7Best Shovel For Mulch 2022 Reviewed

In summary: Ames aluminum scoop emerged as our editor’s pick of best shovel for mulch as it comes with a D-grip handle options that allow the user to have full control of the shovel. Despite Ames aluminum scoop being our favorite mulch shovel, it faced very close competition from Bond Manufacturing Square Head Shovel as it was our runners up.Best Shovel For Mulch

Mulching conserves soil water, smothers weeds and also adds soil bulk and nutrients. Proper mulch handling and application determine the results.in this post, we have reviewed top rated shovel brands that are compatible with both organic and inorganic mulch. Let get started!Also check our Pitchfork For Mulch reviews 

Reviews: 7 Best Shovel For Mulch 2022 Reviewed

1.Ames Aluminum Scooping Mulch Shovel

On our top mulch shovel find an aluminum shovel which comes from Ames it is both durable and light in weight. The 15 inches by 19 inches scoop of this shovel was designed from lightweight aluminum making it to be our best shovel brand for scooping mulch.Best Shovel For Scooping Mulch

The lightweight aluminum scoop material to ensure that you can work with it for a long duration of time without having to complain of neck or back pain.Additionally, the manufacturer integrated 100% aluminum scoop to ensure that   Ames Shovel is 100% free from soil.

Mulching your vegetable bed or tree is highly recommended as it smoother unwanted plants referred to as weeds.it comes with a lightweight 26-inch wooden handle which is 105 easy to work with.Both the scoop and the shaft were molded from slightly thick aluminum alloy material to ensure scoop and handle stability is 100% guaranteed.

Ames integrated a D-handle to ensure that either when plying mulch during a wet season or with sweaty hands you will always have full control of this shovel. Additionally, the D-handle technology that was employed offers unconditional shovel leverage.

  • D-handle grip
  • Hardwood shaft
  • Rust free
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Weighs 52 pounds

2.Bond Manufacturing  Moving Mulch Square Head Shovel

Up next we decided to feature a commercial-grade mulching shovel which is 100% an American brand. Unlike other mulching shovels such as Ames Aluminum Shovel that are designed from the wooden handle, this Bond Square Head Shovel was designed from fiberglass. Therefore, making it to be slightly durable and light in weight.Best Shovel For Moving Mulch

The designer featured a plastic D-grip handle technology to allow you to have full control of the shovel when administering mulch hence our best shovel for moving mulch. Additionally the overall weight of bond square mulch shove is only 0.01 ounces hence less stress is exacted on your hands when loading or even unloading mulch from a mulch bad or truck.

Bond has been one of the leading garden tool manufacturers together with the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that was added performance of this shovel is a 100% guaranteed.it comes with a thin film of a  Co-Polymer coating around the handle to ensure that an ant-slip grip is 100% guaranteed. it comes with an overall length of 53.25 inches  improves leverage and comfort when working with this shovel

  • D-handle
  • Rust free
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Fiberglass handle
  • weighs 0.01 ounces

3.True Temper Mulch Spreading Poly Scoop Shovel 

When it comes to spreading mulch consider going for a shovel that has a slightly wide and flat scoop such as True Temper Poly Scoop Shovel. It comes with a fiberglass handle which will allow you to have full control of this shovel when spreading mulch either on your lawn, flower or vegetable bed.Best Shovel For Spreading Mulch

It comes with 58.9 inches long fiberglass handle which ensures that you can easily spread your preferred mulch under both trees and flower bushes. For added comfort and shovel stability when working for long hours the manufacturer featured a cushioning grip. For added shovel strength the manufacturer used integrated a wooden handle design technology.

Spreading organic mulch is slightly a challenging task due to being a moist condition that might end up kicking starting rust, which is why a Poly scoop was featured. The lightweight nature of this shovel was also made possible as an extremely light in weight Poly material was used as the scoop.

  • Wooden handle
  • Lightweight
  • Cushion end grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Poly scoop

4.A.M. Leonard Closed Back Mulch Shovel

In case you are after a quality mulch turning tool we highly recommend you to consider going for this A.M. Leonard Shovel. It comes with 100% closed which makes it very easy for you when it comes to either turning or even moving mulch from one location to another.

