6 Best Weed Killer For Ground Elder In In 2022

The best weed killer for a ground elder should eliminate both roots and rhizomes of this nuisance. Ground elders, also known as Bishop’s Weed or Goutweed, have an underground structure, making them difficult to control.

A suitable herbicide will eradicate ground elder in the yard, flowerbed, walkway, food plot, and driveway. Moreover, ground elder weed killers should be non-allergic plus pet and environmentally friendly. Although ground elder is edible, it causes enormous collateral damage to pavements and lawns.

Below find our typical weed killer for ground elder!

Review: 7 Best Weed Killer For Ground Elder 2022

1.Ground Elder Roundup  Pro Weed Killer Concentrate, 2.5 Gal

Ground elder roundup pro was our overall best herbicide for killing ground elders in small and large yards, flowerbeds, driveways, and walkways. Despite coming in a 2.5, Gal Roundup Pro has 50.2% Glyphosate-isopropylammoniumas the significant ingredient.

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Due to this reason, Roundup Pro kills young and mature ground elder weeds on contact. by being a non-selective weed killer, round up pro kills both broadleaf and grass weeds varieties effectively.

Due to the 2.9%, diquat Roundup Pro can kill Ground Elder roots on contact. Use this herbicide when killing ground elder weeds in driveway, yards, and walkways. It has vital ingredients such as   48.7% potassium salt, which forces the ground elder plant to wilt three hours after formulation.

But why trust Roundup Pro as an efficient ground elder herbicide? This product is safe to use around pets, and also, it does not release harmful sprays to the surrounding, making it a perfect ground elder control strategy that is eco-friendly.

  • Non – staining formula
  • Easy application
  • Ready to use from the box
  • No residual chemical
  • Non-burning formula
  • None

2.32OZ RTU non-selective ground  elder Weedkiller

Need an organic and non-selective ground elder weed killer? Or just after a product that is 100% free from a causing allergic compound? Well then, find 32OZ RTU Weed Free Zone as our runner up. It comes with a ready to use formula; hence it does not need prior mixing or assembly.

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The most exciting thing is that 32OZ RTU has high penetrating power. As a result, it is capable of killing ground elder weed in driveway and patio cracks. By being an excellent post-emergent herbicide, 32OZ RTU is an effective way of getting rid of bishop’s weed.

By being rainproof for three full hours, 32OZ RTU is an awesomely cool and warm-season herbicide for controlling young and mature ground elders. It comes with a quality sprayer that offers uniform sprayer coverage.

A single 32-ounce bottle of this non-selective weed killer is significant enough to professionally treat a yard or a lawn of approximately 5,000 square feet. This yard herbicide is not only an effective ground elder killer but also eradicates over plus 70 broad weeds effectively.

  • Treats 5,000 square feet
  • Easy to work with
  • Non –staining formula
  • 100% all-natural
  • Also kills roots and rhizomes
  • Non-selective weed killer

3.Energen Carolina LLC Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer with Sprayer

Are you wondering vinegar will kill ground elder completely? Well then, Energen Carolina herbicide does not only kill broadleaf weeds such as ground elder but will also eradicate grass weeds from your driveway or parking lot.


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Interestingly this Energen Carolina LLC comes with a ready-to-use formula that does not require prior mixing or assembly. By being a contact weed killer, it eradicates or annuls weed on contact. The only downside of this weed killer is that it kills all weeds and plants on contact; hence, it is unsafe to use around a newly ornamental transplant.

By also being a weed killer safe to use in households, Energen Carolina LLC is an efficient product to completely kill all the ground elder weeds growing on the walkway, parking lot, or on your driveway cracks.

Moreover, by being 100% glyphosate free, Energen Carolina LLC is safe to use around pet and food plot. Interestingly, this product does not release carbon or other poisonous compounds to the atmosphere, creating an eco-friendly ground elder poison.

  • Kills roost
  • Presents seeds from germinating
  • Non-staining formula
  • pets and children friendly
  • Gives visible results in 24 hours
  • None

4.Avenger Organics, Avenger Ground Elder Herbicide Concentrate

Are you a substantial organic gardening fun after a glyphosate free ground elder herbicide is safe to use around pets and households? Well, find Avenger Organics Weed Killer Concentrate. It works virtually even under 40 Deg F hence compatible with warm and cold season ground elder varieties.


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Interestingly, avenger Organics Weed Killer is a 100% approved weed killer by both the National Organic Program (NOP) and USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). Hence it does not deplete the ozone layer. Besides, avenger ground elder herbicide is an organic product as oranges, citrus fruits, and lemons are the primary ingredient of this weedkiller.

Moreover, being a highly biodegradable herbicide, avenger organic is compatible with food plots and close to both pets and wildlife. It is also an anon toxic weedkiller. As a result, it dies not to release harmful hydrocarbons to the soil or environment.

It also employs a quality Emulsion technology, which makes spot treatment of individual ground elder weeds on driveway cracks, walkway, flower beds to be easy to achieve. Lastly, avenger weed killer also features quality and pleasant citrus aroma; hence it is 100% pungent smell free.

  • EPA registered
  • Emulsion technology
  • visible results in 2 hours
  • Highly biodegradable
  • Fast-acting
  • Compatible with the warm and wet season
  • None

5.Harris Vinegar Weed  Killer For Ground Elder Uk

Are you wondering if salt will kill ground elder weed completely? Or looking for a quality vinegar-based product that will instantly kill all ground elder weeds in your yard? Then find Harris Vinegar ground elder killer UK, which comes in a 32 oz. Bottle and clears over 16,000 sq. ft. of ground elder.


