7 Best Pitchfork For Mulch 2024 Reviewed

In summary: AMES Forged Steel Mulch Fork was our best pitchfork for mulch, but with a close competition from Truper Tough Spading pitchfork which took our runners up position.

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The two best mulch fork were picked based on performance, durability, and effectiveness either when moving, spreading, or even scooping mulch. Today, there are different pitchfork brands on the market that range from cheap to extremely expensive. Below find our mulch pitchfork reviews and buyers guide!check out our Shovel For Mulch reviews

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Reviews: 7 Best Pitchfork For Mulch 2024 Reviewed.

1.AMES Forged Steel Mulch Fork- Best Pitchfork For Spreading Mulch

AMES mulch pitchfork managed to dominate our top position of pitchfork models that are specifically designed for spreading mulch. Come with 5 steel tines which were professionally heat treated.it is also very durable as the full-grain steel material was used. Additionally, the manufacturer integrated the hardwood handle.

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It comes with a slightly long pitchfork neck which ensures that the joints which joint the handle and the tines head is a string and reliable.by only weight 4.2 pounds you can easily work with this pitchfork for a longer duration of time.

Additionally, a slightly longer handle was featured to ensure that short and tall individual back and neck pain instance is professionally moderated. Comes with10 inches long tines which make it very easy for you to move straw or even hay mulch. By being a relatively right in weight pitchfork it can also be easily used by your kids.

  • Light in weight
  • Steel tines
  • durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Weighs 3.74 pounds

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2.Truper 30293 Tru Tough Spading Fork-Pitchfork For Spading Mulch

Up next find a spading pitchfork from Truper as our runner pitch for mulching.it comes with heat-tempered tines that are slightly durable. The stainless steel that was used to mode this pitchfork ensures that you can handle both commercial and homeowner mulch spreading desires.it comes with 4 quality steel tines.

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Truper who is among the highly recognized garden pitchfork manufacturers integrated a poly handle grip. The main role of the poly handle grip is to ensure that 100% effective as the 4 hard tine technology that was featured has turned it to be multifunction pitchfork.

It comes with a total length of 40 inches. For that reason, both neck and back pain instances are professionally moderated. At the same time, a quality steel material was used to construct pitchfork tines to makes sure that when working with wet or soiled bedding the tines will not bend or even break.

  • 4 tines
  • Steel tines
  • Poly handle
  • Durable
  • Weighs 3.42 pounds

3.Professional’s Choice V-Fork Stall Fork Blue-best Type of Pitchfork for Mulch

In any event that you will be unloading mulch from a truck or garden cart, this V-Fork Stall Fork from a professional choice garden tool will make the work to be easier. As with Tru Tough mulching Fork, Stall mulch fork also comes with a wooden handle that guarantees you full pitchfork control.

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Besides being our preferred best type of pitchfork for mulch this tool can also be used for turning compost? Additionally, a quality lacquered handle which was featured is capable of remain effective in wet weather as it is 100% waterproof.

This pitchfork brand comes with two models the 40 inches specifically designed for kids. While the other model has an over length f 54 inches making it to be compatible with both tall and short adults who are mulch enthusiasts.

Apart from the handle being modeled from a hardwood, at the end of both sides of the handle a quality metal tip was featured. What is more amazing about the lacquered handle finish technology that was employed is to ensure that an anti-slip grip is 100% guaranteed either when working with wet hands or in a drizzling climate.

  • lacquered finish
  • easy to clean
  • strong tines
  • wooden handle
  • weighs 74 pounds

4.A.M. Leonard Forged 6 Tine Manure Fork

The first thing to remember when selecting a mulching pitchfork is that mulch is slightly lighter in weight when compared to manures. That is why A.M. Leonard featured slightly long tines which only measures 6 inches when designing the A.M. Leonard pitch Fork.

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To begin with, a quality D Grip handle was featured to ensure that when working with wet or dry mulch full pitchfork control is guaranteed. Another thing worth mentioning about this pitchfork is that a hardwood material was used to craft the shaft which joints the D-handle and the tines.

