization needs. Lastly,  it also has an appropriate percentage of silica. Due to this reason,  Fertilome can provide added strength to young  White ash tree seedlings’ cell walls, resulting in broader leaves with stiffer petioles.

Why We Chose It
  • Enhances root development
  • Deters pest and disease
  • Ready to use formula
  • It does not cause leaves to burn
What We Dislike
  • None

Best Ash Tree Fertilizer FAQS

How do you fertilize ash trees?

There are many different opinions when it comes to the best fertilizer for White ash trees. It’s important to note that there is no one perfect ash tree fertilizer, but rather several factors determine which type of fertilizer would be the best fit for your tree.

Once you know what your tree needs, whether it’s more phosphorous or potassium, you’ll be better able to determine the best fertilizer for ash trees.

What is the best fertilizer for an ash tree?

The best fertilizer for ash trees provides adequate nutrients at the correct times of the year. That means if your soil doesn’t have high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium, you’ll need to fertilize your ash tree with a different type of fertilizer. In addition, if you live in an area where the ground freezes over winter, it’s best to delay fertilization until spring so as not to hurt your tree during the cold season.

When is the best time of year for ash tree fertilization?

The best time of year for fertilizing ash trees is in the early spring before their growing season begins. This helps give your tree the nutrients it needs to thrive through summer and fall.

What are some excellent fertilizers tools for an ash tree?

A garden hole is an excellent tool for spreading fertilizer on your ash tree’s root system, but you can also use a fertilizer spreader or other tools to do the job.

For ash trees with low nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels, you’ll want to fertilize them with sulfur-coated urea fertilizer. This type of fertilizer delivers nutrients quickly and is immediately available for your tree’s use. Once the ground thaws in spring, you’ll want to switch to a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer for continued tree health.

An ash tree supplement is also an option and can be applied as a granular spread on the ground around your tree’s root system. This type of fertilizer will help give your ash trees the nutrients they need during the winter months when their roots cannot draw on free nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Do ash trees need any special fertilizer?

Some types of ash tree fertilizers are designed to benefit specific varieties of ash trees, such as black or white ashes. You’ll want to double-check your label and know exactly what type of ash tree you have so that you can get a nutrient-rich fertilizer that’s also specifically made for its needs.

Before fertilizing your ash tree, make sure you’ve read the best time of year to fertilize ash trees and how often they need to be fed. Once you know what type of fertilizer your ash tree needs, spread it on the ground around the root system (not directly on top of it) and water it immediately to use the right amount of fertilizer. Contact a garden center near you if you have any more questions on where to buy the best fertilizer for ash trees.

An ash tree is a hardwood tree, usually found in North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to being a popular choice for hardwood lumber, the ash tree is also known for its green foliage and white flowers that appear in spring.

Ash trees are susceptible to infestation by beetles, often carrying an emerald ash borer or another type of insect larvae. They tend to grow in wet soil but thrive in dry conditions if they receive adequate water during midsummer.

Ash trees increase, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking to add shade and greenery to their homes in just a few years.


Conclusion paragraph: Hemlock trees are not very tolerant of full sun, so if you live in a climate with hot summers or lots of direct sunlight, they may need some extra care to survive. They’re best grown in the shade, and their best treatment is 10-10-10 fertilizer. If planted in full sun, hemlocks can become stressed and die because of the woolly adelgid. Check out our blog post on how to treat this pesky pest for more information about the best fertilizers for hemlock trees or pesticide treatments!


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