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It features a high strength formula. It comes with 4x stronger 20% vinegar than average ordinary table vinegar; thus, it kills roots and prevents ground elder seeds from germinating for a slightly more extended period.

The non-selective nature of this Harris weedkiller allows eliminating both you and mature ground d elder weeds from your lawn when in contact with leaves or roots virtually. Because Harris vinegar ground elder herbicide contains no glyphosate, it is safe to use near wildlife and pet habitats.

The 20% vinegar present as the main ingredient has made this product a dual duty, as it eradicates both grass and broadleaf weeds such as chickweeds nettles from your yard.

  • non-selective contact herbicide
  • Contains No Glyphosate
  • Kills Weeds Fast
  • Rainproof in 2 hours
  • Kills weeds and  their  roots
  • Highly biodegradable
  • None

6.Earth’s Ally Weed Ground  Elder Weed  Killer Spray

Either you are planning to kill the variegated ground elder or just the common ground elder weed with salt or vinegar, Earth’s Ally Weed Killer Spray will offer quick and outstanding results as it is powered by season salt.


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Within just three hours after formulation, Earth’s Ally kills ground elder weed to the root. For significant results, consider using Earth’s Ally during a sunny and a blight day. The only downside of Earth’s Ally is that only 4-5 sprays will kill a single ground elder plant.

By sea slat being the leading powerhouse of this organic herbicide, Earth’s Ally strips all the leaves and waxy cuticles of ground elder plant, making it dehydrate and die.  Moreover, this product is a perfect option for controlling ground elder in areas such as planting beds, patios, and driveways by being an organic herbicide.

Being an odorless weedkiller, Earth’s Ally I safe to use for kids, pets, and human beings as it does not harm the respiratory system. It has a long-term residual effect on broadleaf weeds. Hence it prevents ground elder plants from re-growing for over six months.

  • offers 6-month protection
  • Contains No Glyphosate
  • Fat active
  • dissipates quickly
  • efficient spray
  • Liquid flow-able
  • Seas salt as a primary ingredient
  • None

How To Select The  Best Weed Killer For Ground Elder 2022

Before selecting the ground elder herbicide you will use to control this weed, it is imperative to check the list of things to ensure they are present. Additionally, there are hundreds of weed killers that are 100% compatible with the bishop’s weed.

The only challenging thing is selecting the right product tends to be challenging as there are both original and generic herbicides on the market! Below find a list of features and things to consider when selecting a reliable and fast-acting Ground Elder killer!

Ground Elder Herbicide Mode Of Actions

Pre and post-emergent herbicides are the two prime types of weed killers formulation that virtually eliminates ground elder weed from your property.  The pre-emergent weed killers prevent ground elder seeds and rhizomes from germinating. While on the other hand, post-emergent weed killers timely eradicate individual ground elder plants, rhizomes (underground growth structures), and roots.

Area To Be Covered                     

When selecting a prime ground elder herbicide, it is imperative to be familiar with the yard or lawn size covered by this notorious weed. To avoid wastage of money and weed killers consider leading the manufacturer’s instructions indicated on the bottle.

It would help if you only bought ground elder herbicide. Depending on the size of the garden, yard, or lawn, you have plans to eliminate bishops weed. For example, is your lawn or yard is approximately 1,000 sq. ft., then   either 0.28 or 0.73 oz of Dimension 2EW Herbicide, which was our top product, will effectively eradicate ground elder roots, seeds, and rhizomes( underground growth structures)

Environmental Impact

Quality ground elder herbicides should be both economical and eco-friendly. Eco-friendly weedkiller doesn’t release harmful or toxic carbon compounds to the atmosphere. Herbicides that have adverse effects on the environment are commonly inorganic compounds.

Therefore, consider going for organic ground elder weed killers to ensure that less or no harmful compounds will be emitted to the environment. Additionally, consider going for a product that does not release aerosol sprays to the ground. Going or organic product is an added advantage as they will not deplete the ozone layer.


When selecting a quality weed killer for ground elders, consider going for an odorless product that makes it safe to use around kids and pets. Additionally, an odorless will not expose you to respiratory challenges. Consider going for a product that has appealing smells, such as citric acid.

Organic Vs. Chemical

Please have in mind that chemical weed killers are more effective, yet they tend to be rich in cancer-causing compounds. On the other hand, organic weed killers are not as effective as chemical herbicides but are eco –friendly and pet friendly.

Unlike chemical weed killers that are fast-acting, organic products tend to take a relatively long period to give visible results. Moreover, the chemical product has adverse effects, causing allergic reactions and inflammation of both human beings and pets’ respiratory tracts.

On the other hand, organic herbicides will not expose pets and human beings and pets to allergic conditions. Chemical weeds killers may have a burning, bleaching, and even staining formula, which mi end up causing collateral damage to either your property work gear or pet death.      


We hope you have seen a list of the best weed killer for ground elders in our inventory above. Roundup Pro Weed Killer Concentrate, 2.5 Gal, took our top position to treat a large area with a high ground elder weed population. More importantly, it has an active ingredient. Hence it kills both root and rhizomes of ground elder on contact.

Similarly, Speed Zone 2, 4-D 2-Ethylhexyl Ester, an excellent post-emergent herbicide, kills young ground elder plants on contact after sprouting from the ground. Of all the ground elder control products on this list, Speed Zone was the only product compatible with small and large areas.


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