7 Best Fertilizer For Beetroot Of 2023 Reviewed

So, what are the best fertilizer for beetroot? Are you new to root vegetable growing, and you are after a reliable and organic fertilizer brand?

Well then, we found Jobe’s Organics Purpose Granular Fertilizer and House & Garden Shooter Fertilizer to be our top beets feed.Best Fertilizer For Beetroot

5-10-10 is the appropriate NPK fertilizer ratio for beetroot when sowing beet seeds on a root vegetable bed.

On the other hand, a 21-0-0 NPK fertilizer ratio is compatible with beetroots after sprouting from the ground.

Therefore, the best time to fertilizer beetroots is during sowing and immediately growing of beet seeds from the ground. Below find our detailed beets fertilizer reviews and buyers guide.

Let’s dive in!

Reviews: 10 Best Fertilizer For Beetroot 2023 Reviewed

1.Jobe’s Organics  Slow Release Fertilizer For Beetroots Review

Jobes organic managed to take our beet fertilizer top position. Beetroots require high phosphorus fertilizer to induce rooting and proper germination.

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Additionally, it has iron (Fe) as one of the significant ingredients. Due to this reason, the green colour of beets leaves is professionally enhanced.

Also, it is a 100% slow-release fertilizer. Due to this reason, it employs a non-burning formula, which ensures that both beet leaves and tubers are free from the rotting condition.

Interestingly, the manufacturer also featured a high percentage of calcium (Ca) to reduce fresh beets leaves fall either in summer or during spring. High nitrate (NO3 –) nutrient present improves beetroots tuber and dry matter content.

Additionally, high nitrogen prevents stunted growth from which result from low cell division from occurring. The 1.5-pound granular fertilizer from beets comes with a military-grade resealable bag.

Apart from Biozome ingredient present from smothering weeds, it also helps in improving the overall soil consisting.

  • Organic-based
  • Easy to work with
  • Quick result
  • Smart release feed
  • Slow-release

2.House & Garden Beets Roots Natural Fertilizer

Second, on our list, find this House & Garden Shooter Fertilizer, which induces flowering in all beetroots varieties.  In case you are planning on getting seeds from beets, consider using this fertilizer.

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The high phosphorus content present promotes the formation of a robust roots system.High calcium (Ca) nutrient prevents the formation of White rings in small and mature beets tubers.

Additionally, high phosphorus presence encourages the formation of large beets tubers when growling beetroots in containers. Another benefit of this Shooter Fertilizer is that it promotes beetroots from during spring and summer season.

High nitrogen present promotes lush green vegetation when growing beets in summer. By being an essential fertilizer, consider going this Garden Shooter Fertilizer to prevent scab and brown patches from forming on beetroots.

Lastly, shooter fertilizer comes with a slightly high amount of potassium nutrients. As a result, it improves the overall taste, flavour, and colour of beetroots.

  • Easy to use
  • Non-acidic
  • Improves flavour
  • Effective
  • Liquid feed

3.Quantum Beets Roots Plants Organic Probiotics/Fertilizer Review

Quantum Beneficial Bacteria Probiotic took our position three beets fertilizer currently available today. It comes with an on burning formula, which makes transplanting beets to be comfortable and enjoyable.

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On the other hand, by being a liquid fertilizer, it is compatible with fertigation and direct drenching.When propagating or growing beetroot without seeds, high phosphorus present induces root formation from either beets tuber or cuttings.

Interestingly, by being an organic beet fertilizer, Quantum promotes the growth of GMO-free beetroots. Moreover, the organic nature of Quantum Beets feeds makes it to be compatible with indoor and container beetroot varieties.

By being a dual-purpose beets feed, it feeds beets and also smoother weeds such as clover and dandelions. Additionally, by having 21-0-0 as the overall NPK fertilizer formulation, it promotes lush green vegetation growth.

However, the low phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) helps an outstanding beet flavour and taste.

  • Enhances flavour
  • Smoothers weeds
  • Induces rooting
  • Increase tuber size
  • Liquid nature

4.Growth Science Diy Fertilizer for Indoor Beets Review

Forth on our list, find Opulent Harvest from Growth Science Organics. What is more amazing about this fertilizer is that it comes in a liquid nature.

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Besides, being a liquid fertilizer, it is also 100% organic. Nevertheless, by having 0-0-3 as the overall beets formula, 0-0-3 improves beets tuber immunity.

As a result, you can easily formulate it through fertigation or as a foliar fertilizer.it also improves an overall richer scent of both potted and in-ground growing beets.

