7 Best Weed Killer For Ragwort In 2023 Reviewed

Wondering what the best weed killer is for ragwort? Or looking for a quality herbicide that can kill ragwort, injurious weed roots, and flowers to prevent seed formation? Well, look no further, as was our ragwort herbicide editor’s pick.

Best Weed Killer For RagwortHowever, since ragwort is a poisonous weed, consider going for herbicides approved by state and federal laws.

Let’s find out typical ragwort weed killers with 2,4-D  and MCPA as the main ingredients and safe to use around pets, kids, and lawn friendly below.

How To Select The Best Weed Killer For Ragwort

Selective Weed Killers For  Ragwort

When controlling this harmful in a field with grass or pasture, a selective ragworts herbicide will be the most appropriate product that will work amazingly. Of all the weed killers on the market, triple Threat Selective Weed Killer managed to be the most outstanding product that kills all the broadleaf weeds, including ragworts, chickweed, nettles, and bindweed on contact.

Furthermore, using a selective herbicide plays a considerable role in ensuring that you can quickly clear large are with uncontrollable ragwort infestation. When controlling ragwort using triple Threat Weed Killer, expect to treat approximately 2,500 square ft. using an 8 oz. bottle.

Non-Selective ragwort Weeds Killer

Another type of weed killer that you should consider giving a try is the non-selective ragwort herbicide brands. These types of herbicides act as ground clearers. Non-Selective herbicides kill both broadleaf and grass weed varieties on contact.

Generally speaking, when only kicking out ragworts in a lawn, then non-selective herbicide is not the right product for the work. On the other hand, when clearing all the vegetation from your driveway or garden paths, then consider going for a non-selective herbicide such as tenacity.

Post-Emergence ragwort Weeds Killers

Planning to control all the ragworts from your lawn or driveway just after they emerge well, post-emergent herbicides such as crossbow herbicide label from Southern Ag will work great.

The 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid ingredients present make this crossbow weed killer the most appropriate strategy for kicking out ragworts in grass pastures, rangeland,  laws, and driveways non-crop areas such a garden path.

This product comes with a vital ingredient which plays a huge role in killing all the ragworts to their roots. Additionally, post-emergent herbicides can prevent your lawn from a second ragwort re-invitation.

Pre-Emergence Ragwort Weeds Killers

The next strategy for control is to use a standard pre-emergence tansy herbicide control option. I am generally speaking a pre-emergent herbicide control this poisonous weed just before ragworts seeds germinate, or only before this weed emerges from the ground.

Quali-Pro 65 WDG from Prodiamine was our editor’s choice of pre-emergence ragwort weed killers available today. It features a Flexible application strategy, which makes it compatible with spring and fall ragwort control desires.

With Prodiamine 65% as the main ingredient, this product effectively controls other broadleaf weeds such as chick weeds, nettles, Henbit, Spurge, Goosegrass, Foxtail, and Knotweed.

 Ragwort Weed Torch /Propane Burner

All the strategies of controlling a wide range of weed from your yard propane burner were the most appropriate cultural way of knocking all the ragworts from your property. JJGeorge Weed Torch is compatible with mature and young ragworts plants.

The only downside of using a weed torch to control ragwort is that it has little impact on the deep tap ragwort roost system. Hence there is a possibility of a ragwort re-infestation.

Ragwort weed touch does not release harmful aerosol sprays to the environment as it makes fair use of natural gas. Interestingly Ragwort Weed Torch /Propane Burner is also an effective way of kicking out ragworts in monoblock or driveway cracks.

Reviews: Best Weed Killer For Ragwort 2023

1.Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG Ragwort Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 is an excellent yet selective weed killer for ragwort. The Prodiamine 65% is the only active ingredient present in this formula; hence, it can selectively kill ragworts on contact.

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Despite coming in an 8 oz bottle, Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 can treat ragworts in areas of approximately 2,500 square. With 65% Prodiamine as the primary ingredient, this product can kill ragworts to its roots.

Due to its selective nature, quali-Pro Prodiamine can kill all eth ragworts from your lawn selectively without causing any collateral damage to the existing grass.

Moreover, this ragwort herbicide’s selective nature is also an ideal strategy for kicking out other broadleaf weeds such as Henbit, Chickweed, Knotweed, Foxtail, and Spurge from either pasture or lawn selectively.

  • Selective weed killer
  • Flexible application
  • Very effective
  • Compatible with both   fall  and spring ragwort control
  • Pet friendly
  • It kills ragworts 3 hours after feeding.
  • Has prodiamine 65% as the active ingredient
  • Pre-emergent herbicide

2.Jjgeorge weed Torch- Ragwort Removal Tool

Second, on our list, find a biological and non-chemical strategy for killing ragworts. With the JJGeorge weed killer on our list, it is perfect for doing the work the manufacturer promises.

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Additionally, JJGeorge was the most outstanding ragwort removal tool available today on this list of the weed killers on this list. Therefore, JJGeorge weed touch is one of the most successful ways of how to remove common tansy.

With just a 14.1 oz Propane canister, JJGeorge weed touch can effectively work nonstop for an hour in both wet and warm seasons. Moreover, this weed touch does not require an external lighter.

Another reason as to why JJGeorge Weed Torch is safe to use around pets and kids is that it does not release harmful chemicals to the surrounding. This ragwort weed touch runs on propane, which has no adverse effect on the environment, hence an eco-friendly strategy of getting away with ragworts.

This weed touch formula is making use of propane to product a hot flame that ragworts foliage and seeds cannot withstand. JJGeorge Weed Torch is also professionally killing ragwort weeds in driveway cracks as the burning flame has a high penetration power.