Additionally, this shovel comes from a company that has gradually perfected the art of mulch shovel manufacturing making A.M. Leonard Closed Back Shovel not be an exemption. Unlike another mulch shovel such as that have a poly scoop integrated a 100% heat-treated steel military 14 gauge steel as the scoop.

Lastly, professionally turned step ensures that more force is easily exacted on the shovel when dealing with rocky or dry mulch. Additionally, the turned step plays a huge role in minimizing both force and stress exacted on your arm when working or spreading mulch for a slightly longer period.

  • Turned step
  • Clean easily
  • 14-gauge
  • Closed-back
  • Weighs more

5.Nupla Hollow Scoop Shovel For Mulch

When you think of a lightweight yet effective shovel for spreading, loading, unloading, or even moving mulch Nupla Hollow Back Shovel should be your main focus. It comes with quality fiberglass which is 100% to minimize the overall weight of the shovel.Scoop Shovel For Mulch

Additionally, it also comes with a slightly wide scoop which measures 9.8 inches by 11.5inches hence our preferred scoop shovel for mulch currently available. Either when digging, lifting it even spreading mulch full shovel control and leverage is guaranteed by the D- grip handle technology that was employed by Nupla.

What is more amazing about this shovel is that the Nupla featured a forward-turned step to ensure that the security of your foot is guaranteed when working with this shovel. forward-turned step technology that was added ensures either when moving or spreading mulch your hand neck and backbones will be exposed to less stress or fatigue.

  • forward-turned step
  • D-grip handle
  • Square shovel
  • hollow back
  • weighs 81 pounds

6.Stanley Garden  Mulch Spreading Women Mini-Shovel 

Up next we decided to feature a mini shovel model which compatible with both women and kids who are mulch spreading enthusiasts. One of the most amazing thing about this Stanley shovel for mulch is that the manufacturer featured a lifetime warranty as a performance and durability guarantee, check more about the Stanley mulching shovel warranty here.Best Women Mini-Shovel For Spreading Mulch

The 100% heat-treated military-grade steel was used to come up with the blade design improves both the performance and durability of this product. Additionally, the edges of the steel scoop were professionally sharpened to moderate the amount of effort needed either when scooping or even digging up mulch.

Lastly, the heat-treated nature of Stanley Garden shovel ensures that when handling wet or slightly moist mulch the scoop of this shovel will not fold or even break. The D-handle technology that was integrated ensures that when moving or spreading mulch with this Stanley Garden shovel you will have 100% shovel control.

  • D-handle technology
  • Steel scoop
  • 5inches
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Weighs heat treated

7.Black & Decker  Budget Mulch D-Handle Mini  Shovel For Garden 

Are you on a tight budget and still after a shovel for either spreading, scooping, or even moving much? Or just after a high perfuming mulch shovel for the money? Well, then this mini-garden shovel from Black & Decker matches your mulching shovel desires.it comes with a fiberglass handle designs which is 100% not flexible.Best Budget Shovel For Mulch

The hollow back design ensures that both dirt and mud build-up either when moving or even spreading mulch is effectively moderated. The closed-back design that was used ensures that when spreading mulch to ether flowers or trees mud and dirt build-up is professionally moderated.

Coming with an overall length of 26 inches, this Black & Decker mini shovel is just the right shovel for administers mulch to a pot or even hanging basket plants. Both the scoop and the blade o this shovel were designed from a stainless steel material which was evenly painted with a quality black and 100% rust-resistant powered.

  • Rust free
  • Durable
  • Tempered steel scoop
  • Hollow back
  • Mini shovel


One of the major reasons as to Ames aluminum scoop made to the position of our best shovel for mulch is that it comes with a slightly wide scoop which measures 15 inches by 19 inches to create a large surface area for holding more mulch. Coming with a shat with a total length of 26 inches this shovel for handling mulch is compatible with tall and short mulching enthusiasts.

Lastly, Bond Square shovel made it to our runners up position of the mulching shovel as it comes with an aluminum scoop which plays a huge role in moderating the overall shovel weight. Additionally, this shovel is also backed up by a lifetime manufactures warranty. In case you are in mulching shovel shopping hurry get Ames aluminum shovel as it was our top product on our post today.


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