7 Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupes In December In 2022

Best fertilizer for cantaloupes should have a quality NPK ratio of either   2-12-12 or 5-10-10.Are you new to vegetable gardening and you are wondering what kind of fertilizer for cantaloupe IS BEST for you to use?Well, then we are glad to let you know that , Consider applying fertilizer to your cantaloupe immediately after the cantaloupe appears.Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupes

If you will be growing your cantaloupe in pot consider using an automated drip irrigation system so as to supply the required 1 inch of rainfall every other week. Let’s find out what fertilizer is compatible with cantaloupe current on the market below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupes 2022

1.Triple  10-10-10 Cantaloupe Liquid Fertilizer

Triple 10 all cantaloupe fertilizer has 5.5% quality amino acids to ensure that cantaloupe leaves will maintain a green color for a long period of time. Therefore leading to the formation of large fruits Triple 10 All fertilizer has an equal amount of NPK as the ratios are 10:10:10. Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupes

The nitrogen present ensures the development of large fruits, shoots and foliage. Seaweed Extract present ensures a sufficient supply of nutrients effectively.

The phosphorus present in this liquid Triple 10 fertilizer ensures that the flowers of your cantaloupes that will form will be large and this also leads to the formation of large fruits.

For cantaloupes to form large fruits this phosphorus has to be present and that is why we thought that featuring this liquid Triple 10 All Purpose fertilizer will turn your cantaloupes farming to be more enjoyable.

Consider maintaining and application rate of 1-2oz Triple 10 per one gallon of natural or pure water hence our overall best liquid fertilizer for cantaloupe.

The 10:10:10 NPK ration symbolizes that Triple 10 is a well-balanced fertilizer for your cantaloupes at any single stage of development. Created from nitrogen phosphorus and potassium Triple 10 is a big time food for your cantaloupes.

Consider carrying out the fertilizer application process gain after cantaloupes blossoms develop. Finally, the potassium present in this Triple 10 liquid fertilizer ensures that healthy fruits will develop.

  • Potassium promotes fruits development
  • Easy to apply
  • Pets and toddlers friendly
  • 100% GMO free
  • Price
  • Weight 2.8 pounds

2.Dr. Earth Golden Cantaloupe Bloom Fertilizer

Looking for an organic based fertilizer that allows your Cantaloupes to bloom quickly then Dr. Earth Golden Bloom Fertilizer might be the only option left for you to day. Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupes

Dr. Earth Fertilizer has quality prebiotic as one of the active ingredients and it is 100% free from inorganic compounds which might end up expose in you to casino genic compounds after consuming your cantaloupes.

Since Dr. Earth is a granular fertilizer consider maintaining a rate of 1.5 pounds of this fertilizer per every 100 square feet. It comes with high quality potassium to allow you cantaloupes to bloom and also flower more quickly. The presence of low nitrogen ensures that there will be less negative growth and at the same time.

The nitrogen present allows your cantaloupes to effectively develop new stems which resultNitrogen present in this ensures that your cantaloupes will develop effectively resulting in a high yield of cantaloupe’s fruits.

When introducing the Dr. Earth is a granular fertilizer your cantaloupes prevent the granules from being in contact with your plant as tis might lead scotching your plants leading to student growth or death of the cantaloupes plant

  • Well balanced fertilizer
  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Promotes early blooming
  • rapid development for fruits  and foliage
  • My cause burning when it comes into contact with your plants

3.Jobe’s  Organic Fertilizer For Cantaloupes

Nothing is more exciting than knowing that your cantaloupes are 100%  organic and free from GMO as you will have protected yourself from exposure to casino genic compounds. Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupes

By being and organic fertilizer Jobe’s Organics allows a relatively simple way of cantaloupes to establish more quickly. What is more amazing is that this Jobe’s Organics is 100% approved by the USDA as there are no traces of synthetic chemicals.

