10 Best Rock Drill For Fence Posts Reviewed In 2020

Best Rock Drill For Fence Posts is not that easy to get as there loads of factors to keep into consideration. Before picking a rock drill for fence posts their tones of factors to keep into consideration such as types of rock you will be drilling and how much you are willing to spend on a rock drill.

It could also is that you prefer owing yours instead of going for rental rock drills when instating a new fence or constructing compost cheap simple shed for your farm machinery implements could tractor or ATV among other uses of fence post holes. With the right drill type, you will easily dig post holes through any type rocks less work will be needed. One of the most challenging this is making a decision of whether you should go for a manual gas or electric rock drills for fence post.

To make your experience for choosing the right rock drill for your fence we analyzed different types of rock pest son any part of the globe that there is a high possibility you will encounter when installing fence posts in your yard or allotment. In case you are hurry to acquiring a new Rock drill for fence posts then.

Reviews:10 Best Rock Drill For Fence Posts Reviewed In 2020

1.Earthquake 43cc Earth Auger-Unweathered Rock Drill For Fence Posts

In case you are planning to drill postholes for fence in an area with 100% Unweathered rocks then it means that you should consider going for heavy duty. What is referring to as unearthed rocks is a quality rock mass that has no signs or weathering or losing color, strength due to the effect weathering

Unweathered rocks are classified as grade one rocks they are however compatible with various drills but the drill which was found to be the most outstanding and high performing is the Earthquake 43cc Earth Auger. This rock drill is powered by a 2-Cycle which ensure that thecutting bits provided with effectual power

The 2-Cycle engines ensure that there will be 100% complete fuel combustion this has made the drill to be eco-friendly and also economic rock auger Finally, the quality handle design ensures that your back is professionally protected from back pain. The drilling bit measure 8 inches thus you can easily adjust your preferred post depth on rocks.


  • Has a 43 cc engines
  • Runs on a 2 cycles engine
  • Cater for large and small scale post hole drilling on rocks
  • No overheating as a durable 2 cycle engine air cooling system was include Eco-friendly soils undergo full combustion


  • Relatively pricey
  • Weigh 30 lbs

2.PROYAMA 54CC 2 Stroke Earth Auger – Slightly Weathered Rock Drill For Fence Posts

Slightly Weathered rock are rocky which tend to be significantly weaker as to when compared with unweathered rocks In another wor, Slightly Weathered rock is easier to drill through than the unweathered rock. SlightlyWeathered rock might have undergone slightly weathering either through digging or hallowing along with a major defect.

After going through various Slightly Weathered rock drills PROYAMA 54CC Earth Auger was seen to have or powered by a 2 Stroke engine. By being associated with a 54CC engine you will enjoy more torque .drilling through any rock types

Quality handles at have improved ability to neutralize a large percentage of vibrations produced by the rock drill allow your body to remain healthy. The cutting edge of this auger bit was made from cast iron. When drilling rocks for post holes with these augers only less smog will be realized as glue undergoes through 100%combustion as the engine is two cycles.


  • Light in weight as it only weighs  30 lbs
  • Get power from a 54 cc engine
  • Has a durable8-inch auger bit Quality slip-resistant handles
  • Powerful frames  promote auger  stability when  drilling holes for  fence post on rocks self-sharpening bit drill is also heavy  duty


  • None of the above
  • weigh 30 pounds

3.Landworks Electric Auger B078HB9QR6– Moderately Weathered Rock Drill For Fence Posts

Moderately Weathered rock area rock types that have undergone through some percentage of weathering due to conditions such as density increase either due to defects such as physical disintegration which is rock weathering process that can occur either as stress relief, slaking,  thermal expansion freezing thermal contraction or even as that.

After doing some consultation one which drill are compatible with moderately weathered rocks Landworks Electric Auger was seen to have huge potential. Landworks ElectricAuger comes from a  top, not rock drill manufacturing company thus durability and a 2full year warranty guarantee direct from the manufacturer.

The user has a high speed is powered by lithium-Ion 2 Amp Battery ensure there is100% efficient power supply. Well, padded handles were included taking care of all the vibration produced by this electric rock drill by neutralizing it effectively. The cutting but blade is replaceable in case you will need to give tray to different rock cutting blades for fence posts.


  • Vibration reducing handle  is present
  • Cleans easily after useThe 54cc engine is the sources of Powered The cutting edge is 100% from  steel


  • Relatively pricey
  • A more  quality batter should be used instead of  2 Amp Battery

4.Southland 43cc Earth Auger B0063MSXYY– Highly Weathered Rock Drill for Fence Posts

Highly weathered rocks are rocks that have lost their rock mass The highly weather rocks have lost their original colors due to discoloration and a huge percentage of their overall rock mass has consistently change into the soil. the  main reason why  you will still need  a rock drill is that  even  highly weathered  rocks  have some percentage of either cornerstones  or Lithorelicts  of  rocks,

Southland 43cc Earth Augeriis compatible with highly weathered rocks as it is powered by a high performing 43 CC engine which powers the auger bit todrill through cornerstone or the rocks Lithorelicts. A qualityhandle included tenures that you will have a uniform depth of fence post asthe drill more stable.


  • Light in weight engines are accredited by CARB and EPA
  • Achieves a25-inch fence post depth
  • performing 43 CC engine powers the drill bit


  • Weighs
  • Price is slightly high

4.EPA 3HP Gas Post Hole Auger – Completely Weathered Rock Drill for Fence Posts

Completely Weathered Rock is a rock that has 100% lost allof rock mass and strength.   Rocks lost their entire characteristic though either physical disintegration or througha various chemical process whichincludes the chemicalrock decomposing .byit god tonote that completely weathersoils is relatively  tough  as ithas some percentage of rock fabricpresent.

EPA 3HP Gas Post Hole Auger was en to be the rocky drill for fence post which is 100% compatible with rock fabric content which is present in highly weathered rocks. By being gas powered this EPA auger drill through any rock type. Leas gas is required an auger is 2 cycle engine. For vibration neutralization and slip resistant

The frame of this tiller is molded fromhigh-quality stee, therefore, the engine remains more stable on your hands. It is a durable and high performing rock drills it 100% American made. Lightweightensures that moving and also storing this rock dill isthe relatively easy .in case you wanttwo-man auger then EPA 3HP is what you are looking for.


  • Has quality and 100%slip-resistant handles
  • Durable construction frames
  • 100% USA made
  • Can be used as one or 2 man auger
  • Limited 2 years warranty
  • Gas powered rock drill


  • Price is relatively high

5.Landworks Heavy Duty Electric Cordless Auger-Residual Soil Rock Drill for Fence Posts

Residual Soils a result of fully weathered rock that has even the rock fabrics broken down to form soil. These results to a fine soil referred to as residual soil suitable for agriculture, yar, and lawn. Despite having fine soils you will still require a rock drill as it will help you to establish uniform fence post hole. Rock drill as make the process of installing a new fence easier

By this engine being 100% approved by small engine governing such as the CARB and EPA Imperfect indicator that Southland 43cc auger is high performing and more durable. The Southland manufacture also allows you to enjoy a quality 2 years warranty on all of their products Southland 43cc being included.


  • Light in weight
  • Cleans easily after use
  • 100% USA made
  • Quality steel cutting edge


  • Pricy

Final thought

Rock drill for fence posts are not easy to find and that is we went out of our to chose the overall best drill that will help you to install your fence on any type of soils or rocks Earthquake 43cc Earth Auger was our  editors pick while runners up for rock  drills were seen to be Landworks Heavy Duty

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