  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Decently priced
  • Reliable
  • Gives instant results
  • Compatible with wet and warm weather
  • Requires no external lighter
  • Runs out of propane hence requires refilling

3.Southern Ag CROSSBOW32  Ragwort Killer Safe For Horses

Third, on our list, find CROSSBOW32 herbicides from Southern Ag, which kills both ragwort weeds and brush. This product kills and prevents your yard from a possible ragwort weed re-infestation probability by being a post-emergent herbicide.

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Additionally, it is the only ragwort weed killer safe for horses. The 34.4% butoxy ethyl ester, which is considered to be slightly high, makes Southern Ag be an effective strategy for controlling ragwort in Rangeland, Fence Rows, Grass Pastures, Non-Crop areas, and Roadsides.

For effective results, consider maintaining an application rate of exactly 4 gallons of Southern Ag per 100 gallons of water. It comes with a quality holing container that can be used as a watering can or an old engine oil storage platform.

This product can kill the deep tap roots of ragwort weed. Additionally, it is easy to transport and store herbicides a sit features a quality handle. By being a contact herbicide, southern Ag can kill even the reword weeds 100% resistant to another weed killer on the market.

  • Easy to use
  • Quality holding container
  • Long shelf life
  • Long residual effect
  • Kills ragworts on contact
  • Eradicate  the deep ragwort roots system
  • Not available in AK, TX, CA, NM, NH, RI, AZ, and NV,

4.Dow Agrosciences Grazon Weed Killer For Ragworts Next HL 2 Gallon

These herbicides’ selective nature makes it a perfect solution to the entire ragworts ion your pasture, grass, or even in your favorite grazing lands. It is a high performing herbicide which can cover over   1,000 sq. ft.  with just a  1.16 fl. oz. Bottle.

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Other than using digestive products as ragwort biological control, Grazon herbicide For Ragworts kills this weed to its roots. This product kill’s ragworts on contact as tansy ragwort is relatively toxicity humans making it difficult to control through uprooting suing bare hands

But if you will have to control ragworts using bare hands, consider going for a yard work glove capable of making a reliable barrier between your hands  and ragworts weed which is 100% toxic to kids and human beings.

Another reason s to why we think that you should give Dow Agrosciences Grazon Weed Killer for Ragworts is that it can professionally digest the ragworts roots and foliage after formulation adding manure to your yard.

  • Lightweight
  • Non-staining formula
  • Grazon ragwort killer
  • Long shelf life
  • Covers over 1,000 sq. ft
  • None

5.Roundup Tough Brush And Ragwort Killer Concentrate

Are you wondering if roundup kills ragwort or just after a quality weed killer and grass killer is 100% compatible with ragwort? Well then, wonder no more as was tea the most appropriate product for the work.

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Moreover, it is the only glyphosate-based herbicide on our list for taking out Ragwort roots and foliage. Interestingly round pro was also the best overall weedkiller for sparing different ragworts varieties from your yard and driveways.

It is also a non-selective herbicide that can kill all weeds from your yard and fence lines on contact, with Its active ingredients being glyphosate. This product treat and are of covers 1000 sq. ft. with ragworts.

Luckily, this roundup herbicide has a long residual effect, which allows it to protect your yard from a possible ragworts re-infestation a year later. It features an exclusive formula that professionally eradicates both young and mature ragworts, weeds, and roots.

The long shelf life is another contributing factor to why round up has a relatively long residual effect compared with other products on our list today.

  • Covers 1000 sq. ft.
  • ready to use formula
  • has a shelf life of 8 years
  • kills ragworts entirely after one week
  • non-staining formula
  • toxic to pets and horses

6.Primesource Meso 4 SC Select

Despite being for sale in states such as AZ, OR, WA and NV Primesource Meso 4 SC Select is one of the most reliable herbicides for wiping out weeds along your fence line. Additionally, it is pet safe weed killer which when used as stipulated in the manufacturers manual, the 11.2 ounces Primesource Meso 4 SC Select is less toxic to pets and lawn.

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The post-emergent characteristic of these weed killers allows it to kills both week and tough weeds from the fence line of your property. The pre-emergent fence line weed killer by being a quality post-emergent herbicide can kill young and mature weeds on contact by causing a substantial systemic effect.

The long residual effect of SC Select is due to the availability of ingredients such as. To clear all the weeds completely from your fence line consider carrying out a second select herbicide approximately 2-3 weeks after the first fence line weedkiller formulation schedule.

The most exciting thing is apart from being a quality fence lien ground clearing technology Primesource Meso 4 SC Select is compatible with lawn renovation and overseeding programs.

Some of the common weeds alone fence lines that are easily knocked down by this product are the yellow foxtail, ground ivy and yellow nutsedge.

It features a non-burning formula which allows it to be compatible with concrete and tarmac fence lines. Despite coming in an 11.2 ounces bottle  Primesource, when used as directed, can effectively cover over 5000 square feet.

  • Non-staining formula
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to work with
  • Quick-acting
  • Easy application
  • None


There is no need to worry about the uncontrollable ragwort situation at hand. On our farm tilling buyers guide, find a list of best weed killers for ragworts on the globe under one roof. All the herbicides on this list are formulated to knock down young and mature ragworts with just a single treatment.

However, to get accurate results to consider following all the manufacturer’s instructions, safety precautions on the containers. Also, make it your top-level preference to only go for ragworts weed killers, which are both eco-friendly and safe to both pets and lawns.


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