By being a100% potassium (K) rich fertilizer, this growth science promotes the formation of healthy and disease-free beets tuber.

Another advantage of growing organic is that it is 100% registered CDFA organic. As a result, no harmful aerosol sprays are released to the atmosphere.

Lastly, being an all-purpose beets feed, it enhances the formation of strong and 100% sturdier bets branches and shoots. Apart from being an all-purpose fertilizer, it has a lower nitrogen content.

This reason alone allows the formation of large and tastier beets. The manufacturer also featured a slightly high amount of kelp.

  • Organic
  • Non-burning
  • potassium (K) rich
  • Improves soil structure
  • Scotches in excess

5.Espoma HT36 Holly-Tone For Beets

Firth on our beets fertilizer review finds a 36 pounds bad of beets Espoma Holly tones. By being a Bio-tone, it is a rich source of microbes which promote.

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High nitrogen present in this Bio-tone controls yellowing or beets leaves. As noted above, high nitrogen present also promotes the formation of larger and disease-free beets seeds.

This feature alone encourages the growth of soil micro-organisms. Similarly, by being soil microbe-rich Bio-tone, it also improves the overall soil structure and water holding capacity.

For effective results, consider following all the manufacturer’s instructions fully.  The manufacturer also featured slightly high percentages of trace elements.

In case you are after a premium beetroots tuber expanding fertilizer you can’t go wrong with Holly-Tone from Espoma. What is more amazing about this Espoma holly tone is that it play a huge role in restoring sodium to the soil. The only downside about this Espoma is that it comes with a non-resalable bag.

  • Organic
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoor
  • Microbes rich
  • Compatible with different soils
  • Non-resalable bag

6.Neptune’s Harvest Sugar Beetroots Seaweed Fertilizer 36 0z

The primary raw material of this fertilizer includes seaweed extract and remains of hydrolyzed fish. These reasons ensure that Neptune’s Harvest is 100% organic.

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Similar to being a rich source of seaweed remains, it promotes the growth of soil microbes. For perfect and outstanding results, consider carrying out fertilizer formulation early in the morning or slightly late in the evening.

The manufacture had both the small homeowner and commercial best-growing enthusiast in mind when manufacturing this product as it comes in both 36 and 18 ouches.

What is more surprising is that apart from being an organic blend or naturally occurring organism, it is compatible with sugar beets.

Additionally, it is 100% free from inorganic compounds. As a result, it encourages the growth of soils micro-organism. The leading roles of soil microbes it to ensure that plant nutrient available in the soil are readily available.

It comes with a slightly high amount of nitrogen as the primary ingredient. As a result, it promotes lush green vegetation growth.

  • Improves tuber thickness
  • Non-burning formula
  • Professional grade
  • Smart nutrient release
  • Liquid nature

7.Miracle-Gro Performance Organics  Fertilizer For Beetroots

Besides Miracle-Gro Performance Organics being our last product, it was also our editors pick of organic fertilizer for beets.it comes from   Miracle-Gro, which is a company that have perfected the art of natural beets fertilizer manufacturing.

best fertilizer for sugar beets

You will like the fact that it comes in a plastic container. As a result, storing the remaining Miracle-Gro liquid feed is very easy.

By beginning with military-grade plastic containers, miracle growth is a fantastic DIY fertilizer brand that is compatible with all beets varieties.

The high potassium (K) was one of the major factors that allowed our editors to pick it as our top fertilizer for red beets. Similarly, the high potassium nutrient present promotes the overall beets juice colour and flavour.

Lastly, are the ingredients of this fertilizer is 100% naturally occurring. However, consider avoiding high nitrogen fertilizers.

Reason being, nitrogen-rich feeds promote unnecessary lush green vegetation in the expense of beets tuber formation; additionally, the overall formula of this fertilizers comes with a slightly high amount of phosphorus. Due to this reason, expect the creation of more significant and healthy beets tubers.

  • DIY fertilizer
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Instant results
  • Pricey


Either when fertilizing beets on the ground or in containers, consider going for 100% organic fertilizer. This reason ensures that your resulting beetroots are 100% free from GMO compound.

Beetroots are not compatible with acid and alkaline soil, therefore consider going from fertilizers that are compatible with neutral soil conditions.

Regardless of whether you are a new or professional, beetroot growing enthusiast, a pH testing kit is something that you should consider. Apart from fertilizing beets, roots consider adapting good beets watering behaviour as they require high moisture content.

Additionally, the use of mulch control weeds growing around beetroots. On the other hand, consider the use of organic beetroots manure to improve the water holding capacity of soils.


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