The active ingredient in this fertilizer is biozome which quality proprietary microorganism archaea which ensures that the nutrients in this fertilizer are broken more rapidly and made available to your cantaloupes thus leading to improved fruit production.

Using this organic cantaloupes fertilizer does not only boost efficient production but it also encourages insect and disease resistant ability.

Application of Jobe’s Organics is relatively easy as it comes with an Easy pour bag which makes the process to be much enjoyable. The NPK ratios of this Jobe’s Organics are 3N-5P-5K. From the above fertilizer analysis, it is evident that Jobe’s Organics has a low supply of nitrogen while the amount of both potassium and phosphorus is relatively high

  • Improves disease resistance
  • Certified organic fertilizer
  • Improves soil conditions
  • Fast acting fertilizer
  • Excessive use causes a burning effect

4.Dr. Earth  Phosphate Fertilizer For Cantaloupe Plants

Growing cantaloupes is not easy and that is why Dr. Earth Golden Bloom fertilizer was featured as it will make the process to be more achievable. Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupes

We decided to include a low nitrogen fertilizer to avoid the plant being large and finally not producing enough fruits. Dr. Earth Golden if fully packed with both macro and micro nutrients which are required by cantaloupes plant to produce quality fruits.

The main ingredients of Dr. Earth are food products that are 100% human grade hence a sustainable cantaloupes fertilizer on the market today. Growing your cantaloupes fertilizer with pathogen free fertilizer should be your concern if you care about your life as either hen consuming your fruits raw or processed you will not have any concerns about food safety.

This was one of the leads that allowed us to rank this fertilizer as Best Fertilizer for Cantaloupe Plants.During the application of this fertilizer consider using 4 oz Dr. Earth Golden which is a liquid fertilizer in every gallon of running tap or distilled water.

The application of this Dr. Earth Golden should be done after every other 14-28 days to the cantaloupes planting media either soils or peat. Dr. Earth Golden is also compatible with other fruits and flowering plants as it has a relatively high amount of phosphorus content to promote flowering and fruit formation

  • Promotes root development
  • Easy to apply
  • Promotes large fruit development
  • Promote insect and disease resistant
  • The excess amount is not recommended

5.True CalMag Complete Cantaloupe Plants Calcium Fertilizer

We featured   True CalMag Growing Supplement as its high content of magnesium which promotes cantaloupes to develop healthy leaf. Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupes

Quality and vital organic acid we added by the manufacture to ensure that your cantaloupes will only produce healthy fruits that will not any instance be attached by an insect. The high quality magnesium present in this True CalMag professionally improves flowering and overall fruit production ability of your cantaloupes.

The calcium present in this fertilizer is available to plants in the form of calcium pectate and responsible for the formation of stronger roots and shoots. Calcium is also responsible for proper fruits development and also keeping the fruits from various diseases that might end up influencing

Fertilizer also promotes shoot development and this leads to the expansion of your cantaloupe plant, therefore, leading to the formation of more branches. More branches in cantaloupe plants symbolize the production of more fruits.

What is more amazing about this CalMag is that it is also compatible with hydroponic systems. If you will be using hydroponics consider using ½   1ml of CalMag per gallon

  • Promoted fruits formation
  • Encourages strong roots
  • Promotes cantaloupe plant health
  • Easy to apply
  • High amount not needed


 If you are after GMO free cantaloupes consider growing your cantaloupes organically by mixing this Wallace Organic Wonder compost with your soil just before planting your cantaloupes. Wallace Organic Wonder compost is made from organic ingredients and also has a quality soil accelerator which ensures that the entire soil nutrient will be available to your cantaloupes plants effectively.

This organic matter adds quality nutrients to the soils thus allowing the cantaloupes to be highly productive throughout their life cycle. Organic Matter present in the GMO free cantaloupes also plays a role in ensuring that the soil and water drainage ability have been improved respectively. The fertilizer for cantaloupes which was found to be 100% efficient was


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