Much like shovels with a deep scoop, A.M. Leonard comes with tines that are slightly curved to ensure that handling more mulch at a given time is guaranteed. Despite being a manual pick fork it is 100% eco-friendly and equality effective in like manner of pressure-controlled mulch pitchforks.

  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hardwood handle
  • Steel tines
  • Weighs 2.5 pounds

5.Lavo Home Professional 61″ Pitchfork-Budget Based Pitchfork For Mulch

The lightweight nature of this Lavo 61 inch Pitchfork allowed us to feature it as our budget based pitchfork for mulch. Entry-level steel ahead with five steel tines was featured. Additional this pitch was designed from stainless steel to ensure. For this reason either when spreading or scooping mulch in wet area Lavo Pitchfork is 100% free from rust.

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Equally, important a stainless steel material was used as the primary raw material for crafting Lavo fork tines and the pitchfork neck. This technology, ensure that it is dirt and mud-free. Additionally, all the five tines of this mulch pitchfork were heat tampered to ensure that it can comfortably handle even the most demanding mulch moving, scooping, or even spreading desires.

Lastly, the overall handle length f this pitchfork is 50 inches hence it makes spreading mulch under flower beds or landscape bushes to be 100% enjoyable and also achievable. Because of the strong riveting technology that was employed when joining the wooden handle with the steel tines a breakable pitchfork joint was formed.

  • Hardwood handle
  • Dirt free
  • Curved tines
  • 5 inches length
  • weight of 1 pounds

6.Spear & Jackson Traditional- Mulch PitchFork For Kid

Up next find a Traditional mulching pitchfork that is specifically designed to be compatible with kids from Spear & Jackson. To begin with, this pitchfork comes with a slightly short handle which makes it to be 100% compatible with all kids’ ages. By only weighing this To begin with is therefore a mulching pitchfork for kids.

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Nevertheless, the wooden handle design that was featured also professionally moderates the overall weight of the Spear & Jackson mulching pitchfork. With an overall number of four tines, this Spear & Jackson pitchfork can easily handle both light and heavy-duty mulch spreading and scooping desires.

Even though Spear & Jackson’s pitch was specifically designed as a kid tool for handling mulch it comes with 10 full year’s manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, a quality hardwood was used to come up with the soft shaft design. For improved durability and performance, a thin film of a waterproof material was featured.

  • Steel tines
  • Hardwood shaft
  • 10 yeard product warranty
  • Foot Step
  • 73 pounds

7.Stanley Garden  D-Handle Garden Fork-Best Elderly Pitchfork For Mulch

Garden Fork is the last pitchfork for mulch on our review today.it comes from Stanley, which is a garden tool manufacturing company that for the past two decades, has continually gained trust from gardening enthusiasts all over the globe. Apart from a poly material handle Stanley also featured a D-handle grip.

Both the tines and tine frame were crafted from 100% heat-treated steel. As a result, Stanley Garden pitchfork is compatible with both commercial and beginner mulch scoping, or moving desires have been professionally catered.

Coming with a handle with an overall total length of 60 inches this mulching pitch fork id therefore compatible with elderly as it eliminates back and neck pains effectively when spreading mulch in your yard or lawn.

Consequently, an oversized footstep was integrated to professionally reduce the stress exposed to your hands when spreading or removing mulch. It is also slightly strong as apart from the designer making use of a fiberglass handle, Stanley also used stainless steel to professionally reinforce the fiberglass handle design.

  • Foot Step
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Four tines
  • D handle
  • Weighs 07 pounds


Mulch pitchforks when compared to other members in the pitchfork family is the light-duty model. Other members in the Pitchfork family include general-purpose, manure, digging, and the spading pitchfork.

When picking or even selecting the best pitchfork for mulch consider going for a brand that is compatible with the mulch you will be working with. Before checking out any pitchfork consider if you will be moving or spreading soiled bedding,  mulch or manure so that you can select the right pitchfork for the work.


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