7 Best tiller for rocky ground Reviewed 2024

Best tiller for rocky ground are the perfect tool you should use if  you are planning on either  tilling your  rocky ground or  yard  as they have  quality tine that have  better power to break all the  rocky ground hard pans. In case you are also stranded by not knowing which is the perfect way to removing rocks from farm fields or lawn you should consider going for a tiller that is compatible with such topographies

After reviewing and testing 10 rototillers and tillers on the market we managed to select five tillers that we saw they had a better ability of working on both rocky and clay soils without their performance being influenced negatively. Rocky ground  can be  very challenging  to  easy managed if you are planning  on establish a  flower  bed  or a  food plot for your own  consumption of  to cater for deer during  the fall

In case you are in a tiller for rocky ground the Southland SRTT196E  while our  runners  up for  top tillers  for  rocky ground  was  found to be Husqvarna Rear-Tine Tiller but for our  complete  guide of rocky ground  tillers stay tuned below[table id=2 /]

Reviews: 10 Best Tiller For Rocky Ground Reviewed 2024

1.Husqvarna Rear-Tine Tiller

If  you have  a huge  area of  your  lawn or  yard covered with a rocky ground  and  you are looking for  a perfect   tiller  that will allows  you to perfectly till the   land  without negatively  influencing on the general performance of  your tiller  then this Husqvarna Rear-Tine Tiller is  the product you should   be planning to go for. Apart from being powered  by a  212 cc quality tiller the  tines were  molded from quality steel that have better  self sharpening ability.

The   relatively wide  tilling width of this Husqvarna Rear-Tine Tiller is  17 inches  hence was time  will be  spend on each flower  bed, food plot or yard. Either  when  tilling rocky or wet grounds this tiller  has  quality and  professionally  treaded tires  which offers you with great  traction ability. In case you are worried about the easy start option your will not have to strangle much as the engine model employed was easy to start.


  • Relatively large tiling width of 17 inch
  • Achieves a6.5 tilling width
  • Has both forward and reverse gears
  • The 6 inch wheels  have made this tiller  to be highly maneuverable
  • Quality traction was offered by wide and heavily treaded wheels


  • Price can be  slight checked
  • Overall weight if 190 pounds

2.Craftsman Bronco Counter Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

Up next we have this Craftsman Bronco Tiller which is 100% defined by Counter Rotating Rear Tines. It is gas powered hence can perform a wide range of duties all the way from tiling n clays soils, wet soils o rocky grounds. A total of 8 tines are present and they re professionally spaced to ensure regardless of the current state of the topography you re tilling

The widths of tilling tiling have been slightly improved as when compared to that of mantis or Husqvarna as it 14 inches in tool. Due to a  quality tiling depth of 10 inches  this craftsman  tiller can  handle  different tasks such as cultivating, tilling, weeding or  in  large  lawn  or  yard. In case  you are after a tiller that  will play a huge  role at the  end f  every vegetable  season  this craftsman  tiller is  the way to go.


  • 14-INCH overall TILLING WIDTH
  • You are 100% protected from flying stones and  debris as  quality tine  shied  was included
  • You will enjoy relatively deep tilling ability as the tine is counter rotating
  • Steel tines are powered by a 208 cc engines
  • The handle is 100% molded from antislip grip material


  • Valve system can be improved
  • Prices can slightly be modified

3.Husqvarna TR317D Rear-Tine Tiller

Nothing is impressed on today tillers world than getting a tiller which is approved by the CARB that is why we had to feature this Husqvarna TR317D Rear-Tine Tiller on our list today. A quality transmission system which was professionally sealed is one of the factors why this tiller is relatively durable. Looking closely you will note that the  tine  take up  dual  rotating option this is  perfect guarantee of fine end  result of  your  rocky  ground  after tiling

When working on rocky ground the 6 inch depth of tilling ensures that most of you tiling desires sill be professionally catered. Finally the  2089 cc engine provided the tines  with a  rotation  speed of 190 RPM and this  is the perfect reasons why working on  clay  rocky ground  will never  be an issue of  concern after  checking out Husqvarna TR317D Rear-Tine Tiller


  • Tines are powered by 208 cc engine
  • Transmission is 100% sealed hence a relatively durable tiller
  • Quality tires offer you unconditional traction ability
  • Rear tines  are Dual-rotating
  • Has both reverse and forward gears


  • 200 pounds as the  Overall weight

4.Troy-Bilt Tine Tiller

Rocky grounds  are hard to work with  especially if  you lack  information on which is the  right tiller  you should employ but in case  you are fn of technology and  you just  want a  simple  an easy to operate tiller  for  rocky ground this gas powered Troy Tiller will solve  your  rocky ground  tiller desires.

Preparing lawn for introducing new grass or  flower bed  when suing this troy bit will be  a  relatively simple task as the  tines are powered by vital 250 cc engine  which guarantees the  tines an overall rotation speed of 190 RPM. Apart from this troy Bilt tiller having and 7 inch tilling depth which adjustable is also defined by a 12 inch overall diameter which makes it very easy for you to cater for various tiling need in your   yard or garden


  • Gas Powered tiller
  • Protective Front Bumper
  • 16-inch tilling width
  • Has quality an durable 13 inch all weather  tires
  • Both tiling width and depth are adjustable
  • Associated with a quality electric  start option


  • Weighs 200 pound

5.Poulan Pro Counter Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller

Our last best tiller or rocky ground is this Poulan Pro Rear-Tine Tiller it defined by a quality Counter Rotating options which ensure that after tilling the end   result will be a fine tilth. Quality grip offered by the 13 inch wheels of this tractor makes it possible for you to enjoy working in wet or hilly yards

The tines  are  professional shielded  by a quality cast iron shield  which ensures that flying stones or  even  debris  will not injure  your legs  or  break any of your  windows. The model for engine which was used is a valve model. As an addition a quality transmission system which employed heavy duty chains ensures that this Counter Rotating Poulan tiller can perform even heavy duty tasks more efficiently.


  • Split loop 100 % adjustable handle design was employed
  • Quality 13 inch tires were included
  • 17 Inc tilling widths
  • Has reverse and forward drive modes


  • Relatively expensive
  • Weighs 240 pounds

Final Though

Due o the hundreds of  tiller  or  rocky ground  present on the  tiller market you are required to have a prior  experience in Oder for  you to land  a high performing tiller that will not malfunction Immediately  after your very fast tilling assignment. But all f the  rocky ground tillers   we include don our list today are high functioning but  the model that was  found to be most outstanding is  the Southland SRTT196E as apart from the  light weight it also have  quality  front rotating tine  that  allows  it to multitask as  rocky ground  tiller  and  cultivator  it was  also  defined by a  small size which have  made  it very easy for   you to be in position of  moving with it from one place to another  when taking care of  food plots, deer plots or  even your  allotment which might be  located  miles from your home

The front rotating tines of this Southland SRTT196E. are power by a Brigg and  Stratton engine  with 208 cc  which ensure that the  self  sharpening tines  can achieve  a 190 RMP. As an addition the overall tilling depth of this Southland SRTT196E is  8 inches and this  have allowed  this tiller  to be compatible with a wide  of  range of  activities .incase   you were able to trace  your favorite  tiller or  rocky ground would  appreciate  if  you considered  tipping or editors or  sharing our post on your  favorite tiller social media platforms  and forums . Happy shopping



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